The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star


  1. Ava Thompson

    Ava ThompsonHace 7 horas

    When Shane went down on one knee and pulled out the ring I cried

  2. kate000a

    kate000aHace 9 horas

    If you’re not sobbing like a baby for the proposal portion even though you’ve already seen it I don’t want to know you.

  3. Sam Oli

    Sam OliHace 9 horas

    Nate teaching Shane how to do makeup 🥺

  4. Grace Tyce

    Grace TyceHace 9 horas

    ok but the intro is iconic

  5. Delainie Howard Vlogs

    Delainie Howard VlogsHace 9 horas

    This whole series is just absolutely amazing if you’ve been following both Shane and Jeffree for as long as I have. Like even before they’d met each other, and now that they’re here, it’s kinda crazy. I’m just so happy for them. Also the sweet montage near the end had me crying happy tears.


    KADEN COENHace 11 horas

    When you think you sitting on dick but it’s a dildo

  7. Rebecca Fulford

    Rebecca FulfordHace 17 horas

    Okay but anyone else thinks that Ryland's mom was so supportive of Shane for all of this and it's so freaking ADORABLE

  8. Andrew Vanderbilt-Astor

    Andrew Vanderbilt-AstorHace 17 horas

    Andrew is too cute omg.

  9. Shalamar Greer

    Shalamar GreerHace 17 horas

    grunma was like oh sorry like she just caught a murder...Why do I just, I don't know how much I appreciate Shane his babe's relationship when I watch how wonderful he gets along with Star. It's like they are just not IT! Shane an his babe....Is it offensive to say, I don't like him or them because I don't like him

  10. Moonchild _BTS

    Moonchild _BTSHace 17 horas

    "Lower your bads, the higher your goods." ~Morgan Adams,2019

  11. Audrey Rose

    Audrey RoseHace 18 horas

    Yess, twilight zone vibes. Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson as bffs.. my prayers have been answered ❤️

  12. happy2B anoutsider

    happy2B anoutsiderHace 19 horas

    it DPUNDA like a joke cos it IS a joke, any fool that jumped on that car fucking band wagon has proved only their own depth and toxicity. let them fester Shane cos the actual humans on this planet know that THOSE WHO MATTTER DONT MIND AND THOSE THAT MIND DONT MATTTER!!💯 🙏 🙌 I

  13. happy2B anoutsider

    happy2B anoutsiderHace 19 horas

    people who Know thry are BELOW YOU will ALWAYS try n drag you down to their level... let them stay in the dam gutter where they belong festering in their own poisonous malace.

  14. Kelsey Hughes

    Kelsey HughesHace 21 un hora

    Is it just me thinking the person who broke in also planted/dropped the tea bag to play with them?

  15. Sha Mamac

    Sha MamacHace 22 horas

    Omg!!!!!!!!! So much love ❤️❤️❤️💍🥰😍

  16. name e

    name eHace un día

    is it weird that i actually cried at the end

  17. Brandon Cole

    Brandon ColeHace un día

    This is the only video that has made me cry at an proposal. Just makes me feel so happy that that’s gonna be me someday 😁😁

  18. LYMental

    LYMentalHace un día

    As someone who seems to have the Jeffree luck with friends I hope I find a Shane someday, let alone a Nate/Ryland. Great series, y'all are so refreshing.

  19. LYMental

    LYMentalHace un día

    Casually sobbing at the buildup to the proposal, they have such an honest but lovely relationship. Y'all give me hope for people in general.

  20. San Cambly

    San CamblyHace un día

    You demons get paid alot . I know who you are, devil worshippers.

  21. Money Queen Mayra

    Money Queen MayraHace un día

    this should be a Netflix series subscribe to my channel if you love the palette

  22. Jayde D'Agnolo

    Jayde D'AgnoloHace un día

    Jeffrey literally said that blue and the brown would look beautiful together and after posting a video of him using the pallet he literally use those two exact colors together

  23. Alisa Dreams

    Alisa DreamsHace un día

    Seeing Shane having ryland Morgan Andrew and Jeffery in his life made him smile so much! If he didn’t have them I bet he be really sad not enjoying him self. If he didn’t have everyone in his life. Or having ESreporter

  24. kaitlyn Martins

    kaitlyn MartinsHace un día

    17:57 am I dumb ? Who's Susan lol ? Anyone??

  25. Ruby Pereyra

    Ruby PereyraHace un día

    What if the person that was apart of the robbery was James Charles ohhhhhh tea

  26. Hunter Hudgens

    Hunter HudgensHace un día

    I think it would be REALLY fun if Jeffree did a Arcade Palette

  27. Caroline Phillimeano

    Caroline PhillimeanoHace un día

    I love that he used one of Catie Turner's songs! She's such an amazing singer and song writer!

  28. Megan Duncanson

    Megan DuncansonHace un día

    Wow that ending tho ♥ ♥ 😢

  29. Megan Duncanson

    Megan DuncansonHace un día

    That message from rylands dad really has me crying ♥

  30. carmie

    carmieHace un día

    THE END MADE MY CRY ITS SO CUTEeeeerskkwannawjjwuwwuuwq

  31. Soulja boy Tell em

    Soulja boy Tell emHace un día

    Boys and girls we did it

  32. eli doy

    eli doyHace un día

    way is shan not doing good vidos

  33. Vincent Medina

    Vincent MedinaHace un día

    LMAOO Jeffree even has a pillow of his own head 😭 AHAHA love that.

