THE PURGE Trilogy Explained (2013-2016)


  1. Wesley EP

    Wesley EPHace un día

    I love how basically the only rules of the purge are: "Dont fuck with the government" and "dont fuck with rich people." Cuz they know that they would be the first to go.

  2. Thomas Slone

    Thomas SloneHace 2 días

    this movie is really fucking stupid

  3. Calvin Shamar Baker

    Calvin Shamar BakerHace 2 días

    If the purge was real I will robbed banks and steal cars and etc.

  4. Emanuel Yasheav

    Emanuel YasheavHace 2 días

    Great analysis, but I am more expected to have that as a timeline... to appreciate the beginning and see how that follows on an order until the last purge's year

  5. Alex Ray

    Alex RayHace 3 días

    pretty sure the purge would end after the first year with the complete colapse of the federal government/economy what with the mass tax fraud and bank robberies and credit card fraud...

  6. john johnson

    john johnsonHace 3 días


  7. ForwardBoss 65

    ForwardBoss 65Hace 6 días

    Sorry ESreporter, the purge has ended

  8. Yandell Toy Reviews

    Yandell Toy ReviewsHace 7 días

    Imagine John Wick in the purge

  9. Floofi Honey フロフィハニー

    Floofi Honey フロフィハニーHace 8 días

    *PURGE starts* Me:giving admin in a roblox christian server without permission,jaywalks with my friends to Mcdonalds without money,steals horse masks for all my friends and rubber duckies and roam around the streets. I have 13 friends,lol

  10. billybobhobnob101

    billybobhobnob101Hace 8 días

    Remember when they refused to show the purge movies because all the urban people cried about it?

  11. Christian Temblique

    Christian TembliqueHace 9 días

    Purge: *starts Me: jerk in loli hentai

  12. toag

    toagHace 10 días

    clearly socially there was some sort of blow back, or price to pay after the purge for those who took part enthusiastically. The fact it became the norm to wear a mask seems to show there was some sort of price socially paid if you were filmed purging. hat a need to hide ones identity in anyway would be needed for a legal activity.... also there must have been a boom for canada and mexico tourism wise for that time period. I know around that time of the year i would have the urge to check out the cultures french speaking Canada

  13. rad grandma

    rad grandmaHace 11 días

    Ultimate savages go on a school bus but they don't go to school

  14. rad grandma

    rad grandmaHace 11 días

    I'd drink peanut butter. I'm alergic

  15. CuteSkiesXX SkiesLife

    CuteSkiesXX SkiesLifeHace 13 días

    while everyone in the US is killing and stealing and hiding or whatever im going to area 51 because they cant kill me soo i could see aliens or smth

  16. LadyArmand2000

    LadyArmand2000Hace 14 días

    Can you imagine having to face these same people the next day? Do they just go back to work after they killed the co-workers they hated? Lmao! Also, I was disappointed with the ending of the first Purge film. She was supposed to waste every single one of their neighbors. Those people came into the house with the intention of killing her and her children, so forget that higher moral ground crap. Just let them live so they can stop by to kill you next year. Makes a lot of sense, right??

  17. Wi-Fi TV

    Wi-Fi TVHace 15 días

    If there was a purge I'd probably get killed for trying to help people. If not I'd grab up all the homeless people in my neighborhood and let them wait it out in my garage while i rob a jewelry store lol

  18. Paul Chilson

    Paul ChilsonHace 16 días

    Poor prison guards

  19. Y O U H A V E B E E N D E S T R O Y E D annihilate

    Y O U H A V E B E E N D E S T R O Y E D annihilateHace 16 días

    How did you explain 3 whole movie's in 15 min

  20. jake

    jakeHace 17 días

    The purge a awesome movie idea but bad execution on the movie making side

  21. Sweetheart Cosplays

    Sweetheart CosplaysHace 17 días

    Honestly, kids making stupid decisions in horror movies is a form of birth control

  22. kaylawuvscookies

    kaylawuvscookiesHace 18 días

    For my purge I'm going to break into FoundFlix's house and cook him and his girlfriend a nice dinner. TAKE THAT ESTABLISHMENT!

