THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT (2018) Ending Explained + Connections to First Film


  1. Teleisha

    TeleishaHace 2 días

    could you do Orphan?

  2. MeanJoeGrizzly 71

    MeanJoeGrizzly 71Hace 3 días

    The sequel is better than the original

  3. Gabe

    GabeHace 6 días

    Or ya know the sister just suffered from PTSD at a nurse knocking on the door, being triggered by a terrible event

  4. Dan Cliffton

    Dan ClifftonHace 7 días

    i feel like they should have leaked more backstory over the course of the film i get the whole its scary because you dont know but its also wierd that you visually see the killers and thier faces they speak but you just dont know who they are and that gets frustrating lol

  5. Anime Mula

    Anime MulaHace 7 días

    Why are you doing this? Because you we're home. Why are you doing this? Why not.

  6. Nerdy Alchemist

    Nerdy AlchemistHace 10 días

    *Rotten Marshmello, The Barbie Reject, and the Other Barbie Reject, WHAT A WONDERFUL TEAM*

  7. Rheanne Soller

    Rheanne SollerHace 10 días

    Why is stranger blocked? From my country

  8. james skaggs

    james skaggsHace 10 días

    Haven't watched it all yet but maybe they are being more aggressive to caught. Hoping to get caught

  9. MakoLion09

    MakoLion09Hace 11 días

    Just watched this movie last night and it made me so angry. Sack head was basically teleporting due to the editing. He throws something at the van causing Dad and Son to crash, then it cuts to him in the truck chasing the Daughter, then it cuts to him finishing off Dad, and then it cuts again to him back in the truck chasing the Daughter. This movie was terrible just for that teleporting nonsense alone.

  10. SpecialNewb

    SpecialNewbHace 17 días

    For a while I thought the kids would be new strangers

  11. yuto shun

    yuto shunHace 19 días

    Sac head probably got rushed to the hospital with Luke and he took his mask off so when the ambulance found him they wouldn't be that suspicious

  12. SilverGallowglass

    SilverGallowglassHace 21 un día

    So, I have to admit I felt the trio was a family, "Sack-head" and "Pin-up Girl" as the parents of "Doll-face". I felt like the guilt and the line of how it will be easier was more because it was Doll-face first, rather than the trios and this was because she was the youngest and their daughter. If that had been the case, then their changed MO and music style, might have because of Doll-face and it would have mirrored the main family (both having daughters rebelling in their own ways) only for the killers, it kind of works for them.

  13. Andrew Nieto

    Andrew NietoHace 27 días

    All this is stopped with a person with a gun. Its like over immediately.

  14. Tyler Campbell

    Tyler CampbellHace 29 días

    I don't in hale my smokes either but I've only smoke like a couple times since I turned 18 maybe 5 or 6 in my whole lige

  15. Jacob Mettler

    Jacob MettlerHace un mes

    Did anybody else rewatch the alternative ending trying to figure out whether she opened the door or it just magically opened by itself? Didn't know this was a paranormal movie xD

  16. Some Retarded Guy On The Internet

    Some Retarded Guy On The InternetHace un mes

    Why do one of the girls look like my art teacher with a mask?

  17. Namazume

    NamazumeHace un mes

    i'm so sad pinup girl died. she was my favorite :(

  18. Dog Lover8532

    Dog Lover8532Hace un mes

    Oof lol doll face is just under the bed What if the girl didn’t go that cabin would she stay under the bed woating or leave feeling ashamed

  19. Adamsmoviechannel Movie reviewer

    Adamsmoviechannel Movie reviewerHace un mes

    So did the sister and brother die??

  20. Erik Flenner

    Erik FlennerHace un mes

    It makes sense that they became more aggressive as they probably devolved in their ritual in exchange of trying to get the high they had during their first killing

  21. Jaron Olivete

    Jaron OliveteHace un mes

    What if a family does have a Tamara in the house

  22. Reign Supreme

    Reign SupremeHace un mes

    So what’s gonna happen when tamra is home 😂😂

  23. 55bueller

    55buellerHace un mes

    It's pretty realistic having the killers going for the kill much sooner this time around because that's what gives them the true thrill and serial killers do usually escalate the violence as they continue to kill!

  24. Tylar

    TylarHace un mes

    Cant remember her name, but the actress who plays kenzie is terrible..

