THE BABYSITTER (2017) Ending Explained + WHAT is Bee?


  1. YouTrustiRuski 7

    YouTrustiRuski 7Hace 8 horas

    Tbh I would say they attacked us

  2. MrsDeeDee313

    MrsDeeDee313Hace 9 horas

    So since Cole burned the book, and Bee can't use it anymore, why did she kill the fireman at the end? She's just a serial killer now?

  3. chas farthing

    chas farthingHace 20 horas

    Why doesn’t he have a shirt on

  4. GreezyMajor 17

    GreezyMajor 17Hace un día

    7:04 Why Did He Take Off His Shirt 😂😂😂😂

  5. D Mcgee888

    D Mcgee888Hace un día

    I don’t think Sonya was a maron i think she was smart

  6. Nothing Here

    Nothing HereHace un día

    Is dat king bach

  7. TryBadGames

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  8. padrè don

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  9. padrè don

    padrè donHace un día

    Coles a crazy little man

  10. MANAT33 V2

    MANAT33 V2Hace 2 días

    Home alone but horror.

  11. Gamer Kent

    Gamer KentHace 3 días

    13:49 hmmmmm I got a lot of options to do here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  12. coolboy _slayer1

    coolboy _slayer1Hace 3 días

    *_Netflix?. Smh I Watch FoundFlix_*

  13. Kermit The Memefrog Want Sum Lipton Tea with honey

    Kermit The Memefrog Want Sum Lipton Tea with honeyHace 3 días

    What is the name Of the witch? Need for biology classes.

  14. Festive Skeleton

    Festive SkeletonHace 4 días

    I actually enjoyed this movie quite a lot. The only thing that I didn’t like, however, was that the movie had a Viner in it. Thankfully he is the first to die.

  15. inferno destructor

    inferno destructorHace 4 días

    8:16 the guy is king Bach from vine

  16. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 4 días

    Is that King Bach?

  17. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 4 días

    The Lovestory annoys me

  18. Isai E 7

    Isai E 7Hace 5 días

    and also... where the heck did she get those knifes from when she stabbed that guy???

  19. Wvre Wolf

    Wvre WolfHace 5 días

    When she drew the blood does b pause it if (b positive)he's not sleep

  20. Sienna & Eleanor

    Sienna & EleanorHace 6 días

    Hes not 12. He was learning to DRIVE. He had to be at least 16.


    GAMERBOY80U2UBEHace 7 días

    bach in the house

  22. Gabe

    GabeHace 7 días

    Outside of being a devil worshipper; is B really a bad person? She didn’t actually sacrifice Cole, and did not seem to have any intention of doing so; hell; her wish the entire time could’ve been to fix Cole’s life and grant him courage, giving him the complete turn around without forfeiting his soul. B really is an enigma; especially since she had many chances to just kill Cole and easily could’ve if she really wanted to

  23. Gabe

    GabeHace 7 días

    Maybe this plays on who she used to be, and maybe she intended of having Cole take her place before going off to just do other things

  24. Jc anims

    Jc animsHace 8 días

    Me:MYSTERY GANG ARE U READY!!!! fred:Lets do this Scooby:Lets do it raggy Cole:We are gonna kick her ass...... Shaggy:Like yeah dude Velma:JINKIES Daphne:.......This is a real murder

  25. John Tom

    John TomHace 8 días

    the code for a crazy person is 5150

  26. mon ange

    mon angeHace 9 días

    “Its della thorne”

  27. Renato Ramos de Oliveira Correia

    Renato Ramos de Oliveira CorreiaHace 9 días

    Are those the worst movie cops ever?

  28. Hunter Pongracz

    Hunter PongraczHace 10 días

    No more house - check☑️

  29. Ella Campbell

    Ella CampbellHace 10 días

    The Babysitter 2: Return Of Sacrifice Samuel

  30. mini gamer

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  31. Jcjohn06

    Jcjohn06Hace 12 días

    I dont wanna fulfill a great porpoise

  32. Blake Wilson

    Blake WilsonHace 12 días

    King batch is in the move

  33. Fortmeme

    FortmemeHace 12 días

    Commenting to boost chance in reccomended

  34. Brock Harris

    Brock HarrisHace 12 días

    not a sports car

  35. Joel Alvarez

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  36. Charles M. Rivera Laporte

    Charles M. Rivera LaporteHace 13 días

    ... Necronomicon?

