The End of the Iron Throne | ‘Game of Thrones’ Season 8, Episode 6 Analysis


  1. John Cath

    John CathHace 26 días

    And now I know for sure Sneaky Pete is better than GOT. At least writers for Amazon Video CARE!

  2. delboyengland

    delboyenglandHace un mes

    The ending should of been completely different I won't even go in to one . something where it made you remember may be even as the credits rolled where showed you all who had fallen like an imagie of them and a moment that you can remember and I mean that with all characters no matter how long it took . You know like war films with the characters etc who had fallen . Now that would have stayed with us plus a ending that we all remebered.

  3. corthew

    corthewHace un mes

    This season was rushed...Really rushed. We should have seen Samwell's struggle with the Meisters over the whitewalkers battle and events leading up to it. We should have seen what happened with Gentry. There should have been some interactions with the sister of Theon over his death and the honor he reclaimed by his sacrifice. I'm not sure how there are Dothraki remaining for the battle of Kings Landing when we saw them all ride off to their death in the previous battle. That needed explaining. I'm not sure how there are so many warriors at Kings Landing at all after the previous battle.

  4. Wino

    WinoHace un mes

    Ending could have been better, but this was a magnificent series. I wasn't crazy about how the 60's British TV show "The Prisoner" ended, but still loved the show. Actually the ending of the prisoner was cool in a totally crazy way.

  5. BlackLightning20101

    BlackLightning20101Hace un mes

    This was trash

  6. anthonymrbs

    anthonymrbsHace un mes

    My biggest issue is how the whole war with the white walkers was minimized into one battle in one night, that all ended with a single stab. After all the big buildup from the very first episode, it was over just like that. You would have thought this great war would have lasted for days, months, and across all of Westeros or more, not just at Winterfell, and intertwined with the whole battle for the Iron Throne. All of this of course would have taken longer than just six episodes to play out. Really two full seasons were needed to do it right.

  7. Jon Snow

    Jon SnowHace un mes

    Who is a lord at Horn Hill ??? When Sam become a maester ...

  8. SepehR 2.0

    SepehR 2.0Hace un mes

    Omg this two minute explained every thing in the 90 minute episode😂😂 the othe 88 minutes were just walking around, looking and moving around the chairs

  9. The Rap King7 Eben

    The Rap King7 EbenHace un mes

    The Finale Was A Let Down For Everyone. I had hoped that maybe Dany Or Snow Or Arya Would Win the Finale. But It Was Tyrion Who Won. :(

  10. vista7

    vista7Hace un mes

    I thought it was a decent finale although it was probably 20 minutes longer than it needed to be. They basically wrapped up all the plot lines. I was pretty disappointed that Daenyris became evil after she was one of the main protagonist for 8 seasons. Then again the ending makes sense from a George RR Martin perspective. Basically this was the story of the Starks the whole time. It kind of reminded me of the last part of LOTR - Return of the King.

  11. Lee Walter

    Lee WalterHace un mes

    Recap the 8th season..... 1. The disable people and women get front and center....... 2. A war that was hyped for over a year ended just as the excitement was rolling (felt rushed)..... 3. The theme I heard numerous times in season 8.....everything changes in time. Even the writing (from good to cough cough) *Game of Thrones should sit on the shelf next to the LOST series.

  12. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanHace un mes

    #49 on trending street

  13. SquirrelyBlake

    SquirrelyBlakeHace un mes

    Appearently for all this hype, Game of Thrones is quite disappointing. It was good and than bad. Predictable. Horrible writing. Okay... Than why did you give it this much hype? I haven't watched the show but from the sidelines of The Final Season, it's not encouraging. Hollywood, you disappoint everywhere you can, do you?

  14. Bobby A

    Bobby AHace un mes

    Just stop.

  15. XRP Adoption!!

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  16. D F

    D FHace un mes

    Why does everything have to have some sort of political twist on it.

  17. Neysa Gilmore

    Neysa GilmoreHace un mes

    Bran did not win the Throne. The Children of the Forest won. Bran died in the cave per Merea. Bran is not Bran (he told Merea, Sansa, Jaime,etc.) nobody is listening. TCOTF woke the white walkers to cause chaos. They allowed Dany and her dragon to destroy Kings landing to punish Men. Now TCOTF are in control working thru Bran. Read Bran’s last chapter in Book 5 and watch the cave scenes from the show. The writers messed up or they did this on purpose not to spoil the book ending.

  18. Maryam Heydari

    Maryam HeydariHace un mes

    Final episode of game of thrones was disaster 👎👎👎👎👎

  19. kingdancekiller

    kingdancekillerHace un mes

    Who read this VO? Alexa? Nice Try Bezos we know you run this channel....

