The Most Bizarre Films Coming Out In 2020


  1. Looper

    LooperHace un mes

    Which of these movies are you looking forward to the most?

  2. Eloise Uribe

    Eloise UribeHace 9 días


  3. dineth shehan

    dineth shehanHace un mes


  4. Dovyeon

    DovyeonHace un mes

    @B R lol

  5. B R

    B RHace un mes

    @Dovyeon I just did;)

  6. Dovyeon

    DovyeonHace un mes

    @B R You won't agree to the better things

  7. Joe Fingerbender

    Joe FingerbenderHace un día

    Yay, more reboots. Cant wait to spend my money....just kidding. I think i’ll just read a book.

  8. Sin Sanity

    Sin SanityHace 3 días

    Morbius movie, Hellstorm tv show- it's a good time to be a Marvel Horror fanatic! If only they'd make good Ghost Rider & Man-Thing movies. Hell, just make a Legion of Monsters movie- Morbius, Werewolf By Night, Manphibian, The Living Mummy, Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone, Hellstorm, Satana, Simon Garth- it would be great. Facing Satan or something. Make a movie that follows The Six Fingered Hand storyline, but with The Legion of Monsters instead of the Defenders. That would be amazing.

  9. God1st Others2nd Me last

    God1st Others2nd Me lastHace 3 días

    I can't wait to see them all

  10. Dan Rather

    Dan RatherHace 5 días

    I just want to see Michael Morbius against whoever in the MCU. Blade is also going to be awesome.


    INDIVIDUAL ONEHace 9 días

    John Amos is dead. How in the hell is he selected to return as a cast member?

  12. Robert Byrd

    Robert ByrdHace 19 días

    Venom is a truly scary character.

  13. Robert Byrd

    Robert ByrdHace 19 días

    Woah there buddy! His name is Ralph Fines, not Ray.

  14. Jonathan Leach

    Jonathan LeachHace 19 días

    Fuck yeah candy man

  15. Wade

    WadeHace 20 días

    They are definitely gonna ruin the Candyman reboot...

  16. Mulder Scully

    Mulder ScullyHace 20 días

    Eddie Murphy is also doing Beverly Hills cop 4

  17. Daniel Vargo

    Daniel VargoHace 21 un día

    Looking forward to seeing morbius!👿👹😉

  18. Ted Bicard

    Ted BicardHace 26 días

    The Witches, up there with e.t, the goonie, lion king, keep going!. Thx memory,s came flowing back

  19. Ted Bicard

    Ted BicardHace 26 días

    Who took out shotgun to.him, not look familiar

  20. Wolfman73

    Wolfman73Hace 27 días

    Hakeem is coming back to America. I think Hakeem will be deported by Trump.

  21. Auda Mars

    Auda MarsHace 29 días

    "I was in Westfarms Mall growing and Came Across the original Candyman" Very Nice Person. But Fu** That He's Still Candyman.

  22. GetDeadbugsays Patreon

    GetDeadbugsays PatreonHace 29 días

    I like bizarre..

  23. MarieBea Kelley

    MarieBea KelleyHace un mes

    I hated that movie Witches...... Horrible

  24. Paddy Mc

    Paddy McHace un mes

    What have you done for me lately.

  25. zepsett

    zepsettHace un mes

    Jordan Peele....So talented, yet so willing to make normal muckymucks feel like they shot MLK. -Guessing the original Candyman's subtle, pragmatic influence will be substituted with a bludgeon.

  26. Nazzlover38

    Nazzlover38Hace un mes

    No more horror remakes! Do something original for a change!

  27. Michael Thorin

    Michael ThorinHace un mes

    May have a bit of an issue with getting James Earl Jones for the new Coming to America. I’m not sure how this one got by everyone.

  28. Casey Jumbalaya

    Casey JumbalayaHace un mes

    Jordan peeled sucks so handyman will too

  29. Chyna Dash

    Chyna DashHace un mes

    We really don't need a new Dr. Doolittle lmao but whatever floats RDJ's boat.