  37. Darius Eatmon

    Darius EatmonHace 14 días

    This man spent the first 15 minutes summarizing every scene in the movie just to "explain" the ending for people who have likely already seen it

  38. Marina Atkin

    Marina AtkinHace 14 días

    Something neat I noticed: the way Bee stabs Samuel and the cups on the sides of his head combined with his body kinda combine to form an upside down star (another satanic symbol).

  39. Greenkitten45

    Greenkitten45Hace 14 días

    Aside from being a murderous psycho I think Max would've been a good big brother for Cole.

  40. Manzone21 Thorpe

    Manzone21 ThorpeHace 14 días

    Who else noticed king bach in the movie

  41. Evan Playz

    Evan PlayzHace 15 días

    Wow cole is a scaredy cat in the start then becomes a brave boy in the end


    MARLENE POWELLHace 15 días

    this the horror version of home alone

  43. Captain BellyButton

    Captain BellyButtonHace 16 días

    had to watch an ad with amy schumer before i could watch this video. i now want to give up on life.

  44. dRaXxÍk.

    dRaXxÍk.Hace 16 días

    Okay, so one guy got killed by falling on a sculpture and the other kills himself by hanging from a DIY hangrope. Then. one girl gets flamed to death by bugspray and bigass fireworks and the other by having her head exploded with a shotgun blast. And Bee gets "killed" by a fucking sportcar in her. Can someone please tell me who tf directed this and let this flow through ?

  45. Generic Name

    Generic NameHace 16 días

    Ok I think I should watch this.

  46. Thang Tran

    Thang TranHace 18 días

    Not related but Cole wouldn't last 30 seconds inside Bee.

  47. pahz place

    pahz placeHace 18 días

    servant of the dark lord?!? Interesting

  48. Ironuniverse 1230

    Ironuniverse 1230Hace 18 días

    I would have joined the girl. I would wish for 10 Big Macs and applepies

  49. Mr T

    Mr THace 18 días

    0:00-0:03 some times i feel like i've got to... run away i've got to...

  50. Shea Milan

    Shea MilanHace 19 días

    Searched this after I watched the movie, I can only say that its not so cliché movie and full of action. Great movie btw really recommended 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  51. Charles Hocker

    Charles HockerHace 20 días

    Now this is an interesting Home Alone adaptation.

  52. CaptainRaptor847

    CaptainRaptor847Hace 22 días

    Bee is obviously short for beelzebub.

  53. Tara Parissay

    Tara ParissayHace 22 días

    Wait does anyone know why Max’s shirt is off the whole time, isn’t that just an inconvenience to have your shirt of

  54. miracle manoj kumar

    miracle manoj kumarHace 22 días

    She does look like girl from gta v

  55. Chelsea Guz-Cetto

    Chelsea Guz-CettoHace 23 días

    Cole cute or wateva 👀

  56. SaltyStorm

    SaltyStormHace 24 días

    this is a great movie!!

  57. Javier Florez

    Javier FlorezHace 24 días


  58. Carla Gray

    Carla GrayHace 24 días

    I think this is the trashiest "horror" movie I ever watched

  59. hoe

    hoeHace 25 días

    I feel like since he is scared of everything ,he is just imagining all of those scary stuff

  60. Adolf Hitler

    Adolf HitlerHace 26 días


  61. Zink Hero of YouTube

    Zink Hero of YouTubeHace 26 días

    This is like a more violent version of Home Alone

  62. b0zen jr.

    b0zen jr.Hace 27 días

    Man, i hate to see kingbach being murdered...

  63. Tamia Taylor

    Tamia TaylorHace 27 días

    Is that king batch?