  20. jay alterEgo

    jay alterEgoHace un mes

    In a way everyone won, A Lanister as a hand, the children of the Forest's 3 eyes raven Stark is the brother of the remaining Targaryen, a Baratheon as a Lord again, everyone else gets a promotion it's really not all bad.

  21. Fabian Reijnen

    Fabian ReijnenHace un mes

    Yeah so this isn't an analysis thanks a lot.

  22. Nunsuch

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    Losing a $250,000,000 lawsuit to the Covington Kids could be the end of the Washington Post.

  23. BKapLive

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    Haha let's pay ESreporter to get on trending. Scummy website

  24. Tramaine Terrance

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  25. CodeG2009

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    The Mass effect of tv shows.....great journey but bad ending.....

  26. Fucked Gplus

    Fucked GplusHace un mes

    Tirion tirrion tirrion

  27. Tom Robla

    Tom RoblaHace un mes

    I expected the finale to be terrible but turned out kinda ok. Not bad but not good either. I wasn't even upset at the stupid King "election" of Bran. I stopped caring.

  28. obbyblobby

    obbyblobbyHace un mes

    Sansa sucks!!

  29. jim woods

    jim woodsHace un mes

    what a bunch of salty piss poor fans. upsets general audience 10/10

  30. eh503

    eh503Hace un mes

    I got that drogon actually understood that his mother died because of this iron throne. Sure Jon put the knife in Dani but it was her obsession with the iron throne that got her to that point. Now then. I wish what could've happened.. Is drogon burns the throne.. And the tries to burn Jon..leaving nothing but fire left where Jon is. Drogon flies away with danyBut because Jon is a targarian.. He would be unburned.. And show Jon naked.. And then the unsullied take him prisoner..i really like how they killed Dany too. It was sentimental and Jon really loved her.. I mean he's had no one.. For awhile and now he had someone.. And the one person he is in love with was gonna destroy everyone.. He tried to convince her out of it.. But she wpuldnt listen. In the end. Jon did what he always does. The right thing. Even if it isn't what he wants. I was okay with his ending. The unsullied don't know that there's not really a watch anymore.. So he basically went north to be with his ppl. The free folk.. And of course ghost. Sansa got what she always wanted. Arya. Her ending is whatever.. I thought she would've idk. Gone back to the faceless man. Bran being king makes sense in a realistic way..for someone to know what everyone does present and past.. He would be a great king.. Sure he didn't do much all season.. But with tyrions logic.. I get it. Greyworm going to naarth where him and misandei were supposed to go when she was alive. He wanted to live out his life the way he had planned it with her. Maybe in this way.. He can remember her though her ppl. The way that they decided that no one will be born into a royalty was a great move. Instead of an monarchy. They chose to.. I guess have an electoral college. Where the biggest players of the game get to choose the rightful ruler. I can dig that. I think it tied the season up as nicely as they could have. Ppl have a problem with the long night episode.. Which in my honest opinion I loved. Jon is always the hero. So they let arya to do it. I though that that episode was the most amazing thing I've ever seen in TV history (and yes I could see.i have an oled TV lol) episode 4 was meh.. 5.. I just hated how cersei didn't get a painful death.. Episode two was good cause it got the tension of how everyone was feeling before the long night. Episode 1 was.. Kinda filler. I feel like a lot of complaints was ppl looking too much into fan theories and not just going with what was presented. I do have my gripes. But. I feel like they ended it well. Idk why ppl thought there was gonna be some epic battle ending.. Like no.. They had to tie everything up. I wasnt disappointed. And u can hate me. But I liked got more than breaking bad.. Breaking bad just had too much of a slow start.. However yeah it was pretty great. He died at the end.. I mean it figures.

  31. William Fribert Lindskog

    William Fribert LindskogHace un mes

    Why is everyone assuming Dany is dead? Jon got stabbed to death and he’s still alive...

  32. Eugenio Eulindo

    Eugenio EulindoHace un mes

    I hate how they lobotomized Tyron and Varys. The supposedly most smart and sneaky persons in the kingdom and Varys openly betrayed Daenerys right on her face and is easy found out sent letters like a dumbass. Danny turns to Tyron (completely played by everybody at this point, from Cersei to Sansa) and tells him: "Don't betray me doe! I just burnt your friend to ashes" and he's like "Ok, sure!" and go strait to the cage to freed his brother leaving a full platoon of soldiers as witnesses. What those screenwriters are smoking, really...

