The Pagani Huayra Roadster Is an Insane $3 Million Supercar


  1. Amjad Abdel

    Amjad AbdelHace 29 minutos

    Why at that particular dealer you don't get to test drive a cars ?😂

  2. theoriginalshew

    theoriginalshewHace 12 horas

    Doug needs a tinfoil hat when talking about the key

  3. ProFett MohaMett

    ProFett MohaMettHace 13 horas

    Tesla is better.


    GODLIEKHace 17 horas

    My 1996 Peugeot 106 had the same door handles.

  5. whiteandnerdytuba

    whiteandnerdytubaHace 19 horas

    750 hp is less than mustangs. Pathetic. Has turbos ruin the sound without any benefit

  6. RealBlessed

    RealBlessedHace 21 un hora


  7. Arman Abadi

    Arman AbadiHace un día

    has anyone else spotted that the rear brake light housing also kind of looks like an eye?

  8. Dino

    DinoHace un día

    7:24 apparently this dude can't park his Ford GT between two lines like every other car...

  9. Brian

    BrianHace un día

    The headrests look like a pair of buttcheeks


    МИКА USLVHace un día

    wow crapy car

  11. kevin H.

    kevin H.Hace un día

    It looks like the Batmobile.

  12. Eric Loyd

    Eric LoydHace un día

    Raffle this car.

  13. henry horse

    henry horseHace un día

    I don't think we saw you give that thing the full beans. Thats a very aggressively quick car.

  14. Muhammad Shah Moazam

    Muhammad Shah MoazamHace un día

    For more details watch my video on Huayra ( 39 minutes long )

  15. Siddharth Bijapur

    Siddharth BijapurHace un día

    Aren't Pagani's Hypercars?????? C'mon Doug, you messed up the main part. You literally missed the most important part.

  16. Dread Csgo

    Dread CsgoHace un día


  17. Leonardo Rodriguez

    Leonardo RodriguezHace un día

    Yikes, I think I see a crack in the right side bumper. Hmm I wonder how much that would cost to fix?

  18. Giovanni Corelli

    Giovanni CorelliHace un día

    Doug has this extraordinary skill where he can make one of the most interesting cars in the world sound boring.

  19. Sallah Uddin

    Sallah UddinHace 2 días

    waste of money

  20. Luis Gomes

    Luis GomesHace 2 días

    Doug OWNS CNC motors

  21. Genio Torres

    Genio TorresHace 2 días

    Dog dejew

  22. Enki Merlin

    Enki MerlinHace 2 días

    but I'm not clear on one it a roadster?

  23. Herb E. Vore

    Herb E. VoreHace 2 días

    I´m not a fan of these hyper-expensive cars, but that´s really a beauty

  24. Elias Diaz

    Elias DiazHace 2 días

    wow 3m and you have to get out the car to take off the top.


    EVOLICIOUSHace 2 días

    ...but is it a R O A D S T E R

  26. skulljer

    skulljerHace 2 días

    Doug - these comments about you and C&C,pretty good huh? But anyway are you ever surprised that (to us) these people, or the owner/manager at C&C just let you go out and slightly beat on thier mil plus vehicles? Either that or you have some of the best insurance on the planet( and throw in a reach around for good measure )

  27. Ecos Last13

    Ecos Last13Hace 3 días

    I always wanted 2 pay 3 Million 4 a $90K C-Class AMG Benz with a Disney Goofy-Plane interior Decoration and a HappyMeal Toy Car Key!

  28. Ecos Last13

    Ecos Last13Hace 3 días

    I accidentally spilled my McDonald's chocolate milkshake into the gear lever open mechanics. Any idea how I'm going to be able to clean this again?

  29. Steven C

    Steven CHace 3 días

    Kinda ugly inside idk, also the key 😬

  30. S. Giles

    S. GilesHace 6 horas

    The interior is hideous IMO. Everything is so relentlessly 'special'.

  31. Dan The Man

    Dan The ManHace 3 días

    Doesn’t the 2020 Porsche Taycan have exactly the same HP/ Torque as this and 2.8 million less in price? 😳

  32. Ya-Yo Gakk

    Ya-Yo GakkHace 3 días

    "Wrong move & that's a 50-80K costly mistake". LOL... That amount of mistake is also more than what most people make in a year.

  33. Aaron H2o

    Aaron H2oHace 3 días

    Drinking game. Every time Doug says "roadster" take a shot.

  34. Eddy's Car Reviews

    Eddy's Car ReviewsHace 3 días

    Check out Cadillac car reviews and daily modifications on my page!

  35. Helio Komagata

    Helio KomagataHace 3 días

    This car, just as the coupe, is a 10/10 for styling for sure. One of the most beautiful cars of all time

  36. Michael De Jesus

    Michael De JesusHace 3 días

    A digital ignition start with fingerprint or password startup.

  37. Jonah Schneider

    Jonah SchneiderHace 3 días

    He should be saying, “I’ve borrowed this car from CNC Motors, my home.”

  38. Alfonso Uno

    Alfonso UnoHace 3 días

    Its a Waste of money for a supercar equipped with Mercedes key fob and engine .... i rather buy a 300k amg 2 door coupe supercar rather than a 3million huayra almost same acceleration and top speed and performance and technology only the aluminum mechanism and specifications and industrial looks are different

  39. Chris Dmytruk

    Chris DmytrukHace 4 días

    Where do you put the roof when you take it off?

  40. mxf2346

    mxf2346Hace 4 días

    But I don't see any chickens living there? Very confused😕

  41. calsterman

    calstermanHace 4 días

    The key looks terrible