THE PURGE Trilogy Explained (2013-2016)


  1. Turtle Master 24

    Turtle Master 24Hace un día

    Most people would commit white collar crimes, harming the economy even more.

  2. David John Vo

    David John VoHace un día

    Did he forget the first purge?

  3. bastispielt

    bastispieltHace un día

    All crimes are legal? *Starts hacking banks and FBI*



    they are really happen??



    what the hell means the purge...😩

  6. Er boro

    Er boroHace 4 días

    This is one of the best horror series that are going on better then resident evil and saw and even final destination

  7. Mich Lin

    Mich LinHace 5 días

    We want a fifth movie where Charlie got assassinated and so did leo so that the kid from the first film somehow has to prevent the purge from reinstaed

  8. B Ogletree

    B OgletreeHace 7 días

    I see Life imitating Art. The way Da Fuhrer in Office is running things, we're gonna have an actual Purge!

  9. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace 8 días

    Pfffft. I’m robbing banks

  10. Srestha Dutta

    Srestha DuttaHace 10 días

    This is one messed up movie

  11. A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE Pain

    A.R.M.Y Pain Buddy Pain CHOICE PainHace 10 días

    Damn if I became the senator, after win the election I will impose new law, all remaining purge supporters will be crucified publicly 🙄.

  12. Isaac The Last N7

    Isaac The Last N7Hace 12 días

    I love how everybody stops killing when the sirens start. In reality that wouldn't stop people immediately.. lol


    GHOST SHOOTER87Hace 9 días

    Seems like angels immediately enters thier brains.

  14. Nash Reyes

    Nash ReyesHace 15 días

    If purge happen I will touch every girls boobs

  15. J M

    J MHace 18 días

    10:33, what year does Purge Election Year take place that there was a purge 17 years ago?

  16. Peebs Knows

    Peebs KnowsHace 18 días

    You already know i'll be in sephora

  17. Where's the Freedom?

    Where's the Freedom?Hace 20 días

    My Purge Plan: Befriend yourself with Korean store owners in advance.

  18. The Jew

    The JewHace 22 días

    If the purge became a real thing I'd move to Canada.

  19. Jessica Mills

    Jessica MillsHace 23 días

    We could see this in Killmerica if the orange dope get in again. Another reason to be proud Not to be a yank.

  20. lklilyashby

    lklilyashbyHace 25 días

    please do an explained on Pan's labyrinth. Love your videos so much

  21. Ozzy Well

    Ozzy WellHace 26 días


  22. donna george

    donna georgeHace 27 días


  23. Alexander Perez

    Alexander PerezHace 27 días

    THIS IS JUST A RECAP OF THE FILMS!!! Not an explanation!!

  24. xXunicorns flyXx

    xXunicorns flyXxHace 27 días

    How was the first movie the 5th but then election year said 17 years ago

  25. Amit Sharma

    Amit SharmaHace 28 días

    Anybody else consider Purge Anarchy to the best of them all?

  26. Lunch

    LunchHace 29 días

    Necrophilia...? Nah jk. Not my cup of tea, but probly someone else’s anyway

  27. Lunch

    LunchHace 29 días

    White people are the worst... especially the religious nuts

  28. Sassy JACKIE

    Sassy JACKIEHace 29 días

    The purge never made sense to me. Crime rates are low, but what about all that property damage? And what do they do to the dead bodies, after the purge they are still people, don’t they get proper burials?

  29. Morgue Jaacklo

    Morgue JaackloHace 23 días

    It’s a good movie but the logic makes zero sense

  30. BC P

    BC PHace un mes

    These movies are retarded. The entire goal is to eliminate the lower class... which is the class that always supports and boosts any economy as they are the workers. Killing off all the workers means nothing gets done meaning worse economy for those who are a bit slow in the head (liberals)

  31. Ceedank

    CeedankHace un mes

    You forgot meet the blacks

  32. seven gami

    seven gamiHace un mes

    crimes that i would commit on purge night: - run a red light - jay walking i know im evil

  33. Ryan McGuigan

    Ryan McGuiganHace un mes

    Purge starts Me: hinds in attic

  34. AlphaX Gaming

    AlphaX GamingHace un mes

    I would just rob a bank and kill anyone in my way

  35. Josh Long

    Josh LongHace un mes

    If it was me, I would steal legos.