  33. James Ortiz

    James OrtizHace un mes

    He advocated for a representative democracy not a direct democracy

  34. Gifyifhk hmcucyk

    Gifyifhk hmcucykHace un mes

    They should remake season 8 and possibly even 7, erase all that crap from the official canon.

  35. Jay Cee

    Jay CeeHace un mes

    Now you know why D&D went to hide in a cabin.

  36. Flavius Aetius

    Flavius AetiusHace un mes

    In conclusion: the writers couldn't be bothered

  37. joeskis

    joeskisHace un mes

    The show failed to reveal what all the super natural forces were up to. Who/what resurrected Jon and why? I think it should have been revealed that he's been possessed since his resurrection. It's a show I won't rewatch due to being disappointed by the outcome. Spin-offs? Not interested.

  38. Roy

    RoyHace un mes

    I think, at the last minute, they asked Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to write the finale, and told them, "I want this to be an even bigger F U to the fans than LOST!"


    CMLAFLAMMEHace un mes

    Finale was messy and unorganized.. War is messy and unorganized. Politics are messy and unorganized. Wasn't how I would have hoped, but to say GOT is "ruined" is to ignore the 70+ hours of television that came before it just because it wasn't wrapped up nicely with a bow on top. To me that's pretty pathetic.

  40. TimT

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  41. John Adm

    John AdmHace un mes

    The worst episode

  42. Ethos Data Informatics

    Ethos Data InformaticsHace un mes

    Worst ending ever👎👎👎

  43. Marie J

    Marie JHace un mes

    wow, it is over...UNBELIEVABLE!!! Hey everyone, FYI And these signs will accompany those who believe: In my name, they will drive out demons; they will speak in new tongues; Mark 16:17 then in Luke10: 16 “Whoever listens to you listens to me, also whoever rejects you rejects me, and whoever rejects me rejects the One who sent me.” It continues to a POWERFUL point EVERYONE, "17 The seventy came back jubilant. “Lord,” they said, “with your power, even the demons submit to us!” 18 Yeshua said to them, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven. 19 Remember, I have given you authority; so you can trample down snakes and scorpions, indeed, all the Enemy’s forces; and you will remain completely unharmed. God gave us power through Jesus name to get rid of demons in our lives. Are you reading this word and recognizing you have POWER through Jesus name.

  44. BootyHoleBandit

    BootyHoleBanditHace un mes

    Dany’s character was nothing like previous seasons. All character’s lines seemed like they weren’t themselves this episode.

  45. Fuert Neigt

    Fuert NeigtHace un mes

    Strange that the WashingtonPost made the only good GoT finale review, all the others on Trending are really bad.

  46. Username- unknown

    Username- unknownHace un mes

    Strange that some people have different viewing opinions than others. Very strange.

  47. MrLeonidas0001

    MrLeonidas0001Hace un mes

    And Sansa gets an “independent North” which of course she immediately becomes queen over? Get da fuq out of here 👎🏼

  48. Noe Sosa

    Noe SosaHace un mes

    Games Of Throne ran out of money. The end.

  49. Lexbot Lavi

    Lexbot LaviHace un mes

    Noe Sosa nah dude the writers got an offer to write Star Wars movies do cut the season short

  50. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaHace un mes

    Bran can't control the dragon, he doesn't have the blood seal.

  51. sana riaz

    sana riazHace un mes

    Jon should get the throne.i hate the last episode

  52. Jones Curtis

    Jones CurtisHace un mes

    I wonder if anyone else took notice of the hidden theme within the last episode! “Democracy” was hidden theme and a nod to America! Let me explain!!! If we look at the scene in which Tyrian, walked through kings landing in the opening! The camera peers over to the cracked bell. The crack bell was a nod to the “liberty bell”! The liberty bell located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is also known as the birthplace of democracy! As we know of history America claimed their independence from the Britts and monarchy of English rule. Later in that episode we see Tyrian give wise counsel to the council, in reference to the people choosing their king, and abandoning the old ways! Just a theory!

  53. W h i t e y

    W h i t e yHace un mes

    Who cares what libtards think

  54. Kevo A

    Kevo AHace un mes

    It was butchered by them boy lovers

  55. purpleflipz19

    purpleflipz19Hace un mes

    everyone is disappointed in the way Daenerys becomes the Mad Queen and is killed, but very few are talking about how Sansa becomes the Queen in the North! She deserves way more recognition. Although we lost a potentially great queen with Daenerys, we still gained a greet Queen in the North with Sansa. I think that was the writers intentions that everyone else is kinda of forgeting ...