  23. korikawa

    korikawaHace 20 días

    Best to worst: 1. Purge 2 Anarchy 2. Purge 1 3. Purge 3 Election Year 4. Purge 4 the first purge

  24. Corentin C.

    Corentin C.Hace 20 días

    @Foundflix - that dystopian world, like you have said... Really happened@ Detroit

  25. Kevin Nunez

    Kevin NunezHace 20 días

    Who thinks that Leo from anarchy whould be a good punisher

  26. Sammy SawShank

    Sammy SawShankHace 21 un día

    If the purge was real, this is my plan: -Video Game shopping spree -Then raiding the mall -Possibly blow up the houses of parasitic celebrities -And raiding the art stores, cause pens are f*cking expensive. - *Lots and lots of streaking*

  27. Theodora Sotou

    Theodora SotouHace 21 un día

    Am I the only one who would take the cheapest plain ticket out of the country? And come back the next day?

  28. Frankie Bruan

    Frankie BruanHace 22 días

    During the Purge I would remove the tags off of my mattress.

  29. smoking1212

    smoking1212Hace 23 días


  30. smoking1212

    smoking1212Hace 23 días


  31. kassy kreutzer

    kassy kreutzerHace 24 días

    Good deeds dong go unpunished

  32. Armaan Aulakh

    Armaan AulakhHace 25 días

    Wait I don’t understand is it real

  33. sentinel task force Alex ponce

    sentinel task force Alex ponceHace 27 días

    i seen the purge season 2

  34. I found jimins Jams

    I found jimins JamsHace 28 días


  35. Eric Withakay

    Eric WithakayHace 28 días

    2:40 so... What you're saying is... The Purge is pay to win?

  36. Lucky Shot940

    Lucky Shot940Hace 29 días

    i'd probably order a pizza. pick it up and not pay for it. maybe break into best buy if im feeling stupid.

  37. Mathias f.h

    Mathias f.hHace 29 días

    You sound like you agree w the purge idea

  38. Stan D’nosharia

    Stan D’noshariaHace un mes

    This could be a theory of how things could be, getting the subliminals in to the mind of perception from government controlled movies and having the rich who can afford mass weaponry to take on the poor on a global scale, one day to mass cull and depopulate society in a civil clash of war, this is what the elite strive for.

  39. A Living Legend

    A Living LegendHace un mes

    Yay I just subbed!!!

  40. SolrSurfr3

    SolrSurfr3Hace un mes

    I feel like the least believable thing about this whole franchise is how many people immediately resort to random acts of violence and murder during the Purge. Objectively I can understand targeting specific people, but attacking whoever you happen to come across just because they’re there? Maybe like 1% of the population would go that route, but I doubt it would reach the scale depicted in the movies.

  41. Marius Matei

    Marius MateiHace un mes

    Only in the anglolands, something like this Would Even Be Possible!!!

  42. Strawberry Crazycake

    Strawberry CrazycakeHace un mes

    I know the movies were meant to show the extremes of the Purge, but forget all that. I'm robbing all major banks. So let's see how rich the "privilege" is after I'm done 😂

