The Original BigFoot Engine Build Part 1- Engine Power Season 2, Episode 4


  1. Jeff Geiger

    Jeff GeigerHace 12 días

    I have a friend that is his dream to climb inside of his food and take a fat nasty s*** in the seat I said he's going to do it Sunday everyday

  2. Tim Kline

    Tim KlineHace 12 días

    The one and only deserves the best

  3. shane

    shaneHace 12 días

    You guys are wrong. This engine design was made by ford in the 60's. I saw the documentary of the Ford Talladega and they had to swap an engine out in the pits. You could clearly see it was built just like this engine, no wonder Ford has a part number for the gasket because it's their design.

  4. Wolf Nightfire

    Wolf NightfireHace 15 días

    I'm not a Ford guy But Bigfoot 1 is a God to me Shes unreplacible & She means more to me then any truck I have ever had She's Absolutely Beautifuly stunning 4WD Perfection in every way There are meny trucks in the world But there will only ever be One Bigfoot#1 She's Absolutely A Beautifully perfect Masterpiece it truly warms my heart and brings me great joy to see my old friend again 💯😎🤘🤙✌️🏆🏁

  5. Chris Smith

    Chris SmithHace 15 días

    A enough ta,tear the mud hill climed

  6. Chris Smith

    Chris SmithHace 15 días

    Athouesend hp

  7. David Fore

    David ForeHace 17 días

    I miss the Bigfoot monster truck I used to watch him when I was a kid that's what got me started watching monster trucks I wish the original Bigfoot monster truck would make a comeback

  8. Nathan McDonald

    Nathan McDonaldHace 8 días

    Bigfoots still around, they just don't participate in Monster Jam.

  9. Thugs4Hugs D

    Thugs4Hugs DHace 18 días

    So would you consider this engine an automotive artifact?


    DAMBIT BOYHace 19 días

    Best TRUCK ever, the crap out there today is just that, CRAP...

  11. Ted Style

    Ted StyleHace 22 días

    only got that blower on with one bolt, eh? ;) 3:01

  12. Zhadom001

    Zhadom001Hace 22 días

    Best youtube video ever!!!

  13. Frankie Norbert Steiner

    Frankie Norbert SteinerHace 28 días


  14. Pipe Picasso

    Pipe PicassoHace 29 días

    The Henry Ford museum would be a better spot than the Smithsonian. They can park it on a Chevy and a Dodge for a fantastic display.

  15. Nick Hill

    Nick HillHace 29 días

    No 4x4 in 74? Lmfao my 73 is...maybe it's cause its ford

  16. Adam Delgado

    Adam DelgadoHace un mes

    My First vehicle was BIGFOOT. Christmas 1989. I’d drive that baby around the apartment complex & around town. I was The Baddest 3yr old in San Antonio rock’n my BIGFOOT Power Wheels 🤘🏽😎🤘🏽

  17. john bouley

    john bouleyHace un mes

    Did Bigfoot drive in Lake Pleasent lake in Arizona back in the 70's. She floated because of the tires were huge.

  18. dorfus71

    dorfus71Hace un mes

    1:33 Back in 1974 they didn't have 4 wheel drive vehicles - This guy is either senile or a very bad liar.

  19. Mi No

    Mi NoHace un mes

    dorfus71 Okay. The dude said it took 6-7 months to get it. Weird, maybe he was doing massive amounts of cocaine and acid at the time and didnt really register what was going on..

  20. dorfus71

    dorfus71Hace un mes

    @Mi No Yes. Most of them. I grew up in a town where the main industries were logging and mining, besides there were hundreds of fishing lakes, hundreds of miles of bush roads as well as many unpaved residential roads. Those factors coupled with winter conditions made 4 wheel drive very necessary

  21. Mi No

    Mi NoHace un mes

    dorfus71 Did you see many 4x4 trucks at the dealerships in 74?

  22. Edwin Hernández

    Edwin HernándezHace un mes

    If I see my mechanic taking photos😂😂I'm out

  23. thelma blahey

    thelma blaheyHace un mes

    dont fucking bullshit bob chandler, they had 4 wheel drive in '74

  24. Adam Bickers

    Adam BickersHace un mes

    Damn, monster trucks were way cooler back in the day! This new school fiberglass body business just doesn’t have the cool factor as a big, steel truck does. Bigfoot is a REAL truck!

  25. thor odin

    thor odinHace un mes

    fascinating, original big foo engine looks like hey made a ford hemi (probably copied and changed slightly from chrysler's hemi).

  26. Ferdinand Miranda

    Ferdinand MirandaHace un mes

    If you call it BIGFOOT, mine call it FOOTPRINT.

  27. 660hpCamaro

    660hpCamaroHace un mes

    You dont fresh something up to go on display and you dont put bigger tires on something to pull the motor. Such a fake show

  28. Greg

    GregHace un mes

    I’ll take old skool trucks over the stuff today!

  29. Matthew Perry

    Matthew PerryHace un mes

    The one Ford that could get Chevy & Mopar fans cheering.

  30. Charlie Warlie

    Charlie WarlieHace un mes

    3:02 blower moved from manifold

  31. Augden Fischer

    Augden FischerHace un mes

    Something to make it a little bit better a blown LS7 of course. Put the original right beside it so people can see it.

  32. Nathan McDonald

    Nathan McDonaldHace 8 días

    Get outta here with that cookie cutter LS bullshit. Bigfoot #1 is currently rocking a 514ci Ford.

  33. Gene Walker

    Gene WalkerHace un mes

    Did you notice the blower wasn’t bolted down when they first brought it out? it slid over when they pushed on it.

  34. Loveunderlaw Heil Lucifer

    Loveunderlaw Heil LuciferHace un mes


  35. al rubby stars

    al rubby starsHace un mes

    Di tunggu subtitel bahasa indonesia nya ?