  56. Young Dab-A-Roosa

    Young Dab-A-RoosaHace un mes

    I never watched a single episode of G.O.T I feel more special than those who have!

  57. Ready To Go

    Ready To GoHace un mes

    You didn’t listen to Dan and Dave ( the shows producers) about Bran. They said now that Bran has mastered his skill as the 3-eyed Raven, he will become himself again. He finally smiles again, too! Twice!

  58. NeoFio

    NeoFioHace un mes

    Arya : i'm going to the west Jon & sansa : ??? Arya : i have a list, my list is "Someone has given GOT rating only 4,6"😈 Jon & sansa : 😨😨

  59. Kerri Hesse

    Kerri HesseHace un mes

    Starting from episode 3, each episode sucked this season. Trash!

  60. 02 Starter

    02 StarterHace un mes

    I only watched this last episode once, that way I won’t be disappointed twice 😂

  61. Solid Nat007

    Solid Nat007Hace un mes

    Can anyone tell me whats next after game of thrones season 8?

  62. Gifyifhk hmcucyk

    Gifyifhk hmcucykHace un mes

    Nothing. The show is over. Done. Gone. Its the season/ show finale, the last ever episode

  63. unki3259

    unki3259Hace un mes

    almost as disappointed as the finale of LOST...

  64. Madi Bendy

    Madi BendyHace un mes

    My dad was so disappointed... lol

  65. Dennis Smith

    Dennis SmithHace un mes

    How did they ruin this show so fast?

  66. Eric Cartman

    Eric CartmanHace un mes

    #19 on trending street

  67. HY Productions

    HY ProductionsHace un mes

    The Starks won. That's the most important part for me. Ned's legacy prevailed after all that horror they went through.

  68. Bellatrix Black / Emma Frost

    Bellatrix Black / Emma FrostHace un mes

    The last episode was the only good episode of Season 8

  69. jimmyturpin

    jimmyturpinHace un mes

    I have 3 thoughts, and 1 apology . 1.) That ending... did anybody else notice the stark (sorry, couldn't resist a good pun) similarities to Disneys "Old Yeller"? 2.) Now I know why the ending of the show was such a closely guarded secret, because who would invest themselves into a 73 episode series that ended like that!? 3.) And who would have ever thought that Grey Worm and the GoT fan base would ever have feelings in common? My apologies to the cast and crew, even the writers you all did an amazing job. It was a hell of a ride, I know I was thoroughly entertained over the years and yeah, that love scene between Jon and Dany made me feel a bit squeamish, but I would have endured that a hundred times over for a better ending where Dany didn't raze Kings Landing and everybody got their happy ending.

  70. tom wilson

    tom wilsonHace un mes

    Another blooper. When Jon was leading the people through the wall, there was a blade of grass growing in the snow. Not possible


    DUBV GAMERHace un mes

    HBO lost billions bc of season 8 the spin offs will fail n no one will want to watch it if they don't remake season 8 it will be the end of what could have been best show ever

  72. Jimmy Killem

    Jimmy KillemHace un mes

    lmao at all the dany fangirls crying about how it sucked when really they're just mad they backed an insane psychopath for so many seasons

  73. Flavius Aetius

    Flavius AetiusHace un mes

    I'm not mad about Danny. I'm mad about Bran. Totally illogical ending chosen solely to be unexpected.

  74. Shunjie Yang

    Shunjie YangHace un mes

    Sansa is the most believable character

  75. Joseph Chappelle

    Joseph ChappelleHace un mes

    ... So that happened? Branch is king? Well at least Jon is in the true north.

  76. Valkyrie Sardo

    Valkyrie SardoHace un mes

    Listening to Dany's most adoring fans helps explain how so many worshipped Hitler.

  77. ms letizia

    ms letiziaHace un mes

    as an avid lover of this show, i must say, i was utterly disappointed!!!!!

  78. Neil Heckman

    Neil HeckmanHace un mes

    People who don't get and appreciate how this epic series ended are lost (not woke) and doomed to a life of perpetual violence. Sad.

  79. Brice Ames

    Brice AmesHace un mes

    Hey where the Fu*# is Aria's horse?

  80. Moe 1

    Moe 1Hace un mes

    They destroyed the whole story, hail john snow king of the wildlings

  81. WildwoodClaire1

    WildwoodClaire1Hace un mes

    One thing I'm left wondering is HOW is the Iron Bank going to get a return on all of their loans? And HOW is all the necessary rebuilding to take place if the Iron Bank refuses to loan any more money?

  82. WildwoodClaire1

    WildwoodClaire1Hace un mes

    Dani wasn't insane, she had just succumbed to the hubris of power, a bit like Napoleon.