  43. The Good Taste Guy

    The Good Taste GuyHace un mes

    If the purge was real or if it ever becomes real, the first and MAIN people I would go after and kill are all the evil left side liberals, democrats, globalists, communists, SJWs, black lives matter, the kkk, antifa, the bad illegal immigrants and all the marxists etc. who are all stopping at nothing to destroy the USA and make the USA a globalist and communist country. These wicked and demonic people and baby killers all need to die and be purged to HELL FOREVER!! They're the reason why there's more division, high crime, killings, terrorism and evilness in this country the USA today than ever before in the history of America. And unless we kill all of these devil worshiping motherfuckers now or soon, we're all going to lose our country America and we'll all be under a one world government which is The New World Order. So if the purge ever become real for 12 hours once a year in the USA, I have all my guns and these are all the enemies on the left side who I'm going to kill and send to the pits of hell forever where they all belong: Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton Maxine Waters Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi Robert Mueller Gavin Newsom Jerry Brown Xavier Bacerra the democrats the liberals the SJWs black lives matter the Nazis the bad and violent illegal immigrants the evil muslims George Soros the kkk antifa the crooked CIA the crocked FBI agents Vince McMahon the liberal Hollywood celebrities the marxists MS13 And all of these sick demons who are killing so many innocent babies and American people in the United States! These demons deserve no mercy for trying everyday to get us into world war 3 and trying to bring America down in fire. It's time to clean house and purge every single one of these evil sonsabitches and send them all to hell along with ISIS and the rest of the enemies in our world today. The USA is already on life support because of the left side and the demonic lefties will stop at nothing to get everyone killed and make America fall to the communists and The New World Order. So that's why I support the purge and if it ever does become real and legal in all 50 U.S. states someday (and I know it will), I'm going to kill all the enemies on my list and more enemies who all need to die. I don't give a fuck if the purge says you can't kill govt. officials that are ranked 10 and higher, I'm still going to find a way and kill them anyway (only the bad ones). If you know more evil enemies who all need to die and be purged, please reply to me and tell me! That is all, thank you.

  44. Hero Mania

    Hero ManiaHace un mes

    If purge was real... Division Agent will kill the enemies (not innocent people, murder people) I think I'm dreaming about this...

  45. Najmah Chant

    Najmah ChantHace un mes


  46. Najmah Chant

    Najmah ChantHace un mes

    you gain your truckloads of money from your security systems, but you can't teach your kid common sense?

  47. Vaping Vegan

    Vaping VeganHace un mes

    Pretty sure there would be a lot more rape, robbery and drugs abused than murder during a real purge

  48. Christopher Santibanez

    Christopher SantibanezHace un mes

    To be honest, the purge is basically Black ops zombies except people aren't dead and they're armed and dangerous

  49. Christopher Santibanez

    Christopher SantibanezHace un mes

    @Hero Mania yeah. But you do play five. Which is in DC. The Pentagon. But I get what you mean. It's a scary alternate reality if we're not careful. And in the end of Black ops 2 if you kill menendez, there is anarchy in the streets of DC and the government falls. The white House is is in flames in the news report.

  50. Hero Mania

    Hero ManiaHace un mes

    And wearing mask was from payday game series (literally)

  51. Hero Mania

    Hero ManiaHace un mes

    Dude I think its not call of duty black ops Looks like playing a division 2 (because purge 3 was filmed in Washington, DC)

  52. Demon Dragon

    Demon DragonHace un mes

    All I’m gonna say is, if the purge becomes a thing our governments agree on, and becomes a stupid messed up reality...I will purge myself before I let a fucknut get their jolly’s off by butchering me up like a piece of meat.

  53. azm2121

    azm2121Hace un mes

    Soooo none of them thought to get money from the bank

  54. Jay K

    Jay KHace un mes

    The NFFA sound like they are conservatards! Roan sounds like a liberal.

  55. Brandi Richardson

    Brandi RichardsonHace un mes

    This movie is not a joke

  56. Eli Baxter

    Eli BaxterHace un mes

    If I was in the purge I'd probably just hide in the sewers the whole time

  57. N30 R

    N30 RHace un mes

    Man this would be great, if the concept was adapted into a survival game!

  58. Super mario me2

    Super mario me2Hace un mes

    "May God be with you all" Me: well rather go to the store and steal Xbox gift cards

  59. sO gUyS wE dId It

    sO gUyS wE dId ItHace un mes

    I'd love to see Deadpool or the punisher in a purge crossover

  60. DremmaGrimm1711

    DremmaGrimm1711Hace un mes

    People do realize that the purge takes place during tax filing season right? Just lie on your tax forms, get a bunch of money, and ta-da. They can't do a damn thing. Plus, it has the added bonus of completely messing up the whole point of the purge, as the government would be losing out on money, so they would be more likely to just get rid of the purge in the first place.