  64. Shadowquake

    ShadowquakeHace 29 días

    I almost cried when Max died because he was so pretty

  65. Dimension

    DimensionHace 29 días

    I don't understand why he stayed near the house instead of running as far away as he could

  66. Menno Conijn

    Menno ConijnHace un mes

    8:17 rip king bach

  67. KS Mahomes

    KS MahomesHace un mes

    This movie had no business being as good as it was.

  68. Akshat Tewathia

    Akshat TewathiaHace un mes

    hi guys, if you finding this ovie you can watch it on my channel akshat tewathai ( here. so go and watch it..hurry

  69. Andrew 219

    Andrew 219Hace un mes

    Muscle Car*

  70. Krispy Bak0n

    Krispy Bak0nHace un mes

    She can get it like dmn

  71. Nooo1111

    Nooo1111Hace un mes

    *I hate how she kills the innocent fire fighter*

  72. Limonic Lee

    Limonic LeeHace un mes

    Not a baby no more. DOUBLE CHECK!

  73. Father Kermit

    Father KermitHace un mes

    home alone 5: Kevin kills a cult

  74. Can We Get 100 Subscribers Without Videos

    Can We Get 100 Subscribers Without VideosHace un mes

    damn even coles mom thought he was a pussy

  75. Noah O'loughlin

    Noah O'loughlinHace un mes

    And Jeremy

  76. Noah O'loughlin

    Noah O'loughlinHace un mes

    only black guy= Kingbach

  77. Ghelma

    GhelmaHace un mes

    I knew viners were secret satanists

  78. Uni Shark

    Uni SharkHace un mes

    cole is hot af.

  79. TheShocker

    TheShockerHace un mes

    Cole is such a cool fuckin name

  80. Weekly Vids

    Weekly VidsHace un mes

    The move is good

  81. Filip starcevic

    Filip starcevicHace un mes

    you are 2 good 2 be true man keep it up

  82. dank jerry's father

    dank jerry's fatherHace un mes

    If that was me I'd spend a whole week in the shipping chamber

  83. some random cat

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  84. kxnyxn _

    kxnyxn _Hace un mes

    So basically rated R home alone

  85. bri. _

    bri. _Hace un mes

    I have glasses, and I feel offended😭😭

  86. Mr SliMy

    Mr SliMyHace un mes

    So I’m in 2019 and I just thought of this wouldn’t it be cool if cole grew up in a sequal and like started hunting bee like she moves on to another town and he hunts her there and he starts being a badass and like kills her I Edit: after scrolling down the comments I saw John Williams’s and I promise I didn’t copy we just had the same idea

  87. laser pony

    laser ponyHace un mes

    I new all viners are evil

  88. Abhishek Masih

    Abhishek MasihHace un mes

    how could one fly with a bullet lol

  89. Misfit Flow

    Misfit FlowHace un mes

    The Home Alone sequel we always wanted

  90. Rip Van Winkle

    Rip Van WinkleHace un mes

    Where are your parents

  91. Melody 382

    Melody 382Hace un mes

    Character 👏 development 👏👍

  92. Greyson lane

    Greyson laneHace un mes

    Why choose the soft cell version of tainted love and not Marilyn Mansons

  93. Gene Roos

    Gene RoosHace un mes

    Lmao, that black cat tattoo is just the actress'. It doesn't have anything to do with the lore of the film.

  94. Aceox

    AceoxHace un mes

    I really liked that movie. It has some nice gore effects and sometimes some really funny humor. I was honestly surprised when I watched it back when it came out.

  95. Lagtrocity

    LagtrocityHace un mes

    Bro that guy needs a shirt deadass

  96. katie

    katieHace un mes

    I don't get why people hate this movie, it feels like those weird b movies from the 80s and I love it

  97. Redrk

    RedrkHace un mes

    that boy has blood on his hands

  98. Hugh James-Berry

    Hugh James-BerryHace un mes

    a *LOT* of speculation


    XXXUNKNOWNHace un mes

    King Bach is in this sh**

  100. Master Ofluckycharms

    Master OfluckycharmsHace un mes

    Why is king Bach in this movie

  101. LS24 B1U3 HURR1CAN3

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