1. NikkieTutorials

    NikkieTutorialsHace 4 meses

    *O..M..G.. who wants to try this foundation??* 🤯

  2. daa viliena

    daa vilienaHace 2 días

    Me me and me and me again absolutly me

  3. Wilma Forsberg

    Wilma ForsbergHace 14 días

    meeeeee omg

  4. Nikki makin

    Nikki makinHace 17 días

    YES PLEASE I can’t find any foundation that is good enough for me. So please help 😫 ❤️

  5. Megan Pate

    Megan PateHace 19 días

    I would love to

  6. Mitch Macam

    Mitch MacamHace 3 meses

    NikkieTutorials i would love to but I can only afford drugs store makeup 😁😅

  7. Carrolyn Denzer

    Carrolyn DenzerHace un día

    My question is how heavy is it and will it cover severe rosacea on an old chick?!? I’m in Florida and the heat kills all foundation.

  8. Ruth Veronica

    Ruth VeronicaHace un día

    I wish i can see you face to face one day 😭❤️😍

  9. acer notebook

    acer notebookHace un día

    love your eyes.. feels like ocean is on your eyes

  10. Lord Princess

    Lord PrincessHace un día

    Hey man I just wanna say I appreciate seeing a beautiful bigger lady out there in the beauty industry. You’re gorgeous! But you do sound like you’re trying to sound like Jeffree Star

  11. MicrowaveOven111 Aka Kaia

    MicrowaveOven111 Aka KaiaHace un día

    Omg you almost got to meat black pink I’m so jealous

  12. Meine Slime Welt

    Meine Slime WeltHace 2 días

    MAC left the chat

  13. Hailey Smith

    Hailey SmithHace 2 días

    What color foundation did you end up choosing to use in this?

  14. silver

    silverHace 3 días

    What shade did she use for her foundation?

  15. Andrea Do

    Andrea DoHace 3 días

    O my god nikki you can be anything you want. You can be a super model if you want. ❤️

  16. maddyy 66

    maddyy 66Hace 5 días

    you’re ruining your face making it look like a tomato from all the full faces everyday.

  17. Destiny Alderman

    Destiny AldermanHace 5 días

    I'm shade 720, why did I feel so happy when she said she was using shade 720?

  18. DebbyNails

    DebbyNailsHace 7 días

    Hi Nikkie, I am a Dutchy😊 Where can i buy Juvia’s Place in Holland? Btw... love your tutorials😍

  19. Suravi Majumdar

    Suravi MajumdarHace 7 días

    Girl.... I luv u

  20. Albert Recio

    Albert RecioHace 7 días

    I love you nikkie We all love you

  21. Danielle True

    Danielle TrueHace 7 días

    So sorry to hear about your brother..My mom passed a few years ago due to the big C so sorry for your loss

  22. Bailey Dreyer

    Bailey DreyerHace 7 días

    Would you say that this has more coverage than dermacol?

  23. Kelsey Fitzgerald

    Kelsey FitzgeraldHace 8 días

    What shade of the foundation did she end up going with I wanna order this but not sure which shade and I feel like we have similar skin tone ☺️

  24. Kathwee Dee

    Kathwee DeeHace 8 días

    Nikkie I wanna buy but I don’t know my color. This is my first time shopping on their website. Please help. Thank you n love you.

  25. Athena Myra

    Athena MyraHace 9 días

    I'd donate to cancer research if I wasn't already donating for funerals and more radiation for so many family members over the past 5 years.

  26. Sophie x

    Sophie xHace 9 días

    Anyone know the shade she used??

  27. Kay

    KayHace 9 días

    Is there a difference in formula with dermacol and Juvia?

  28. chiikii chiki

    chiikii chikiHace 9 días

    i 2 had the same felings i andertsan how you feel totaly i ,lost my twin sis from cancer befor 8 years ago and realy till today is realy hard is just dont get beter is just you learn how to live with that but is inside you hurting like hell always when you star to tolk about them...

  29. Geerts Elza

    Geerts ElzaHace 9 días

    Wat was de kleur van de foundation?

  30. Stec Cosplays

    Stec CosplaysHace 10 días

    Okay so I have this foundation and I got acne;;;; so;;;; Why the foundation be caking up around my acne after like 2 hours? I use the poreless elf primier. I tried it with and without the primer and I put very little on but it still got crusty looking

  31. sandy haqqy

    sandy haqqyHace 11 días

    what shade is she wearing...

  32. Gina van Vliet

    Gina van VlietHace 11 días

    Hoi Nikkie! Ik zag een advertentie van een foundation merk dat jouw gezicht gebruikt. Ik wilde even dubbel checken of je dat al wist of niet. Het gaat om de "flawless Matte liquid foundation" van Phoera. Het staat op Instagram, afkomstig van het account "webwinkelaar".

  33. Sarena Louise

    Sarena LouiseHace 12 días

    Guess who's gonna buy both Juvia's place foundation and concealer!!! "Me!"

  34. Lorena Bustos

    Lorena BustosHace 13 días

    Nikkie big hugs for you!! I donated to charity :) you are such a beautiful person!!

