The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained


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    Now the only science that you're missing is ascension sciences

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    Can a neutron star become a black hole ?

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    Still waiting for a video "What is a Force"

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    Hey kurzgesagt please make a video about 4 th dimention there is not a perfect video on this topic and I think no one did understand it so please make a video about 4th dimention...

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    5:53 division by zero detected. You say strangelets can cause the sun to become a strange star and earth would freeze to death. Before I can agree that this is possible, I'll have to ask you quite calmly to explain what happens to the energy released from the original 2 stars colliding? You claimed in this video it would spew out in all directions. If that is true, then the strangelets would inevitably bump into other particles of those two stars and convert the entire explosion into, dare I say it, a strange explosion. My argument is, if this stuff is contagious to matter, we'd see its mass before it entered our solar system. Its mass would be huge, having consumed the majority of the original 2 stars which collided, along with space debris for millions of light years before it every came close to physically touching our sun. so, possible/notpossible? you tell me! i suspect strangelets are transformed under the conditions of the neutron star ONLY, which, after exploding, would no longer be applying its rules, and so these strangelets, as well as every other part of the cores of those stars, will transform again, likely no longer being strangelets. if the state of matter that is a strangelet is as ideal as you propose in this video, the entire universe would never have changed its matter to any other form yet we have countless forms of matter and so that suggests different geographical? areas inside the universe might have different "ideal" forms of matter. and so strangelet existing outside neutron star would then, what? evaporate due to hawking radiation? mutate/transform into a not-strangelet? whatever it used to be, perhaps? space dust or something? probably space dust. saying the only way to get rid of it would be to throw it into a black hole could not possibly be accurate because like i already said it's not already everywhere in the universe as this video suggests.

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    There were probably strange force at some point which get attracted by strange force

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    So..Tiberium ?

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    7:14 .... THE BEST SOUND I EVER HEARD!!!!!!!

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    Introduction: blew me away Rest of the video: amazed Rest of the night: thoughts about the video > INSPIRATIONAL

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    So... strange black holes maybe exist too?

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    Sounds like this quark matter can be used to convert regular matter in the most energy efficient solution of storage and medium between fossil and engine. Cool.

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    How to survive in ultra tight space - guidebook for nuclea.

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    All stars are electricity connected which can only be saw with different wavelengths

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    The most dangerous stuff in the universe? An idiot with a platform to reach millions.

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    You know what strange matter looks like? That’s right, the portals from rick and morty. Rick is slinging strange matter across dimensions

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    If a neutron stars is as the early universe was, wouldn't strangelets have been present from the beginning?

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    Why are black holes the answer to all of our universes problems?

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    Please... Indonesian subtitle

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    single atom of strangelet hit a human, poof Zombie Apocalypse

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    If this strange matter already exists inside a neutron star and has properties which changes matter I don't understand why there exists a neutron star instead of only strange stars. Wouldn't the strange matter convert regular neutron star matter into strange matter?

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    Do you believe in god?

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    Strange Matter: Normal Matter: wow you're so cool I wanna be just like you


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    Are these theory's

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    Well, I for one am excited for the heat death of the universe to instead be a zombie like plague of strange matter infecting everything and forming some kind of stable state universe.

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    If I understand correctly, though ("if" being the operative word here, as I haven't studied this in detail), strange quarks eventually decay to up quarks and W bosons. So wouldn't strangelets eventually just decay into stable hadrons over time? Or are they so "stable" that even the strange quark component is unable to decay?

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    Dude, imagine if there was a god-like civilization controlling our universe and black holes are just things made by them to ‘dispose’ of any strange matter out there to prevent it from contaminating everything...

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    Does this mean our universe could be in a neutron star?

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    Except that almost all evidence points to strange matter not existing. If it did, strange stars would be almost the rule for neutron stars, not the exception.

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    Strange quarks decay into up and down quarks we are safe

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