The Tastiest Burger I've Ever Made


  1. Jorden Isho

    Jorden IshoHace 11 horas

    Am going with the second one

  2. Sh Savior

    Sh SaviorHace 21 un hora

    First guy I get Hungary. Second lady I got hungrier

  3. Nini LaRouge

    Nini LaRougeHace 3 días

    “It makes me feel like a true American” 😂😂😂

  4. JRfoodie lovefun

    JRfoodie lovefunHace 3 días

    Able to taste every bite, yup, just make an impossible mouthful bite of burger. Nice.

  5. Santiago G

    Santiago GHace 3 días


  6. Sematix

    SematixHace 5 días

    ketchup and Aioli sauce? No thanks

  7. Fleischer

    FleischerHace 5 días

    10:06 she‘s so right

  8. Enkidu Kyrielight

    Enkidu KyrielightHace 5 días

    Why do they have to call mayonaise so otherlanguagey

  9. Kazzy Senpai

    Kazzy SenpaiHace 6 días

    Mathew's Disqualified, he doesn't put cheese on his burger

  10. Matthew Stephen

    Matthew StephenHace 6 días

    Matthew is a good name.

  11. Panninos

    PanninosHace 6 días

    Kiano i has a good asmr voice ngl

  12. KT7rocks •_• Jr

    KT7rocks •_• JrHace 6 días

    7:18 That’s how much I love burgers *Ad plays of a dirty stinky ugly burger*

  13. FZ B6

    FZ B6Hace 7 días

    Kiano's burger needs Matthew's onions and aeoli and than it would be perfect.

  14. Ben Kenobi

    Ben KenobiHace 7 días

    Burgers were created in Germany. ‘It makes me feel like a true American

  15. Bakkebakke11

    Bakkebakke11Hace 7 días

    Kiano wins the best burger

  16. Raghad Khatib

    Raghad KhatibHace 7 días

    I love Alexis❤️ and her burger haha

  17. Fzjff Gkdh

    Fzjff GkdhHace 8 días

    Did anyone else cringe when he said “Makes me feel like a true American”

  18. Rozina Mubashir

    Rozina MubashirHace 9 días

    Smash burger What do you mean 🤔🤔

  19. Angel Maria

    Angel MariaHace 9 días

    For me, kiano's burger was the best!!

  20. Yamuo PLAYZZ

    Yamuo PLAYZZHace 9 días

    i dont like pickle sorry

  21. Jeon The Baptist

    Jeon The BaptistHace 11 días

    Why use caramelized onions and then also put raw red onions in the burger, I am confusion!!

  22. Jeon The Baptist

    Jeon The BaptistHace 8 días

    @Maria Muzaffar Its okay 😹

  23. Maria Muzaffar

    Maria MuzaffarHace 8 días

    @Jeon The Baptist oops sorry

  24. Jeon The Baptist

    Jeon The BaptistHace 8 días

    @Maria Muzaffar I said it on purpose like the meme language

  25. Maria Muzaffar

    Maria MuzaffarHace 8 días

    I am confused*

  26. Vinny Capino

    Vinny CapinoHace 11 días

    Who else came here just for alexis ? ❤

  27. lll l

    lll lHace 11 días

    Who was really confused and kept waiting for the black girl to put feta cheese into her patty and was 60% sure the first guy wasn't there before

  28. ambreen jabeen

    ambreen jabeenHace 11 días

    I love Alex's burger

  29. Blacklist_ Dawn

    Blacklist_ DawnHace 12 días

    You guys should open a restaurant, " Tasty Restaurant "

  30. INGSOC

    INGSOCHace 12 días

    I would make Alexis burger, but not put in any pickled onion.

  31. Emily Lawrence

    Emily LawrenceHace 13 días

    To be honest I just go to McDonald’s for a burger 🍔

  32. Plasma Goat

    Plasma GoatHace 13 días

    "I love burger because it makes me feel american" *Literally uses bretzel bun*

  33. Auztin Rosales

    Auztin RosalesHace 13 días

    Im gonna be honest IV'E NEVER TASTE BURGER BEFORE

  34. Bruce Yami

    Bruce YamiHace 14 días

    I’ll go with the last burger.... CLASSIC and sweet. Very close Second is the dude’s recipe, just without that cooked onions. Way to go guys.

