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THE BABYSITTER (2017) Ending Explained + WHAT is Bee?


  1. Shane

    ShaneHace 3 horas


  2. Cole Scott

    Cole ScottHace 8 horas

    Damn. This kids name Is fuckin stupid. Who the hes name is "Cole"?

  3. OMB

    OMBHace 10 horas

    Had to stop watching and go see the movie. It's actually really good :o !

  4. DOS_Knight Gaming

    DOS_Knight GamingHace 11 horas


  5. shubham patil

    shubham patilHace 13 horas

    Why watch just one movie for 3hrs, when you can watch 10 ....

  6. Craig Ryan

    Craig RyanHace un día

    Love bee

  7. Craig Ryan

    Craig RyanHace un día

    Let be bee

  8. Shy Owl

    Shy OwlHace un día

    When legit everyone calls you a pussy there may be reason for that

  9. FilmMaker

    FilmMakerHace un día



    COBRA VORTEXHace un día

    Watching this made me feel like bee had to do some satanic sex thing with coal

  11. Hansen Pratama

    Hansen PratamaHace un día

    can you explain me about why cole try to kill B?

  12. Rama Maharjan

    Rama MaharjanHace un día

    Am I seeing things or is the scull bobble head mooving?

  13. Edoardo Filippi

    Edoardo FilippiHace un día

    How the fuck he is going to explain that there has been a massacre inside his house that involved five cultist and that he killled them all to the police or to his parents?

  14. Elite Gamer

    Elite GamerHace un día

    Wait my nigga king beach there?

  15. Dragoon GT

    Dragoon GTHace un día

    12:00 FBI should be knocking this door any minute now

  16. MOD gaming

    MOD gamingHace 2 días

    I got one theroy: Bee is a porn star

  17. Pacific Signs

    Pacific SignsHace 2 días

    Hol up this mans 12 and his parents get him a dam babysitter Like go live with ur dam aunt or cousin

  18. The Mop

    The MopHace 2 días

    Is that a special edition cyber-demon pop figure in the bottom left?

  19. Tea Tsuneko

    Tea TsunekoHace 2 días

    Um why in the fuck is that vine guy in this movie

  20. ikonic

    ikonicHace 3 días

    This is home alone? Damn

  21. Jon Ratchford

    Jon RatchfordHace 3 días

    I really want to see a prequel where we get to see B's life before she gets the book up to the point where she first encounters the book, completes the ritual and gets her first wish granted. I want McG to direct again and the same actress for the role. I think the story has a lot of potential for an expanded universe ala Evil Dead and it's offshoot series Ash Vs Evil Dead. This movie even has a very Evil Dead vibe to it. A lot of potential for sure.

  22. Henry Williams

    Henry WilliamsHace 3 días

    This is a little bit like home alone

  23. Jon Bentley

    Jon BentleyHace 3 días

    Is bee jeremy Seinfeld in disguise

  24. MYSTIC DOGE 420

    MYSTIC DOGE 420Hace 3 días

    Kid brutallity switched

  25. REPEL

    REPELHace 3 días

    You need blood for the orgy No the science project

  26. Tristen Larson

    Tristen LarsonHace 3 días

    She could also be Lilith possibly

  27. Cory Cas

    Cory CasHace 4 días

    wait a minute she wasn't going to kill the kid she just needed his blood and she used a needle to get the blood

  28. Cory Cas

    Cory CasHace 4 días

    I gotta see this movie

  29. sp00kydemig0d

    sp00kydemig0dHace 4 días

    God is on Cole's side

  30. detox 57

    detox 57Hace 4 días

    King Bach is in the babysitter


    MINI LADD FANHace 4 días

    A kiss that kills

  32. Lighting Wolf

    Lighting WolfHace 4 días

    Why does the guy plays John reminds me of a youtuber, does anybody else agree with me or something?

  33. Fin Finny

    Fin FinnyHace 4 días

    King Bach is in this movie weird

  34. Vasilis Tsiamanis

    Vasilis TsiamanisHace 4 días

    I have almost identical glasses

  35. unatural blue

    unatural blueHace 5 días


  36. Ethan Xander

    Ethan XanderHace 5 días

    the more he explains the movie the more I wonder where his neighbours are.


    SHALEV ROSHHace 5 días

    this movie is shit

  38. Babylungs

    BabylungsHace 6 días

    You mean to tell me that satan wasn't smart enough to create a book that could not be destroyed by something that is ALL AROUND HIM. Not to mention the fact that fire is easily made on earth.

