The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model



    JUAN CAMILO CERPAHace 2 horas


  2. Kendall Howard

    Kendall HowardHace 15 horas

    That Aston ain't no hoe

  3. Ryan Vernon

    Ryan VernonHace 17 horas

    He said 69

  4. KnifeGuy375

    KnifeGuy375Hace un día

    LOL!! I always love this backseat-stuff! :D HAHA!!

  5. Vendee Swartz

    Vendee SwartzHace un día

    For this price id much rather have a 720s Mclaren

  6. Ed Valvonis

    Ed ValvonisHace un día

    Doug is a type of a guy that wears full size white socks that says D.O.U.G.

  7. aneebaba06

    aneebaba06Hace 2 días

    Kinda sad that the Aston gets the now-old-ish MB infotainment system (esp that dial), but I'm sure it's a step up overall from what they would have been able to do themsevles.

  8. aneebaba06

    aneebaba06Hace 2 días

    Such a sexy car - was fortunate enough to see it at the LA Autoshow (on a turn table though)

  9. Enoch Escalera

    Enoch EscaleraHace 3 días

    I thought Super Leggera was a Lamborghini designation?

  10. Richard Tisdale

    Richard TisdaleHace 3 días

    My dream car, down to the tri-coat paint! Absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Bmore Baby

    Bmore BabyHace 3 días

    BMW m6!!

  12. Bmore Baby

    Bmore BabyHace 3 días

    Do the BMW m6

  13. Paul Erhimona

    Paul ErhimonaHace 3 días

    The back seats are futuristic,so unique.infotainment system is zero over zero.d outside is lovly,dey should stop taking parts from Mbenz.

  14. Dopey ent.

    Dopey ent.Hace 4 días

    doug the type of guy to judge a beauty contest to give them his doug score

  15. bigden 2755

    bigden 2755Hace 4 días

    $295 for the "umbrella" ????? Gee, I want this car....

  16. MC_Uniboob

    MC_UniboobHace 5 días

    my favourite aston by miles

  17. Chris Li

    Chris LiHace 5 días

    you got so many viewer don't mean you are smart. Instead, stupid idiots account for bulk of the population. So, get some improvement

  18. Chris Li

    Chris LiHace 5 días

    it is boring! he repeats the same wording for every single car : WOW, it's fast. In fact, get a robot to replace him

  19. The Johnson

    The JohnsonHace 6 días

    Another good review bud... But what the shit??? You scored this to low.

  20. Ting Yu Hsieh

    Ting Yu HsiehHace 6 días

    doug the type of guy to try and finger the rear of every car he sees

  21. Michael Ray

    Michael RayHace 6 días

    They continue to fail with their interior design

  22. Itay Garbash

    Itay GarbashHace 6 días

    Can't unsee the stitching as mitsubishi logos 9:45

  23. eiebsrebla

    eiebsreblaHace 6 días

    Doesn’t Lamborghini have a Gallardo Superleggera? No copyright on that from either of these companies?

  24. Eric Garcia

    Eric GarciaHace 6 días

    $295 umbrella lool

  25. fredvlees pet

    fredvlees petHace 7 días

    The English make the best cars🤙

  26. Sierra Hotel

    Sierra HotelHace 7 días

    Would I rather have a DBS Superleggera or a 720S? Hmmm...

  27. Larenzo J’moore

    Larenzo J’mooreHace 7 días

    Everybody hating on this couldn’t afford it anyways LMAOOO

  28. Big23Blue

    Big23BlueHace 8 días

    Wow, did not realize Aston stepped up their design. Take my C7 and give me that lol (but forreal check my vette out on my channel)

  29. Felix

    FelixHace 8 días

    this car has no character at all aston martin still builds the interioer as if we were in 2005 its ridiculous

  30. big i pa robert

    big i pa robertHace 9 días

    Do the doors have soft close too?

  31. VC YT

    VC YTHace 9 días

    Doug, your'e not meant to sit in the child seats - your'e an adult.!

  32. Jomo-Kenyatta1

    Jomo-Kenyatta1Hace 9 días

    Entertainment screen looks hella ugly, all plastic

  33. Caleb Lindley

    Caleb LindleyHace 10 días

    All these different options, but the one option that alot of people will want is to have a manual gearbox. Nice car but Aston Martin should do what the customers want, not what they think they want. Old Aston DBS looks far better anyhow.

  34. givemeajackson

    givemeajacksonHace 10 días

    great colour

  35. moti

    motiHace 10 días

    20:21 still a child! big love!

  36. Maurizio Arrivabene

    Maurizio ArrivabeneHace 11 días

    You should invest more time into rebuilding your posture, and less on researching useless information...its almost unwatchable

  37. Sir David Robinson

    Sir David RobinsonHace 11 días

    Next up we move on to a couple of other interesting items on my body starting with my asshole.

  38. John SSmith

    John SSmithHace 12 días

    My Fridge also has soft close door

  39. Daniel Pringle

    Daniel PringleHace 12 días

    Doug is the type of guy who always wears a New Zealand t-shirt

  40. Christopher

    ChristopherHace 12 días

    This car is gorgeous. So much attention to detail.

