The TikTok Mom Is A Superhero Now


  1. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny GonzalezHace 3 meses

    Ok ok due to popular demand I made a song out of the whole "help let me go" thing here you go

  2. Iman Elshazly

    Iman ElshazlyHace 19 horas

    Danny Gonzalez the song is pretty amazing !!

  3. JelloItsMe

    JelloItsMeHace 3 días

    My literal favorite song you’ve ever made dude hehe

  4. The Vegan

    The VeganHace 10 días

    Help ... let me go Help ... let me go

  5. Malumute Dawgs

    Malumute DawgsHace 16 días

    Help lemme go!

  6. xd Mincraft

    xd MincraftHace 23 días

    og em tel pleh og em tel pleh og em tel pleh

  7. Renee Bunney

    Renee BunneyHace 5 horas

    If Ironman was in there he be a corpse well that is actually accurate though how endgame ended

  8. Chinese莱利·斯特吉斯

    Chinese莱利·斯特吉斯Hace 5 horas

    Did I like this movie Yes Is this movie perfect Yes How many thumbs up would I give it Yes

  9. Chinese莱利·斯特吉斯

    Chinese莱利·斯特吉斯Hace 5 horas

    Doesn’t like bullying *Bullies the Bullies* I used the stones to destroy the stones

  10. Just Some Random Artist

    Just Some Random ArtistHace 10 horas

    Varli: Beats up 11 year olds immediately for punching little girl in high school. Also Varli: Watches for a few minutes, as a girl is being tied up by grown men.

  11. Celestial Plays

    Celestial PlaysHace 16 horas


  12. Matxha tea owl

    Matxha tea owlHace 17 horas

    *Y E E H A W* 🤠

  13. Eva Goldston

    Eva GoldstonHace 18 horas

    I really felt it when she said " chaa! CHaA ChaA PaW! BIKAW!" .

  14. Celina Thompson

    Celina ThompsonHace un día

    greg does come up

  15. Ale Larsen

    Ale LarsenHace un día


  16. aurelia rueda

    aurelia ruedaHace un día

    Help,let me go,help,let me go, help let me go,let me go tonight.

  17. Neil B

    Neil BHace un día

    There are a grp of people who want to become famous by ppl hating on them so other guys like big ESreporterrs help them cuz it's a win win......I hate these toxic grps

  18. Neil B

    Neil BHace un día

    Go full screen to double the cringe

  19. Lucy: My Playlists

    Lucy: My PlaylistsHace un día

    2:05 Your Welcome

  20. the one in the corner

    the one in the cornerHace un día

    Boy do I love generic *TIC TACS*

  21. S4LT Mystic

    S4LT MysticHace 2 días

    "If Tony Stark was in this... well he would be a corpse on the floor. IF CAPTAIN AMERICA WAS IN THIS"

  22. Liz’s Gacha

    Liz’s GachaHace 2 días

    D o n t f e a r *V a r l i s h e r e*

  23. Peggy 7274

    Peggy 7274Hace 2 días

    HELP........let me go

  24. Carter Chuckluck

    Carter ChuckluckHace 2 días

    I fucking lost it at 2:05

  25. Lillian Houle

    Lillian HouleHace 2 días

    denenenenenene SUPUR MOOOM!!!!!!!

  26. Little Gay

    Little GayHace 2 días

    "If tony stark was in this situation.... well he would be a corpse on the floor" I let out an audible gasp

  27. XxMEmEsBoIxX

    XxMEmEsBoIxXHace 2 días

    Chaaaaa chaaaaa paaaaaaaaa

  28. Skull Trooper

    Skull TrooperHace 2 días

    Little did varley know she was gonna be part of the best crime fighting team in the world

  29. Mr Stonks

    Mr StonksHace 2 días

    🦸‍♀️ 🤜🏻 👦🏼. Full on contact

  30. dough_bo

    dough_boHace 2 días

    Hate more love less

  31. Rainbow z

    Rainbow zHace 2 días

    Danny: I am not going to say a mean thing about this Me: I smell bs. In disguise.

