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  1. Zylith Purrfect

    Zylith PurrfectHace 12 horas

    *Barbara Palvin GRAND entrance is* *soooo cool*

  2. Jay Panjari

    Jay PanjariHace un día

    There is a misconception about barbara palvin in this video, The reaction from kelsea at 2:11 is because rhythm of the music turn into fast paced and energetic mode and the chainsmoker singer said"new york city, how you feeling"?.so people cheer out loud. Not because of barbara. People love it think its because of barbara. And the Victoria secrets people took advantage of it and go with the flow to manipulate people by putting thumbnail of barbara to increase its viewer base.

  3. Merlina Britos

    Merlina BritosHace un día

    02:11 wow 😄 B.P

  4. KidsBoss

    KidsBossHace un día

    Why everymodel underwear.. Dont they have any long pant.. Or they failed to show there talen and trying to take attention of MEN..

  5. Lekhav Lekhav

    Lekhav LekhavHace un día


  6. การ์จูน ร่มเกล้า

    การ์จูน ร่มเกล้าHace un día


  7. Sandeep Raj

    Sandeep RajHace 2 días

    That drop at 02.10 mark and Palvin slaying to it is the best part of this video. On loop.

  8. maleja83

    maleja83Hace 2 días

    Im sorry, but WTF with the models in this segment, too many too much, they look like in a production line full of try hards, is like only Candice and Barbara Palvin, the rest full of blah girls without any charisma and only trying very hard to get noticed.. No wonder this was the last show that is going to be televised, with Adriana out, only Candice and Behati (they are on their way out anyway) and they recluted Barbara Palvin too late.. Not charisma, not models, no nothing... Just looking at old shows, this is just pityful, the power of IG models

  9. Lala Land

    Lala LandHace 2 días

    Hair eyes mouth arms legs 10/10 for Candice

  10. hailee selena

    hailee selenaHace 3 días

    i luv the models singing in backstage!!!!

  11. Khamba Singh

    Khamba SinghHace 3 días


  12. Alison Ureta

    Alison UretaHace 3 días

    3:19 barbara 😂

  13. liesse ey

    liesse eyHace 3 días

    Barbara Palvin is healthy ✊

  14. Celine Nazha

    Celine NazhaHace 3 días

    Barbara owned this runway, lets be honest.. as well as the song and the artists

  15. John Gideon

    John GideonHace 4 días

    Barbara Fialho is goddess 🔥☄️💥. Those eyes of hers are very much Joan Crawford like 👌. Totally old Hollywood glamour 😍

  16. Milo Escobar

    Milo EscobarHace 4 días

  17. line imnida

    line imnidaHace 4 días

    Aside from Candice and Barbara, I think Lorena Rae is stunning! She took my breath away.

  18. Ninis Hendiary

    Ninis HendiaryHace 6 días

    Candice love u so much .so awesome babe

  19. Ruchika Behl

    Ruchika BehlHace 6 días


  20. 111サツキ

    111サツキHace 6 días

    2:25可愛すぎる美しすぎる… 私の一押しです… エンジェルになってくれてありがとう

  21. 이유경

    이유경Hace 6 días

    01:31 ^^👍🏻

  22. Dany :v

    Dany :vHace 7 días

    Without Candice Swanepoel and Barbara Palvin the show will be nothing ❤️💕🥰

  23. Dany :v

    Dany :vHace 3 días

    Leana Carden yassss 💕

  24. Leana Carden

    Leana CardenHace 5 días

    +Andrea Ng 2:30 that's Barbara. She is unbelievably beautiful. And her walk was just perfection, not forgetting Candice. They were what made the whole show not to be worth nothing.

  25. Andrea Ng

    Andrea NgHace 6 días

    Can u tell me a little bit about Barbara and why is she so famous? ‘Cause all the comments mention about her but i really dont know who is she

  26. อนุชา โคตรนารินทร์

    อนุชา โคตรนารินทร์Hace 7 días

    1:04 Love you

  27. Kines Lee

    Kines LeeHace 7 días

    I don't watch victoria fashion show anymore. Because to many models are older and ugly.

  28. qb

    qbHace 7 días

    CANDICE 😍😊💕

  29. Azahely Carrizales

    Azahely CarrizalesHace 8 días

    Im just here for barbara and candice ya'all ❤

  30. Al Gu

    Al GuHace 8 días

    No one thinks she looks like leslie knope?

  31. Iva Bolin

    Iva BolinHace 8 días

    All the new models are bad.

  32. Isabella Nguyen

    Isabella NguyenHace 8 días

    They repeated to many outfits.