  30. A A

    A AHace un mes

    The vampire movie actually sounds pretty good, I mean, Jared Letto is pretty muchly a vegan vampire

  31. Nicholas Glenn

    Nicholas GlennHace un mes

    Candyman 2. Only one I will watch of these.

  32. Daniel Franz

    Daniel FranzHace un mes

    Tom Holland to do a voice in Dr Doolittle? Anybody else get a feeling he'll do a voice of a spider?

  33. Norbert Kulcsár

    Norbert KulcsárHace un mes

    Iron man is talking to animals? What next?

  34. Davey Houston

    Davey HoustonHace un mes

    Roald dahl was a sick scumbag who roasts in hell I saw his tv series one episode he called funny was offensive and cruel screw him if he hated witches good

  35. Buttercup Coffee

    Buttercup CoffeeHace un mes

    Candyman was absolutely horrifying!! Still scares today.

  36. Morik F

    Morik FHace un mes

    I wish Ann Hathaway would go away. She is ugly and has no talent.

  37. Michael Jenner

    Michael JennerHace un mes

    You forgot about the FNAF film.

  38. gechoman44 & i want a hippo

    gechoman44 & i want a hippoHace un mes

    Come On, Candyman Wasn’t Scary At All


    DICK STORMHace un mes

    Jordan Peele Candyman wow what more do I want

  40. Dylan Downright

    Dylan DownrightHace un mes

    Loved Eddie Murphy's movies growing up! Would love to see him bring his comedy back to the masses!

  41. Fallon Cho

    Fallon ChoHace un mes

    I can't wait for Candyman!

  42. Seiferboy Gaming

    Seiferboy GamingHace un mes

    I keep hearing that Candyman is good, but I've never seen it. Maybe I'll check ot out?

  43. MiaTheBee8503

    MiaTheBee8503Hace un mes

    What exactly is bizarre here? Like... What's bizarre about morbius? There is a huge success with both comic book movies and vampires....

  44. Ty One

    Ty OneHace un mes

    So bottom line, more classic films are being crapped on!

  45. Astrobuns

    AstrobunsHace un mes

    Definitely looking forward to The witches one of my all time favorites as a kid

  46. cinemar

    cinemarHace un mes

    What exactly is bizarre about any of these films?

  47. Valentin Arellano

    Valentin ArellanoHace un mes

    Very excited for 2020 movies👍👏✅

  48. Valentin Arellano

    Valentin ArellanoHace un mes

    Candy-Man I Saw For The Very First Time Last Year 🤭 it was scary & Strange👍✅ happy to see sequel to this movie 🎥 Cannot wait for Halloween in 2020🎃

  49. Valentin Arellano

    Valentin ArellanoHace un mes

    I wonder if Morbius Is going to be bloody and Scary 👍✅

  50. Valentin Arellano

    Valentin ArellanoHace un mes

    Very exciting for me Very Excited For Morbius The Living Vampire Super excited for this movie I grew up with this character as a kid in the Spiderman the animated series 90s 👍👏✅

  51. M LeBOND

    M LeBONDHace un mes

    Candy MAN

  52. PalmurcioWorld

    PalmurcioWorldHace un mes

    Hollywood really needs new ideas

  53. S M

    S MHace un mes

    Please don’t mess with Coming to America ....

  54. G. Magan

    G. MaganHace un mes


  55. Josh Meyers

    Josh MeyersHace un mes

    I never realized the robber in Coming to America was Samuel L Jackson until just now.

  56. The4 RealDeal

    The4 RealDealHace un mes

    hollywood is no longer making original films theyre just rebooting everything and making lazy sequels for money

  57. Blanco Fader

    Blanco FaderHace un mes

    I hope the new Candyman is Keith David or Denzel Washington

  58. Blanco Fader

    Blanco FaderHace un mes

    @Oscar Harmand but why tho? For what reason? Black people don't get the spotlight they deserve anyways

  59. Oscar Harmand

    Oscar HarmandHace un mes

    Or a White actor

  60. soulhunter59

    soulhunter59Hace un mes

    6:00 *sigh* Another franchise I love ruined by this actress. Pass...

