The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room


  1. BuzzFeed Unsolved Network

    BuzzFeed Unsolved NetworkHace 4 meses

    Make sure to leave your questions for our Post Mortem episode down below!

  2. Miss Malbon

    Miss MalbonHace 3 horas

    You should do amytiville if you haven't already

  3. Jocelyn DJV

    Jocelyn DJVHace 10 días

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network why can’t you ever review the footage and address what the spirits say on the show??? I love the show, and I always laugh at Shane’s antics but it’s getting really frustrating to see that the spirits do communicate yet you never give it importance nor address it!

  4. Jocelyn DJV

    Jocelyn DJVHace 10 días

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network why can’t you every review the footage and address what the spirits say on the show??? I love the show, and I always laugh at Shane’s antics but it’s getting really frustrating to see that the spirits do communicate yet you never give it importance!

  5. CC-3636 Wolffe

    CC-3636 WolffeHace 21 un día

    At 8:13 look at the far left of the screen, it looks like a shadow passes by quickly

  6. Oscar Rubio

    Oscar RubioHace un mes

    BuzzFeed Unsolved Network give Shane a spirit box when he ventures alones.

  7. Pauli Helsi

    Pauli HelsiHace 17 horas

    When someone dies on cocaine, will his ghost also be on cocaine?

  8. Lili and bellaa Vlogs

    Lili and bellaa VlogsHace un día

    That’s the goul boy PROMISE

  9. sᴛᴏғғᴇ

    sᴛᴏғғᴇHace un día

    Why is one death of overdose that big of a deal

  10. Isabel Vogel

    Isabel VogelHace un día

    "were you buried here?" "clearly." uh-huh ok... go on. someone sounds annoyed (well I'm sure they would being without help for how-many-ever yrs) "Is there anyone buried here that isn't supposed to?" "Anthony" ----- no one said anything about that last part :O the ghost genuinely has realized that the one time he is finally properly able to communicate with the living that this unhelpful crew that won't be helping him at all lol

  11. moonrose100

    moonrose100Hace 2 días

    "Hi, It's me." ME: Five nights at Freddy's! Is there where you want to be?

  12. moonrose100

    moonrose100Hace 2 días

    "So nothing has " "Well, I made a friend." Me: AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWww!!!!!1

  13. Kirstie Campbell

    Kirstie CampbellHace 2 días

    Watches this. Cool death Watches Joker Quickly watches this again It’s the same Joaquin Phoenix WAOW

  14. live streaming boi

    live streaming boiHace 2 días

    Also Rivers girlfriends last name Is sort-ended to maths

  15. live streaming boi

    live streaming boiHace 2 días

    When they done the best impressions of arney, i found it a bit funny

  16. francesca ferrara

    francesca ferraraHace 2 días

    Watching this video after the 2020 oscars, that Joaquin Phoenix won, makes me so sad for me. Rest in peace, you would have been so proud of your brother 🙏🙏🙏

  17. Hunter Snell

    Hunter SnellHace 2 días

    Could it have been Mickey that said "Hi boys" and then said "Arigato" sort of teasing Ryan? I mean yeah it's racist, but he was a mobster so I don't think feelings were a top priority

  18. DR1PG0D

    DR1PG0DHace 2 días

    who else got excited when you heard Joaquin phoenix

  19. Christopher Valdez

    Christopher ValdezHace 2 días

    It's haunted by the ghost of Chuck E Weiss......

  20. A A

    A AHace 3 días

    I don’t like that ryan keeps trying to go places alone he getting too bold

  21. Playboi Barti

    Playboi BartiHace 3 días

    Come to find out river phoneix death was a setup for fame and fortune. Just go ahead and look at who became stars after he died. Don't believe me? Do your research.

  22. CrayolaCoffeeBean

    CrayolaCoffeeBeanHace 3 días

    Shane, is that a Schaumburg hat??

  23. Jacqueline Cho

    Jacqueline ChoHace 4 días

    Picks up phone "Hi, it's me" ... FREDDY FAZZBEAR?!?!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?

  24. Shiho Tamaki

    Shiho TamakiHace 4 días

    5:24 Me: Wow! What an amazing Joker origin story!

  25. Tabebe Montilla

    Tabebe MontillaHace 4 días

    Shane: thats good to know though, if some windy ghosts come by. 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  26. xNightm_res YT

    xNightm_res YTHace 5 días

    2:18 Shane is truly the goat

  27. Sapphire Koda

    Sapphire KodaHace 5 días

    10:26 it moved

  28. Bryson Humphries

    Bryson HumphriesHace 5 días

    The joker watched his brother have a seizure then

  29. Robin Baier

    Robin BaierHace 5 días

    Ghost: Help me.. please Shane: LeTs PArtY

  30. Psycho Studios

    Psycho StudiosHace 5 días

    Bruh when shane said “I hope he finds a ghost” with that look on his face, that was geniunly the creepiest part

  31. TheLizzifer

    TheLizziferHace 5 días

    I wish I was even half as brave as Shane.

