THE FRENCH DISPATCH | Official Trailer


  1. Osaide Ogbeifun

    Osaide OgbeifunHace 9 horas

    I see best picture noominee

  2. jdng86

    jdng86Hace 14 horas

    I'm sad to see Bill Murray's old, not Bill Murray old but old-old.

  3. Rouleton J

    Rouleton JHace 17 horas

    It’s gonna be great wes Anderson

  4. Justin Henry

    Justin HenryHace 23 horas

    Can anyone tell me which cover of Aline is used in this trailer?

  5. Julian Alba

    Julian AlbaHace 10 horas

    I thought it was by Christophe

  6. Visuals For You

    Visuals For YouHace 18 horas

    Everyone is saying it sounds like Jarvis Cocker, but I don't think the version is available yet.

  7. Connor Milone

    Connor MiloneHace un día

    I had to watch this in 1080p or else I wasn't doing Wes his justice

  8. Enrico Alessandro

    Enrico AlessandroHace un día

    Came here because my mom unexpected sing 'Aline' song in the morning. 😅 It would be a great scene on the Aline song part! I'll be waiting for it... 🍿📽

  9. fakecubed

    fakecubedHace un día

    I think there's actually seven Wes Anderson movies in this Wes Anderson movie, not including the Wes Anderson movie itself. There's three meta movies, where one of the individual stories is being presented at some point in the future. All three of these refer back to a single meta movie, taking place with The French Dispatch itself, but within that one meta movie there are the three actual movies told in flashbacks-within-flashbacks that make up the three stories. So, for the price of a ticket to see one Wes Anderson movie, you're really watching seven.

  10. heechman

    heechmanHace un día

    Why does this give me huge jojo rabbit vibes

  11. Andy Pandy

    Andy PandyHace 2 días

    did anyone spot the Fonz in the trailer!

  12. Léo Rouzaut-Laroche

    Léo Rouzaut-LarocheHace 2 días

    1:11 this guy's dance inspired the fortnite's skins (the video game)

  13. Léo Rouzaut-Laroche

    Léo Rouzaut-LarocheHace 2 días

    @William Henrelle 1:10.5

  14. William Henrelle

    William HenrelleHace 2 días


  15. Arnaud

    ArnaudHace 2 días

    1:10 *

  16. Victor Chevalerias

    Victor ChevaleriasHace 2 días

    This guy is so beautiful

  17. Arnaud

    ArnaudHace 2 días


  18. David

    DavidHace 2 días

    There is definitely such thing as too much Wes Anderson.. as seen here LOL..

  19. Shawn

    ShawnHace 2 días

    Never go full Wes Anderson

  20. Basil Daddy Henry

    Basil Daddy HenryHace 2 días

    Anderson should be french: so showboating and still, so insipid

  21. LordOfTheBuckets!

    LordOfTheBuckets!Hace 2 días

    And I thought Quentin Tarantino got massive casts of A Listers for his movies.

  22. The Eyelidman 2

    The Eyelidman 2Hace 2 días

    Wes Anderson movies remind me of prewar fallout

  23. Giulia 05

    Giulia 05Hace 2 días


  24. Candace Shirley

    Candace ShirleyHace 3 días

    I cannot wait for this film

  25. Jeff Oh

    Jeff OhHace 3 días

    I love all things Wes Anderson. Can't wait to see this.

  26. lelie Danesh

    lelie DaneshHace 3 días

    am I the only one who wants to know what Wes Anderson's house looks like

  27. RK PUSA

    RK PUSAHace 3 días

    What a cast...

  28. Monster _الوحش_ Black YAAS

    Monster _الوحش_ Black YAASHace 3 días


  29. Pora Pora Khela /পড়া-পড়া খেলা

    Pora Pora Khela /পড়া-পড়া খেলাHace 3 días

    where is Christopher Waltz?

  30. Visuals For You

    Visuals For YouHace 18 horas

    Maybe he's the guy at 1:49, who knows. If he's in the trailer he's not too visible.

  31. Mia Lazova

    Mia LazovaHace 3 días

    Playback speed, 0.25 1:57 thank me later...

  32. adventure madpunk

    adventure madpunkHace 3 días

    Somebody makes Wes Anderson parody film with Bill Murray.

  33. John Doe

    John DoeHace 3 días

    Anyone know what that last song is?

  34. Luz Moran

    Luz MoranHace 3 días

    1:58 Timothée is going to be the perfect Bob Dylan in his upcoming movie about Dylan’s biography. 😍❤️👏🏻

  35. Kevin Conley II

    Kevin Conley IIHace 3 días

    2019: Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon a Time in Hollywood- Love letter for movies of the Late 60s 2020: Wes Anderson's The French Dispatch- a love letter for journalists of the early 20th century What's Next for 2021?

  36. richfictionfighter

    richfictionfighterHace 3 días

    Starring....... Tiny motorcycles Old timey telephones Oil paintings Characters reading books Smoking Overhead shots of objects Characters running away suddenly

  37. Jeremy Alexander

    Jeremy AlexanderHace 3 días

    I like Wes Anderson, but I couldn't escape the feeling that I've seen this movie about 6 times already. I'd love to see him try something new. He's coming down with Tim Burton syndrome.

  38. Dita Damayanti

    Dita DamayantiHace 3 días

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  39. Olav Bjortomt

    Olav BjortomtHace 4 días

    Electric chaises en France? A guillotine would have been cooler, Wes.

