The BIGGEST Upgrade So Far!!


  1. Cameron Abernathy

    Cameron AbernathyHace 4 días


  2. Cameron Abernathy

    Cameron AbernathyHace 4 días


  3. Corndoge _wow_

    Corndoge _wow_Hace 8 días

    It's not water Poe..... its blinker fluid

  4. Alex S

    Alex SHace 9 días

    That’s not water it’s blinker fluid

  5. Big Papa

    Big PapaHace 12 días

    Do you have the link for taillights?

  6. Kamron Aston

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  7. Hunters Automotive

    Hunters AutomotiveHace 14 días

    2:44 you just poured out blinker fluid @chrisfix

  8. understood cdp11

    understood cdp11Hace 16 días

    I thought the water was your blinker fluid

  9. Alex Hendel

    Alex HendelHace 16 días

    2:23 is that a rendition of RIttz' song "interview" coming from ours truly, EL Poe!?!?!?! superb taste in hip-hop artists, Poe. seriously, Rittz is like one of if not the most underrated artist to ever bless hip-hop culture or just the hip-hop scene in general.

  10. Un- Known

    Un- KnownHace 17 días


  11. SlpprEatrr 03

    SlpprEatrr 03Hace 17 días

    Sending my bestfriend into advanced auto tomorrow for blinker fluid,can't wait to video it

  12. blunt force

    blunt forceHace 29 días

    Idk with my car I put in a new stereo and I just Connected the wires that made the door sound and everything like that just didn’t connect other stuff for the seatbelts

  13. Tyler Cooke

    Tyler CookeHace un mes

    I love the new edges, I have a Laser Red New Edge, the red in the new edges were really bad about fading due to something in the paint ford used. My car has darker panels because of it as well. The red faded really badly on the new edges during their time.

  14. Amin yashed

    Amin yashedHace un mes

    That seat belt trick is like a cheat code, it gave me infinite gas 🔥

  15. Bybee Pitts

    Bybee PittsHace un mes

    Nah dude, that’s not water. That’s blinker fluid.😐😂

  16. Herb Vandenberg

    Herb VandenbergHace un mes

    You changed your blinker fluid. Best example of this.

  17. Outlaw Gamer

    Outlaw GamerHace un mes

    New lights looks great, now you should compond and polish the car, make it look new 👍

  18. Good Ol Boy #76

    Good Ol Boy #76Hace un mes

    I do like the new tail lights but I prefer the halos better..

  19. VanMeter Racing

    VanMeter RacingHace un mes

    clean the stang

  20. S550kam Coker

    S550kam CokerHace un mes

    If u ever in South Carolina I wanna meet

  21. ehab mohammad

    ehab mohammadHace un mes

    keep up the good work poe... i love your videos......

  22. billz reacts

    billz reactsHace un mes

    Poe: "dont touch the bulb" Also poe: *drop the bulb* 😂😂😂😂

  23. torvestas sister

    torvestas sisterHace un mes

    Where the crack rock

  24. Arlen Brownless

    Arlen BrownlessHace un mes

    Hello Poe👋, I’m a huge fan from up here in CANADA I am 13 and love ur channel your a huge inspiration and I miss your Toyota! But am loving the mustang! You have helped me with so much, I love how you explain everything you it’s help me so much anyways have a good day😁

  25. xxpinoy gamingxx

    xxpinoy gamingxxHace un mes

    pretty funny for a tutorial 😂😂/upgrade

  26. TrailRippers44

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  27. RJ Evans

    RJ EvansHace un mes

    Dude,we need more crack rock?

  28. Chevydaddy86

    Chevydaddy86Hace un mes

    Wrap the car.

  29. BillionPage2290

    BillionPage2290Hace un mes

    If you take off the mustang badge on the front it will look like a Jetta with the led’s

  30. Angel Armendariz

    Angel ArmendarizHace un mes

    You should get a used tuner for the v6.

  31. Onetimeplum 79

    Onetimeplum 79Hace un mes

    I have the same shitty headlights in mine, the ones you put in are sick! What ones are they if you dont mind me asking?

