The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained


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  2. Gabreil Stapleton

    Gabreil StapletonHace un día

    Could you possibly put a Dyson sphere on a strange star

  3. Tahmas

    TahmasHace 5 días

    Why 688?

  4. SpudSupreme

    SpudSupremeHace un mes

    Somebody needs to fix the captions. They've seen better days.

  5. Jesse Chavez

    Jesse ChavezHace un mes

    False not last*

  6. Vic Billet

    Vic BilletHace 3 horas

    Everybody gangsta till the moon starts going out of orbit for the kurtsgezagt intro

  7. looosemeat

    looosemeatHace 6 horas

    So the expansion of the universe is in our favor?

  8. Vesania

    VesaniaHace 6 horas

    Merch idea: Strange Quark plushie, with optional buff arms

  9. Ricardo Gonzalez Mendez

    Ricardo Gonzalez MendezHace 7 horas

    Halo's flood IRL confirmed

  10. Namemark

    NamemarkHace 14 horas

    So you are telling me any second this green shit could hit the earth and make everything on earth strange matter? Nice to know

  11. Daniel Ruiz

    Daniel RuizHace 14 horas

    5:18 The Colour Out Of Space by H.P Lovecraft

  12. Ian Rocha

    Ian RochaHace 16 horas

    Was “Nothing new under the sun” a j cole reference orrrr

  13. Mr.Krabs is not real and cannot hurt me

    Mr.Krabs is not real and cannot hurt meHace 19 horas

    Although it's very lethal. We're humans, we'll somehow find a way to make a strange nuke

  14. Cesare Borgia

    Cesare BorgiaHace 19 horas

    All this fascinating shit and people argue about gender, lol...

  15. veryimpressive

    veryimpressiveHace 23 horas

    this is bullshit

  16. Aeredhael Redfalen

    Aeredhael RedfalenHace un día

    So this stuff is basically the bigger, scarier version of Vonnegut's "ice-nine" from "Cat's cradle". That's scary.

  17. Nadman Faisal

    Nadman FaisalHace un día

    How come everything can teach us how the universe began but still we don't know how it began ...

  18. Nikolay Yurchenko

    Nikolay YurchenkoHace un día

    If strangelet can convert stars, we would see many stars converted as we observe through telescopes. We would also see neutron stars with unusually tiny masses. As we don't see these, we can say that hypotesis of this strange matter is highly improbable.

  19. Carlos Pérez Chávez

    Carlos Pérez ChávezHace un día

    Is that Trump at 5:54?

  20. Alpha MECH

    Alpha MECHHace un día

    So black holes save us but still are drawing us in to finish us, so we are super rare to reach this point, or the universe is so big we have yet to understand how to use and Manipulate such elements properly. Or are we just a part or a cell or atom of a way greater being.

  21. Helisfer

    HelisferHace un día

    >it might be infectious >goes on a minute and a half rant about how all life could end on earth Wow when did you suddenly just start pulling things out of your ass like that?

  22. Clara Martens Ávila

    Clara Martens ÁvilaHace un día

    It's protomolecule, just you wait a few years

  23. Duolingo Oul

    Duolingo OulHace un día

    Well, scientists do really know everything except how to name what they know

  24. Vincent R

    Vincent RHace un día

    The idea Strangelets exist is just a theory, its purely a hypothetical particle, and the theory they would breakdown other nearby protons and neutrons and produce more strangelets is just a theory, so this whole video is a theory ontop of a theory ontop of a theory..

  25. Gabreil Stapleton

    Gabreil StapletonHace un día

    Could you possibly put a Dyson sphere on a strange star

  26. Deus Imperator

    Deus ImperatorHace un día

    Its warpstone yes-yes!

  27. Vít Pokorný

    Vít PokornýHace un día

    Lets make a Strangelet bomb! Whos with me?

  28. 2EnjoyEverything

    2EnjoyEverythingHace 2 días

    anybody else saw "donald duck"? lol that was a clever one :D

  29. Someone404

    Someone404Hace 2 días

    Wait Universal solvent

  30. Jack MacArthur

    Jack MacArthurHace 2 días

    We need Doctor Strange to help us.

  31. spindash64

    spindash64Hace 2 días

    So basically it’s a more easily quarantined Vacuum decay event in how it screws us over?

  32. Francesco Buffoli

    Francesco BuffoliHace 2 días

    So basically strange matter is Tiberium

  33. Drillkicker

    DrillkickerHace 2 días

    This is what physicists come up with when they run out of experiments to do

  34. pyrointeam

    pyrointeamHace 2 días

    You know Stars come and go, only a few are Evergreens.