  36. dr zooters

    dr zootersHace un mes

    The monopoly man is the leader of the NFfA

  37. Junior Diaz

    Junior DiazHace un mes

    Great video, details and everything! 👍🏼

  38. Local Dingus

    Local DingusHace un mes

    I want to know who gave that stupid kid Charley the code to the security system that’s the real villain.

  39. crimsonz red

    crimsonz redHace un mes

    2019 anyone

  40. France Ratti

    France RattiHace un mes

    If there’s a date, just reserve an hotel on the Caraïbes, take you’re hole family with you and you’re good 👍🏻

  41. Clandauro

    ClandauroHace un mes

    4:22 dude wtf just because he is black it doesn’t mean u can’t see him in the darkness

  42. Seb Christensen

    Seb ChristensenHace un mes

    Imagine if batman was in the purge tho,

  43. Erin Jones

    Erin JonesHace un mes

    The way we live our lives on this earth determines where we going when we die, either heaven or hell there is no in between We cant be down here on earth living for the devil and expect to make it to heaven. We need to get serious about giving our hearts and lives to JESUS CHRIST before HE COMES back on earth because once HE do comes back on earth it will be too late to change our hearts and lives. And you know what hurts GOD is when we know what we about to do is a SIN and we doing it anyway. Read In you all HOLY BIBLES Galatians chapter 5 verses 16-24 and 2 Timothy chapter 3 and Leviticus chapter 19 verse 28 and Romans chapter 1 verses 18-32 and Mark chapter 7 verses 18-23. And if we reject GOD'S word we reject GOD HIMSELF

  44. Sam

    SamHace un mes

    mhhm huni

  45. Bad Barbie

    Bad BarbieHace un mes

    I would steal shit tf. Phones, computers, clothes shit like that😂😂

  46. Salty

    SaltyHace un mes

    imagine a group of purgers trying to kill john wick

  47. Lady C. Diamonds

    Lady C. DiamondsHace un mes

    They won't last with all the guns and pencil John Wick used on them.

  48. 5H4D0W -TP

    5H4D0W -TPHace un mes

    The Purge gives everyone the N-word pass?

  49. RoAr_ Andy7

    RoAr_ Andy7Hace un mes

    If the purge starts I would kill people steal their credit card and buy v-bucks

  50. Ralf Geollegue

    Ralf GeollegueHace un mes

    So everything's legal? to do list: -illegaly file all of my taxes to zero -buy MP40 -steal money for robux to buy cool Adidas shirt -buy Grandayy's minecraft resource pack -Put Swastikas -Hide under bed while arming the MP40 -Hack Europe's servers to redirect to america to unban memes -idk kill people with MP40 while shouting "Für das Vaterland!"?

  51. rashawn evans

    rashawn evansHace un mes

    Miracle Leo. My neighbors. Grandsons name.

  52. your DNA

    your DNAHace un mes

    I havent even watched the purge🤣

  53. your DNA

    your DNAHace un mes

    *PURGE starts* Me: so imma get all the phones and wifis and imma get a bazooka and alot of guns yeah imma kill this motha fudgers imm use these cellphones as cameras

  54. Toy Bonnie The Childeater Toy Bonnie The Childeater

    Toy Bonnie The Childeater Toy Bonnie The ChildeaterHace un mes

    2 options for me to be in the Purge *Sell marijuana and murder Catholic people*

  55. GamingTV 123

    GamingTV 123Hace un mes

    When I realize it’s a week from the purge Whelp time to move to Japan

  56. Frank Montez

    Frank MontezHace un mes

    We have that already with legal abortion . Eugenics is at the heart of abortion

  57. The one and only jazz The autobot

    The one and only jazz The autobotHace un mes

    Founding fathers: let’s purge After purge Every news channel: every monument in America has been painted and even the White House and reports say that every available police,medical,and fire fighters are taking care of every problem and we are currently bankrupt and almost all of the money has been taken by criminals and gangs and criminal activity is rising cause it’s the purge there are is no law and so all the guards have taken the day of guarding the prison and and every major building has been destroyed and the founding fathers have struggled and every people who didn’t joinedthe purge rioted some of the riots is not under control and apparently 5 hours ago a man who was addicted to grant theft auto had the time of his life and stole the a military tank and when the military tried to get the tank he shot theme this is the news going out Founding fathers sees the news Founding fathers:😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟😟

