The Broken Galaxy Folds: Explained!


  1. tete toons

    tete toonsHace un hora

    for broke people like me thats a free screen protector so we dont take it off

  2. meal216

    meal216Hace un hora

    $2000 for a phone that will be obsolete next year? Must be nice to be rich.

  3. Marshall Kendrick

    Marshall KendrickHace un hora

    an old mechanic told me a good word of advice "moving parts will eventually break"

  4. OLGMC

    OLGMCHace un hora

    So the one thing that destroys your new phone is that irresistible thing every human on the planet does with new phones?

  5. Lord Ba'al

    Lord Ba'alHace un hora

    RTFM. That's why they have all these papers in the box. These people that took it off themselves, it is their fault.

  6. SaintRS

    SaintRSHace un hora

    so 8 years in development and no testing? aight samsung in a nutshell

  7. Aquafina Wet Pussy

    Aquafina Wet PussyHace un hora

    ANnnn that’s why we Stan iPhones. Periodt

  8. KAREEM el abkary

    KAREEM el abkaryHace un hora

    0:06 *BTW, that's an Arabic hand movement that says I'm disappointed* 😂 ( not clapping, it's like if you're removing a dust of your hands by shaking it )

  9. gbullock2598

    gbullock2598Hace un hora

    This will boost sales of the galaxy s10 5g

  10. JimmyJak

    JimmyJakHace un hora

    Why didn’t you “get to keep the footage”?

  11. Xellos Metallium

    Xellos MetalliumHace un hora

    2:17 for you yes, us no.

  12. Caseko CSK

    Caseko CSKHace un hora

    Foldable screen is nice... but for this kind of foldable phones, we can just use bezeless screen (or at least minimal bezel in the middle parts). They are "old" technology, more robust and durable, also cheaper to produce.

  13. Luiz Boxwell Granja

    Luiz Boxwell GranjaHace un hora

    Das hot

  14. Noelle Hendrickson

    Noelle HendricksonHace un hora

    Watches on iPhoneX

  15. ツEnVy

    ツEnVyHace un hora

    This is why people don’t like androids...

  16. j3fF Boi

    j3fF BoiHace un hora

    “Mark Ass Brownie”

  17. Rtot 1738

    Rtot 1738Hace un hora

    As long as they give refunds and are good with customers they should be fine.

  18. kirby march barcena

    kirby march barcenaHace un hora

    This is the reason why rushing a new tech to the market doesn't usually works well.

  19. Mark Magana

    Mark MaganaHace un hora

    Buying new tech (like the Fold) is like buying a new car. Don’t go out and buy a 2020 year car cuz you don’t know if it’s going to have an expensive recall or if it’s going to be a lemon. Wait a year or two to see how reliable it is from other consumers. Same with new tech, especially as new and revolutionary as the Fold.

  20. Artemis_Alpha

    Artemis_AlphaHace un hora

    Bruh htf can u afford all these phones?

  21. Z Micheals

    Z MichealsHace un hora

    What do u do with all these phones you have on ur channel ... Just curious ??

  22. Rhett Annandale

    Rhett AnnandaleHace un hora

    The main take away from this is do not needlessly remove the screen protector from your brand new phone.

  23. CarnO2x

    CarnO2xHace un hora

    samsung got sum funny business ._.

  24. ArdikaFh

    ArdikaFhHace un hora

    Chill out guys don't be very upset cause these are still samples of the Galaxy Fold. I have faith in samsung.

  25. Richard Windsor

    Richard WindsorHace un hora

    Samsung phones are crap, nothing new.

  26. Artrocious GeeKz

    Artrocious GeeKzHace un hora


  27. CoCo Puffs

    CoCo PuffsHace un hora

    Nobody: Apple: Look We Can Make Our Phones Disappear $3,475 *AFFORDABLE , INNOVATIVE , APPLE*

  28. FlyingFilmsHD

    FlyingFilmsHDHace un hora

    Yes they’re the first to sell a folding phone like this but it’s the first model.. don’t buy it, it’s clearly gonna have issues smh

  29. Chris's honest 2 N 4 reviews

    Chris's honest 2 N 4 reviewsHace un hora

    What a horrible monster of a phone 🙊

  30. Redestroyer640

    Redestroyer640Hace un hora

    how many phones do you have marques

  31. Will Bodiford

    Will BodifordHace un hora

    And Samsung thought their troubles were over with the Galaxy Note 7...

  32. Kadedean Mchale

    Kadedean MchaleHace un hora

    When will the Samsung galaxy s10 5g Version be released

  33. Kimani Francis

    Kimani FrancisHace un hora

    Those Apple guys are sooo happy right now.

