The Strokes - At The Door (Official Video)


  1. TheWisestWizards

    TheWisestWizardsHace 21 un hora

    This animation is incredible!

  2. Erik

    ErikHace 22 horas

    1:00-1:10 sounds *exactly* like another song. can anyone tell me what song, I can't remember it?

  3. Taco Comrade

    Taco ComradeHace 22 horas

    This has some Heavy Metal 1981 animation vibes to it.

  4. Gleicy Povidaiko

    Gleicy PovidaikoHace 22 horas

    drummer please

  5. Donna Beattie

    Donna BeattieHace 23 horas


  6. Paulina Irigoyen

    Paulina IrigoyenHace 23 horas

    Mike Burakoff is the same director from "when you die" by MGMT

  7. Matheus Paes

    Matheus PaesHace 23 horas

    This song is freaking awesome

  8. 댕댕아삐약해봐

    댕댕아삐약해봐Hace un día


  9. Beril Y.

    Beril Y.Hace un día

    This is something else and doesn't even belong here

  10. Sebastião Neto

    Sebastião NetoHace un día

    I liked the song. Quite different from those that are part of the album "Is This It", from 2001, where it made the band burst on the world charts. I feel that Arctic Monkeys has become a direct influence on the Strokes' sound. I think is cool. Creates influencing creation. Looking forward to the new album!

  11. Gerard Spennato

    Gerard SpennatoHace un día

    Thank God for the Strokes! Great to hear their sound again. Great video, a cross between He-man, dungeons and dragons, the Bernstein bears books, and old school Disney. Love the keyboards in this.

  12. maxx234

    maxx234Hace un día

    i really wish i still did shrooms or at least had access to them

  13. proyecto Yucatán

    proyecto YucatánHace un día

    Dam, strokes new álbum, The killers new álbum, Gorillaz new álbum, men I love this year.

  14. Andrés Paniccia

    Andrés PanicciaHace un día

    Don't know why but this makes me think a little bit of Daft Punk and MGMT. I really liked this one!

  15. Curt Dawg

    Curt DawgHace un día

    This is the best song I've heard in a looong time.....good job boys

  16. kai huang

    kai huangHace un día

    2:58 I thought my Wechat voice call just rang.

  17. Fane Maria Pamplona

    Fane Maria PamplonaHace un día

    Thank you, really, thank you very much.

  18. AfaroX

    AfaroXHace un día

    sounds like death stranding

  19. Scar Munster

    Scar MunsterHace un día

    It's a damn shame that my headphone went to full mono and it's not playing the drums, but yeah it's a good song and video.

  20. razr beam

    razr beamHace un día

    You didnt search for this song, this songs searched for you.

  21. Sha Zam

    Sha ZamHace un día

    still got the daft punk vibes

  22. Vanessa Voss

    Vanessa VossHace un día


  23. Karl Delaney

    Karl DelaneyHace un día

    I thought this was Kesha for a minute

  24. kousaku fujikami

    kousaku fujikamiHace un día


  25. Klaus Enrique

    Klaus EnriqueHace un día

    I just want to cry now...

  26. EllowReykjavik Vinnypeg

    EllowReykjavik VinnypegHace un día

    Старый добрый Strokes

  27. Matthew Newton

    Matthew NewtonHace un día

    The most beautiful dark 80's cartoon and Julian doing what he does best. Orchestrating synths and making the autotune his BITCH! I just can't get this out of my head or stop watching! People have always given me a lot of grief especially as a musician for idolizing this band and Julian in particular but you know what?! FUCK. THEM. I'm not blind or deaf. And, especially in this case, there is NOTHING more beautiful in music dare I say! The strokes slid into my heart long ago and refuse to leave ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  28. MC 1993

    MC 1993Hace un día

    Watching this High is almost too much

  29. Victor Escalante

    Victor EscalanteHace un día

    Alex Turner crying lightning

  30. Giancarlo Raibel

    Giancarlo RaibelHace un día

    Yeah, a new collaboration of Daft Punk with Julian

  31. Soy Boy

    Soy BoyHace un día

    This reminds me of a ralph bakshi film.