  61. Sandi Tyche

    Sandi TycheHace un mes

    Was excited about Morbius... till Leto.

  62. Joanna

    JoannaHace un mes

    CandyMan by Jordan is going to be NUTZ,I have to see that for sure. Morbius,coming 2 America 2 for sure

  63. Dovyeon

    DovyeonHace un mes

    Don't trust the random car full (filled with free candy just for me and my friends ) of FREE CANDY

  64. BloodCat22

    BloodCat22Hace un mes

    needs more symbitoes!!!!! like its not only venom and carange ughhhh

  65. Heidi Fedor

    Heidi FedorHace un mes

    I just want a Spider Ham movie.

  66. Damon Gray

    Damon GrayHace un mes

    I'm ready for candy man that was my movie as a kid. He better have that deep voice that haunts you. 😱😱

  67. little wooly

    little woolyHace un mes

    Oh more shlock. How nice for Hollywood. I hope they all bomb.

  68. Tim Dawson

    Tim DawsonHace un mes

    Hollywood is completely out of ideas

  69. AGamer Girl

    AGamer GirlHace un mes

    Tom Holland is in literally everything right now

  70. Nova Phonix

    Nova PhonixHace un mes

    None of these movies seems worth a watch, the originals were excellent, and the modern day remakes have all been a let down from THE THING, Poltergeist, FRIDAY THE 13 and so on. I see a lot of garbage coming to the screen, it seems that modern music and films are being created by the talentless.

  71. Alejandro Aguilera

    Alejandro AguileraHace un mes

    Tom Holland is taking over Hollywood

  72. Katies Channel

    Katies ChannelHace un mes

    Honeslty i can see RDJ in the classics (sherlock, doc doolittke, chitty chitty bamg bang etc)

  73. Darkertime2

    Darkertime2Hace un mes

    Aka yet another year of sequels reboots and above all UNORIGINAL CONTENT. Hollywood truly is dead.

  74. I Was NEVER Here

    I Was NEVER HereHace un mes

    Tom Holland has to be Robert's side piece I swear!

  75. Curtis Tisberger

    Curtis TisbergerHace un mes


  76. Ashley Medina

    Ashley MedinaHace un mes

    Ann Hathaway as the gran high witch is weird 🤨🤨🤨🤨she seems to nice for the role I hope she digs deep to her mean girl side

  77. Lafaye Reid

    Lafaye ReidHace un mes

    A Morbius movie🤔That me Wesily must be working out seein how Blade has had several run-in's with Morbius. Looking foward to that new Blade movie😎

  78. Dakadoodle

    DakadoodleHace un mes

    Yay reboots :) not like Hollywood has messed up almost every reboot so far. Pass

  79. DooNYoo

    DooNYooHace un mes

    Ray phines as WHAT NOW?????

  80. Javon Amountboy J.B. Brewster

    Javon Amountboy J.B. BrewsterHace un mes

    CandyMan by Jordan is going to be NUTZ,I have to see that for sure. Morbius,coming 2 America 2 for sure

  81. Derran Lawston

    Derran LawstonHace un mes

    1:26 DAMN where did he get all that ass from?? T H I C C

  82. Louis Stout

    Louis StoutHace un mes

    I feel like tom holland and rdj are gonna be a pretty popular pairing in the near future

  83. Ceerstar Ceerstar

    Ceerstar CeerstarHace un mes

    All these extra words in the video. I'm out.

  84. Gene Burgess

    Gene BurgessHace un mes

    I'll be sure to miss anything with anyone from that vapid black ish

  85. donny foster

    donny fosterHace un mes

    Anti-white Hollywood isn’t getting another dime from me.

  86. Derrick the gr8 and b8

    Derrick the gr8 and b8Hace un mes

    Movies that stars main roles of black, trans, gay and gender- abrams tank.

  87. Chi Me

    Chi MeHace un mes

    I know this is random but Sam Jackson Been cursing folks out since the 1980’s. Lol. Love that man 😂