  35. Midnight Aldo

    Midnight AldoHace 15 días

    My sis: i prefer pizza Tasty burger lovers: *HOLD MY CAST IRON PAN!*

  36. rip my leg

    rip my legHace 16 días

    mathews lisp is so cute fsr



    we've been doing that 'tomato jam' in our entire life lol and we eat it with rice and tilapia (fish)

  38. Limakuutio

    LimakuutioHace 19 días

    0:07 lol why would you want to feel anything like an american.

  39. MR. HypeBeast

    MR. HypeBeastHace 19 días

    PLs SuB 2 mEh

  40. Liam Hill

    Liam HillHace 19 días

    Kiano ate it upside down

  41. Ripjaw Gaming

    Ripjaw GamingHace 19 días

    How is it a meaty burger if literally any burger has that amount of meat

  42. rita kelly

    rita kellyHace 19 días

    Kinoas burger 🍔

  43. Saachi Jadhav

    Saachi JadhavHace 20 días

    0:02 whoa!!!!

  44. Luis Antonio Domingo

    Luis Antonio DomingoHace 20 días

    Kiano:flip once but never press or else press all the juice out and it will be a dry burger Alexis:*presses it 3 times*

  45. Nairdabeast 711

    Nairdabeast 711Hace 20 días


  46. *Farheen* Abdullah

    *Farheen* AbdullahHace 20 días

    Alexis: I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t like my burger! *Vegans have joined the chat*

  47. ABE

    ABEHace 20 días

    Alright time to go to five guys

  48. Suraj Rai

    Suraj RaiHace 21 un día

    I like second n third

  49. Pee Jee_Gamingz

    Pee Jee_GamingzHace 21 un día

    The Krabby Patty RECIPE!, Thats my Recipe xDxD

  50. Pee Jee_Gamingz

    Pee Jee_GamingzHace 21 un día

    I like Matthew's lisp. He reminds me From Worstpremadeever's Alex Who also have a lisp. Any Worstpremadeever's out there? | | v

  51. i Joker

    i JokerHace 24 días


  52. Sean S

    Sean SHace 25 días

    this vid started really bad. dude is straight wack.

  53. Oscar Vintvall

    Oscar VintvallHace 25 días

    Souse Vide cooked hamburger

  54. رواش

    رواشHace 25 días


  55. eternal sunshine

    eternal sunshineHace 25 días

    burgers with a patty twice as thick as the buns are GROSS

  56. MrEpicMann

    MrEpicMannHace 26 días

    Alexis is just...just say it’s good you don’t have to say “ItS jUiCy anD sAlTy aND dEcEdaNt”

  57. Lencho UwU

    Lencho UwUHace 26 días

    When he said he doesn’t really like dairy I instantly skipped his burger. It’s a no from me.

  58. Aesthetic Wolfie

    Aesthetic WolfieHace 26 días

    I feel like Kioni’s sound sooo good

  59. IIAndyII

    IIAndyIIHace 26 días

    The way he gently stroked the beef while he talked about it felt weird but oddly satisfying.

  60. Maisan The Unicorn/ Adventures,And More!!

    Maisan The Unicorn/ Adventures,And More!!Hace 28 días

    0:05 Matthew:they're classic diner food that makes me feel like a true American Me:Burgers Are Everywhere Around The World Sooooo.....

  61. David's Vlogz

    David's VlogzHace 28 días

    "Because I already won" savagee

  62. hugo de charsonville

    hugo de charsonvilleHace 29 días

    "they make me feel like a true american" when you know that hamburgers are german hehe

  63. shay snow

    shay snowHace 29 días

    The first one is the best ^^

  64. Binkleyme

    BinkleymeHace un mes

    Here is what a burger should be. Top bun Ketchup (if you like) Cheese Meat Bottom bun.