  36. OctoMan PC's

    OctoMan PC'sHace un mes

    It BETTER end up in the Smithsonian!!!

  37. Jamey Summers

    Jamey SummersHace un mes

    This brings back memories for us 80s kids, owning big foot toys and remote control trucks back in the day.

  38. Ithmiths

    IthmithsHace un mes

    We will treat it like its our own is the last thing i want to hear from an engine shop guy with my engine

  39. King Brilliant

    King BrilliantHace un mes

    is this a childrens program?

  40. Brian Morrison

    Brian MorrisonHace un mes

    Vehicles are not made to sit. No museum.

  41. Steven Moutoux

    Steven MoutouxHace un mes

    Today monster trucks aren’t really trucks there just shells with big tires lol

  42. Parkway Concepts

    Parkway ConceptsHace un mes

    That crank is gorgeous!

  43. creator Space

    creator SpaceHace un mes

    We made it well.

  44. Justin Bailey

    Justin BaileyHace un mes

    Fucking boomer do nothing but blow money.

  45. Clayton Holmlund

    Clayton HolmlundHace un mes

    I can scarcely grasp the reality that just slapped me in the face... that one piece of that original motor would be replaced with modern parts!? at the very least, modern technology can make those original parts work better... "Not common practice"! Because the way we used to do it was a lot better than how we do it now

  46. Swadian Knight

    Swadian KnightHace 2 meses

    Nice, what kind of Chevy motor is that? Just kidding, you could tell it's a Ford engine when they moved it by hand and it fell apart.

  47. Frank The Pussyfooter

    Frank The PussyfooterHace 2 meses

    Why more engines don't use direct Timing gears?

  48. Swadian Knight

    Swadian KnightHace 2 meses

    Because adjustable cam gears are superior.

  49. Cam Hoffman

    Cam HoffmanHace 2 meses

    Did you fuckin' idiots just use a dremel tool to engrave those original parts freehand, ever heard of a fucking marker? If you were entrusted to restore that motor by me, I would have been in there screaming and cracking heads, human heads! Fucking stupid!

  50. TrevorClark_37

    TrevorClark_37Hace 2 meses

    the engine hasn’t started in 20 years. *drives into the shop*

  51. Augden Fischer

    Augden FischerHace un mes

    It was in the back of the van at 1:05

  52. silent Jay

    silent JayHace 2 meses

    Crazy thing about that is it was a real truck and they jumped it like that it wasint panels that could easily be replaced

  53. BroskyWhoDatedHoski

    BroskyWhoDatedHoskiHace 2 meses

    My dad was a car ask whats tbe biggest engine i can get.he would say.well how much u got.haha u can sink 100 dimes into a small black tbh. With propper work that small black can be brutally fast.and last a good while

  54. Apexeon151

    Apexeon151Hace 2 meses

    Engine looks new

  55. AB N

    AB NHace 2 meses

    They make 20 years sound like the prehistory

  56. crazydougthewolf

    crazydougthewolfHace 2 meses

    Man, this engine was built back in my heyday of hot rodding and the guys' comments make me feel like a dinosaur lol

  57. Nzdds

    NzddsHace 2 meses

    All electric? Fuck that

  58. Orange Crate

    Orange CrateHace 2 meses

    Coincidentally, Everett Jasmer of USA-1 fame, also purchased his 1970 Chevy K10 in 1974. He too installed the largest tires he could immediately after aquirring his truck. Everett met Bob in 1979 at a mud run in Detroit Lakes. He was running a 350 on nitrous and 38s. At that event he was able to run, and make it through, the same pit as BF without the extensive modifications like Bob had done to his truck. After lifting the '70 even higher he was able to fit the tractor tires purchased from Bob on the '70. Everett's '70 and '79 daily driver were featured along with BF in "Take This Job and Shove It". Not too long after that, Everett decided to modify his truck to accommodate the Rockwells. Purchased from Bob himself. The difference was Everett went right to the 5 tons. Repainted a darker blue wirh aluminum wheels, 48" Goodyear terra tires, fender flares, a 513 aluminum big block and supercharger, these two trucks were well on there way to being known as pioneers and industry leaders.

  59. Jim Jungle

    Jim JungleHace 2 meses

    40 years ago, or so, my neighbor made a monster truck and I think he bought the parts from Bob Chandler. He had 5 ton axles, electric-hydraulic rear steering and 66 inch tall tires. He made his own spring hangers and shackles and he made the truck exactly one inch taller than the original Bigfoot.

  60. Justin Overholtzer

    Justin OverholtzerHace 2 meses

    Engines 5 years old don't look that clean. Great job in preservation

  61. mr baye

    mr bayeHace 2 meses

    i agree

  62. Justin Overholtzer

    Justin OverholtzerHace 2 meses

    12 years old. Fall in love with girl 16 years old. Falls in love with monster truck 21 years old. Married her. 30 years old. Divorced. Goes back to monster truck

  63. Just Some Nerd

    Just Some NerdHace 2 meses

    Is dudes chin out for repair?

  64. Emrah Bekir

    Emrah BekirHace 2 meses

    Dear recommendation, Thank you for recommending at least one good video today lol

  65. Scott Crabtree

    Scott CrabtreeHace 2 meses

    That Blower is freak'n huge...!?


    GEAUX DADHace 2 meses

    The Bigfoot monster truck started my love and passion for fast cars and trucks! And a childhood hero! Thank you so much bigfoot for giving me a passion that I've carried long into adulthood

  67. Steve Roth

    Steve RothHace 2 meses

    Like the man said, let's stop talkin and start wrenchin !!!!!

  68. Mike robert

    Mike robertHace 2 meses

    Wow what an engine