  33. DJ Parafa

    DJ ParafaHace 9 días


  34. April Signorelli

    April SignorelliHace 9 días

    The Chinese girl looks like she's on her menstrual cycle

  35. k manghpa

    k manghpaHace 9 días

    2:30~2:34 who is she????

  36. Masal Yonsu

    Masal YonsuHace 3 días

    Barbara palvin

  37. alvi tahmiid

    alvi tahmiidHace 10 días

    Barbara P *alvi* n ❤

  38. Sudipta Kumar Sahoo

    Sudipta Kumar SahooHace 10 días

    Why on Earth does this video has so less views.....🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  39. bella beam

    bella beamHace 11 días

    if people say ur too skinny i'm like bitch have u seen victoria's secret models

  40. Musnun Aman

    Musnun AmanHace 11 días

    No one can beat the beauty of Candice 😍

  41. Murat TOPAK

    Murat TOPAKHace 12 días

    2:10 the way barbara enters the runway is just so on time with the music.

  42. Lynx6

    Lynx6Hace 7 días

    Murat TOPAK nice copying my reaction!

  43. Alice Aguilar

    Alice AguilarHace 12 días


  44. Safari Playz

    Safari PlayzHace 14 días

    Victoria Secret is for those girl who always wanted a big boob or a hot bf -___-

  45. Boys with luv

    Boys with luvHace 15 días

    2:03 she always the most beautiful model on the stage 💕

  46. Borderline Personality Disorder 1978

    Borderline Personality Disorder 1978Hace 15 días

    These pricks Tbe Chainsmokers are total garbage throw these loser cunts into an open incinerator & watch them fry 2 death 💀💀☠☠

  47. badbojsen

    badbojsenHace 15 días

    best moment 3:35

  48. oh Granny

    oh GrannyHace 16 días

    arghh.. Jasmin face is always made me's so pretty.

  49. Rini D Lestari

    Rini D LestariHace 16 días

    Candice for opening always right. And the way she find camera. damn i’m in love

  50. victorious V

    victorious VHace 16 días

    ming xi your outfit is gorgeous like you!!

  51. Jugami Goyary

    Jugami GoyaryHace 16 días

    I love Barbara...

  52. Michael Crennan

    Michael CrennanHace 16 días

    Candice!! Ugh she’s my crush. She’s so perfect!!!

  53. Nicole A

    Nicole AHace 16 días

    Love this song so much 💙💙

  54. 林 祐人

    林 祐人Hace 17 días

    Nice porn

  55. Bhiel Pakingan

    Bhiel PakinganHace 17 días

    Kelsey Meritt plsss..

  56. catlyn kk

    catlyn kkHace 17 días

    Kelsey is looking so so so beautiful in that outfit

  57. ibrahim jaan

    ibrahim jaanHace 17 días

    i am just here to ask that who the fuck wear these in real life??? seriously....

  58. Yaritza Hernandez

    Yaritza HernandezHace 17 días

    Who is 0:59

  59. Allie Powell Fan

    Allie Powell FanHace 17 días


  60. Be Kind

    Be KindHace 17 días

    Why is no one talking about Stella Maxwell? She is gorgeous and so are her eyes!!!!! And Kelsea is gorgeous too!

  61. Be Kind

    Be KindHace 17 días

    Kelsea's the one who looks like a model! She is gorgeous and has a great body!!!!

  62. Be Kind

    Be KindHace 17 días

    +Allie Powell Fan YESS! Also, just subbed 2 Allie!!!! She's actually a good singer!!!!!!!!!

  63. Allie Powell Fan

    Allie Powell FanHace 17 días

    I know!! Kelsea is amazing!!! She looks so gorgeous and has more talent that all of them (except 4 Barbara and Candice)

  64. tinker aing

    tinker aingHace 18 días

    Stay here for barbaraa socuteeee

  65. sneko

    snekoHace 18 días

    Best performance ever.

  66. Felcty Bautista

    Felcty BautistaHace 18 días

    Candice and Barbara so gorgeous well if course they all are

  67. Little Star

    Little StarHace 18 días

    Who is the first model?

  68. Daniel

    DanielHace 11 días

    Candice Swanepoel

  69. Prashant Rawat

    Prashant RawatHace 19 días

    Balvoni rockes

  70. LovelySky

    LovelySkyHace 19 días

    1:31 sooo iconic

  71. MinYong Kim

    MinYong KimHace 19 días

    Barbara...... U seriously make me wanna be lesbian.... so beautiful💜🙆‍♀️

  72. Mahalaleel Derder

    Mahalaleel DerderHace 19 días

    whos this girl? she's beautiful 1:15

  73. Masal Yonsu

    Masal YonsuHace 3 días

    Jasmine tookes

  74. Moosedraw

    MoosedrawHace 19 días

    I wonder how many of the performers think they’re being cheered for before they turn around and see the models there.

