THE BATMAN (2021) Official First Look - Robert Pattinson Batsuit Reveal


  1. Jonah Webster

    Jonah WebsterHace un día

    Bunch of kids/Marvel fans talking trash about Roberts Batman when all they’ve seen him in is twilight

  2. Not Slim Shady

    Not Slim ShadyHace un día

    When I first heard that Robert Pattycake was gonna be Batman I laughed. Then I saw Lighthouse and now I’m excited

  3. Christopher Blake

    Christopher BlakeHace un día

    Naah I think they're trying to follow what JOKER did with theme...thats all

  4. Cristian-Andrei Jercan

    Cristian-Andrei JercanHace un día

    This guy will be the best batman

  5. Maurício

    MaurícioHace un día


  6. Christian Couture

    Christian CoutureHace un día

    Not digging the suit

  7. A Ovee

    A OveeHace un día

    *Joker turned into vampire- Morbius* *Vampire turned into- Batman* *These are confusing times.*

  8. Oliver

    OliverHace un día

    Wait the red color.... red hood maybe!?

  9. The Synergist

    The SynergistHace un día

    Dudes please just go back to a slightly different version of the Dark Knight movie bat suit

  10. J Lakatos

    J LakatosHace un día

    They will let anyone play batman won't they???

  11. Seun Gabriel

    Seun GabrielHace un día

    Why is it looking like daredevil ??

  12. El Ultimo Soltero Fachero

    El Ultimo Soltero FacheroHace un día

    Muy bueno

  13. James Michael

    James MichaelHace un día

    Please let that score be the theme for the movie

  14. Mm Mm

    Mm MmHace un día

    Looks shit

  15. Armando Ortega

    Armando OrtegaHace un día

    Mm Mm u

  16. Dom Ferro

    Dom FerroHace un día

    Might as well get George Clooney’s suit back

  17. Dom Ferro

    Dom FerroHace un día

    Nooooooo just fucking no!! Change this mother fucking bat suit now! Total garbage! Learn from sonic you satanic Hollywood fucks!

  18. Jose Suarez

    Jose SuarezHace un día

    Ojalá me equivoque, pero... ¡mamasita qué mala pinta tiene esto!

  19. Tomík N.

    Tomík N.Hace un día

    He looks like bullseye in daredevils suit but i dont mind it

  20. SpikyDane

    SpikyDaneHace un día

    is this same universe as the Joker (2019) movie?

  21. blocket 230

    blocket 230Hace un día

    This mask is so bad

  22. BakemonoShiz

    BakemonoShizHace un día

    I'm still low key undecided what's better; the music or the suit

  23. S C

    S CHace un día

    Yeah but does it sparkle? 😡

  24. Cody Skipper

    Cody SkipperHace un día

    I thought this was Daredevil from the thunbnail

  25. Gentle neal

    Gentle nealHace un día

    this dudes got one hell of a chin

  26. Keroub Emmanuel

    Keroub EmmanuelHace un día

    I’m sorry but wtf lmao. We can’t see shit

  27. serback1

    serback1Hace un día

    Nah, ain't impressed with the look, even George Clooney looked better with his batsuit.

  28. Mushroom Head

    Mushroom HeadHace un día

    Why?! Why would you chose Robert Pattinson?! Who on the production staff decided “oh you know that guy who ruined vampires for everyone? Robert Pattisomething? Yeah hire him as Batman! It’ll be fine!” This will suck! Adam West would be a better choice! And he’s a corpse!

  29. Frederic Dorra Music

    Frederic Dorra MusicHace un día

    Mushroom Head u for real rn ?

  30. Wodahs Night

    Wodahs NightHace un día

    Mushroom Head you do realize this dude has other roles other then twilight which he has stated how he didn’t really like twilight. No one hired the guy based off of one movie franchise that has mixed reviews.

  31. Bullo 228

    Bullo 228Hace un día

    I will not SUB you moron! remove the inscription from the screen you freak

  32. JACKMAN9988

    JACKMAN9988Hace 2 días


  33. Galina Golden

    Galina GoldenHace 2 días

    Robert Pattinson is one of the best actors now, he gives a lot to his roles.