  35. Nikki makin

    Nikki makinHace 13 días

    Please please please Nikkie share with me, I’m Nikki too and I love all your videos. You’re fabulous xx

  36. Mary VanDaley

    Mary VanDaleyHace 13 días

    I finally was able to get the foundation and I’m so excited to finally try it. I have a bit of redness to my face so I immediately wanted to watch you try it and see if it really does hold up. P.S. love how you spend a day in it and let us know the actual tea and not just how it holds after applying!

  37. ThatGurlCici XD

    ThatGurlCici XDHace 13 días

    14:35 I’m crying she’s so beautiful and has a big heart ,she’s so precious I wanna protect her from everything 🥺

  38. Megan Pate

    Megan PateHace 14 días

    I would love to try it bc I can never find something that works that great. You are truly an idol I love your makeup. And you channel

  39. Linda Moua

    Linda MouaHace 14 días

    Can you try the new smith and cult foundation and let us know what you think about it?

  40. Nicolah Ann

    Nicolah AnnHace 15 días

    can we talk about nikkei's transparency ?? I sooo appreciate you being honest with your viewers and letting us know what was bought with your money, sent in PR etc.... even more reason for me to love you girl ..... and shout out to the cute graphics/overlays you used

  41. jewjewbee101

    jewjewbee101Hace 16 días

    Nikkkieee, you HAVE to do a makeup look using the Huda Beauty New Nude pallette!! I remember one time you said you were a sucker for nudes & I've been waiting for it! 😍😭

  42. Keoni Sadino

    Keoni SadinoHace 16 días


  43. Keoni Sadino

    Keoni SadinoHace 16 días


  44. Micaela Velarde

    Micaela VelardeHace 16 días

    What if we don't like foundations at all can we do the concealer?

  45. Nurkiya Redzlan

    Nurkiya RedzlanHace 17 días

    Wow i love makeup awesom makeup😍

  46. Elisha Penana

    Elisha PenanaHace 17 días

    Every single time I watch this I always cry :'^)

  47. Aliza Akbar

    Aliza AkbarHace 18 días

    Your skin looks amazing

  48. Katerina Ieronymidi

    Katerina IeronymidiHace 19 días

    You should get bangs

  49. Donna Eaton

    Donna EatonHace 19 días

    I bought the Bali foundation after watching this video. This is absolutely the best foundation and best coverage I have ever tried. Thank you so much for doing this video-otherwise I would never have known about it. I always enjoy your videos, so keep up the good work!

  50. Elizabeth Akinyi

    Elizabeth AkinyiHace 21 un día

    Skin looks flawless 🙌🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿💙💙💙 Love this look 💙💙💙

  51. Ella Gleason

    Ella GleasonHace 21 un día

    Ur skin looks rlly good today

  52. Elle Diaz-Caamano

    Elle Diaz-CaamanoHace 22 días

    So...I tried it, it IS FULL COVERAGE AND IT DOES HIDE EVERY IMPERFECTION BUT for me, it did not last through the humidity and heat, it was disappointing to me.

  53. nina swinkels

    nina swinkelsHace 22 días

    i wanna see Juvia's reaction to this!

  54. Goldendoodle Coco

    Goldendoodle CocoHace 23 días

    your hair!! 😍😍

  55. Theater Kid 101

    Theater Kid 101Hace 24 días

    Nikki if you like full coverage you should try Mac studio foundation. It’s SO full coverage!!! But I really want to try this juvias place one bc I do stage makeup and even though the Mac one is great it’s so hard to work with...

  56. Julia Boyer/Dunlap

    Julia Boyer/DunlapHace 24 días

    I keep watching this video. I want this foundation, and I've purchased six new foundations and keep forgetting to go to Ulta. So here I sit watching it again. Ugh..... I do want to try their eye shadow palettes also. Oh, and since I keep watching this video, ESreporter needs a like PLUS button because I love this video.

  57. Manoj Rajbhar

    Manoj RajbharHace 24 días

    TNC Live News Channel के

  58. RoseRedBloodRed

    RoseRedBloodRedHace 24 días

    How is this $20 😩😩

  59. M F

    M FHace 24 días

    Where can you buy this in Europe?

  60. Cynthia Flores

    Cynthia FloresHace 25 días

    My boyfriend though you said foundation too much so I told him we should have a sip of beer every time you said it, our sips are really deep and now, after 30 times you said the word “foundation” we are in a “great mood” Next time we’ll have shots of pisco. Thanks!! ILY 🤗✨

  61. Danette Compton

    Danette ComptonHace 25 días

    GIRL....I so wish you could slay my face like you do yours!!! ❤️🥰 💕

  62. Sesca Lindh-Nussbaum

    Sesca Lindh-NussbaumHace 28 días

    Does anyone know how much this retails for? Idk if she said how much it is but I missed it

  63. audee xx

    audee xxHace 29 días

    r.i.p 🖤

  64. Zoee

    ZoeeHace 29 días

    Your brother and I are the same age I am so so sorry for your loss

  65. luh ferreira

    luh ferreiraHace 29 días

    Vim do canal: Duda Fernandes 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