The "Stranger Things" Cast Finds Out Which Characters They Really Are


  1. Logan Westbrook

    Logan WestbrookHace 4 horas

    I like how the girl who played Max agreed with me that mews was the most tragic death. (Im sorrybi dont know her name)

  2. Joshbolt680 Kilgore

    Joshbolt680 KilgoreHace 4 horas

    Millie likes Finn because Noah “likes it cold”...

  3. Harvey Snoding

    Harvey SnodingHace 5 horas

    Where's Dustin

  4. Vicky Gan

    Vicky GanHace 5 horas

    0:00-0:10 MY SHIP ❤❤ "We're the Duffer Brothers, and we're going to mess with the #Mileven ship as many times as we want."

  5. Jake Asquith

    Jake AsquithHace 6 horas

    Where is dustin?

  6. Bruh 532

    Bruh 532Hace 6 horas

    6:41 I want to change Barb for Alexei

  7. Jazzy Gacharina

    Jazzy GacharinaHace 7 horas

    Where’s Alec utgoff AKA alexei

  8. lonely potato

    lonely potatoHace 8 horas

    where is gaten

  9. Valentin Herrera

    Valentin HerreraHace 8 horas

    1:37 Noah i want invisibility Millie: well... right now you are invisible to me...

  10. The new eleven but the girl who plays her is 15 Ray

    The new eleven but the girl who plays her is 15 RayHace 9 horas

    Super speed is better

  11. Ali Tawfik

    Ali TawfikHace 10 horas

    Me just knowing now that Noah Schnapp is Will Byers I kept on wondering why he was in ESreporter thumbnails and I didn’t want to watch the video Incase there was going to be a spoiler Please tell me that I’m not the only one

  12. Shrek

    ShrekHace 11 horas

    I remember when one of these called me Donkey! I’ve never been so insulted in my entire life!!!!!

  13. Flash Gamer

    Flash GamerHace 11 horas

    Quiero este video subtitulado al español :v

  14. Paras T

    Paras THace 12 horas

    Feeling so sorry for Noah here....

  15. lissa bean

    lissa beanHace 12 horas

    Where’s my boi Alexei? i’m pretty sure he’s everyone’s favourite character..🥤

  16. Aaron Vidz

    Aaron VidzHace 10 horas

    lissa bean no

  17. Strangerthings girl08

    Strangerthings girl08Hace 12 horas

    I took the same test with my friend and I got eleven and she got Mike😂


    SPORTY NARWHALHace 12 horas

    Why did I have the same exact answers as Finn???

  19. Cassandra's family channel Zambrano

    Cassandra's family channel ZambranoHace 13 horas

    I like stranger things but why is Millie so like she cuts everyone off especially her best friend

  20. jennaa joseph

    jennaa josephHace 13 horas


  21. Kenzie Q.T

    Kenzie Q.THace 13 horas

    Noah: I’ll be responsi- Millie: you definitely would not Me: 🤣

  22. Vicky Gan

    Vicky GanHace 5 horas

    That is SO MEAN 😂😂😂

  23. xEZYx

    xEZYxHace 13 horas

    Why is Gaten in none of the Stranger Things cast videos...

  24. NGX Studios

    NGX StudiosHace 14 horas

    Where’s Dustin and his mom

  25. Blu

    BluHace 14 horas

    Did this bitch just say mews was the most tragic death? What about hopper I'm-

  26. Rylee Barnes

    Rylee BarnesHace 14 horas

    3:35 natalie sounds like lana del rey in national anthem when she says charismatic

  27. FaZePigieon 24

    FaZePigieon 24Hace 15 horas


  28. Zinicz

    ZiniczHace 17 horas


  29. Zinicz

    ZiniczHace 17 horas

    Where’s gaiten


    CDR_ PATICSHace 17 horas

    Caleb and I love that movie COUPLE GOALSSSSSS❤️❤️❤️

  31. Weeb Trash

    Weeb TrashHace 17 horas

    “ I hope my friends think of me as kind. “ Meanwhile playing a big Jerk : (Not so much anymore, now that he died.. RIP. :C )

  32. Eim Ghay

    Eim GhayHace 17 horas

    9 minutes and 3 seconds of noah getting tragically rejected and Finn getting hit on lmaooo

  33. Addison Grantham

    Addison GranthamHace 18 horas

    Noah looked very left out when Millie and Finn were talking about teleportation!!!!!! I want invisibility, too!!!!

  34. Triana Roxas

    Triana RoxasHace 19 horas

    I am so excited for 2020 On Season 4 in stranger things like come on!

  35. Pota Toos Bloz

    Pota Toos BlozHace 19 horas

    Turn Around Look At what you seEeEeEe in their face

  36. Things Minecraft

    Things MinecraftHace 20 horas

    i got eleven which is my favourate character

  37. zZ yaser Zz

    zZ yaser ZzHace 21 un hora

    Who missed Dustin

  38. Abigail Cruz

    Abigail CruzHace 21 un hora

    "Are you kidding me? I got Will." 😂😂😂

  39. ICE KING

    ICE KINGHace 22 horas

    Lol I don’t like how Millie was was kinda ignoring Noah the whole time and lusting over Finn so hard 😂

  40. Quinn Stalace

    Quinn StalaceHace un día

    That awkward moment at 3:42 though

  41. Karina

    KarinaHace un día

    I was watching this thinking aw Natalia & Charlie got this cute chemistry, like they’re comfortable. Theeeen I read they’re dating ?! how cute !!