  34. Josh Greenberg

    Josh GreenbergHace un hora

    Dumb Whiten't

  35. Camel Chickenz

    Camel ChickenzHace un hora

    Is that mark ass brown lee

  36. richie rich

    richie richHace un hora

    I should have bought the insurance lol. Jk

  37. NiepoprawnyNick

    NiepoprawnyNickHace un hora

    Yeah , BS from the beginning .


    CHARLES CPHace un hora

    No ways i am gonna invest my money on Samsung’s experiments 👎🏻👎🏻 Such a waste of $2000...

  39. P Rivera

    P RiveraHace un hora

    I wouldnt give dumbass youtubers like you to review shit. All yours broke bc all you wanna be techies dont have common sense. You broke the damn thing and wanna review it. They should review why you are a dumbass. Take lessons from real youtubers. Go to unbox therapy to get schooled. Apple fag boy...even iphones exploded.

  40. A A

    A AHace un hora

    $1000 Galaxy Fold $1000 *SPECIAL* Screen Protector

  41. The GameMaster774

    The GameMaster774Hace un hora


  42. Alan

    AlanHace un hora

    Back then flip phones broke because the flexible cables could only take so many "fold" cycle (metal will just break when you bend them repeatedly). The new foldable smartphone is a bad idea from the start but I guess some people never learnt.

  43. c warner

    c warnerHace un hora

    At least it didn't catch on fire, seems like some phone had that issue a while back.

  44. Jack Wong

    Jack WongHace un hora

    I love the skin you have on your MacBook!! Wondering where I can get that.

  45. Joe Joe

    Joe JoeHace un hora

    Haters always hate..Players gon' play. Living life, man. Good luck!

  46. ChiefBlaze04

    ChiefBlaze04Hace un hora

    Nobody: Samsung Galaxy Fold: BuLgE. Furries: Notices your bulge, OwO

  47. P Rivera

    P RiveraHace un hora

    Dumbass youtuber..wanna be a techy..failed. common sense nigga...

  48. Issiaka K

    Issiaka KHace un hora

    Meanwhile, unbox therapy is folding it a literal thousand times.

  49. Skala 333

    Skala 333Hace un hora

    Just go for the One Plus 6t😎

  50. XenYOLO Games

    XenYOLO GamesHace un hora

    Heh i had something similar nothing new with galaxy folds. Just some nostalgia when folding phones with buttons were popular

  51. Stympt

    StymptHace un hora

    8 years broke in 8 hours!

  52. Doug Graham

    Doug GrahamHace un hora

    Folding screens. A very BAD idea.

  53. xandy -guy

    xandy -guyHace un hora

    Ha i love the jerry reference

  54. jew1x

    jew1xHace un hora

    nobody: villagers: 0:22

  55. CarnO2x

    CarnO2xHace un hora

    who the fuck let this black ape out of his cage?

  56. Michael Lefebvre

    Michael LefebvreHace un hora

    That phone will never last year when somebody abusing it everyday sorry technology isn't there yet

  57. GINGEY

    GINGEYHace un hora


  58. TheManGifted InFire

    TheManGifted InFireHace un hora

    I wouldn't ever get a Apple phone, because it features aren't exciting, but a Samsung "Oh Hell Yeah!"

  59. C. M.

    C. M.Hace un hora

    $2000 phone that breaks on its own...

  60. Minecraftlando

    MinecraftlandoHace un hora

    this is what t-mobile had in plan

  61. Saartan

    SaartanHace un hora

    So therefore Apple didn’t release their foldable phone yet...

  62. Gemma

    GemmaHace un hora

    Why did they give it to a dumb darkie??

  63. Josh Greenberg

    Josh GreenbergHace un hora

    They don't come much dumber than this. What do you expect though, they're barely human.

  64. Gigi Berlogea

    Gigi BerlogeaHace un hora

    Haha all these tech zealots and their shitty folds :)... I don't give a fuck about ur folds... ur brains is missing them :)

  65. Ty B

    Ty BHace un hora

    Who did the intro music it dope

  66. Benjamin Brawler

    Benjamin BrawlerHace un hora

    You said you wish you still had that footage... You deleted it? even though YOU thought it was a protective peel.

  67. Richard Joseph

    Richard JosephHace un hora

    Yo, I'm watching this on my $25 Nokia flip phone!

  68. Darius Parauan

    Darius ParauanHace un hora

    Shitty company with shitty phones and shitty software

  69. #metalworker#hdtruckmechanic #automechanic#farmer

    #metalworker#hdtruckmechanic #automechanic#farmerHace un hora

    Nothing to see here. Just another disposable samsung product

  70. AceTrainerJ

    AceTrainerJHace un hora

    I had a 2DS with me... someone thought it was a galaxy fold.