  32. Johnny Harlock

    Johnny HarlockHace un día

    1st listen - *waiting for 5 mins straight* " Okay, when is this song gonna start" 2nd listen - "this is a weird song, not sure what to think of it. I want the old stuff" 3rd listen - "these lyrics are fire and the progression is top notch 4+ - "this song got me fucked up 🤘🤘✊️"

  33. menocu87

    menocu87Hace un día

    this reminds me when I used to feel something from a song and a video. thank you

  34. Evelin Medrano

    Evelin MedranoHace un día

    Me encanta ❤️

  35. Jacob Duquennne

    Jacob DuquennneHace un día

    This is a masterpiece. Thank you so much man.

  36. Luis KhK

    Luis KhKHace un día

    put in 1.25

  37. Antonio Carlos

    Antonio CarlosHace un día


  38. Chaotic Neutral

    Chaotic NeutralHace un día

    JC aging like a fine wine

  39. brainwashboi123

    brainwashboi123Hace un día

    This is awful.

  40. Monyka Davila

    Monyka DavilaHace un día

    Daft punk :v

  41. Carlos Pérez

    Carlos PérezHace un día

    Excelente música. Sigue teniendo el mismo estilo

  42. Alexandre Mundim

    Alexandre MundimHace un día

    The Strokes just went in a direction I could not imagine that would be possible. Well, I loved it!


    NATALIO ALBERTOHace un día

    Esta cancion esta buenardaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ya la escuche como 40 veces en lo que va del dia

  44. Boyles Back

    Boyles BackHace un día

    this is beautiful

  45. W. Arturo Osorio C.

    W. Arturo Osorio C.Hace un día

    Heavy Metal movie? Anyone?

  46. Pokin Ryan

    Pokin RyanHace un día

    Has anyone noticed that you can't change the quality of the video?

  47. Sam Mitchell

    Sam MitchellHace un día

    Doom: Eternal is looking great!

  48. BULLETPROOF Asdghkñp

    BULLETPROOF AsdghkñpHace un día

    OMG Little Jules bb sad:c 1:55

  49. jehovahkiin

    jehovahkiinHace un día

    WOW....thats all i can say,

  50. Montserrat Herrera

    Montserrat HerreraHace un día

    Loved this song. the video reminds me kind of "heavy metal" cartoon. isn´t it? :O

  51. An unimportant comment

    An unimportant commentHace un día

    I get coldplay vibes big time. The video not so much but the music 100%. If this was 2013 and you told me this was coldplay I wouldnt argue and I dont think anyone else would either.

  52. My Enemy's Enemy

    My Enemy's EnemyHace un día

    Love the synth and verses - not sure about the chorus though

  53. Disco Priest

    Disco PriestHace un día

    wow I thought they were too young to be referencing Jodoroswsky, Moebius, Heavy Metal, Watership down etc....

  54. albert fuentes

    albert fuentesHace un día

    Thank you T_T_X

  55. gavrilo pricip

    gavrilo pricipHace un día

    I wish I was a spoiled rich brat and my daddy bought me studio tim too!

  56. John Solobro

    John SolobroHace un día

    Always had a strange feeling with these guys, like there was this untapped expressive potential and they're just playing out a lou reed cover band thing, but yea there yea go. The got another gear.

  57. Discount Muzak Inc.

    Discount Muzak Inc.Hace un día

    Hilarious. I just scrapped all my Wurlitzer/ Organ libraries because 'Nobody uses that early 2000'S sh*t anymore'..... Then The Strokes go and do this. Thanks, 'Kings of Rock'. :) :) :)

  58. Alex Semelagne

    Alex SemelagneHace un día

    Obviously everyone is going like that shit, as always

  59. Vitalijus Jasevicius

    Vitalijus JaseviciusHace un día

    Can I say this is the best Strokes song? Absolutely.

  60. Забавный Луи

    Забавный ЛуиHace un día

    Help me!!!