The Hollywood Ghosts of the Legendary Viper Room


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  2. Anna Bot

    Anna BotHace 17 días

    Around 15:09 you can see in shane’s flashilight right side above a man’s face..

  3. jasonalex one

    jasonalex oneHace 29 días

    Buzzfeed message me youll be glad you did. Jasonalex1234 at yahoo

  4. Taylor Anderson

    Taylor AndersonHace un mes

    Make sure to leave your questions for our post mortem episode down below!

  5. Emma Joyce

    Emma JoyceHace un mes

    I'm definitely a Shaniac, but I like the idea of a ghost just kneecapping people with a ghost bat whenever they invade the ghost's favorite spot.

  6. im_so_ bored

    im_so_ boredHace un mes

    at 8:25 i heard a 'mayday' which would make sense in the sequence of "help"; "please help me". soooo could it have been that you guys picked up someone's distress signal? as in a real actual human not a ghoul. #shaniac #postmortem

  7. ghostHizao

    ghostHizaoHace 13 horas

    Anyone didn't talk about River Phoenix (possibly?) saying 'Thank you' when Ryan complimented his acting skills? I find it very touching. Since River passed away so young that he didn't know many people admiring his acting so much and his passing is just too sudden and saddening.

  8. Pink Portrait

    Pink PortraitHace 17 horas

    720p max?

  9. Roya Nass

    Roya NassHace un día

    Nobody: Not a soul: Ryan: Rise and shinee!

  10. Caisox

    CaisoxHace un día

    ok but no one is talking about how fine the guys are? edit: the guys in the thumbnail😌

  11. B3autySparks

    B3autySparksHace un día

    Wait, him saying please help so many times makes me wanna cry:’(((

  12. Llama

    LlamaHace un día

    Shane and ryan are so sweet

  13. Colin Kincaid

    Colin KincaidHace un día

    it's insane that most people seem to be more familiar with joaquin than river pheonix...god im old

  14. Lauren Mccarthy

    Lauren MccarthyHace un día

    So do you guys even help anyone? What ever became of the hole in the wall part ? Why doesn’t anyone get the body?

  15. hallowhawlk92

    hallowhawlk92Hace un día

    Did any one else hear “its me” after the hey on the spirt box when ryan entered the closet

  16. Madi Curley

    Madi CurleyHace un día

    Ghost adventures who

  17. avery guggenheim

    avery guggenheimHace un día

    my baby river :(

  18. 10_tsuki

    10_tsukiHace 2 días

    5:07 guy from the joker movie. 😱

  19. cooltina789

    cooltina789Hace 2 días

    :c awww he wants help, help him cross over!

  20. Lukas Solberg

    Lukas SolbergHace 2 días

    Windy ghosts ahhahah

  21. Smore and Chase Vlogs

    Smore and Chase VlogsHace 2 días

    At 19:08 did anyone else see the manikin head on the counter of the bar?

  22. あすな..

    あすな..Hace 2 días

    That woman asking for help, the unintelligle part it sounded like she was about to say "I need help"

  23. cherophilia

    cherophiliaHace 2 días

    I miss River.

  24. Farah Mehdi

    Farah MehdiHace 2 días

    Please help Anthony fox already!!!

  25. son

    sonHace 2 días

    theory : they 4 ( including depp ) worked tgtr to eliminate anthony in fear that he reveal smth .

  26. son

    sonHace 2 días

    before the trial and purposely drove anthony’s car away to make it seem like he ran away .

  27. Biggest Hit

    Biggest HitHace 2 días

    4:17 LMAO

  28. Ruby Jewel

    Ruby JewelHace 3 días

    Ok, I really want the ghoul boys to go back because the spirit box kinda said a few sentences asking for help. I would love to see a longer convo using the box.

  29. LiamMcfarlane13

    LiamMcfarlane13Hace 3 días

    Anthony Fox: “Please help me, I’m buried in this cupboard!” River Phoenix: “Thank you for being a fan of my work, I appreciate that.” Ryan: “Well, I guess it’s still unsolved!”

  30. LiamMcfarlane13

    LiamMcfarlane13Hace 3 días

    “The manager of the bar reports seeing people pass out or fall over.” In other news, the manager of the bar also serves alcohol...

  31. Victoria Vanderwal

    Victoria VanderwalHace 3 días

    Shane, Ryan can't you hear the voice saying help me

  32. Alisabubble

    AlisabubbleHace 3 días

    Hey do you think that the squeaking sound at 21:40 is a call for help from Anthony? I mean he’d been asking for help the whole time and maybe he wanted them to know that he’s down there. That’s low key sad man :(

  33. tinaa

    tinaaHace 3 días


  34. the void shouts back

    the void shouts backHace 3 días

    Such a shame about River Phoenix. My Own Private Idaho is one of my favorite movies and I always feel such a sad longing when I come across a movie I think he would have been perfect in. He clearly had so much potential and likely would have become an iconic actor or even musician in time.

  35. lexie Luvsyouuu

    lexie LuvsyouuuHace 3 días

    Clearly that investigation needs to be reopened I bet that dude under the club spirits are real.