  32. Brendan Higgins

    Brendan HigginsHace un mes

    Was that blinker fluid

  33. Landon Sizemore

    Landon SizemoreHace un mes

    Put knew wheels on it next

  34. Jaxson D’Agostino

    Jaxson D’AgostinoHace un mes

    2:48 it’s not water it’s blinker fluid😂

  35. Soccer Kid

    Soccer KidHace un mes

    He had blinker fluid in his tail light

  36. William Wells

    William WellsHace un mes

    Thats not water thats blinker fluid

  37. RISE paintball

    RISE paintballHace un mes

    Time to change ur blinker fluids and time to refill them credit goes to Chris fix

  38. Iron Viking

    Iron VikingHace un mes

    keep it going man love it

  39. Jacob Branton

    Jacob BrantonHace un mes

    Best project mustang out there

  40. Nameless

    NamelessHace un mes

    Can you put the links for the headlights/taillights in desc I want those sequential

  41. Spencer Rosas

    Spencer RosasHace un mes

    The lil dicky part

  42. Mazda Geek

    Mazda GeekHace un mes


  43. BoDuke2 the original

    BoDuke2 the originalHace un mes

    Love all the lights man I’m not a big fan of 4th gen mustangs I prefer the 5th gens but the 4th gens are cool What am I saying all mustangs are cool well except brand new ones lol

  44. Shdwdip

    ShdwdipHace un mes

    Try some paint correction if you havent already, just to see what you can get out of it

  45. lpt05

    lpt05Hace un mes

    Please repaint the Mustang

  46. Josh Frank

    Josh FrankHace un mes

    Dude the mustang is slowly coming along! Keep it going and was dope meeting you at Cleetus & Cars after your stall & wheelie😂

  47. Nick Svt

    Nick SvtHace un mes

    Put hidz on the headlights and the blue turn signals it gonna look cleaner 👌🏼

  48. imm29theamer

    imm29theamerHace un mes

    @2:44 blinker fluid

  49. Matt Baldwin

    Matt BaldwinHace un mes

    *shakes old tail light* They actually had blinker fluid in this!

  50. Daniel Varela

    Daniel VarelaHace un mes

    Hey guus poe fix here and im going to show you how to replace your blinker fluid

  51. eric shuck

    eric shuckHace un mes

    Poe when u gonna paint it

  52. TnS_Reaperr

    TnS_ReaperrHace un mes

    5.0 swap???

  53. Mrdomanvelian m

    Mrdomanvelian mHace un mes

    Halos look better

  54. Chineyman425

    Chineyman425Hace un mes

    the halos dont do the new edge justice

  55. eric shuck

    eric shuckHace un mes

    There capled.plungers

  56. Lawrence Reyos

    Lawrence ReyosHace un mes

    Damn turned the seat belt cime in to a work out and 1and 2 and 3 and 1😅🤣😁

  57. Zach Friesen

    Zach FriesenHace un mes

    U just wasted all that blinker fluid

  58. Cosmick Flames

    Cosmick FlamesHace un mes

    I thought that too about one of these other cars I was looking at and come to find out it was just a clear bra that was on it and it made the paint fade or turn different color so it might have been something like that

  59. ItsReallyJ

    ItsReallyJHace un mes

    Just got an 03 mustang v6 auto though. Bout to make fire vids.

  60. ItsReallyJ

    ItsReallyJHace un mes

    +EAST SIDE313 ?? If youre talking about poes car i knew that thats why i said i "just got a 03 v6 auto though" indicating my was an auto. But thanks for replying i said yo instead of to.

  61. EAST SIDE313

    EAST SIDE313Hace un mes

    It's a stick

  62. The TurboTwinkie

    The TurboTwinkieHace un mes

    Let's see more crack rock!

  63. ColoradoCobra

    ColoradoCobraHace un mes

    Hate to say it.. but the led work in those new lights are terrible. Great idea but Between me and a cousin we’ve been through 5 or 6 pair each either coming in broken or lasting no more than a few months.

  64. King of Katy

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  65. Corey2base

    Corey2baseHace un mes

    Damn those new ones look sick, new headlights

  66. Garyn Bender

    Garyn BenderHace un mes

    I’m so glad Poe made his own channel😂😂

  67. Itzomar

    ItzomarHace un mes

    2:44 😤damn not enough blinker fluid

  68. Anthony Rios

    Anthony RiosHace un mes

    When your taillights are worth more then the car itself



    Your my new favorite youtuber I came here from itsjusta6 and I really like your channel and I wish content came out quicker cause I'm bored but lol love your channel keep up the great work

  70. TnS_Reaperr

    TnS_ReaperrHace un mes

    THE MAD GAMER BELLEW if you like car restoring watch “b is for build”

  71. Jeremiah Janson

    Jeremiah JansonHace un mes

    New Edge life hell yeah brother

  72. Dylan ewing

    Dylan ewingHace un mes

    I love your videos man, keep it real

  73. Faizunnisa Begum Shaik

    Faizunnisa Begum ShaikHace un mes

    Drop the link you bought them light from thanks

  74. Blade Johnson

    Blade JohnsonHace un mes

    EL POE is my spirit animal

  75. Bryan Zamora

    Bryan ZamoraHace un mes

    Coyote swap coming soon?🤣

  76. Forrest.

    Forrest.Hace un mes

    All you need to do now is get new rims and a paint job.