  32. 『Lih / Liam.』

    『Lih / Liam.』Hace 3 días

    14:03 He lost the damn opportunity to make the *Yes.* meme

  33. White Chocolate

    White ChocolateHace 3 días

    Oh no she's involving

  34. Pascal Simioli

    Pascal SimioliHace 3 días

    2 months and I still haven't managed to finish this video. The cringe is phisically hurting me.

  35. robo bitch

    robo bitchHace 3 días

    1:24 hentai




  37. Try Hard

    Try HardHace 3 días

    No one ever: Varli: puchow! pahaw! pahaw!

  38. James Games

    James GamesHace 3 días

    Help let me go

  39. Libb Kasivor

    Libb KasivorHace 3 días

    i wonder if she thinks this is high equality sound effects

  40. James Games

    James GamesHace 3 días

    Imagine how this woman must feel when she goes to a con and all of her fans are like five year olds

  41. Casperina

    CasperinaHace 3 días

    Starting things off a little bit dark today... *Yikes*

  42. Riff Woods

    Riff WoodsHace 3 días

    9:39 that’s deep man, that’s deep

  43. mr. chill

    mr. chillHace 3 días

    Ok boomer

  44. almond dee

    almond deeHace 3 días

    Ahh the g at the end of Greg is too far away from the rest of the word and it looks like Gre g 😣

  45. Gamer girl 32

    Gamer girl 32Hace 4 días


  46. Madeline Cook

    Madeline CookHace 4 días

    What if I blew out my own candle?

  47. RedditStrikesAgain

    RedditStrikesAgainHace 4 días

    10:58 thats the same music they use in the flash XD

  48. May& jie

    May& jieHace 4 días

    I'm sorry she's like really really really really 😞 weird idk how or what is happening in her videos but there right tick tock is cancer 😂

  49. May& jie

    May& jieHace 4 días

    14:00 no no it wasn't chu showed some things that were d almost alot so no no :-D(눈‸눈)

  50. May& jie

    May& jieHace 4 días

    13:59 meh I guess

  51. May& jie

    May& jieHace 4 días

    13:18 whaaaaa

  52. May& jie

    May& jieHace 4 días

    Love no one cares and EVERYONE TAKES IT FOR GRANTED hate people

  53. Owen Jolley 3

    Owen Jolley 3Hace 4 días

    3:30 hey, I recognise that fat bastard.

  54. KenzieGamerGurl

    KenzieGamerGurlHace 4 días

    I thought he was gonna say "how many thumbs up? yes..."

  55. KenzieGamerGurl

    KenzieGamerGurlHace 4 días

    2:12 he's milking the sideways cow...

  56. SallySueSaywhatagain

    SallySueSaywhatagainHace 4 días

    The amount of high she is during that movie is insane...

  57. Sierra Christiansen

    Sierra ChristiansenHace 4 días

    I looked up “ what’s the fastest growing army on ESreporter?” And it actually said greg so that means we can trust you👍🏻

  58. Planet Pluto

    Planet PlutoHace 4 días

    13:51 Danny/Greg: *lies about his opinion on the movie, and says it was a great movie* Anyway, um I really love you videos I binge watch them everyday (゚ο゚人))

  59. Planet Pluto

    Planet PlutoHace 4 días

    Danny/Greg:*watches this video, and starts to make a song with the line "Help! Iet me go". Because they keep repeating the same line in the movie* That was how the song "Help! Let Me Go" by the true Greg, Danny Gonzales.

  60. alone. rpg

    alone. rpgHace 5 días

    omg i just noticed her name is varli singh... like lily singh...

  61. Diamond Fowlkes

    Diamond FowlkesHace 5 días


  62. Provolone FatBoy

    Provolone FatBoyHace 5 días

    The tour just totally ignored the northwest. Because I am a fellow Greg I will not complain

  63. i want die

    i want dieHace 5 días

    Dolphin man!

  64. Axe 22

    Axe 22Hace 5 días

    When you see your ex in public (18:04) I'm sorry

  65. Spitfyre

    SpitfyreHace 5 días

    Frankly, Varli is the hero we need, not the one we deserve. -Or want.- She's just looking out for the underdog. -And beating the hell out of 11 year olds.- I'm glad I can rest easy knowing she'll be here to save the day. -by hitting people with air.-