  39. Babylungs

    BabylungsHace 6 días

    I think it's messed up that little boys get so much shit for being different or more sensitive than others. I was a sensitive little girl and most people were like "awe" except for my mother who would always call me weak and put me down. I figure its worse for boys.

  40. mmm so delicious

    mmm so deliciousHace 6 días

    in the movie when cole's dad is trying to teach him how to drive you can see palm trees in he backround, but melony's dad's sport car's license plate says illinois. THERE ARE NO PALM TREES IN ILLINOIS. I LIVE THERE.

  41. Sushi Lover1

    Sushi Lover1Hace 6 días

    And thats king bach!

  42. Sushi Lover1

    Sushi Lover1Hace 6 días

    Called me a pussy u gay slapped

  43. KaiserXIII

    KaiserXIIIHace 6 días

    Pretty good coming-of-age horror movie. Almost makes me want a sequel, but afraid that it will ruin the movie.

  44. LTU Skardine

    LTU SkardineHace 6 días


  45. Sparky2legs !

    Sparky2legs !Hace 6 días

    I actually liked the black guy though. I was sad when he died

  46. MarinaRey Spitz

    MarinaRey SpitzHace 6 días

    This was a really fun movie as long as you don’t take it too seriously

  47. Queen Remains

    Queen RemainsHace 7 días

    It’s entirely possible that while the others were chasing Cole, Bee had the foresight to know that things weren’t going to go according to plan that night. Off screen she went ahead and used the ritual BEFORE the book was destroyed and made her wish with Cole’s innocent blood (because she took it before he was a Boss). Whatever Bee’s current wish was it kept her alive despite being pinned by the car, and let her live to continue her spree.

  48. Aaron AshCaster

    Aaron AshCasterHace 7 días

    lol so Satanists vs Kevin from home alone

  49. Bert treB

    Bert treBHace 7 días


  50. Ace Caldwell

    Ace CaldwellHace 7 días

    He said beened in the pretty sure its beamed like lazer beam like strait line !!!

  51. Maxwel Jessen

    Maxwel JessenHace 4 días

    No its beened. The term was originally used in baseball for when a pitcher intentionally threw a ball at a batters head. The term sort of spread to someone throwing something an hitting someone.

  52. Jaxon Vlogs

    Jaxon VlogsHace 7 días

    Wait wait wait wait wait WAIT is coles friend Cami from Coop and Cami Ask the World?!?!

  53. Stealth corps

    Stealth corpsHace 7 días

    King batch

  54. Snake Teeth

    Snake TeethHace 7 días

    as looking like such a terrible B movie. But then this kid becomes such a boss! Dam.

  55. ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez XsherijataunaHace 8 días

    King Bach!

  56. Everlastingstar 2019

    Everlastingstar 2019Hace 8 días

    I like the fact king bach is in the movie as a friend lmao 4:30

  57. ChikoMontez Xsherijatauna

    ChikoMontez XsherijataunaHace 8 días

    Thumbnail: **GTA**

  58. W1th1n

    W1th1nHace 8 días

    Samara weaving who played bee has that cat tattoo in real life, so it isnt part of her character in the movie making your witch theory false, but i still believe the very old theory.

  59. Rowan Pearce

    Rowan PearceHace 8 días

    Yo its King bach

  60. Rowan Pearce

    Rowan PearceHace 8 días

    In the movie it says they probably have orgys

  61. Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Just Some Guy without a MustacheHace 8 días

    Name: Neighbors Status: *Nonexistent*

  62. Sark Karmir

    Sark KarmirHace 9 días

    There won't be a part 2 because she eventually ran into Sam and Dean Winchester who ended her.

  63. Alec Hinshaw

    Alec HinshawHace 9 días

    Bee has got to be the demon of beauty and love, because well she kind of did respect cole, yet she killed an innocent dude.

  64. T P

    T PHace 9 días

    I don’t see how when Samuel screams no one else hears his frickin scream it actually hurts my ears

  65. Lol Kid

    Lol KidHace 9 días

    Made this video 2 yrs ago So can I still win the skatebrod

  66. :Ava808:123 Like the vid

    :Ava808:123 Like the vidHace 10 días

    Why do black people die first in some movies why that’s wrong man

  67. PoopyHead 69

    PoopyHead 69Hace 10 días

    My friends and I convinced a counselor to let us watch this at a camp without realizing that it was this violent. He got suspended for 2 days. I still feel bad.