  25. monsterEN98

    monsterEN98Hace un mes

    It was a smart move from the director's to have them kill way worse then the first movie serial killers as they keep getting they get more brutal in the killings

  26. XdxpressionX. Inc

    XdxpressionX. IncHace un mes

    I don't mean to be that guy but......number one was better.

  27. Jemma Scott

    Jemma ScottHace un mes

    Honestly at this point any horror movie fan will get the hell out the moment there's a sign of danger. *We know.*

  28. Justin Ryan

    Justin RyanHace un mes

    Both movies they should have made it out easier. They had guns. That guy should have shot doll face and already would have been easier with just 2 and you have a gun

  29. god is here

    god is hereHace un mes

    What if they knocked on John Wick's house?

  30. RabuHina

    RabuHinaHace 2 meses

    I often wonder, how long has it been since the events of the first film? Like do the events in this movie take place maybe a few months later or a few weeks?

  31. tachee77910

    tachee77910Hace 2 meses

    They need to do a halloween vs the strangers

  32. tachee77910

    tachee77910Hace 2 meses

    Shoot that bitch she just killed your mother !!!!

  33. Nextuzda Cat

    Nextuzda CatHace 2 meses

    Let's be honest three Jasons would be worse than these three

  34. Nuclear Raider

    Nuclear RaiderHace 2 meses

    I loved this movie, dont hate me lol

  35. jtd

    jtdHace 2 meses

    Who else thought that after the first one, where James shot his brother, that when luke hit pin up girl with a golf club/and stabbed her to death, he was gonna remove the mask and it was gonna be kinsy...

  36. Sir Arthur of Winterfell

    Sir Arthur of WinterfellHace 2 meses

    I feel like the trio is a family and doll face and say I can’t are the mom and dad while Blondie I forget her name is the daughter and I think they kind of make it a habit of like murdering people maybe once a year or every so often because like you said after we see blonde girls face she doesn’t look that much older

  37. Cesar Carbajal

    Cesar CarbajalHace 2 meses

    But where is Tamara?

  38. meme with birds

    meme with birdsHace 2 meses

    Try it in philly i dare you

  39. Mori's Popcorn

    Mori's PopcornHace 2 meses

    What about the alternate ending?

  40. Kenneth Conklin

    Kenneth ConklinHace 2 meses

    One question I have about this movie: how do the kids NOT know it's their Aunt and Uncle's trailer? I mean, surely they had to have been there at least a few times. My uncle is an asshole, but I know what his house looks like. Other than that, it was worth the wait.

  41. Nietzsche's Heir

    Nietzsche's HeirHace 2 meses

    How to reply to the Strangers when they knock. “This is my own private domicile and I will not be harrassed...bitch!”

  42. C3 Studios

    C3 StudiosHace 2 meses

    Enjoyed both films more than we should have or usually do most "horror" and "slasher" films, but *prey* that the third in the series is a small "dark reimagining" backstory by an esteemed director [ think: Joker (2019) ] that is simply titled "Tamara".

  43. C3 Studios

    C3 StudiosHace 2 meses

    Although the host is likable and knowledgeable enough, we don't quite like this style of "review" and "analysis." There is no ending truly *explained* but simply revealed, and little critical analysis in his videos, or any at all whatsoever. While he deserves every view that he receives for production quality, time and effort - why not, it's a free country - we believe he provides a disservice to thousands of first-and-last-timers watching his videos that result in a possibly unintended clickbait experience, simply because it's not the type of video they were searching for or expecting from their titles. Rather than as "endings explained," he should retitle his videos as plots summarized, movies recapped, or perhaps even as Film Cliff's/Spark Notes for Dummies. (That's not meant to be disparaging whatsoever, but to reference the popular series of multiple cheatsheets and quick study guides.) We argue that it is more fitting to title these videos not as reviews or explanations, but rather as basic overview summaries with essentially spoilers best suited for people who have not watched a movie but have no intention of ever reading the book, err seeing the movie - but are curious enough about what it entailed, or to prepare for the exam in their film course. 😜 But for people who watched a movie and wanted deeper critical analysis and something unclear *explained* beyond anything they would receive from any of the first results in a Google search, these videos do not fit that bill. We're not saying the videos on FoundFlix are not useful, valuable, or well-presented for its' intended audience. We are saying however that simply because its' subscribed audience knows what to actually expect for the incorrectly titled videos, continuing to do so without obviously needed correction might begin to cause one to question whether the current state of rampant and cancerous pursuit of million of views by ESreporterrs is more important to the creator than honesty and accuracy. There is little or only circumstantial evidence to suggest that is yet the case with FoundFlix, but like clickbait, that has never been a *sustainable* business model for obtaining new and recurring subscribers beyond their sole contributed view. Thank you sincerely for considering out suggestion, and for your hard work, time, and efforts in contributing something intelligent beyond mindless pranks and stale fads to the ESreporter community, and congratulations on obtaining your hard-earned Verified status.

