The Park 2 - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


  1. Ryan Gravelle

    Ryan GravelleHace un hora

    Way to double-down

  2. Parker Dixon-Word

    Parker Dixon-WordHace 14 horas

    Disappointed dinosaurs did not shoot out tongue to eat giant mosquito at the end.

  3. Liam da Lemon!

    Liam da Lemon!Hace un día

    those do not look like regular ass dinosaurs

  4. ozlemashi Miamoto

    ozlemashi MiamotoHace 2 días

    ok ok hear me out i got an idea: in the next part, they found some human jizzems in the ember... then filled up some holes, and boom! jeff goldbloom-ass park!

  5. FreddyFTW 115

    FreddyFTW 115Hace 2 días


  6. Brensen B

    Brensen BHace 3 días

    Why is Alan Grant always the first victim of these monstrosities?

  7. foxy 3776

    foxy 3776Hace 4 días

    I'm soooo confused

  8. Μαρία Δέσποινα Χατζηνικολαου

    Μαρία Δέσποινα ΧατζηνικολαουHace 5 días

    Park 3?????

  9. JimXInfinity13

    JimXInfinity13Hace 5 días

    This man should get his genetics license removed

  10. The Cereal Guy

    The Cereal GuyHace 5 días


  11. Muhammad Saleh

    Muhammad SalehHace 7 días

    Okay this way better than Jurassic World

  12. NewbKiller 1966

    NewbKiller 1966Hace 8 días

    So when's this becoming a trilogy?

  13. Triple-D26

    Triple-D26Hace 8 días

    Looks like a creature from monster hunter world

  14. Espinoth

    EspinothHace 8 días

    When part 3

  15. General Cyanide

    General CyanideHace 8 días

    The one dinosaur cartoon that actually gave dinosaurs feathers

  16. Dinamicguywarhp

    DinamicguywarhpHace 9 días



    6THIS GUY PLAYING9Hace 9 días

    ok imma wait for the park 3 now

  18. Wellington Costa

    Wellington CostaHace 9 días

    O que??

  19. The Final Wolf

    The Final WolfHace 10 días

    I was suspecting a frog to eat the mosquito at the end and the dude to fall to his death

  20. Rafael Suprayogi

    Rafael SuprayogiHace 11 días

    The best hybrid of all time

  21. Rundy Ftw

    Rundy FtwHace 11 días

    I was expecting one of the dinosaurs to eat the mosquito he was flying on

  22. Serius Sim

    Serius SimHace 13 días

    Trey the explainer would be happy with this T-Rex.

  23. timemadscientist Greatscot!

    timemadscientist Greatscot!Hace 14 días

    Up next: tinyass blue whale aquarium.

  24. SebietheGreat

    SebietheGreatHace 15 días

    That Dino was actually really well made, finally a T-Rex with its feathers

  25. Drax TDS

    Drax TDSHace 15 días

    Ok den

  26. Otaku 4 Lyfe

    Otaku 4 LyfeHace 17 días

    Hold up how did i get from tokyo ghoul to THIS??

  27. NowYouPeepMe

    NowYouPeepMeHace 17 días

    I f***ing lost my mind

  28. Farah Aliouali

    Farah AlioualiHace 17 días

    Cette chaine est orble😖👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  29. Mary Mattingly

    Mary MattinglyHace 17 días

    A little too much frog...

  30. Atomic Spark

    Atomic SparkHace 18 días

    *This one was actually funny XD*

  31. densch123

    densch123Hace 18 días

    Big ass moskito park was better -.-

  32. Carl Freericks

    Carl FreericksHace 18 días

    I was expecting a mosquito with a frog head and dinosaur legs

  33. Buddy Ol' Pal

    Buddy Ol' PalHace 19 días

    why is there a frog in amber

  34. Skyan Bow

    Skyan BowHace 19 días

    I love how to dinosaur eats the guy and then lays eggs in the car

  35. Khiobi

    KhiobiHace 19 días

    Imagine seeing a preview for this in a movie theater. "Coming this summer, Regular Ass Dinosaur Park."

  36. dior diallo

    dior dialloHace 19 días

    The park 3

  37. fire ant plays

    fire ant playsHace 20 días

    ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

  38. shadow the retard

    shadow the retardHace 20 días

    Feathers on a dinosaur? On a none scientific video? BLASPHEMY!

  39. Veva Barrientos

    Veva BarrientosHace 20 días


  40. Laverne Fields

    Laverne FieldsHace 21 un día

    I didn't know diferent material was available

  41. Patronanator Soarin'

    Patronanator Soarin'Hace 21 un día

    The Dinofrog looks pretty badass. Imagine riding it into the sunset 🌅

  42. Channel Surfer

    Channel SurferHace 22 días

    exactly what he sead what the hell

  43. Dark Spark

    Dark SparkHace 22 días


  44. The Epic splash

    The Epic splashHace 22 días

    I love the frog

  45. nO MoRe PaStA

    nO MoRe PaStAHace 23 días

    Back to the lab ag-

  46. Branden Drew

    Branden DrewHace 23 días

    omg love it

  47. Samuel Marriott

    Samuel MarriottHace 23 días

    it always ends the same way

  48. Samuel Marriott

    Samuel MarriottHace 23 días

    so who's driving?

  49. yeethos

    yeethosHace 23 días


  50. Captain trash can S

    Captain trash can SHace 23 días

    I liked big ass mosquito park more