  41. UrSimpleReviewer

    UrSimpleReviewerHace 12 días

    Tbh k900 was better built then this. Most of it parts looks cheap crap.

  42. UrSimpleReviewer

    UrSimpleReviewerHace 12 días

    $300k still have to lift the trunk. They place that soft close in hood maybe they know it’ll not last that long.

  43. Andy spirit1972

    Andy spirit1972Hace 12 días

    Guy who's absolutely loaded local has one.. Most insane sound exhaust wise you have ever heard

  44. subhology

    subhologyHace 12 días

    With the money for thoee added options i can buy a bike that's faster than this car and still have money for a car

  45. 2nd_snideelf

    2nd_snideelfHace 13 días

    this car is killer. you want and have money for a super exotic that is very different from the door stops, this is the one. this and the new Vantage will get you real prestige.

  46. S2000Y

    S2000YHace 13 días

    That instrument binnacle - just horrid

  47. Lewa365

    Lewa365Hace 14 días

    In my option it is a better looking more luxurious 812

  48. srthellcat707

    srthellcat707Hace 14 días

    The infotainment 💩 is crap benz from a decade ago. Also the cruise/turn signals control stocks looks terrible.

  49. G G

    G GHace 15 días

    Beauty ❤️

  50. Shardsofcontentment

    ShardsofcontentmentHace 15 días

    Might be the best sounding exhaust note ever ... !

  51. urosv123

    urosv123Hace 16 días

    Well, I would definitely pop that hood open at least once a day... So, soft-close... yes please.

  52. HondaFanUA

    HondaFanUAHace 16 días

    Am I the only one who’s bewildered by the fact that the trunk opening is so low and wide? It’s literally the most practical thing Aston has done.

  53. Paweł Popławski

    Paweł PopławskiHace 16 días

    ' Cool factor - 8 ' - yea, right... same as casual mercedes...

  54. Manny Ribera

    Manny RiberaHace 17 días

    $145 for a small first aid kit? Nice.

  55. Manny Ribera

    Manny RiberaHace 14 días

    Sheldon Julius very nice 😍

  56. Sheldon Julius

    Sheldon JuliusHace 14 días

    200 something bucks for an umbrella that cost 5 bucks to make.

  57. NoNegotiations

    NoNegotiationsHace 17 días

    Each sentence you end has some gayness to it when you say it.

  58. JOJI KIM

    JOJI KIMHace 17 días


  59. Nick S

    Nick SHace 17 días

    The best classification for this car: Super-GT

  60. PandaCHEONG

    PandaCHEONGHace 17 días

    How tf does the DBS have a worse interior than the Vantage? Who ever did the interior design needs to be fired

  61. Kevin Rzyski

    Kevin RzyskiHace 17 días

    ...for Aston Martin standards this is ugly.

  62. Lumechtan

    LumechtanHace 17 días

    I once took a one week trip to NY, my budget was equal to this car umbrella option

  63. Brendan Flanders

    Brendan FlandersHace 18 días

    Do the 2010 DBS coupe or drop top

  64. StellarBlue1

    StellarBlue1Hace 18 días

    QUITE SIMPLY a millionaire's automobile. Seriously, a half million dollars out the door. Personally, I would love a Lexus RC F or something in that order. But then again, I am no where near a millionaire and Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley, Bugatti and Lambo's are out of my ball park. Even a BMW 2 series would put a dent in my portfolio...Then again, there are such things as USED cars. Maybe a 1995 Rolls for 15 thousand?

  65. gumbypokey7

    gumbypokey7Hace 19 días

    Does everyone get in the back seat like Doug? I go in head first...

  66. improbro

    improbroHace 19 días

    Some buttons from caddy🤔

  67. Baljeet

    BaljeetHace 20 días

    Anyone see at 3:51 that the umbrella cost $295.00

  68. marios demsias

    marios demsiasHace 20 días

    Please buy a camera

  69. Raj Nibhani

    Raj NibhaniHace 20 días

    Top 5 luxury coupes ? Can anyone tell me ? Rolls Royce wraith or Ferrari or Lamborghini or Bentley continental or Aston Martin or mclaren please arrange them according to your knowledge top brands

  70. ドリーム]

    ドリーム]Hace 21 un día

    750 HP? That it? No Thanks I'll stick with my Supra.

  71. Eric T

    Eric THace 21 un día

    Doug's the type of guy who grins and smirks while speeding from 0 - 25 in a school zone.

  72. Still Searching

    Still SearchingHace 21 un día

    While $70K for options is attocious, I would take this car over an 812 Superfast.

  73. rgl777

    rgl777Hace 21 un día

    if your reading this have a good day!

  74. Carlos Barragan

    Carlos BarraganHace 21 un día

    You look 36 man.. lol

  75. Rok Koželjnik

    Rok KoželjnikHace 21 un día

    I dont usually like british cars, but this is just beautiful...

  76. lucy benton

    lucy bentonHace 21 un día

    $295 for an umbrella , wow

  77. Liam Dennehy

    Liam DennehyHace 22 días

    Why would Aston Martin accountants speak like a cowboy?

