The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse


  1. Donut Media

    Donut MediaHace 4 meses

    So which of these cars are you thinking about picking up? I can't choose! Let me know.

  2. Driver 327

    Driver 327Hace 4 días

    Changer se

  3. Udk but Ik

    Udk but IkHace 4 días


  4. Trajikasss

    TrajikasssHace 5 días

    mazda miata Best dont tell im wrong

  5. SilentGoldEagle

    SilentGoldEagleHace 6 días

    New jersey ain't a city

  6. Jtornmented 101

    Jtornmented 101Hace 8 días

    Wait so should I be considered lucky for having an 02 lancer es that has 76 thousand miles and only paid 700 dollars for the car had nothing wrong with it either

  7. Ham The Enlisted

    Ham The EnlistedHace 25 minutos

    My 02 acura rl runs like a beast. Got it for about 3000. Pro it's fast, comfortable, and reliable. Cons mileage and premium fuel, repairs are expensive for no reason.

  8. IVIidnyte

    IVIidnyteHace 2 horas

    Subie gang 🤙🏼 Wish mine cost under $10k lol 😂

  9. RawburtPurez

    RawburtPurezHace 2 horas

    I literally spat beer out when the wig came on

  10. Lockwood hunt

    Lockwood huntHace 4 horas

    V6 mustang

  11. Rafael Gorelik

    Rafael GorelikHace 5 horas

    New jersey is not a city

  12. Despacito Neighborino

    Despacito NeighborinoHace 10 horas

    you can find 2008 Ford mustangs for less then 10000 bucks now

  13. Ham The Enlisted

    Ham The EnlistedHace 23 minutos

    Half the mustangs I see are in the emergency lane.

  14. Lazy-Assed Wanderer

    Lazy-Assed WandererHace 10 horas

    My first car was damn near a g35 sedan that these people were selling for 5,000 and that bitch was fast and zippy and fun. I was so excited about and we got as far as agreeing to buy only for the family to back out because they realized they could get more for it. I was so bummed but I ended up with a newer car but I still have the itch to buy a g35

  15. Jamie Roseman

    Jamie RosemanHace 11 horas

    First Gen Acura TSX 6spd

  16. Henry Slisz

    Henry SliszHace 19 horas

    Honda Prelude!!! They can be a sketchy one though, parts are expensive and not a whole lot of aftermarket support, but right about 5k or lower, super fun, great mpg, easy to fix... but can be a little pricey

  17. Al Questbreach

    Al QuestbreachHace 22 horas

    99 Toyota Corolla you can get it for under $500 and spend the rest on cheap window tint and door handles

  18. xScarsxRoses

    xScarsxRosesHace un día

    I love how the 240 driver just kept driving even after he lost his spring. I was laughing at that clip.

  19. Kenneth Wilson

    Kenneth WilsonHace un día

    No camaro?

  20. C Sack

    C SackHace un día

    04 GTO easily found for under 10k. Picked up my 06 with 45k miles for 11.5k.

  21. Clacking Computer

    Clacking ComputerHace un día

    What makes the GTO worth that much? I feel like they're not a great bang for the buck simply because Pontiac cult is hardcore (GTP owner here lol)

  22. Paris._.Rainbow6

    Paris._.Rainbow6Hace un día

    You forgot the panther platform fords Specifically the Clown Victoria Police Impersonator Its got a OHC V8 and will jump railroad tracks at 50mph without so much as upsetting the alignment Not that i would ever own one but would be fun as hell to beat the shit out of one

  23. Zedeye

    ZedeyeHace un día

    my dad got a jeep for 2500 and it needed a lot of work but since he got it from his friend he got a good deal

  24. Jeremy

    JeremyHace un día

    g35 seems to be the go to civic upgrade in the bay area

  25. James Langford

    James LangfordHace un día

    WHERES THE MUSTANG ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

  26. alexander lol no

    alexander lol noHace un día

    I'm getting depressed thinking that by the time I'm old enough to have a driving license and enough money electric cars will have taken over the market and petrol driven vehicles will most likely be outlawed and I won't get to experience all the fun and thrill people mention when talking about fun cars.

  27. Name Name

    Name NameHace 23 horas

    As a 13yo I relate

  28. Veljko

    VeljkoHace un día

    has to be >10k means more than 10k :)

  29. deadlykevin7

    deadlykevin7Hace un día

    I watched another one of your videos just to find you going for a honda cuz ur a honda boy disappointed

  30. deadlykevin7

    deadlykevin7Hace un día

    For the love of god do not get a mini cooper they are some of the top worst cars when it comes to reliability just like the mazda r-8 u wanna step into a world of hell and waste your money than be my guest but you have been warned

  31. Rick M Jr

    Rick M JrHace un día

    2015 Chevy Malibu 2.5L, even 2014, this engine is a ones are turbo charged, older ones have N/A engines in their lineup which in my opinion are better work horses for daily driving. I have one with 104,000 going strong....