  83. HarGuit Shao

    HarGuit ShaoHace un mes

    where are the dothrakis???

  84. Freedom 0017

    Freedom 0017Hace un mes

    Season 8 is the worse season of all. It's short, boring and has no shock value what so ever. Game of Throne is known for it's unpredictability, that is what makes Game of Thrones an epic series. This neat, tidy perfect ending is a disappointment; I'ld rather watch Cinderella. I say redo all of Season 8...

  85. Ariana Westwood

    Ariana WestwoodHace un mes

    The way they all laughed at Sam for proposing democracy

  86. An Exploration Of Visual Arts & Ideas

    An Exploration Of Visual Arts & IdeasHace un mes

    This show end was disappointing. The writer are on vacation. When they return and when they load on to the internet, they'll having stacks upon stacks of hating which will last them a life time. If they wanted to ruin their legacy with regards to fantasy story writing, this was it. Now all we have to do is wait, watch, and review the Star Wars story they'll screw up. Maybe D&D were always trope writers to begin with and George R.R. Martin's books is what kept them grounded and gave them the undesired money and fame. Maybe it was all pointless from the beginning and we wasted 10 years of our entertainment time and money for nothing. Well live and learn, and not support the same mistake is the best we can do.

  87. Natasha Trendell

    Natasha TrendellHace un mes

    Pathetic ending, vote someone king that wont die for a thousand years and can read minds, yeah that'll work real swell. Never mind the Azora Ahia storyline, it never happened.

  88. hif pif

    hif pifHace un mes

    If you want to go viral get some GOT DVDs and say "dracarys" as you burn them....

  89. Matt

    MattHace un mes

    Did anyone else laugh when Ser Podrick came to push bran away? lmao

  90. Win From Within

    Win From WithinHace un mes


  91. kirk UK

    kirk UKHace un mes

    Bran flakes as king, this was the most crock of crap, so Bran was right

  92. Brian Wijaya

    Brian WijayaHace un mes


  93. Racing Pigeons

    Racing PigeonsHace un mes

    John was sent to the freezer in the beginning and the end. Sent to the north all over again. Crazy

  94. katie wilso

    katie wilsoHace un mes

    wouldn't it be nice if martian will wright new books with assistant writers to get the books our faster about arya and what is west with stories of john and bran.

  95. Alex NutCasio

    Alex NutCasioHace un mes

    The Books were Better!!!

  96. Cool Whip

    Cool WhipHace un mes

    GoT Finale, Arya went West, Drogon went East, Jon went North, And this show went South!!

  97. Ikumuerte Helminosizunami de Anubismania MotDongJi

    Ikumuerte Helminosizunami de Anubismania MotDongJiHace un mes

    Way to steal another person’s comment. Not mine, but the exact same got 2.5k likes on another video.

  98. FullOfMotion

    FullOfMotionHace un mes

    Big facts

  99. Alex NutCasio

    Alex NutCasioHace un mes

    Best part of S8E6 was "Good Boi" ghost........

  100. Promethean Knight

    Promethean KnightHace un mes

    HBO: Did you do it? D&D: Yes. HBO: What did it cost? D&D: Everything. Audience: What did you do? What did you do!

  101. Alex NutCasio

    Alex NutCasioHace un mes

    Ruined a perfectly good franchise in favor of Star Wars. A$$holes..............

  102. Island Rastah88

    Island Rastah88Hace un mes

    Grey worm to Tyrion: You do not speak! Tyrion: Bran should be king.. Everyone else: ... um OK yes! 😑👈

  103. Jessica Johnson

    Jessica JohnsonHace un mes

    Yes it was sooo dumb


    LOLI_JESUSHace un mes

    Dissapointing end, I'll wait for the next book

  105. Lucas H

    Lucas HHace un mes

    So disappointing that WaPo is using valuable resources on this.

  106. XP101

    XP101Hace un mes

    Tyrion survived, that's all I wanted to know.

  107. William Cunningham

    William CunninghamHace un mes

    Loved the Irony of The King Slayer, Jamie Lanister, preventing the slaughter of all King Landing by assasinating Mad King Aerys Targaryen. While Jon stood by and Watched Danny do it and kills her after the dead is done?

  108. Ron Finnlr

    Ron FinnlrHace un mes

    What's weird to me is that when Tyrian is asking bran about being king and he says I know you don't want it but we need a king. Then why didn't they stick with John. John was like bran and didn't want it either but at least he is the true heir to the throne. Really dissatisfied with the outcome of the show.