  78. Kukuruznik91

    Kukuruznik91Hace 22 días

    Am I the only one finding 3.2 kinda slow for a 700hp v12??

  79. Lexus Troller

    Lexus TrollerHace un día

    +OliverD642when did I say that American/Japanese cars are great? My comment was about an overpriced -Ford looking from the front- British garbage. Yes, for its money it's just a fuckin garbage. Look at what Italian supercar companies achieve with that kind of money and then look at this overpriced Pos. Moreover, check out the re-sale value of older lambos/Ferraris and compare those to their initial prices. Then do the same thing for Aston Martins. There's a reason why the Italian supercars hold their value pretty well more often than not and A.Martins depreciate so much faster. British Quality, that's why so expensive? that's a joke that only kids wouldn't get. A. Martins (and most British cars) are known for being unreliable af.0-60 in 3.2s is slow for a car that expensive and "that powerful". BMW M5 can do 0-60 in less than 3 seconds and it's heavy af ,less powerful and a fucking SEDAN! that costs around 100k $ .I would say stop embarrassing yourself with your fanboying-biased comments, but since you've been rude - idgaf, British schmuck. Comment back, I won't even check your hilarious replies.Done

  80. OliverD642

    OliverD642Hace un día

    Lexus Troller Americans make cheap plastic shit and charge 3x that of Japanese shit. GMs interiors have been pathetic for years. In England their cars are hand crafted, one man to one engine, one person to one interior. That is quality and THAT costs money. So put your Honda or Lexus up your cheap arse and dream about owning a real car. Tosser

  81. OliverD642

    OliverD642Hace un día

    Lexus Troller overpriced British thing lol. That’s why people buy Japanese cars, their cheap plastic shit is affordable to everyone.

  82. Lexus Troller

    Lexus TrollerHace 2 días

    no you are not the only one, this overpriced british thing is relatively slow

  83. OliverD642

    OliverD642Hace 9 días

    It weighs 3732lbs that’s a lot of weight, it’s a luxury/sports car. 3.2 seconds is very impressive for the weight of the thing. 0-60 in 3.2 is impressive for any car mind you!

  84. Nicholas Gagnon

    Nicholas GagnonHace 22 días

    Hi Doug im just going to say this the Vanquish S Volante is still my dream car, and I just think it looks way better then the DBS and sounds beter but I have a question for you Doug is DBS a beter car in your opinion?

  85. Frank Hughes

    Frank HughesHace 22 días

    The cupholders are manual, not automatic. I'm out. 🤣

  86. Bridge Brother.

    Bridge Brother.Hace 22 días

    hey Doug, review a Jaguar. A Jaguar XF particularly.

  87. NZDER2018

    NZDER2018Hace 23 días

    Doug the type of guy to blow on hot sauce to cool it down.

  88. Matthew Demonroe

    Matthew DemonroeHace 23 días

    When I bought my ex-girlfriends Mazda her piano black cost about 8,500. They threw in the vinyl cover....can I afford this Aston Martin??!!!? No

  89. G Swaggy

    G SwaggyHace 24 días

    Can you do a review on a Toyota Celica? I love those cars

  90. Paul Johnson

    Paul JohnsonHace 24 días

    I want to see @Doug DeMuro get into the back seat of a fourth generation GM extended cab pickup.

  91. Adam Shepherd

    Adam ShepherdHace 24 días

    The line on the front wheel well you spoke about around the 6:30 mark kind of looks like a turbocharger. I wonder if that was the look they were going for?

  92. Rodya Bay

    Rodya BayHace 25 días

    В Калифорнии освещение как на луне) Тени четкие везде такие, как будто атмосферы нет)

  93. Cam

    CamHace 25 días

    I really dislike the look of most modern day cars. Way too flashy.


    KIM JONG UNHace 25 días



    RISHAB BENNETTHace 26 días

    That flek in the paint tho

  96. Mike Tyson

    Mike TysonHace 26 días

    Doug, please don't change anything in your reviews. It's perfect.

  97. Se7en

    Se7enHace 26 días

    Review an Acura TL type s

  98. ben cowie

    ben cowieHace 28 días

    My penis just got hard

  99. Bald Brad

    Bald BradHace 28 días

    As lovely as it looks, I prefer the new V8 Vantage.

  100. Queen Rogue

    Queen RogueHace 28 días

    Love all ur reviews... please review the Aston Martin Rapide-s

  101. Jarrod Ottinger

    Jarrod OttingerHace 28 días

    THOSE TURBOS 20:19

  102. Ignace Helsen

    Ignace HelsenHace 29 días

    Don't forget your key though.

  103. Zachary

    ZacharyHace 29 días

    Give me an LC500, LX570 and Tundra Trd Pro instead. And I’ll still have roughly $100k plus to enjoy. Nice car but just saying

  104. Roger Skagerström

    Roger SkagerströmHace 29 días

    Also - soft close hood - when you need to open the hood as much as the doors ;)

  105. Roger Skagerström

    Roger SkagerströmHace 29 días

    Those front fenders... That price... That predicted quality... Nope :P

  106. TheZombieSpork

    TheZombieSporkHace 29 días

    review the exorcist