The Original BigFoot Engine Build Part 1- Engine Power Season 2, Episode 4


  1. lucas smith

    lucas smithHace 8 horas

    3:04 why the fuck does he have like 12 pens in his front pocket?

  2. lucas smith

    lucas smithHace 8 horas

    kept watching the video, the good cunt in the weird looking hat is only running with 1 pen.

  3. Austin T.

    Austin T.Hace un día

    Jesse I bet that’s a rough ride on leaf springs

  4. Airon Noles

    Airon NolesHace un día

    34 years ago .

  5. Jesus is King

    Jesus is KingHace un día

    Man I remember going to the tractor pulls in Ocala, fl back in the late 70s and early 80s and watching Bigfoot , Bearfoot, and USA 1 crushing cars... Those where some good ole days back when the original trucks were running..

  6. Legends Vlogs

    Legends VlogsHace 3 días

    W W

  7. Kristopher Hirabara

    Kristopher HirabaraHace 6 días

    Did not know Bigfoot was the OG, I always liked grave digger more, but Bigfoot is a right behind

  8. Sharptooth100

    Sharptooth100Hace 6 días

    That Bigfoot truck is great using a 2400 horsepower Volvo Iron Knight engine as that new option.

  9. jamie muncy

    jamie muncyHace 6 días

    I’m 40 years old and growing up in the 80s it was AWSOME to go see BIG FOOT at our local fair ground or Civic Center. This was my favorite Monster Truck ever and the very reason I’m a Ford to the core💯💯

  10. Gary Widom

    Gary WidomHace 9 días

    Thanks for reminding me why I got tired of watching anything Powerblock Related... a ton of BS in these shows before actually getting to the tear down & cheesy VO dialogue, “20 year loctite is a force to be reckoned with”... wow, real conservational.

  11. tanichka32

    tanichka32Hace 9 días

    Bigfoot is a classic original, but Grave Digger is supreme, say it.

  12. Martin Smallwood

    Martin SmallwoodHace 10 días

    7.5:1?! My God the fuckery these engine builders were selling back then.

  13. Ace Williams

    Ace WilliamsHace 10 días

    I remember Bigfoot. Badass truck, they used it in one of the police academy films in a car chase. I think it was Tacklberry who drove it.

  14. Will Grello

    Will GrelloHace 10 días

    I like the original monster trucks when they used real truck trucks not the plexiglass covers.

  15. Joan Leonard

    Joan LeonardHace 11 días

    wow great vid

  16. Duck

    DuckHace 12 días

    You can tell he is a little too attached to it and unwilling to donate it to the museum

  17. Wright farms Hoffman

    Wright farms HoffmanHace 12 días

    Sure is a awesome history lesson

  18. Wright farms Hoffman

    Wright farms HoffmanHace 12 días

    That’s a true honour I tell you , that truck is as old as me , wow

  19. Matt Ryan

    Matt RyanHace 14 días


  20. Maker Noob

    Maker NoobHace 15 días

    That is so cool, way better than the new stuff.

  21. Chris Van Middelkoop

    Chris Van MiddelkoopHace 16 días

    This is so cool. the old school tech and new school problems of different metals all holding together with sealants like lock tight. This is all so fascinating.

  22. N. Randall

    N. RandallHace 19 días

    Child in the 70s and 80s best memory.. BIG FOOT.. man that truck still looks good..

  23. ES Design

    ES DesignHace 19 días

    When I saw that the supercharger wasn't even bolted down well, can't believe anything they say after that.

  24. Adi Kurniawan

    Adi KurniawanHace 20 días

    Ora mudeng bahasane cok

  25. Adi Kurniawan

    Adi KurniawanHace 20 días

    @hence tirta subscribe mu kakehen

  26. hence tirta

    hence tirtaHace 20 días

    Menengo ae cangkem mu

  27. Alex Duey

    Alex DueyHace 20 días

    i mean 20 whatever years isnt that old for a motor...though still cool it is unique

  28. Mats Norway

    Mats NorwayHace 20 días

    I hate that they swapped the cam out. Keep it to original spec.

  29. Martin Smallwood

    Martin SmallwoodHace 10 días

    There's so much better lobe designs out there now that make more power, are more stable at high RPM and will allow less frequent lash intervals and valve spring replacements. Not to mention there's been continued and better R&D behind testing different valve events for increased power output vs what they were running back then.

  30. بو بطي ١٩٩

    بو بطي ١٩٩Hace 16 días


  31. Jeremy Pilot

    Jeremy PilotHace 21 un día

    Hey guys. Just an old mechanic trick. Those screens aren't there to catch debris or broken parts. They're there to help atomize the fuel for greater horsepower. In the days of carbs we knew that fuel under high demand just splashed into the cylinders usually the ones closest to the carb. By adding a screen one could atomize the fuel making it spread to other cylinders and producing a mist of fuel (think poor man's fuel injection) producing better burn and and in turn more power. Learned that at auto trade school from an old school mechanic who used to race dirt track cars.

