'The King's Man's Ralph Fiennes, Harris Dickinson & More On Film | #NYCC19 | Entertainment Weekly

  • 3 oct 2019
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  1. SusToad 69

    SusToad 69Hace 15 días


  2. Sally Dillon

    Sally DillonHace 3 meses

    I missed Ralph at the Con. Too busy trying to find out where my sessions were with Tom Hiddleston from an ill-prepared staff. Very confusing, maddening and crowded. This is NYC, for crissakes, they should know better! In all the confusion, I forgot to ask about the panel with Ralph. I’m furious with myself and the staff! Last time I saw Ralph in person was 2000 in Coriolanus at BAM. I’m getting to old for this crap!

  3. Vicky G

    Vicky GHace 3 meses

    wow amo a Ralph Fiennes es mi crush....