  44. Holly Repcak

    Holly RepcakHace 3 meses

    The killer that is alive is dollface because kenzie heard a distinct jack in the box noise and one of the scenes doll face had a jack in a box so therefore the killer wouldn’t be sackhead just saying you don’t understand the ending so maybe you should pay attention in this movie


    MELEKH HA OLAMHace 3 meses

    I guess my hearing being off right now and trying to keep the volume down somewhat caused me to miss the clue at the end, because I never heard the jack-in-the-box. I only heard the knocks on the door.


    MELEKH HA OLAMHace 3 meses

    "...but after he brilliantly flings the door open not knowing what's on the other side..." Forget that. How about him brilliantly announcing he had a gun and warning the killer off? And before they even got to the porch light thing with the other one, I was thinking there should have been enough light coming from inside the trailer to show her face, and then I saw that there was a porch light on a few seconds later.


    MELEKH HA OLAMHace 3 meses

    I'm not sure I could have taken much more of Christina Hendricks after that morally reprehensible alley scene in Bad Santa 2 that caused me to walk out and get a refund. I didn't realize she was in this movie until I started watching it.

  48. CharmedNewSeason

    CharmedNewSeasonHace 3 meses

    Who the fuck is Tamara?

  49. PaulisAHybrid

    PaulisAHybridHace 3 meses

    "Is Tamara home." No this is patrick *closes door and whistles* *door knocks* "Is Tamara home? NO...This is patrick *closes door harder* *axe swings at the door* *Tachanka from Rainbow 6 Siege shoots LMG through door as Soviet Union Anthem blasts in the background* You werent expecting this ending

  50. picasso •

    picasso •Hace 22 días


  51. PaulisAHybrid

    PaulisAHybridHace 3 meses

    "Is Tamara home?" *Jeffery Dahmer opens the door*

  52. Toshio Kazuhiko

    Toshio KazuhikoHace 3 meses

    This movie should’ve been a prequel to the first one, making this one a movie where sack head man comes to scare the absolute shit outta doll face and act like he’s about to kill. Where he gives her a choice of either join him to scare others and potentially kill them or he kills her. Doll face joins sack head and then they go and do the same thing to the Pin up girl, but this time actually killing someone that was with pin up girl. Before killing her, he and Foll face give her that same choice and now it’s a killing trio.

  53. Bjbu Njk

    Bjbu NjkHace 3 meses

    I find your videos so good and interesting for some reason. I just love you and your voice man. Keep it up!:DD

  54. Muzui

    MuzuiHace 3 meses

    Get to the damn point.

  55. makubex cortez

    makubex cortezHace 3 meses

    doll face: Is Tamara home? Man: You’ve got the wrong house. This is the last house on the left.

  56. Sketchy Akechi

    Sketchy AkechiHace 3 meses


  57. Tiffany Mayer

    Tiffany MayerHace 3 meses

    It was just PTSD at the end. I’m just thankful that those 3 bubblegum dum dum wannabe ugly looking ass tf are deceased

  58. Ceiling is animating

    Ceiling is animatingHace 3 meses

    why is a friday the 13th movie playing on my tv? and off topic but i want to make a movie were people are being killed because of a killer but turns out there was no killer in the first place and it was their actions

  59. plushiez_show

    plushiez_showHace 3 meses

    Imagine if they say yes and then its just a scene where dollface qnd tamara are playing outside and then eventually tamara dies.

  60. Avocado Toast

    Avocado ToastHace 3 meses

    It’s not a campsite, it’s a trailer park.