  32. Matthew Williams

    Matthew WilliamsHace 21 un día

    But how many pens do you really need in your shirt pocket? :) :)

  33. Micheal Plummer

    Micheal PlummerHace 2 días

    John Sumner naaaa man, I always have 3..flathead, Philip, and a pen..maybe a marker if the computer is down to print oil change stickers. That man has a whole pack of pens in his pocket 😂

  34. Pulled Pork

    Pulled PorkHace 16 días

    There's probably a slide rule in there

  35. Matthew Williams

    Matthew WilliamsHace 17 días

    @John Sumner awesome cheers mate, and hello from Adelaide Australia 😀

  36. John Sumner

    John SumnerHace 17 días

    Actually about half of them are tiny flat head screwdrivers. As a mechanic we will use all of the pens and screwdrivers.

  37. guardian08527

    guardian08527Hace 21 un día

    I loved this stuff back in the mid 80's when I was 5-7. Big Foot, Carolina Crusher and King Crunch ruled the roost in those days!

  38. andre49ers

    andre49ersHace 21 un día

    What about grave digger

  39. Cody Featherstone

    Cody FeatherstoneHace 22 días


  40. Stephen Murphy

    Stephen MurphyHace 23 días

    I remember as a kid admiring these monster trucks and they would have that cool robot dinosaur that ate cars.

  41. Robert Girtakovskis

    Robert GirtakovskisHace 24 días

    why does he have SO MANY DAMN PENS

  42. jenky1044

    jenky1044Hace 25 días

    This was the original Bigfoot... kinda. It started with a smaller 460 and smaller tires. We saw this truck grow into this final piece of art of phase 1. A true icon to the 4WD monster truck world. If my memory serves me right, I think the first tires were like 48 or 56 inches tall and came from farm machinery.?

  43. Ali sher

    Ali sherHace 25 días

    Hi Sir... I have a 2007 toyota tundra limited with 260k Miles on Had a recall 1 owner truck.. I am feeling a very small little jump in the tranny no slips at all runs great. what would you suggest i should do to keep it well maintained should i change the oils or flush the tranny or do nothing ?

  44. KBS -117

    KBS -117Hace 25 días

    Ive never heard of big foot, all I hear is grave digger

  45. FordFan01

    FordFan01Hace 25 días

    KBS -117 You’ve NEVER heard of Bigfoot?!! Wow! It’s the original monster truck

  46. DreamWarrior

    DreamWarriorHace 27 días

    3:08 jesus dude, how many pens do you need?

  47. Logical Guy

    Logical GuyHace 27 días

    I have been a gear head since the 70's... only now I have seen my first nerd mechanic. What's up with all those pens in your top pocket ?

  48. Daddy Daddio

    Daddy DaddioHace 27 días

    this truck was owned by a gentleman that had a grandson that told the story & was forced to sell out to ford & like the democraps, they will have u believing everything you hear kinda like now.

  49. Razster

    RazsterHace 28 días

    I want to see Bigfoot 5. That monster was the best thing to see IRL.

  50. Doug Waite

    Doug WaiteHace 29 días

    491 turds unlike. Please explain?

  51. Evan Parker

    Evan ParkerHace 29 días

    Check out my first video!

  52. Paul Fisher

    Paul FisherHace 29 días

    bigfoot looked weird with little tires!!

  53. Jay Kirk

    Jay KirkHace 29 días

    The original Bigfoot built from the guy who sucks his own sister's dick

  54. Jedi3

    Jedi3Hace un mes

    That’s such a high-quality engine and that crank is a work of art Japanese steel

  55. Lee Jobe

    Lee JobeHace un mes

    love this. grew up watching bigfoot race

  56. Arch Vile

    Arch VileHace un mes

    Wish I can drive that everyday as my car. Roads in here are hell with or without winter, so much for paying taxes...

  57. John Smith

    John SmithHace un mes

    This is tv b.s. no corrosion , no fuel stains and its been sitting for over 20yrs?

  58. ofir wsoft

    ofir wsoftHace un mes

    (04:19) שלום

  59. Cleate Rose

    Cleate RoseHace un mes

    I remember those Predator carbs. They gave us nothing but grief.

  60. Benny Silin

    Benny SilinHace un mes

    Why?What did you have them on?

  61. Stevie Jo

    Stevie JoHace un mes

    Ford Power bay bay

  62. Stevie Jo

    Stevie JoHace un mes

    Now I'd a been marking out bigtime...its Bigfoot 1...THE Bigfoot 1