  40. poetascarafaggio

    poetascarafaggioHace 4 días

    As The New York Times once wrote: "You had me at 'Wes Anderson'."

  41. James Shiver

    James ShiverHace 4 días

    Wes Anderson, hate him or love him, is one stylish director. His films are so pretty and well made. He provides a level of detail in every frame that is astounding. He is a true auteur.

  42. Emily R Barton

    Emily R BartonHace 4 días

    Sorry what's the plot?

  43. Gwen Good

    Gwen GoodHace 4 días

    why did he make timothée look like that

  44. Karen Aguon

    Karen AguonHace 4 días

    1:18 Zeffirelli - (screams as Lucinda pulls a curtain at the bathtub) I'm naked, Mrs. Krementz.

  45. T Lam

    T LamHace 4 días

    This looks great! Who’s the director? I can’t tell. 😄

  46. Parth Behl

    Parth BehlHace 4 días

    *Sees Bill Murray* Me - Yep this is definately a Wes Andersons movie.

  47. Parth Behl

    Parth BehlHace 4 días

    Bill Murray exists Wes Anderson - I am about to make this man's whole career.

  48. PeopleOnTVRecords

    PeopleOnTVRecordsHace 5 días

    I wonder if this exists in the same universe as the grand budapest?

  49. OmarSaad

    OmarSaadHace 5 días

    ay 4:3 aspect ratio

  50. BobRooney

    BobRooneyHace 5 días

    love it! this is the exact style of The Grand Budapest Hotel 2014 movie that was also made by wes anderson. i think many of the same actors were in that film too.

  51. Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez

    Luis Mario Guerrero SánchezHace 3 días

    Bill Murray, Owen Wilson, Edward Norton, Adrien Brody, Tilda Swinton, Willem Dafoe, Bob Balaban, Jason Schwartzman and Mathieu Almaric star in both films.

  52. iluvugoldenblue

    iluvugoldenblueHace 5 días

    this might end up being something like pulp fiction or inglorious basterds with it's construction

  53. eshswam

    eshswamHace 5 días

    I guess this is what happens when you put on the gibdo mask in majoras mask. 1:10. I meam seriously That is some awful dancing redeads would do that.

  54. sidharth suravarapu

    sidharth suravarapuHace 5 días

    "from director W-" SOLD

  55. lakedentist

    lakedentistHace 5 días

    this is peak wes anderson

  56. Jason Smith

    Jason SmithHace 5 días

    Song ?

  57. Dead Mandalorian

    Dead MandalorianHace 5 días

    So wes can you go mad... Wes: certainly you have seen my master piece,that has a plot all over the place.

  58. ottawaoctane

    ottawaoctaneHace 5 días

    Yes Wes Anderson should direct a Star Wars movie. Bill Murry can play baby Yoda's dad.

  59. th3dudeabides1

    th3dudeabides1Hace 5 días

    Wes Anderson is such an overrated director.

  60. Tala Nass

    Tala NassHace 5 días

    Wes anderson makes my life better

  61. ZayFrames

    ZayFramesHace 5 días

    Alright, Wes I’ve watched this trailer 20x times already give me the dang film!

  62. VRIGNON Jeremy

    VRIGNON JeremyHace 5 días

    If you like Wes Anderson movie soundtracks, here's a playlist with songs from all his movies:

  63. Bob Harris

    Bob HarrisHace 5 días

    Thank you !

  64. Mackie Lunkey

    Mackie LunkeyHace 5 días

    Man I’m so glad Alexandre Desplat is doing the soundtrack again. His style of music fits much better than Mark Mothersbaugh’s.

  65. Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez

    Luis Mario Guerrero SánchezHace 3 días

    @Mackie Lunkey Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of Mothersbaugh score for Bottle Rocket which is my least favourite aspect of a film that I otherwise adore to the bone. But I respect him as he was one of the early collaborators of Wes like Luke Wilson who have been forgotten in his later work.

  66. Mackie Lunkey

    Mackie LunkeyHace 3 días

    Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez Ah ok. It’s just that Desplat captures the whimsy of the films better than Motherbaugh does.

  67. Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez

    Luis Mario Guerrero SánchezHace 3 días

    @Mackie Lunkey I'm just saying that I see very unlikely that they would ever work together again. This is his fifth movie with Desplat and I don't think they're gonna stop working together anytime soon.

  68. Mackie Lunkey

    Mackie LunkeyHace 3 días

    Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez That’s not the point though.

  69. Luis Mario Guerrero Sánchez

    Luis Mario Guerrero SánchezHace 3 días

    Ok, but Mothersbaugh hasn't work with Wes since Life Aquatic.

  70. just here for comments

    just here for commentsHace 5 días

    this wes guy really has eye for colors and details....he should make movies.

  71. Nicholas Fernandez

    Nicholas FernandezHace 5 días

    Ah yes, for when you eat an acid infused holiday post card and wake up in the hallmark wearing a sweater carrying a pie

  72. Wakiki Time

    Wakiki TimeHace 5 días

    Also note that the scene with the police in this trailer is the same set as in Grand Budapest hotel 2:05

  73. riski rival

    riski rivalHace 5 días

    nonton kualitas puas..

  74. sedih hijab

    sedih hijabHace 6 días

    film drama tragis.

  75. Wakiki Time

    Wakiki TimeHace 6 días

    I know that the song used here is Aline by Christophe but I can’t find the exact version used in this trailer... any ideas?