  61. Ari& Jordyy

    Ari& JordyyHace 3 meses

    For ever ending explained (FoundFlix) there is a sin(cinemasin) follow me on ig @tijaeb

  62. fij 01i

    fij 01iHace 3 meses

    What a nonsense & bullshit & stupid movie !!!! Stupid family deserve to die like shit , no sense of fighting and protecting and men is weakness like gay , just running and yelling. 2 men with gun can not fight to one men with axe ? And father is stupid driving also. Police is stupid and useless. What The Fuck !!! What a waste of time and money to watching.

  63. Matthew King

    Matthew KingHace 3 meses

    Yeah, a stab to the stomach is pretty much a guaranteed death, it's very slow and very painful and the internal bleeding is usually severe enough that you're probably not going to survive. So, given that he was left out on the road and probably concussed, he's almost certainly dead.

  64. Jason Kimbrough

    Jason KimbroughHace 3 meses

    Yes, but during the ending, they became orphans since lost their family. The biggest issue is that Luke and Kinsey would have to live with it for the rest of their lives alone.

  65. VictorUtanQ

    VictorUtanQHace 3 meses

    I just watched this movie and I personally think this was a really bland movie. No interesting characters with no personality wich made the first 20-30 minutes or so almost unnecessary because you never really got to know them or care for them. And I found some parts kind of copied from the first movie. Like when in both movies are looking for a gun, and if I remember correctly the line "do you even know how to use that?" is present in both movies. And the opening of both movies are sort of similar as well, with both of them starting with one or more sad person that experienced or did something a while ago before the movie takes place whilst going away to a vacancy of some sort (Kinsley being transfered to a new school, which we never really get to know why and Kristen denying James when pruposing to her in the first movie). One scene was completely ripped from Texas Chainsaw Massacre when Kinsey jumps up on the pickup truck at the end of the movie (might be an homage to that movie). The acting was basic, with more panting and heavy breathing than anything else and no interesting dialogue. I also think that some of the family's reactions to some events were not realistic. This movie lacked alot of the tension and buttclench like the first movie had and this movie was made like a text book slasher. If you made it this far into my comment: you're very handsome :*

  66. Emilia Grace Llorente

    Emilia Grace LlorenteHace 3 meses

    i noticed that when they would play music, someone would die... its like the last thing u remember before death is the song.

  67. Christopher Ritenour

    Christopher RitenourHace 4 meses

    Don't know why they're doing what they're doing. Sounds a lot like Michael Myers.

  68. Antoine Howard

    Antoine HowardHace 4 meses

    That family made the dumbest decisions I don’t think they should have have survived

  69. It's Alright

    It's AlrightHace 4 meses

    Pin up girl is the most likely still alive. She was just stabbed a few times. Sackface was stabbed and major 3rd degree burn plus trauma from the accident and baseball bat to the head.

  70. Kody William

    Kody WilliamHace 4 meses

    its actully a trailer park

  71. Kody William

    Kody WilliamHace 4 meses

    i have two quistions who is tamra and ar thay a family?

  72. Jennifer Ramos

    Jennifer RamosHace 4 meses

    The strangers 70s The strangers prey at night 80s The strangers come back 90s

  73. thegoshdarned batman

    thegoshdarned batmanHace 4 meses

    Hendricks kick! Hyah!!

  74. zgmfshinigami

    zgmfshinigamiHace 4 meses

    so i just listened to your explanation and a new point...what makes you think a person can survive shrapnel to the stomach without medical attention...look it up perforation of the GI system can lead to death it is a medical emergency...the fact that he was running doesnt help his odds of survival and furthermore if he did get help by someone passing by taking him to the hospital im pretty sure there is an APB for this guy especially since someone had to retrieve the brother im sure they would have tried to account for all the strangers. nothing points to these people being alive...the whole ending is to show that she has PTSD every little noise will set off this trauma.

  75. zgmfshinigami

    zgmfshinigamiHace 4 meses

    well its nice to know that if you take a shotgun hit to the chest at almost point blank range you wont have a giant hole in your chest and you will still be alive...or better yet you are in a car next to another that just blew up and all you walk away with a third degree burns and shrapnel

  76. joseph camarillo

    joseph camarilloHace 4 meses

    Please do stephen king's Christine

  77. Asten Gamer

    Asten GamerHace 4 meses

    Pin up girl got pinned down

  78. Jose Ruiz

    Jose RuizHace 4 meses

    There's a alternative ending of the strangers prey at night

  79. arkanoiddude

    arkanoiddudeHace 4 meses

    God this movie was fuckin frustrating to watch. Not scary at all, just frustrating. How the fuck are you gonna NOT SHOOT the lady who just stabbed your mom to death? Then later dude that stabbed your brother gets caught in a fuckin car explosion but gets up and keeps coming after you, so afterward when he collapses on the ground and drops the axe he was carrying, you don't just walk away like nothing left to worry about, YOU PICK UP THE GODDAMN AXE AND YOU MAKE SURE HE'S DEAD. Who the hell writes these stupid characters?