  77. The Gaming Life

    The Gaming LifeHace un mes

    New chrisfix everyone

  78. BackWoods Riding

    BackWoods RidingHace un mes

    Just need to make her quick next lol

  79. Jordan Clements

    Jordan ClementsHace un mes

    If your replacing truck shocks don’t take out the pin you will rage trying to put the pin back in

  80. Daniel Kowalski

    Daniel KowalskiHace un mes

    I like how your friend owns a shop and you still work outside

  81. Cisco Films

    Cisco FilmsHace un mes

    Coyote swap soon let’s just wait on it

  82. Letz play Fortnite

    Letz play FortniteHace un mes

    It wasn’t water it was blinker fluid

  83. ChillTheSavage

    ChillTheSavageHace un mes

    Where did you get those tail lights? They look dope

  84. Joseph Phillippe

    Joseph PhillippeHace un mes

    we all joke about him being chris fix because of the mustang but he legit sounds a lot like him.

  85. djay4487 deved

    djay4487 devedHace un mes

    hell he even had tail light fluid in one of his tail lights

  86. Jo Dan

    Jo DanHace un mes

    Get out of my head!

  87. BoDuke2 the original

    BoDuke2 the originalHace un mes

    Joseph Phillippe broooooooooooo

  88. Evan

    EvanHace un mes

    Added too much blinker fluid

  89. Casey 6104

    Casey 6104Hace un mes

    2:42 ur running a little low on blinker fluid

  90. Andrew Vinansky

    Andrew VinanskyHace un mes

    About a half blinker full


    KINGKJ2REALHace un mes

    I don’t get it .. you want the car to look nice and build it But at the same time you haven’t took the time to give the thing a full detail .. and treat the car like shit same with itsjusta6 in the Miata build

  92. PoeBoys

    PoeBoysHace un mes

    no need to detail... you will find out soon!

  93. Jonathan / Melts

    Jonathan / MeltsHace un mes

    KINGKJ2REAL the mists build isn’t a serious uptight thing. They’re just having fun with it. Have you seen all the videos of them puttingn through some tough stuff? 😭😂 but I do recommend him getting a professional detail or spending 2-2 1/2 hrs on a detail himself with Gavin to get it really poppin.

  94. Fast Lane Pros

    Fast Lane ProsHace un mes

    Great content keep fixing it up you should get a nice paint on it diffrent rims suspension work then motor swap or rebuild and make it go fast and base your channel off of it plz bro !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. Daniel Smith

    Daniel SmithHace un mes

    I’m about to put the sequentials on my new edge too😂 welcome to crowdchaser club from the 302

  96. GenerikGamer00

    GenerikGamer00Hace un mes

    you forgot to fill your lights up with your blinker fluid

  97. Jonathan / Melts

    Jonathan / MeltsHace un mes

    GenerikGamer00 he’s going to blow his light 😳

  98. Bryce The Dice

    Bryce The DiceHace un mes

    I think your ford is on the edge

  99. LegallyLion_

    LegallyLion_Hace un mes

    What’s the name of the headlights?

  100. Colton Drape

    Colton DrapeHace un mes

    "gaylos" lol im dying

  101. Raymie L

    Raymie LHace un mes

    Alright Lil Dicky I see you

  102. Leonz Fortunato

    Leonz FortunatoHace un mes


  103. [HyPe] velocity

    [HyPe] velocityHace un mes

    The water in your tail lights was blincker fluid.

  104. Juan Rodriguez

    Juan RodriguezHace un mes

    What's up with ur camera. Video is flickering a lot

  105. PoeBoys

    PoeBoysHace un mes

    Thats the light outside of Gavins shop

  106. Wyatt Martin

    Wyatt MartinHace un mes

    Just you

  107. ryan dehamer

    ryan dehamerHace un mes

    hate your cars, love your content.

  108. AvocadoAndBooty

    AvocadoAndBootyHace un mes

    Bro I like your new head lights way more

  109. Trevor Anderson

    Trevor AndersonHace un mes

    Get it painted bro!

  110. Delfino Drennen

    Delfino DrennenHace un mes

    Can you sing more for us Poe?

  111. Keith Caudill

    Keith CaudillHace un mes

    post a link to the trail lights

  112. jamie andersson

    jamie anderssonHace un mes

    good vid bro

  113. Logan Happle

    Logan HappleHace un mes

    It ain’t water Poe. It’s your BLINKER FLUID

  114. Larry And The Fly Guys

    Larry And The Fly GuysHace un mes

    I Had to pause the video and listen to professional rapper after Poe started rapping it haha