The Denver Comedy Special 🍃 w/ Karlous Miller, DC Young Fly and Chico Bean


  1. Ava Holloway

    Ava HollowayHace 2 días

    Karlous your "D" print is distracting ijs

  2. Leah Watson

    Leah WatsonHace 3 días

    They need to make that a song jeans and a church jacket frfr😂😂

  3. Aj Johnson

    Aj JohnsonHace 3 días

    Hey 85south y'all need to come down paducah ky

  4. Greg Thomas

    Greg ThomasHace 4 días

    DC young fly the youngest one of them all but spit the realest shit tbh all of them be saying some real shit but real talk u have to take that leap of faith to at least try to succeed in life. LOVE YALL N BE SAFE, HAVE FAITH IN GOD AMEN 🙏🏽

  5. Lamar Cargile

    Lamar CargileHace 4 días

    First time watching. I love it 😭😭😭😂😂😂💀💀💀 im subbing

  6. Kingcool Tv

    Kingcool TvHace 4 días

    😂😂😂😂 nawww these niggas high asf

  7. Isaiah Sellers

    Isaiah SellersHace 5 días

    1:15:21 Chico asked DC for the blunt and DC acting like he invisible 😂😂

  8. Kris Morris

    Kris MorrisHace 5 días

    44:26 if yall dont make this a song fse

  9. callie jones

    callie jonesHace 5 días

    Karlous Miller could get all of it 😍

  10. Bryson Wallace

    Bryson WallaceHace 6 días

    Chico the realest mf about the shit that happen errday


    MiLiTARY MiNDEDHace 8 días

    *Nobody : .....* *Host : You’re Looking @ The NEW Kings of COMEDY!*

  12. Brittany Hicks

    Brittany HicksHace 8 días

    I suffer from depression and anxiety, these men always help me feel better.

  13. Chris Jackson

    Chris JacksonHace 10 días

    The chick at the very end was tryna Cut Something. #SheThick

  14. BmikejR bearden

    BmikejR beardenHace 7 días

    Fam! They cut the video quick when she turned around with that indecent proposal 😂😂😂😂

  15. Martiqua Nelson

    Martiqua NelsonHace 10 días

    Gemini ♊️

  16. Life of Jordan

    Life of JordanHace 11 días

    I’m a Taurus n my daughter is an Aries so that zodiac session hit home hard.. on God B #ChicoBean🥰

  17. Imani Neshae

    Imani NeshaeHace 11 días

    Chico told the white lady “nah don’t come up here” 😭😭

  18. G Williams

    G WilliamsHace 11 días

    I can b y’all Dj

  19. Tour Map

    Tour MapHace 11 días

    lmao dc , autotune wasnt on😂😂

  20. Titilayo Anoma

    Titilayo AnomaHace 11 días

    45:37 aw yea that high really took over

  21. TrillTheProducer

    TrillTheProducerHace 12 días

    Chicos knowledge of music never fails to amaze me

  22. Michael Sanson

    Michael SansonHace 13 días

    When will y'all be in Minneapolis again?? Was out of town when yal came last month!

  23. BmikejR bearden

    BmikejR beardenHace 14 días

    DC GOT SO HIGH THAT NIGGA WAS ON THE FLOOR! Lol! Shout out to the cameraman for not recording that indecent proposal! My nigga!

  24. Tina Callahan

    Tina CallahanHace 14 días

    Al B. Sure wrote “Forever my lady” for Kim Porter. Classic shit!!!

  25. Sidavia Foggs

    Sidavia FoggsHace 14 días

    Aries friend 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 sorry Karlous idk about males but females 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾😂😂😂

  26. dnielleready

    dniellereadyHace 14 días

    Lmbo @1:04:08 the drunk man was following behind a lady and her man pushed him away 😂

  27. Christopher Sherman

    Christopher ShermanHace 16 días

    These bruhs never repeat straight off the top of their heads.

  28. Iwina Washington

    Iwina WashingtonHace 16 días

    Y'all wild

  29. Earl Washington

    Earl WashingtonHace 16 días

    May she Rest In Peace fuck naw

  30. Jibaro PR

    Jibaro PRHace 16 días


  31. BodyBy Jude

    BodyBy JudeHace 17 días

    Of all the things that I have heard these brothers talk about , I appreciate the good advice and inspiration that they’ve given to everyone that’s either watched this episode or seen it in person. Inspiration is something that everyone needs.. God bless the 85 south show👍🏾

  32. Treyquan Goodwin

    Treyquan GoodwinHace 17 días

    That nigga song trash asf

  33. Treyquan Goodwin

    Treyquan GoodwinHace 15 días

    Y’all fw him yeah they all was lying

  34. Tasia Leona

    Tasia LeonaHace 17 días

    Exactly I was waiting for somebody to say something 😂

  35. Titilayo Anoma

    Titilayo AnomaHace 17 días


  36. Don Henry

    Don HenryHace 17 días


  37. Jaylin Scott

    Jaylin ScottHace 18 días

    Aries yessssss🤤🤪💯

  38. Gerald Lawrence

    Gerald LawrenceHace 18 días

    I enjoy this sh!+ and I Appreciate the energy u give at the end of the show. Bless up

  39. Island Mamaz

    Island MamazHace 18 días

    All day work pussy sounds like my husband

  40. Jirah Lawrence

    Jirah LawrenceHace 18 días

    I'm in Denver and I'm so mad I missed this!!! I love you guys so much!