  71. MrCrazyID

    MrCrazyIDHace un hora

    Still looks like the best and most expensive fidget spinner alternative

  72. Candi Soda

    Candi SodaHace un hora

    Thank you guinea pigs :) lol

  73. stillFLiP

    stillFLiPHace un hora

    Pay $2000 to test our product. Seems fair.

  74. Juan Franco

    Juan FrancoHace un hora

    Mark ass

  75. Saud Shabra

    Saud ShabraHace un hora

    Buy an iPhone Xmas and apple air pods and Apple Watch for the same price 😂

  76. Pasdor 993

    Pasdor 993Hace un hora

    Markass brownlee

  77. A Mei main

    A Mei mainHace un hora

    The “most advanced phone in history” is held by a screen protector 🤦‍♀️

  78. karthik karthi

    karthik karthiHace un hora

    Samsung pushed too much too fast

  79. Muhammad Hassan

    Muhammad HassanHace un hora

    Apple : 😂😂😂

  80. Octa._ .Layzrr

    Octa._ .LayzrrHace un hora

    I like this plone ❤️😁❤️

  81. Lah Dev

    Lah DevHace un hora

    Hi welcome to Samsung would you like a foldable phone or a phone held together by a screen protector? Jokes on you it’s the same thing 😂

  82. Malakai

    MalakaiHace un hora

    Apple: Loses 40% of its stock in 2018 Samsung in 2019: You're like a baby, watch this

  83. Hani AlAjmi

    Hani AlAjmiHace un hora

    Hi Marques, from where can I get your laptop skin?

  84. Shorouq Abbadi

    Shorouq AbbadiHace un hora

    I rarely make comments, so here we go. The folding phones are hard to pull off, all companies are trying to make the lead in pulling it off. Also, customer trial is needed, they needed to put it out to see how people will use it and how they'll break it. Them being broken is not the issues, it's how they'll fix it later. I mean even as far as normal phones go, when they go out they start breaking or not handeling human use, but logic says they'd learn from all of that, if anything them putting the warning on later phones is a good thing. I wouldn't reccomend them, again not defending, but it's good to keep in mind the amount of work that goes into these things.

  85. American Freedom World Peace

    American Freedom World PeaceHace un hora

    LG beats Samsung with a more practical design: creating a flip case attachment that gives you a 2nd display! Wow! Who would've thought?

  86. D-One

    D-OneHace un hora

    If this happened with Apple, the outrage would be 100x worse.

  87. Anwar Ladson

    Anwar LadsonHace un hora

    I love Samsung but this phone is cheaply made🤦🏾‍♂️

  88. Superhirnable

    SuperhirnableHace un hora

    Well most of them still have 1 screen left (or right) so where's the problem?

  89. Royale Moments YT

    Royale Moments YTHace un hora

    There is no way anyone is buying these after this.

  90. Nordecus _

    Nordecus _Hace un hora


  91. yassine K

    yassine KHace un hora

    samsung can easily handle product failure and may have launched the fold knowing there gonna be problems, and guinea pig users will reveil those unknown everyday user problems ! All is planned

  92. AlvinRey83

    AlvinRey83Hace un hora

    Let's just admit it's a bad design and the rule is you never buy the 1st model because of course there will be issues. It's always safer to wait a couples models later

  93. galina -purplelina

    galina -purplelinaHace un hora

    Galaxy fold is the stupidest phone ever.

  94. Mr.Charles

    Mr.CharlesHace un hora

    *MarkAss Brownlee*

  95. Daniel Monteiro

    Daniel MonteiroHace un hora

    Nintendo DS > Samsung Galaxy Fold XD

  96. Golden Aries

    Golden AriesHace un hora

    Thanks For The Heads Up G!

  97. kb productions

    kb productionsHace un hora

    Crazy these guys got free phones just lying around that's nuts lol Thanks tho to these guys finding that defect out...but how? Do you design that phone and not know those problems exist with your phone really?

  98. BF3GOONZ

    BF3GOONZHace un hora

    You are pathetic why would you remove the film. It clearly says do not remove.

  99. Cody Slab

    Cody SlabHace un hora

    *would only get if it was free and had clean linux on it, instead of samsung lagware, and google's botnet tentacles*

  100. Pavel Pavlov

    Pavel PavlovHace un hora

    This phone cost 2 k and this shitty sticker broke your device ? Y r idiots with money

  101. Hari Kalay

    Hari KalayHace un hora

    Damn, Samsung dropped the ball on this one.