  32. genericdenizen1

    genericdenizen1Hace un día

    What, no Mustang, and the GTI was barely mentioned as a runner up? Strange list.

  33. Clacking Computer

    Clacking ComputerHace un día

    Yeah, SN95s that haven't been trashed are steals

  34. Alex Lopez

    Alex LopezHace un día

    After owning 2 s2000s... I will not be caught dead in a Miata... I cringe at the thought.

  35. Radjzh Gaming

    Radjzh GamingHace un día

    E39 540i 5-6k$, if you are as lucky as I am you can find one for less than 2k

  36. Stop Motion Studio

    Stop Motion StudioHace un día


  37. Baran MK6

    Baran MK6Hace un día


  38. ThatOneStone

    ThatOneStoneHace un día

    I want to get a Miata so fucking bad but I’m 6’4 so that won’t happen ever

  39. GM Guess

    GM GuessHace un día

    Gen 3 Camaro

  40. Clayton Dial

    Clayton DialHace 2 días

    Do the best daily drivers for car enthusiast 4 room for friends and gas friendly

  41. David Torres

    David TorresHace 2 días

    B5 s4 with the 2.7 bi turbo under 10k and super fun

  42. Fuqes

    FuqesHace 2 días

    Bought a jeep as my first car for $5k. Little rough, but nothing crazy, and I've done any work (that could be performed with standard tools) in my driveway. Been 8 years and time to move on tho

  43. Fuqes

    FuqesHace 2 días

    @ErickBae I got roughly 15mpg as it's the 4cyl, so I could stretch a tank for about a week and a half with daily commutes. Highway driving I'd have to stop every 2-2.5 hours though.

  44. ErickBae

    ErickBaeHace 2 días

    Did it run out of gas quick?

  45. The modern mongoloid

    The modern mongoloidHace 2 días

    $3000-4000 1997-2001 prelude SI in manual with an H22 $8000-10000 2006-2010 SRT8 300/charger/magnum 420hp 6.1 hemi V8 brembos etc

  46. Jonathan Rojas

    Jonathan RojasHace 2 días

    Can’t go wrong with a g35 6mt

  47. azorian 82

    azorian 82Hace 2 días

    porsche 944

  48. Hazled

    HazledHace 2 días

    Bro emily g 35's boyfriend has a dope evo, anyone got hes number? #nohomo

  49. Logan Malits

    Logan MalitsHace 2 días

    Cobalt SS

  50. Jeremy Mahan

    Jeremy MahanHace 2 días

    you can get a G37x for under 10k

  51. Nathan Smith

    Nathan SmithHace 2 días

    2002 Monte Carlo, Mitsubishi lancer

  52. Liskouskaj Bandurske

    Liskouskaj BandurskeHace 2 días


  53. Lane W

    Lane WHace 2 días

    Toyota Camry

  54. Kowalski

    KowalskiHace 2 días

    Fuck yeah nashville

  55. Lone Wolf

    Lone WolfHace 3 días

    A lot of bad car advice was given in this video

  56. Leif Macleod

    Leif MacleodHace 3 días

    80s z31s are pretty cheap and TURBO. Need I say more?

  57. Michael Johnson III

    Michael Johnson IIIHace 2 días

    They ugly tho

  58. Lyxess

    LyxessHace 3 días

    S2k for $10k? cries in european.

  59. Heroic Vandal

    Heroic VandalHace 3 días

    Idk, I got a 2004 Mustang GT for $5500 and my brother got a 2002 Subaru WRX for $6000. If you want a good and cheap car, you just need to look for a while

  60. Soviet TM

    Soviet TMHace 12 horas

    I got a 2004 Ford lightning making 404whp for 8k

  61. Jack Christian

    Jack ChristianHace un día

    Heroic Vandal was it a sti?

  62. Luke Shepherd

    Luke ShepherdHace 3 días

    what make and year civic is that?


    ΑΡΜΕΝ ΜΟΥΣΕΓΙΑΝHace 3 días

    I would buy a bmw e36 m3😁😎

  64. M

    MHace 3 días


  65. Chris R

    Chris RHace 3 días

    What about the Mustang GT


    THEBOGARMAHace 3 días

    I bought a mazdaspeed 3 for 2700 great buy definitely a sleeper

  67. Adam Hopchop

    Adam HopchopHace 2 días

    Saw a lowered one the other day, looked real nice

  68. Tomas Lopez

    Tomas LopezHace 3 días

    Great video! I picked up my 08 g37s a week ago. It wasnt under 10k but almost there. I think i got lucky finding this car for under 11k with only 123k miles and in perfect i mean perfect condition.

  69. Francesc Fàbregas

    Francesc FàbregasHace 4 días

    No audi quattros?