  34. Jack Cox

    Jack CoxHace 2 días

    For all thoughts saying it looks like daredevil, you now this is marketing people subtitling saying if you liked daredevil you’ll like this, it’s not copying. Guess it was too subtle

  35. AnarchistofYT00

    AnarchistofYT00Hace 2 días

    That's not Batman, that's The Crimson Chin.

  36. The Canucklehead

    The CanuckleheadHace 2 días

    I already have a feeling he will go down as one of the best batman portayals to date, regardless of wether the movie lives up to hype

  37. Mina

    MinaHace 2 días

    I swear if we don't get to see Robin who turns into Nightwing then Red Hood, Red Robin and that little brat son of his....I'm throwing all of DC away!

  38. Sameer Ibrahimi

    Sameer IbrahimiHace 2 días

    I like how the bat symbol was made from joe chills gun

  39. Altide

    AltideHace 2 días

    I wonder how a batman movie will ever fit the new joker

  40. d2touge

    d2tougeHace 2 días

    Coronavirus Origin Story

  41. Ron Shihab

    Ron ShihabHace 2 días

    anyone complaining about the insignia, look at Detective Comics issue #27, 1939

  42. Ninja pancakes 664

    Ninja pancakes 664Hace 2 días

    I saw the thumb the nail and I thought It was a daredevil season 4 and I realized it was the new Batman for the dceu I’ve never been more disappointed and excited at the same time, mostly disappointed

  43. Ur mom Gai

    Ur mom GaiHace 2 días

    Lol I don’t even feel like it’s an actual trailer it’s just his suit lol but ok

  44. The Batman

    The BatmanHace 2 días

    Está más flaco que Bale :( vuelve Batfleck

  45. Tia Williams

    Tia WilliamsHace 2 días

    Yall didnt think Joaquin could pull it off. Give him a chance. I am so excited for this!

  46. Seth Gauby

    Seth GaubyHace 2 días

    He’s perfect for the role, just watch The Lighthouse

  47. Bryan Trujillo

    Bryan TrujilloHace 2 días

    For fucks sake just give us batman beyond and be done with these remakes. Joker didnt even feel like a dc movie n it still won.

  48. cmwile

    cmwileHace 2 días

    The music sounds like a dollar store version of the Imperial March.

  49. wildbill bill

    wildbill billHace 2 días

    Bring out the gimp!!!😂 I was really worried about this but if it’s played out like it’s Bruce’s first attempt at a home made suit and by the third act we have a much more advanced suit with loads of gadgets I’ll be happy. And if they can work in the old school comic book/60’s tv show blue and grey I’ll be fucking ecstatic.

  50. Cade Smith

    Cade SmithHace 2 días

    The suit looks awesome, but the cowl looks stupid.

  51. Pocket Bully Lifestyle

    Pocket Bully LifestyleHace 2 días

    Will it sparkle in the sun?

  52. kamionkami1

    kamionkami1Hace 2 días

    Too skinny to be batman. I could see him being Robin or nightwing. Even Terry the batman beyond. But not Bruce Wayne

  53. Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Marcus-Aerilius MaximusHace 2 días


  54. Samuel Mulugeta

    Samuel MulugetaHace 2 días

    Me when I get a new batman t-shirt.

  55. Russian Soldier

    Russian SoldierHace 2 días

    Not bad, I mean Pattison show himself in the lighthouse))

  56. Erik Balogh

    Erik BaloghHace 2 días

    Olwman 🤫

  57. Eärendil

    EärendilHace 2 días

    Common people, let's give him a chance. Stop whinning about the shining vampire, the man has taken better roles over the years like in The Lighthouse. It can be a disaster or nice surprise but I'll wait to see the actual movie before jumping into conclusions .

  58. Vali Vali

    Vali ValiHace 2 días

    I like the soundtrack of this. It will be epic!

  59. TikTok Bro

    TikTok BroHace 2 días

    really good

  60. Edgar V

    Edgar VHace 2 días

    It kind of reminds me of Snake from Metal Gear Solid

  61. Enes Ayaz

    Enes AyazHace 2 días

    In this video, batman looks like the bullseye character in the daredevil series

  62. Gustavo Gomes

    Gustavo GomesHace 2 días

    The song name?

  63. MrTrenttness

    MrTrenttnessHace 2 días