  34. Abner Figueroa

    Abner FigueroaHace un día

    Shane literally every episode I’ve watched so far has made me so happy for you KILL IT GIRL!!! But I’ve been watching with just a big smile on my face cause of how happy I am for you. KEEP DOING YOU AND KEEP MAKING YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE!!! I’m wishing lots and lots of love to you and everyone ;)

  35. Shelby Petrocco

    Shelby PetroccoHace un día

    I never stop falling in love with Jeffree and Shane! I'm so happy for you both and excited to see your Empire continue to flourish! Congrats you bitches are Legends! and you give us big dreamers a reason to believe in ourselves! I CANNOT possibly ever thank you, Jeffree and Shane and your entire squad, enough! You GIVE me hope and faith with each and every video I get the pleasure to watch! I know you don't need my approval but I'm extremely PROUD of everyone!

  36. Yandelay Aguilar

    Yandelay AguilarHace un día

    Shane: how do we use this to our advantage? Andrew: might as well Morgan: we sell you palette Andrew: man she’s fucked up I felt that. 6:02

  37. Tenley Patrick

    Tenley PatrickHace un día

    Daddy was in this🥺

  38. briana gonzalez

    briana gonzalezHace un día

    i rlly think he should’ve made a shade after that shirt he used to wear all the time in his eating videos!

  39. ASMR Capricorn

    ASMR CapricornHace un día


  40. Zamiee_ Crazy

    Zamiee_ CrazyHace un día


  41. lev meh alone plez

    lev meh alone plezHace un día

    22:21 woah that went from 0 to 100 real fast

  42. neha ansari

    neha ansariHace un día

    Please tell me what are the two songs were playing in the background when they were doing swatches✨🙈😭

  43. chavela25

    chavela25Hace un día

    54:28 I teared up. Precious love.

  44. chavela25

    chavela25Hace un día

    I loved at 50:30, it was like they were looking at their baby. I thought it was the sweetest part.

  45. Tania's World

    Tania's WorldHace un día

    This is exciting and at the same time sad

  46. ellobec

    ellobecHace un día

    Watching this forced my hand. I’ve now purchased $100 of Jeffree products so he needs to thank you. I like quality. I can see he puts everything he has into it. I know it won’t be possible for me to get your palette for like 6 months, coz it sells out in 1 second. Which sucks. Like you guys knew a billion people want to buy it. People are selling your palette on eBay for $200+, that’s how desperate we are.

  47. Phie Murray-Smith

    Phie Murray-SmithHace un día

    I'm sorry but the whole family in the silly tracksuits at the end there cracked me up!

  48. Clark Kalkman

    Clark KalkmanHace un día

    PALATE IDEA!! Okay So take your favorite strains of weed, try to figure out a certain colour for it that matches the strain. For the naming process, do the strains of weed it was inspired by (White widow, blue dream, slurricane, etc. . And the stamps could be either (sativa) or (Indica) or even like a hybrid! As for the box it's in, you could call it "4:20 shade it"? Idk. Sorry I'm a huge fan and stoner lol.

  49. X_Prototype 1

    X_Prototype 1Hace un día

    2 colors that would be great of he adds more palettes or anymore make up products would be like. SpookTea boi's and it would be a tea color obviously. And another one would be Cemetery and it could be a spookyish color like a light grey for a mixture of ghost and gravestone :D hope you like the idea's shane

  50. HalLogicArt

    HalLogicArtHace 2 días

    This series is crazy how much money and dedication goes into the beauty world! It's truly amazing!

  51. Brittaney Few

    Brittaney FewHace 2 días

    I want to get a Shane dawson pallet and I don't even wear makeup but it that how much love Shane dawson that be awesome to learn from his makeup pallet do a review on my ESreporter channel that be dope to do I have do after Christmas. Maybe can't wait

  52. Angelica Gonzales And Faith Leon

    Angelica Gonzales And Faith LeonHace 2 días

    Who knew Shane and Jeffrey would come this close

  53. Danielle Laboy

    Danielle LaboyHace 2 días

    I didn’t cry at the dedication, you did. Jeez

  54. BlackFire RP

    BlackFire RPHace 2 días

    16:52 Silence if the doggos

  55. Amanda Arellano

    Amanda ArellanoHace 2 días

    Shane, You see this so much so I know it won't make the slightest difference in your world, however, I grew up watching you in your OG days and have followed you since and see how much you've grown with your personality and content and I want you to know it is fuckin beautiful and I am so fucking proud of you man Much love, stay beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  56. Spore Control

    Spore ControlHace 2 días


  57. Emily Mann

    Emily MannHace 2 días

    You can tell Jeffree treats his employees good with how happy they are to be working on Shane’s pallet and creating it.

  58. Kat Rose

    Kat RoseHace 2 días

    The ending had me in tears

  59. Laurel Kline

    Laurel KlineHace 2 días

    This is the most dramatic and lovely editing.

  60. Majesty

    MajestyHace 2 días

    Jeffree should come out with his own make up game. we’re you build your own make up empire. KJSKSKSKSSKSK