  70. Matthew Woolf

    Matthew WoolfHace 4 días

    An affordable car for me needs to be below $150 tbh

  71. Name Name

    Name NameHace 23 horas

    Buy a Yugo! It’s just a bit over the price range but it’ll be sure to last a lifetime! This is completely satire. Do not attempt to buy a Zastava Yugo 45 as your steering wheel will literally pop off

  72. Matthew Woolf

    Matthew WoolfHace un día

    @On foenem grave alright bro

  73. On foenem grave

    On foenem graveHace un día

    Matthew Woolf get a bike or a toy car

  74. David Nguyen

    David NguyenHace 4 días

    Bmw e46 330Xi.

  75. David Nguyen

    David NguyenHace 4 días

    Bmw e46

  76. Joshyua98

    Joshyua98Hace 4 días


  77. Thesecondhander

    ThesecondhanderHace 4 días

    I found a Miata for around 2500 (Missing the back plastic window). I will camber to around -3 and maybe get some decals

  78. Beau Devillier

    Beau DevillierHace 4 días

    Just bought a eclipse with only 85k on it for 1600 clean title!!!!

  79. K Stu

    K StuHace 4 días

    Is it yellow? Lol jk

  80. Oscar Espinoza

    Oscar EspinozaHace 4 días

    Hey you forgot Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX 1st & 2nd gen

  81. YuiNo

    YuiNoHace 5 días

    I hate the s2k, mainly because you could easily get a Miata or RX8 that's better in every department.

  82. YuiNo

    YuiNoHace 4 días

    @K Stu That 1.3 has beaten the s2k on numerous tracks.

  83. K Stu

    K StuHace 4 días

    No way on the rotary 1.3l lol thats a joke of a motor.

  84. august o hartung

    august o hartungHace 5 días

    These cars would be a good investment if you wanted to drive fast once and then have to pay thousands for repairs

  85. Philip Hall

    Philip HallHace 5 días

    Yo what is that tune at the miata section of the vid?

  86. Joshua Nowak

    Joshua NowakHace 5 días

    08-10 Cobalt SS

  87. Dro NITRO

    Dro NITROHace 5 días

    Mini Cooper lmao good luck with that head gasket


    VIRTILIZEHace 5 días

    Iwant to buy a V8

  89. Jax kovatch

    Jax kovatchHace 6 días

    Um eclipse gt

  90. Sam Savin

    Sam SavinHace 6 días

    2004-2008 Acura TL Or TLS

  91. Que Onda Whey

    Que Onda WheyHace 6 días

    The Neon SRT-4 is nuts.

  92. roshan firozkhan

    roshan firozkhanHace 6 días

    No lexus???

  93. Dr. Evil

    Dr. EvilHace 6 días

    I was able to figure out what kind of person u are when you said something negative about the BMW and then praised the Civic right after lol I’ve seen e36-46 with over 300k. Also my Impreza headgaskets went at 100k with timing belt. My e46 has 150k with original gaskets and seals. Every car is different.


    DAYASHIIHace 6 días

    Subaru Outback for around 6k-7k and the Subaru Baja for around 9-10k

  95. Rory Cahill

    Rory CahillHace 6 días

    It's pretty hard to find a decent S2000 for $10K nowadays.

  96. LEGO! MAN!

    LEGO! MAN!Hace 5 días

    IamCairn thanks tho

  97. LEGO! MAN!

    LEGO! MAN!Hace 5 días

    IamCairn oh I don’t want one, no worries, I already own the car of my dreams!

  98. IamCairn

    IamCairnHace 5 días

    @LEGO! MAN! if you keep looking you'll find one, half of them are crashed and need work . Just beware an s2k has crazy insurance and the resale value won't go up until a couple years, most people don't care that much about em.

  99. LEGO! MAN!

    LEGO! MAN!Hace 5 días

    IamCairn maybe it’s different in my area...

  100. IamCairn

    IamCairnHace 5 días

    Not really, half the time the cars are stolen so you kind find them cheap or the kids that bought can't afford to fix em so they sell em cheap

  101. Justin Smith

    Justin SmithHace 7 días

    Try saabs

  102. Xecydez Production

    Xecydez ProductionHace 7 días

    Cars in USA felt so cheap - In my country Ecoboost mustang (brandnew) cost round 110,000$ , 87,000$ 2016-2018 used ... fuck the import tax man.

  103. Rance Rhoton

    Rance RhotonHace 7 días

    C10 square body’s

  104. JB 86

    JB 86Hace 7 días

    You can buy rx8z all day long for 4K

  105. YuiNo

    YuiNoHace 5 días

    with the rest of the budget you could get a rebuild too

  106. Josue Mederos

    Josue MederosHace 7 días

    Mini coopers are pretty bad i have one but i couldn't never drive it without overheating even tho i rebuilt the engine so i just got me a other car and parked the mini in the back of my house and just left it there

  107. K Stu

    K StuHace 4 días

    British cars suck

  108. wheelman1991

    wheelman1991Hace 7 días

    Crown vic people are strange AF, how do I know? Im one of them.

  109. SonnehBoi

    SonnehBoiHace 2 días


  110. ExeV1

    ExeV1Hace 4 días