  61. Emma Olivera

    Emma OliveraHace un mes

    Dante noooo

  62. Lunsla

    LunslaHace un mes

    During the purge i would commit tax fraude

  63. Lunsla

    LunslaHace un mes

    Aka chilling in Canada for 12 hours

  64. Mkplayer117

    Mkplayer117Hace un mes

    If anyone knows the show 100 imagine if they where real and the purge was real that would be a rip im fucking retarded please kill me 👉👌🚗💨🏠

  65. Owen Ferrone

    Owen FerroneHace un mes

    the day of the purge is my brothers birthday

  66. sMoKiNjO Politically Incorrect

    sMoKiNjO Politically IncorrectHace un mes

    Fuck killing people, I would just be smoking a legit pound of weed

  67. Delainey F.

    Delainey F.Hace un mes

    I’m stealing phones, cars, food, taking newly built homes..but nooooo lemme just kill everyone bc that’s a nice pass time

  68. Yeeteroni Pepperoni

    Yeeteroni PepperoniHace un mes

    I would steal pets from abusive owners and hold onto them until the end of the purge. Then I’d take them to animal shelters. There’s a crime for ya.

  69. triforce13

    triforce13Hace un mes

    on purge night ya boi is committing tax fraud.

  70. Belle Glaesman

    Belle GlaesmanHace un mes

    I would sneak into a mall, steal a bunch of stuff from my fav stores, and then hide in a furniture store.

  71. J F

    J FHace un mes

    I don't get the First one, James Sandin sells his security system to the neighborhood and they all hate the family because they made a better house for themselves, so my problem is He sold it to them, meaning they bought it, they didn't have to buy it, but they did, and so he gets all this money and goes, "alright, let's renovate our house." That's the reason they want them dead, because they gave them money for security. So the neighbors are better secured but want to kill the Sandins for making that happen. I like the movie, just that intrigues me

  72. eric kesuma

    eric kesumaHace un mes

    I knew rich people's are a dick

  73. Virggbro Virgil

    Virggbro VirgilHace un mes

    What do u mean impossible to see him.....r u saying that cause he a brotha

  74. It’s Beakle

    It’s BeakleHace un mes

    Purge: Everything is now legal Me: gets games, food, and drinks, also headphones all I need to survive

  75. •GachaVicky•

    •GachaVicky•Hace un mes

    So... during the purge, everything is legal..? Me: steals everything from the Gucci store, and legally steals a private jet to go to a different country. Also me: yea boiiii

  76. Autism Crusader

    Autism CrusaderHace 15 días


  77. sundance kidd

    sundance kiddHace un mes

    could u kill trump during the purge?

  78. The Good Taste Guy

    The Good Taste GuyHace un mes

    No because he's a high government official

  79. Betty White

    Betty WhiteHace un mes

    They know the purge is coming every year so why not build an underground hideout in a remote place?

  80. jayvhon calma

    jayvhon calmaHace un mes

    *Purge starts* *Calls Darth Vader* Sir the Purge has begun they don't know what we're planning Darth Vader: Thank you for informing me we're on our way, and Jay Vhon your contribution to the InquisitorEmpire has been noted by the Emperor we promise you anything you desire Me: I only desire one thing.... To become an Inquisitor

  81. Sophia Wilson

    Sophia WilsonHace un mes

    Wait minute when the first purge 2018? and 17 years before the sentor's family is kill?. The second movie is the best.

  82. JyinxTV

    JyinxTVHace un mes

    Trumps wall makes sooo much more sense now... he not keeping the mexicans out.... he keeping you all in?

  83. Sly Sports Guy

    Sly Sports GuyHace un mes

    Would steal credit cards to pay off everything I own

  84. Burnt Fox

    Burnt FoxHace un mes

    Just imagine John wick in the purge

  85. Experiment Master

    Experiment MasterHace un mes

    During the Purge, the only crime you can commit is the crime of murder. I know ALL crime is legal, but to go out and steal food or're just putting yourself in the path of people who are thinking the same thing..but also capable of murder. Your only option during the purge is to murder, unless you want to get murdered first. I would shoot at anybody I saw holding a gun.