  80. Diego Martinez

    Diego MartinezHace 4 meses

    gimme dat gud succy succy long time

  81. Julia Davida Caprice

    Julia Davida CapriceHace 4 meses

    So it was 4 family members and 3 of the villians....the family could have found weapons and attack the strangers...♀‍🤦🏽♀‍🤦🏽♀‍🤷🏽

  82. Isin Demon king blood

    Isin Demon king bloodHace 4 meses

    I feel like it’s a big competition and there just the three of the people in this competition of who get the most kills and I feel like they’re in a rush for something


    EYE OF THE WATCHHace 4 meses

    There's too much summary of the film. There needs to be more analysis of the film.

  84. Rope Kittens

    Rope KittensHace 4 meses

    See, the first movie wasn't too great to be fair, but the things it did right it did 100% right. The suspense is amazing in the beginning of the film. But the things they did wrong, they did 100% wrong. The latter half of the movie is drawn out and becomes a jump scare-fest. Overall, I think it's still pretty good and very effective in the fear department. Now this sequel just pretty much just blatantly copied the first one, not just in the premise, but there are a lot of things that happen in it that are LITERALLY the exact same as the first. On top of that, the sequel takes everything the first movie did wrong and just puts it into overdrive.

  85. Bellabean

    BellabeanHace 4 meses

    But if rebel daughter and dollface are about the same age how has dollface been killing for 10 years?

  86. Christopher James Willington

    Christopher James WillingtonHace 5 meses

    I think sackhead will end up recruiting Kenzie due to how intelligent she is and for the fact that she fought them off

  87. Playboiizay 2x

    Playboiizay 2xHace 5 meses

    U talk to much



    Sack heads had half a face is was sizzling if not dead hes in unimaginable amount of pain. The glass proly not a servere if he stops the bleeding. But the bat to the newly crispy face. Might be enough to bleed out, let infection set in. if hes alive he won't be able to stab anything for awhile, certainly not in 2 hrs even on oxy thats pushing it.

  89. jmgmarcus

    jmgmarcusHace 5 meses

    Is Tamara home? Yeah, she's upstairs taking a shit, I'll let her know your here.

  90. Vitamin Key

    Vitamin KeyHace 5 meses

    They tried too hard in this one..

  91. Justice Brown

    Justice BrownHace 5 meses

    I was super disappointed by this movie.

  92. Skyler Maves

    Skyler MavesHace 5 meses

    Still convinced the three strangers are a married trio killing traditional families

  93. Goat Godv

    Goat GodvHace 5 meses

    Worse movie I’ve seen this year terrible 😭😭

  94. Drelovill :D

    Drelovill :DHace 5 meses

    Lol I write hello on my hand all the time idk why it’s just habit, I might be a murderer eek.

  95. Isabel Simpson

    Isabel SimpsonHace 5 meses

    Ok can you review 'After Life' and 'The Girl in The Photographs'

  96. sugadennis

    sugadennisHace 5 meses

    “Is Tamara home?” “🎶It’s Tia and Tamara🎶”

  97. Efren Calero

    Efren CaleroHace 5 meses

    Love your video's man.

  98. Boxer Head ninja

    Boxer Head ninjaHace 5 meses

    I hate how they hesitate to kill, for God sakes they killed your parents, I wouldn't even hesitate it would be just like hunting birds just easier because they can't fly away

  99. Princess Usagi

    Princess UsagiHace 5 meses

    The first movie made me so uncomfortable. This one pissed me off .

  100. Justin Driscoll

    Justin DriscollHace 5 meses

    Didnt Kristen live at the end of the first film? When the two boys went into the house she did like a jump scare scream at them.

  101. Rambo Carlile

    Rambo CarlileHace 5 meses

    Just put 2 and 2 together. Tamara is Pinup girl