  35. Kano

    KanoHace 2 días

    thank fuck I watched upisnotjump's universe videos before this

  36. Marcell

    MarcellHace 2 días

    3:45 it is bruce banner

  37. Will D. Skies

    Will D. SkiesHace 3 días

    I have serious questions has to how scientists found out what is inside a neutron star

  38. Quine Borges

    Quine BorgesHace 11 horas

    It's very simple but not that easy. Since quarks exists and pressure inside such star is bigger than the measured nuclear strong force for that atom/quark they set a equation to work on (Probably related to energy), once this equation is solved they try to interpret what it could mean by comparing with stuff that they know. it is simple the hard part comes from solving the equation, there probably will be multiple ways to solve it (some arriving at a correct result) and once it is solved you have to read it to know what such equation is implying.

  39. Juni Post

    Juni PostHace 3 días

    Problem with trying to determine what strange matter is starts firstly with Trying to impose our own understandings of the laws of the universe onto it. When dealing with something is already KNOWN to piss on reality as it is. It is best to approach it by just tossing everything we assume we know out the fucking window to start with before even attempting to try to understand it. if you assume that "it" in our reality will do A-1 all the time. Assume it will do ZQ-8674 More likely every Tuesday in June then The usual A-1 on a February 16th. Humans can be so fucking arrogant in there self imposed belief that everything must match what we so far know about what is "reality'

  40. Ryu Gaizer

    Ryu GaizerHace 3 días

    5:11 when broly coming to earth

  41. Luke Ferrer

    Luke FerrerHace 3 días

    Even the Stars have Disease that can Spread throughout the Universe or the Galaxies.


    THESILLY SHOWHace 3 días

    I see too many purple ads

  43. Deion K Binoy

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  44. Disregardian

    DisregardianHace 3 días

    7:15 that noise omgomgomg

  45. Antoine 123 UwU

    Antoine 123 UwUHace 3 días

    It is everywhere or not

  46. Ben Quinney

    Ben QuinneyHace 3 días

    Bismarck Yamato Richelieu South Dakota

  47. Noor Hussain

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  48. Heather Wheatley

    Heather WheatleyHace 3 días

    Strangelets are scary

  49. Heather Wheatley

    Heather WheatleyHace 3 días


  50. Heather Wheatley

    Heather WheatleyHace 3 días

    Stranglers so scary

  51. Mountains made of Ice

    Mountains made of IceHace 3 días


  52. Matthew O'Donnell

    Matthew O'DonnellHace 3 días

    Wow, this reminds me of the omega particles Star Trek.

  53. Fallout 76 is broken

    Fallout 76 is brokenHace 4 días

    So it's like a star and planet virus that's cool

  54. Emme

    EmmeHace 4 días

    "Strangelets"? "Strange quarks"? Seems as if we know so little about this that every term sounds actually like some magic thing described in a fantasy book, rather than anything else.

  55. 凛ごJae

    凛ごJaeHace 4 días

    Except the fact that the speed of these Stranglets travelling is wayyyyyy slower than the universe expanding

  56. Starry Nights

    Starry NightsHace 4 días


  57. Miketech

    MiketechHace 4 días

    The memes are cool but I'd like serious replies and opinions/facts on this video/topic. Any idea where to find them?

  58. jacp671

    jacp671Hace 4 días

    What happens when a black hole would quasar with strangelets and strange matter in it would the galaxy be made of strange matter

  59. I’m in Agony

    I’m in AgonyHace 4 días

    T H E F A U L T I N O U R S T A R S

  60. fireball channel

    fireball channelHace 4 días

    Strange matter: you are weak. Matter in a matter of seconds: I am you.

  61. Sentauri

    SentauriHace 4 días

    Oh look, another person who talks like the Big Bang is proven science and not a theory. Cuz we dont have enough liars on earth.

  62. Highlander S

    Highlander SHace 3 días

    What do you think created the universe

  63. Jeff White

    Jeff WhiteHace 4 días

    There was no big bang

  64. Brian Scott

    Brian ScottHace 4 días

    Me: quack star, quack matter

  65. Geoff Futch

    Geoff FutchHace 4 días

    Strange matter -- the Ice-Nine of matter 😜

  66. Joona Hautala

    Joona HautalaHace 4 días

    Wonder wheter somewhere in universe there's a everspreading strange plague that is slowly spreading wider and wider. Strange thing to think about.