  68. cafeanna vi

    cafeanna viHace 10 días

    The coming of age story of our generation

  69. The mobile player

    The mobile playerHace 11 días

    I’m only done watching this movie

  70. Charon 369

    Charon 369Hace 12 días

    Pagan which!

  71. Jae B

    Jae BHace 12 días

    Whoah your analysis of this and of Bee made this movie literally 40x more interesting, and now I'm actually going to watch it

  72. PLYR999L YT

    PLYR999L YTHace 12 días


  73. M Ma

    M MaHace 13 días

    If its evil the book could always fix itself incase it gets damaged or anything

  74. XxAce SanityxX

    XxAce SanityxXHace 14 días

    Bee Had Her Good Qualities And Bad qualities But If She Just Couldn’t Have Her Bad Qualities She Could Just Have Been With Cole The Whole Time Not Joining The Ritual She Could Just Have Been “ alive “

  75. XxAce SanityxX

    XxAce SanityxXHace 14 días

    I guess Bee’s not A *ba-bee* anymore XD AHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH Ok I’m Lame....

  76. Mr. Bixby

    Mr. BixbyHace 15 días

    Ya fuck bee, few minutes later wait She's alive fuck me

  77. Mr. Bixby

    Mr. BixbyHace 15 días

    She's a hoe

  78. Random Gamer21

    Random Gamer21Hace 16 días

    Wait this wasn’t home alone?

  79. Etarnalazure

    EtarnalazureHace 17 días

    A book that needs to absorb blood to grant wishes.. Basically a book of Satan, right? So.. Why would it even catch on fire? One would have assumed a book made by/for the lord of Hell would be quite resistant to heat?

  80. PongoXBongo

    PongoXBongoHace 17 días

    Another one of the first wishes I'd make is to ensure that this singular, crucial book cannot be destroyed or, at least, that a new copy would emerge afterward. Maybe she was just pissed that she'd have to travel back to whatever ancient place she originally found it to pick up the new copy.

  81. Conan Loughran

    Conan LoughranHace 17 días

    Love the channel

  82. R0seW0lf235

    R0seW0lf235Hace 18 días


  83. Eddy Jay

    Eddy JayHace 19 días


  84. Flamingo Man

    Flamingo ManHace 19 días

    From a virgin beta male into Cole Chadson

  85. PandaLizzy

    PandaLizzyHace 19 días


  86. Nyomi Whitted

    Nyomi WhittedHace 20 días

    The kid's kinda cute

  87. Nyomi Whitted

    Nyomi WhittedHace 20 días

    Oh my god King Bach

  88. Turqaundrae Cummings

    Turqaundrae CummingsHace 20 días

    why the fuck king bach always falling down the stairs in movies

  89. lollyroxy

    lollyroxyHace 21 un día

    i'm so glad that i watched this because i totally didn't see that ending credits scene.

  90. Yeshua's Weapon XZ

    Yeshua's Weapon XZHace 21 un día

    Moral lesson if you need babysitters just call Sam and Cat super fun time rocking babysitting service.

  91. Bob Builder

    Bob BuilderHace 21 un día

    King Bach wow

  92. Rhianna Rajput

    Rhianna RajputHace 21 un día

    I actually liked this film but most don’t

  93. Shiro

    ShiroHace 22 días

    If the kid knew the police codes and the teens didn't -_- why didn't he just use the code for need back up or shots fired or anything else... I mean is it just me

  94. pay me some alimony or do some time

    pay me some alimony or do some timeHace 22 días

    She can baby me all the time she wants!

  95. Megatronus Prime

    Megatronus PrimeHace 24 días

    Oh shit, King bach (viner) is in the movie

  96. Michael Long

    Michael LongHace 25 días

    Have you done Primers yet?

  97. Christopher Rojas

    Christopher RojasHace 26 días

    1:35 oooooh this guy is one of those people.

  98. Chris

    ChrisHace 26 días

    oh no a viner

  99. Kalter-van Viking

    Kalter-van VikingHace un mes

    4:34 is that king bach?

  100. Hợp Nguyễn

    Hợp NguyễnHace un mes

    futrue jonhwick

  101. I'm something else

    I'm something elseHace un mes

    King Bach my man!

  102. Common Girl

    Common GirlHace un mes

    Why does Cole look like a boy version of Hailee Steinfeld tho....