  32. HufflepuffsPanda

    HufflepuffsPandaHace 6 días

    I'm low key EXTREMELY impressed by Ryan's courage this episode...

  33. Watts Bulls

    Watts BullsHace 6 días

    I want to have shanes love child

  34. sandra

    sandraHace 6 días

    ok but if Maci Jane said there's a body buried there, shouldn't the police at least check it out??

  35. Spencer Woodall

    Spencer WoodallHace 6 días

    I saw the glass move slightly at 11:18.

  36. Sydney Ojala

    Sydney OjalaHace 6 días

    Filthy McNastys

  37. DownShot

    DownShotHace 6 días

    8:39 "What are you doing?"

  38. Skye ann marie Gibson

    Skye ann marie GibsonHace 6 días

    He's 33????? The hell? He don't look like he is 33 more like 18 ish

  39. {ImSara}

    {ImSara}Hace 6 días

    19:08 that thing in the left on the table lowkey scared me

  40. Тумар Азамат

    Тумар АзаматHace 6 días

    Ryan is becoming more shaniac

  41. AddisonCupcakeSprinkles48

    AddisonCupcakeSprinkles48Hace 7 días

    Ryan was brave in this one

  42. Annie Garcia

    Annie GarciaHace 7 días

    Ay around 8:14 in the top left corner you can see a shadow pass and even cover the white thing on the wall

  43. Noora Rahimi

    Noora RahimiHace 7 días

    Every time there is noise on that sound machine it sounds like it takes sounds from a radio or people close to your sight

  44. John Dough

    John DoughHace 7 días

    I swear to god I’m gonna smoke heroin in the viper room bathroom one day.

  45. Yah Yeet

    Yah YeetHace 7 días

    Johnny Depp looking fresh in the thumbnail

  46. Sally W.

    Sally W.Hace 7 días

    This hits different after listening to Joaquin's Oscar speech

  47. Anne Horner

    Anne HornerHace 7 días

    Baby powder on the bar. If the glass moves, it shows up in the powder.

  48. Rahul Srinivas

    Rahul SrinivasHace 8 días

    Ryan said 'Home Aloned' at 1:09😂

  49. Chezz

    ChezzHace 8 días

    10:44 The way the camera moves makes the glass looks like it guides across the table.

  50. Dan Sanders

    Dan SandersHace 8 días

    So....people's "knees buckle" and glasses "fly onto the floor" a bar. Where people are drinking heavily. boys, I think I've solved this one

  51. Layla Jones

    Layla JonesHace 8 días

    This is a good series but this one was hard to watch just because it is River u know

  52. somebody you know

    somebody you knowHace 9 días

    If you follow them on social media, show them this: They should camp out on the devil's tramping grown in Chatham County, North Carolina. It's said that object in the circle will disappear or get moved. Boy scout troops have tried camping on it and woke up in their tents a few miles away. Some guy tried staying up all night but was lulled to sleep by a melodic, soothing voice and also woke up a few miles away.

  53. Timmy Turner

    Timmy TurnerHace 9 días

    Try going at 3am

  54. nekokat

    nekokatHace 9 días

    I hope Johnny and Arnold watched this video and just laughed their asses off at the impressions of them!

  55. Karley Payton

    Karley PaytonHace 10 días

    Okay, so, I am a believer in spirits but also someone who is hardcore for "debunking" things and getting the actual truth. Having said that, at 16:40 something that looks like a ball floats above Ryan's head. That is something people who work with spirits and such call an "anomaly" and it is basically a sign that a ghost has walked by or moved somewhere, or is just generally in the area. Some might argue that it is dust, but that couldn't be the truth as there are no other signs of dust particles around.

  56. Drake Stevenson

    Drake StevensonHace 10 días


  57. Jun

    JunHace 10 días

    Shane out here looking like Ash Kechum

  58. Orlor

    OrlorHace 10 días

    People think a bar is haunted because people buckle over in it?

  59. Squiggly_Munchkin101 x x

    Squiggly_Munchkin101 x xHace 10 días

    Johnny Depp looking handsome in the thumbnail

  60. cloudburstlia456

    cloudburstlia456Hace 10 días

    Omg why has no one investigated his body in the viper room? That is so shady

  61. Arai Kuma

    Arai KumaHace 10 días


  62. April Dannette Gosa

    April Dannette GosaHace 10 días

    It wasn't just coke it was a speedball heroin and coke mixed together

  63. Sydney Mitrecic

    Sydney MitrecicHace 11 días

    Its horrible what happened to River. It is even worse that Joaquin was 19 and made the 911 call. I really feel horrible about it all. Say what you want about Joaquin Phoenix, I know he is out there but can you blame him? He's a fantastic actor and he was with his big brother the day he overdosed and died. I really like him, he might be a bit uncomfortable but he recognizes it.

  64. C

    CHace 11 días

    The Home Alone gag at the start had me in tears literally

  65. Y D E R F

    Y D E R FHace 11 días

    bruh when he took his hat off 😂