  41. In the Life of jay

    In the Life of jayHace 19 días


  42. LaVonne Walker

    LaVonne WalkerHace 19 días

    Aries 💪🏾💯💪🏾 #GangGang

  43. Chizz 1Time

    Chizz 1TimeHace 20 días

    who is the nigga that keep laughing in the background with the goofy ass laugh

  44. Icy Acey

    Icy AceyHace 20 días

    1:53:09 shorty tryna throw that MOUFFF 😂 she was tryna put on her sexy face . I know ya tricks girl

  45. Ronald Bryant

    Ronald BryantHace 20 días

    Yooo the Minneapolis show is the funniest shit

  46. young mann mann

    young mann mannHace 20 días


  47. young mann mann

    young mann mannHace 20 días


  48. Tasia Leona

    Tasia LeonaHace 21 un día


  49. Tez Da1

    Tez Da1Hace 21 un día

    I’m a Aries Friend 💯on god

  50. young mann mann

    young mann mannHace 21 un día

    20:00 😂😂😂

  51. dennis scott

    dennis scottHace 22 días

    Karlous needs to stop playing and perform his classic hit " Gimme Some Of That."

  52. alonda mccoy

    alonda mccoyHace 22 días

    When did y'all come to Denver I live in Colorado and I want to come see y'all frfr I love y'all

  53. Youngzay21 Pratt

    Youngzay21 PrattHace 22 días

    I live in Brighton co

  54. Tasia Leona

    Tasia LeonaHace 22 días

    "Aint no body coming to vote for yo stupid ass." 😂😂😂


    THE SHAY WAYHace 23 días

    Why at the end of the video (1:57:58) dc kneeled Down, was he praying?


    THE SHAY WAYHace 13 días

    Jennifer Alford I love that about him, that means he’s humble and a prayed up man, and thanks for answering my question

  57. Jennifer Alford

    Jennifer AlfordHace 13 días

    Yes. He does that after each show.

  58. Tasia Leona

    Tasia LeonaHace 24 días


  59. koolaidhunter 2136

    koolaidhunter 2136Hace 24 días

    I'm a Gemini

  60. Alike Cooper

    Alike CooperHace 25 días

    Yayyyy Karlous you my sign twin! #ariesfire I love ya'll :)

  61. queen b

    queen bHace 26 días

    Love watching them. An karlous is so damn cute!!!

  62. YBN. Niyah

    YBN. NiyahHace 26 días

    why does chico keep rubbing his knees


    THICC NOODLEHace 26 días

    my baby girl crazy too but she make it sexyyyy


    THICC NOODLEHace 26 días

    my baby girl is a Aries, the best people in the world. Love yall

  65. alleyezonme79

    alleyezonme79Hace 26 días

    preaaaaach, DC!! yasssss, baby

  66. Brittany Martin

    Brittany MartinHace 27 días

    All I know is hunnid racks 6 was trash

  67. Jamir The chosen One Johnson

    Jamir The chosen One JohnsonHace 27 días

    Oooooooooo yeah yeah yeah

  68. Jamir The chosen One Johnson

    Jamir The chosen One JohnsonHace 27 días

    How do that voice how u make

  69. Denzel Parker

    Denzel ParkerHace 27 días

    Damn got me playing the tonight album

  70. Gabs Queen

    Gabs QueenHace 28 días

    True bout the Aries friend though💯 My best friend a Aries

  71. Marie Antoinette

    Marie AntoinetteHace 28 días

    Who else noticed the white lady who wanted to get up talk to y’all she was drunk af and her friend was like bitch no sit tf down lol I done seen these episodes too many times

  72. Jessica Green

    Jessica GreenHace 28 días

    ♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️♉️ yaaaaaaasssss DC

  73. mikayla meadows

    mikayla meadowsHace 28 días

    yesss sir

  74. Brionte Pettit

    Brionte PettitHace 28 días

    Karlous Miller can get it ASAP

  75. Grim Dray

    Grim DrayHace 28 días

    Beat my dick to a ghost😂😂

  76. Keith Devaughn

    Keith DevaughnHace 29 días

    Would've been nice if the dj could have put on some beats for niggas to rap to.

  77. Tinyy Thomas

    Tinyy ThomasHace 29 días

    Chico lied when he said he was soooooooo high 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣 Dnt believe me go back Nd look then gimme my likes‼️🤞🏽🚫🧢

  78. Tinyy Thomas

    Tinyy ThomasHace 29 días

    Damn that’s sucks I wasn’t there , but y’all are hilarious 🥰😘🤣🤣

  79. torie crittenden

    torie crittendenHace un mes

    so can y’all come to indianapolis??

  80. Taylor Imani

    Taylor ImaniHace un mes

    Taurus Gang ♉️

  81. Tyla Loves To Sing

    Tyla Loves To SingHace un mes

    Chico said "fuck dat, I'm a Pisces" 🤣🤣😂😂 #piscesgang

  82. ChefBoyardee

    ChefBoyardeeHace un mes

    Nigga not Italian

  83. Mana G

    Mana GHace un mes

    who tf is in this crowd laughing like that surfer on sponge bob lmao

  84. jrad0369

    jrad0369Hace 10 días

    if you watch any of the other shows, you hear this laugh in it too lol

  85. KhiNoLimt ._

    KhiNoLimt ._Hace 19 días

    its the camera man every video😂

  86. Brian Ditto

    Brian DittoHace 19 días

    Mana G lol thats one of they cameramen

  87. Marlene Castillo

    Marlene CastilloHace 28 días


  88. kingsMom 2

    kingsMom 2Hace un mes

    My cousin was kidnapped tortured and murdered that was real talk at the end. Stop the violence I love y'all so much😘

  89. Tjay Ps4

    Tjay Ps4Hace un mes

    That was lit

  90. Jeff Bentz

    Jeff BentzHace un mes

    When Karlous trades mics with DC 😂😂😂 "This feels so much better"