  58. Kiran Puri

    Kiran PuriHace un mes

    Charlie IS an idiot for letting Dante inside the house in the first movie, his dad dies because of it. BUT.. Dante ends up helping Senator Roan in Election Year, and the senator removes The Purge by the end of the movie after getting elected. If Charlie DIDN’T save Dante then The Purge might not have ended.

  59. Kaylee Alexander

    Kaylee AlexanderHace un mes

    This means millions of robux, dogs, cats , and gummy bears ❤️

  60. Saiko x

    Saiko xHace un mes

    You didn't explain anything

  61. Revenant

    RevenantHace un mes

    black hair cersei is sexy

  62. fobjedimanss real

    fobjedimanss realHace un mes

    The whole Purge is racist

  63. Sam

    SamHace un mes


  64. ImmortalDragon21

    ImmortalDragon21Hace un mes

    So wait, first movie is the 5th annual purge, so there were 5 before it, There for second movie would be the 6th purge because it takes place a year later. In what purge was the senator from the third movie's family killed if it happened 17 years previously ? Unless election year takes place 11 or so years after the first and second films and if that's the case Leo still looks about the same age in election year. So either that is a glaring plot hole or purging is a strong anti-aging benefit.

  65. mino's finacé

    mino's finacéHace un mes

    Family jewels lmao

  66. mino's finacé

    mino's finacéHace un mes

    That stupid kid

  67. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt ThunderHace un mes

    anyone gonna point out how joe and marco shot those people dead in under 30 seconds

  68. Deathyuger Change

    Deathyuger ChangeHace un mes

    Who would like to see the purge in real life I’m not saying I want it I’m just seeing if you do

  69. Fred Miller Jr

    Fred Miller JrHace un mes

    The Purge is and has always been a really bad ripoff of Star Trek's "Red Hour". Unoriginal, poorly written and frankly ridiculous as a concept.

  70. Steven Ayala

    Steven AyalaHace un mes

    did no one notice when in the first movie they freaks turned the lights off and he said it was impossible to find the stranger and he's black 😂 racist

  71. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace un mes

    Isnt the preparation of mass murder a crime outside of the purge? Wouldn't racketeering count afterwards?

  72. lauren wilson

    lauren wilsonHace un mes

    Aaron Forbes In a sense yes, but how could you try a case without proof or evidence considering all murders were legal on the night of & couldn’t be used in regards to the case? It would be like going before a jury saying this man planned to steal a candy bar, however no candy bars were taken UNLAWFULLY on that night. & then of course even if it was proven that it was planned, the only thing you could be charged with would be conspiracy for planning the idea, not the actual crimes committed. & I’m sure that would be subject to debate & taken with a grain of salt during the trial.

  73. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace un mes

    So use purge to clear poverty... how does that help stop the purge?

  74. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace un mes

    Crime only went down to 1% as all "crime" is legal at a certain time... that's a terrible view of statistics

  75. Aaron Forbes

    Aaron ForbesHace un mes

    Of course only politicians are safe. Theyd be the first people would go for

  76. Γιακουμης Χατχηπαπαγεωργοκωνσταντινογιαννοπουλος

    Γιακουμης ΧατχηπαπαγεωργοκωνσταντινογιαννοπουλοςHace un mes

    I would like my own comment twice.

  77. jimmy jam

    jimmy jamHace un mes

    3:17 lmfao right to the blame

  78. Torn Tokoroa

    Torn TokoroaHace un mes

    You know. I've always wondered Why not get a abandoned Island and just like pubg or any other Battle Royale what we do is we parachute anyone who signs up and any criminals we deemed too dangerous to be in prison and then just start air-dropping weapons onto said Island I just let them have at each other. Airdrop some drugs also and there you go. You solve like nine different problems all at once

  79. Tulaib Bhatti

    Tulaib BhattiHace un mes

    Same I’m not even lying they should do this kind of shit.