  42. SuperApe

    SuperApeHace un día

    Wait 11 is British? My life is a lie! All that “the bad men” mumbling was just good acting. Grrr

  43. Nnia Elharar

    Nnia ElhararHace un día

    when natalia says ur my friends so... and then they start laughing

  44. l i l D e v i l

    l i l D e v i lHace un día

    I feel bad Gaten/Dudstybun was not in this :

  45. Sparkle Squid

    Sparkle SquidHace un día

    Who else loves Eleven

  46. Ronnie’s World

    Ronnie’s WorldHace un día

    The voices I didn’t expect

  47. Cup of water

    Cup of waterHace un día

    If you wanted to have invisibility that also counts as your eyes being invisible there for the light can’t hit your retina do you would be blind and sound could not go through your ear drums because it would travel through you? I am big brain

  48. Mattias Patterson

    Mattias PattersonHace un día

    So Karen gets in this interview BUT DUSTIN AND STEVE DOESNT

  49. QueenE619 Fam

    QueenE619 FamHace un día

    Seeing Steve hopper makes me so happy cuz he died last episode here’s an idea we say you ran away and got caught walking past mikes wheelers house and they spchase you and hide you and then you start to go back to work

  50. Robloo Bob

    Robloo BobHace un día

    If joesph was there I’ll call him a babysitter 😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣

  51. EbsPlayz

    EbsPlayzHace un día

    Where’s Dustin and Steve and robin and Joyce?

  52. Grace Lyncan

    Grace LyncanHace un día

    Um is anybody gonna talk about how they cut off Finn? 8:15

  53. ariana the potato

    ariana the potatoHace un día

    millie: i would describe you as relaxed finn:iM rElAxEd? finn:im a LiL sPaAzZ SoMeTiMeS 3:04 me:😂❤️

  54. Lmao safari

    Lmao safariHace un día

    I got 11

  55. Hey It’s Katie

    Hey It’s KatieHace un día

    where is dustin, joyce nd steve

  56. Mark Anderson

    Mark AndersonHace un día

    Sadie is me “I love Wicked the musical so I’m gonna go with that.”

  57. Randomizer300 5

    Randomizer300 5Hace un día

    noah schnapp stops me from breathing

  58. Bwee Bwee

    Bwee BweeHace un día


  59. IDK- Raider

    IDK- RaiderHace un día

    I did it and got eleven

  60. Aiden's Fun Adventures

    Aiden's Fun AdventuresHace un día

    Cool vid watch mine and subscribe!

  61. Wine Soetens

    Wine SoetensHace un día

    Am I the only one who had A crush on jonathan ??

  62. Hanin Mony

    Hanin MonyHace un día

    7:21 that Broke me😭

  63. The Bendy Brothers

    The Bendy BrothersHace un día

    Do you really have powers

  64. Ofir Levin

    Ofir LevinHace un día

    Did anyone else noticed that sticker on billy’s computer?

  65. i don't wanna be you anymore

    i don't wanna be you anymoreHace un día

    david is such a child at heart i absolutely adore him

  66. WarriorGameZ

    WarriorGameZHace un día


  67. Shaddai Garzon

    Shaddai GarzonHace un día

    I feel like Noah likes Millie BUT Millie likes Finn I SHIP NOAH AND MILLIE 😫🥺

  68. Juan Diego Subia

    Juan Diego SubiaHace un día

    i like eleven when she doesn't talk too much

  69. Tristan Stanley

    Tristan StanleyHace un día

    I got Will

  70. LET ME 5678 DANCE

    LET ME 5678 DANCEHace un día

    Shut up mikeira

  71. LET ME 5678 DANCE

    LET ME 5678 DANCEHace un día

    Shut up mikerik

  72. Turkey Sandwich

    Turkey SandwichHace un día

    "clearly I'm going to go buy a red wig... And a skateboard."

  73. Jodie Anderson

    Jodie AndersonHace un día

    Where the hell is steve and dustin!

  74. D. Rage Markus

    D. Rage MarkusHace un día

    Finn: iM nOt ReLaXeD

  75. Victoria Outlaw

    Victoria OutlawHace un día

    In season 3 I liked when 11 said I dump your as

  76. Victoria Outlaw

    Victoria OutlawHace un día

    Out of all the characters I like 11 Max Will Dustin and Nacey

  77. Victoria Outlaw

    Victoria OutlawHace un día

    I got 11

  78. Recruit Godm8

    Recruit Godm8Hace un día

    Where were they’re accents in the show?

  79. David H 777

    David H 777Hace un día

    Noah is a three wheeler even irl

  80. EliasCOdoubleB 224

    EliasCOdoubleB 224Hace un día

    Did milly get eleven ?

  81. Hyper 569

    Hyper 569Hace un día

    Got El

  82. ajulu nyang

    ajulu nyangHace un día

    They do so many interviews in one day lol