  75. julla

    jullaHace 19 días

    I saw barbara palvin at the thumbnail hehe she’s my fave angel

  76. Katie Romilly

    Katie RomillyHace 20 días

    All these models are perfection 😍

  77. miss asma

    miss asmaHace 20 días

    1:34 name of model😍

  78. Masal Yonsu

    Masal YonsuHace 3 días

    Grace elizabeth

  79. maicon douglas

    maicon douglasHace 20 días

    2:45 a angel

  80. Masal Yonsu

    Masal YonsuHace 3 días

    Ming Xi very beautiful

  81. Mahmoud Elabeady

    Mahmoud ElabeadyHace 20 días

    Gooooood job Chainsmokers

  82. Akiralight344

    Akiralight344Hace 21 un día

    I don't even notes the outfits so pretty mew mew!

  83. Little Gamer

    Little GamerHace 21 un día

    1:03 messi are you??

  84. Maria Anthonette Echavez

    Maria Anthonette EchavezHace 21 un día

    Barbara is perfection 🤩

  85. Joseph M. Hall Jr.

    Joseph M. Hall Jr.Hace 21 un día

    Become like them, Elohim.

  86. Nishmitha B

    Nishmitha BHace 21 un día

    This lady... She had fab vocals..saved the show!! Coz he's a crappy singer!!

  87. Jason Lee

    Jason LeeHace 21 un día

    Kacey is the hottest woman there...

  88. Chelsea

    ChelseaHace 22 días

    Around at @2:05-2:07 you can hear someone screaming "-bara!!!" right when Barbara was walking up and at @2:15-2:16 you can see Dylan (on the left, wearing white) standing up and cheering for her :)

  89. Jane Dionisio

    Jane DionisioHace 22 días

    Kelsea's Legs 🔥🔥🔥

  90. Wispy Lola

    Wispy LolaHace 22 días

    Candice omg 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


    SIN Ē PABLOHace 22 días

    Candice is such a goddess

  92. TanGo

    TanGoHace 22 días

    0:28 Why aren't we appreciating that *wow* by Barbara Fialho?

  93. L. Izabella

    L. IzabellaHace 22 días

    Anyone knows who is the model at 2:06?

  94. eilluried_

    eilluried_Hace 23 días

    Let’s not ignore the fact that romee looks so damn gorgeous 💖💖💖

  95. Allen Zhang

    Allen ZhangHace 23 días

    i think lorena is the hottest, apparently no one else thinks that way.

  96. Eliandro Furiato

    Eliandro FuriatoHace 23 días

    A cantora é tão linda qto as demais modelos

  97. Prince99

    Prince99Hace 23 días

    The model at 2:31 😩😩😩❤️❤️❤️

  98. Maria Berrios

    Maria BerriosHace 4 días

    Barbara Palvin

  99. Ebru ebru

    Ebru ebruHace 24 días

    Romee is awesome

  100. super puff

    super puffHace 24 días

    I luv 3:38 💗

  101. Boz Ralph Pentinio

    Boz Ralph PentinioHace 24 días

    the only legit and real bombshells on this show are behati, josephine, candice, elsa, romee and barbara. sorry not sorry

  102. Eric A

    Eric AHace 24 días

    Sexy ass women hot as fuck.

  103. Maria Santos Vlogs

    Maria Santos VlogsHace 24 días

    I had the same reaction as Barbara Fialho (0:27) when i saw her at 1:48

  104. Breno Queiroz

    Breno QueirozHace 25 días

    3:27 💕

  105. Hannah Maria

    Hannah MariaHace 25 días

    Candice and Barbara ♥️♥️

  106. Nitish Kennedy

    Nitish KennedyHace 26 días

    I look at Kalsea rather than models

  107. Tạp Hoá Nhật Minh

    Tạp Hoá Nhật MinhHace 26 días

    3:00 what’s her name?

  108. lily bee

    lily beeHace 26 días

    Lorena rae

  109. Laura Melcova

    Laura MelcovaHace 26 días

    Grace elizabeth has such a charming personality 😍😍

  110. Mm aa

    Mm aaHace 26 días

    Why are not we talking about Grace or Lorena

  111. tina

    tinaHace 27 días

    who is at 2:03?

  112. lily bee

    lily beeHace 26 días

    Sofie rovenstine

  113. pokedigger_BOO Conway

    pokedigger_BOO ConwayHace 27 días

    I love the song only

  114. T W

    T WHace 28 días

    Bad singers