  80. Michael Ellis

    Michael EllisHace un mes

    12:23 OK seriously what exactly was this guys plan running up to a guy with a gun

  81. Colby

    ColbyHace un mes

    Why don’t they put a spike trap at the front door?

  82. Oath keeper0_0

    Oath keeper0_0Hace un mes

    I would do my taxes and lie on purge night

  83. Scenery V

    Scenery VHace un mes

    I’d steal BTS tickets

  84. ImA sIcK fRiCkEr

    ImA sIcK fRiCkErHace un mes

    I'm gonna kidnap a scientist and bring back dinosaurs to protect me and be my pets

  85. soulless ginger

    soulless gingerHace un mes

    How to stop the purge 1.get everyone to commit tax fraud every year

  86. Alexandria Geiler

    Alexandria GeilerHace un mes

    I’d probably just rob forever 21, grocery stores, and all of the animal shelters nearby

  87. Pot4toCak3 *

    Pot4toCak3 *Hace un mes

    then...... Can I kick whoever started this in their a- Nuke their house?

  88. Pot4toCak3 *

    Pot4toCak3 *Hace un mes

    A word

  89. Brandon Lewis

    Brandon LewisHace un mes


  90. G S

    G SHace un mes

    When I worked with juvenile delinquents, it was terrifying how much they bought into this idea.

  91. Anonymous Me

    Anonymous MeHace un mes

    I'm going to rob chocolate shop and others food shop and eat all I want

  92. John Raymond Dones

    John Raymond DonesHace un mes

    7:05 "... Want to purge but also want to do it in the comfort of their own homes." Uber-Purge anyone?

  93. Targun Yssboern

    Targun YssboernHace un mes

    Roan is not formally elected yet. It's only shown that she won enough states to have enough electoral votes, bit the film doesn't show how the electors voted.

  94. Ryan Morley

    Ryan MorleyHace un mes

    I really liked the second and third Purge movies. Frank Grillo a fucking badass.

  95. Mark _154

    Mark _154Hace un mes

    the purge movies are and still are so fucking boring like seriously its just such a stupid movie idea who in their right mind thought these movies were needed to be made

  96. Dener Witt

    Dener WittHace 2 meses

    yep economy going bad? poeple not being good? all sorts of social problems? Just let everybody kill and rape everybody else. Seems legit.

  97. Pickle

    PickleHace 2 meses

    Who the hell sleeps during the purge

  98. Obi-Wan Kenobi

    Obi-Wan KenobiHace 2 meses

    Real Purge: Not paying taxes

  99. Ashlee Cordova

    Ashlee CordovaHace 2 meses

    I would put Milk before my cereal

  100. grace carey

    grace careyHace 2 meses

    this is like fortnite

  101. James Kim

    James KimHace 2 meses

    Id just go kill feminists, blms, and some stupid ass liberal human rights activists for the well being of this country.

  102. MaharlikaAWA

    MaharlikaAWAHace 2 meses

    So why don't they have a bunch of prostitution, human trafficking and child rape going on? There would be tons of that too. Also if there was a purge nobody would wear stupid costumes and dumb masks. They would be wearing straight up tactical gear with guns, and also gang bangers going around killing off rivals. Crime would not really go down that much as people would still do things on the side. It would basically be just mass shooter and serial killers types having fun.

  103. Loch121

    Loch121Hace 2 meses

    Noooooo Dante

  104. ahnya evans

    ahnya evansHace 2 meses

    Imagine ESreporterrs on purge nights though😂 Tweet: *hey guysss I'm off to kill my ex and I'll be streaming my friends and I breaking into hot topic, Apple stores and the gamers stores I've put a vote on my insta story so u guys can choose my mask and outfit) if you want us to go to the bank next to my house just reply down below be safe xoxo"*

  105. Toaster Robot

    Toaster RobotHace 2 meses

    Are time zones a factor

  106. bl_zzard

    bl_zzardHace 2 meses

    i would steal stuff from best buy lol

  107. Shoudday Cha

    Shoudday ChaHace 2 meses

    2:36 Hillary Clinton.