  36. rainbowroad the killjoy

    rainbowroad the killjoyHace 3 días

    They both look homeless

  37. Dark Slayer14

    Dark Slayer14Hace 3 días

    11:40 The phone will ring and they'll be nobody there. Then the walls will ooze green slime!

  38. Princess Solace

    Princess SolaceHace 3 días to the list, we have A list Ghost Hunters/Investigators🤘🤘🤘🤘 From VIP room to the ER, that is ironic.

  39. ohpeachtreedish

    ohpeachtreedishHace 4 días

    lEts pArtY lets dANCEE!!

  40. yovani Mearynez

    yovani MearynezHace 4 días


  41. Lamika Crumby

    Lamika CrumbyHace 4 días

    When River said " Thank You" to Ryan's compliment I legit got sad

  42. Chrissy Curtis

    Chrissy CurtisHace 4 días

    O00oo you guys dressed cute actually! Ps: I wonder if Ryan changed his name to Ryland bc of you guys..... Hmmm who knows what I'm talking about? If so press 👍 please! 💗🤷👬😘

  43. stiffller russell

    stiffller russellHace 4 días

    doh don't take coke dickheads

  44. Art yom

    Art yomHace 4 días

    8:25 sounds like "I need it"

  45. Jill Bam

    Jill BamHace 4 días

    Honestly, Ryan could narrate the whole content of oxford dictionary and I will not get bored.

  46. Veronica M

    Veronica MHace 4 días

    Yes, people’s knees often buckle and they fall over at the bar, IT’S CALLED BEING DRUNK! 😂

  47. Stop Being Weird

    Stop Being WeirdHace 4 días

    I remember watching a documentary on this.

  48. Amrita Mishra

    Amrita MishraHace 4 días

    Try using advanced ghost technologies

  49. Amrita Mishra

    Amrita MishraHace 4 días

    New season please.

  50. That Creepy Fangirl Stalker Chick

    That Creepy Fangirl Stalker ChickHace 4 días

    I think a good way to maybe talk to ghosts is to take your phone, open up the notes/memos, and ask them to type something on the phone by tapping the screen. Then set the phone either in your lap or to the side and closing your eyes or looking away until the screen shuts off. Then turning it back on to see if there is a message. Sure it could be kind of easy to fake, but if you keep a camera on it the whole time and have screen recording going you might be able to get something.

  51. Taylor White

    Taylor WhiteHace 5 días

    So Johnny Depp literally had a hit done on Fox? I need to see a movie, about this, with him cast in that roll. That would be epic, amazing and Hollywood legend worthy. Tim Burton must write and direct it.

  52. Miguel Martinez

    Miguel MartinezHace 5 días

    6am? You have to be there around 12pm-3pm

  53. Jean Carr

    Jean CarrHace 5 días

    I’ll never be able to watch an Arnold Schwarzenegger movie without hearing Ryan’s impersonation in my head.

  54. Sugarin

    SugarinHace 5 días

    Plot twist: 20:38 that's actually what happen in this series every now and then

  55. Diana Tavares

    Diana TavaresHace 5 días

    He asked for help soooo many times! I was truly sad for him... He should indeed get help!

  56. Donut

    DonutHace 5 días

    this dislikers are the demons and ghosts

  57. Diy Do it yourself

    Diy Do it yourselfHace 5 días

    Ngl, that "thank you" hurt my heart😭

  58. Beanut Butter

    Beanut ButterHace 6 días

    So far I haven’t seen anything about the intro, mainly 1:18-1:27

  59. Dajiah Carpenter

    Dajiah CarpenterHace 6 días

    It really hurts my heart that Ryan nor Shane did anything for Anthony! He kinda just acted like he didn’t hear the help me and that Anthony confirmed him being buried down there. He went in there to find out about Anthony and made no comment about it when he did. It was so odd. I’ve never heard a spirit beg for help like that before. It seemed so urgent to really help him. I want to dig Anthony up so bad! it was weird how Ryan acted so calm in there. I think it’s how the spirit affected him in the room. Seeing how anthony wanted help I don’t think he would give off the vibe to scare Him especially if he needed him. Idk I’m mad I wish there was more done about this.

  60. Jyabriel W

    Jyabriel WHace 6 días

    Who or whatever was on the other end of the spirit box said please help me like six times. Geez.

  61. Angel Whiskey

    Angel WhiskeyHace 6 días

    Ryan: Now I’m in your hole Me: oh are you now👅 (im sorry 💀)

  62. Angel Whiskey

    Angel WhiskeyHace 6 días

    Ryan: *moans* Shane: Dont make that noise. ever again.

  63. Willow

    WillowHace 6 días

    Can we talk about that sweet moment between Shane and Ryan when he said he made a friend? He was kinda surprised and I'm just like AWWWWW

  64. C H

    C HHace 6 días

    "now I'm in your hole" wow that phrasing lmfao

  65. Deathro

    DeathroHace 6 días

    home alone burglars lol

  66. Alyssa Chavarin

    Alyssa ChavarinHace 6 días

    hahaha shane is just too funny