The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model


  1. Malek Abu shmais

    Malek Abu shmaisHace un día

    I wish you filmed this from outside while driving.

  2. Subscribe me For no reason

    Subscribe me For no reasonHace 2 días

    Me: how much does aston martin cost? Also me but after googling: oh nevermind

  3. R Gill

    R GillHace 4 días

    Doug's the kind of guy who jizzes in his pants during acceleration.

  4. Khalil Henderson

    Khalil HendersonHace 5 días

    When it comes to interior the s65 coupe is king but this is dope

  5. Stigs Aussie Cousin

    Stigs Aussie CousinHace 5 días

    First of all I’d be looking at the hood all day if I could I love the engine of Aston Martin

  6. R2COM

    R2COMHace 7 días

    I can already see the pain of Omar from window tinting putting 5% black ceramic tint on a rear window

  7. Kamal Hassan

    Kamal HassanHace 7 días

    doug demuro is a boring reviewier

  8. Lex Lex

    Lex LexHace 8 días

    I own it and open the hood all the time.

  9. Zaidi Rahim

    Zaidi RahimHace 10 días

    Doug is the type of guy who gave the same reaction after having sex with same girl every single time...

  10. Pussymagnet Approved

    Pussymagnet ApprovedHace 12 días

    I kind of fell in love with this vehicle.

  11. paghal11

    paghal11Hace 12 días

    Doug, I urge you to start a program of aggressive yoga, with a short period of dynamic stretching prior to attempting to get in the back seat of such cars, as you are wont to do. Thus, you will avoid a back or hamstring injury which I very much fear is otherwise in your future.

  12. paghal11

    paghal11Hace 12 días

    Shouldn't a "Superleggera" be bare bones, stripped out and oozing with bare metal and carbon fiber ? This car kind of belies its name.

  13. Aaron Long Huynh

    Aaron Long HuynhHace 14 días

    This is such a sexy looking car.

  14. durapoker

    durapokerHace 15 días

    I think it's been said before but why do reviewers think everyone wants to see their face while they're driving? I would much rather see the POV or just a view from in between the front seats.

  15. Mike Gordy

    Mike GordyHace 15 días

    God I hate your face

  16. John Blair

    John BlairHace 15 días

    Okay so Styling = 8. Same score Doug gave the Buick Grand National - essentially a mid 80's Buick Regal that was blacked out. Cool, sure. Style equal to an Aston Martin DBS Superleggera? ( or ANY Aston) Uhm.. No. Time to switch to a 100 scale there Doug. Really. And don't say the Buick GN was an 8 "for it's time period" - There were Aston Martins in the 80's. Take a look, and tell anyone: "wow, thats almost as nice as this Buick I saw" Go ahead. I'll wait.

  17. mazhar shakarami

    mazhar shakaramiHace 17 días


  18. wild card

    wild cardHace 20 días

    This Aston Martin is the fastest car I have ever been in

  19. Karol Nowosad

    Karol NowosadHace 20 días

    My boss got one and I still work for minimum wage xD

  20. 孟憲霆

    孟憲霆Hace 22 días

    Why 5.2 still need Twin Turbo?

  21. Viorel Rotaru

    Viorel RotaruHace 23 días

    Turn signal shape looks identical to a Reno car...

  22. Viroj Fernando

    Viroj FernandoHace 25 días

    Bently gtc is better

  23. A M 7

    A M 7Hace 25 días

    My car

  24. Charles Koushik

    Charles KoushikHace 26 días

    This thing is a creation of beautu

  25. prashant yaduvanshi

    prashant yaduvanshiHace 27 días

    I'm gona buy this beast

  26. Blake Gowin-Haines

    Blake Gowin-HainesHace 28 días

    Aston just are developing a better tyre and the it will do 222 mph

  27. Blake Gowin-Haines

    Blake Gowin-HainesHace 28 días

    I’ve been in one

  28. Justyn McDonald

    Justyn McDonaldHace 28 días

    Kills me how often he says pop and then pronounces it “pappp.”

  29. mike smidee

    mike smideeHace 28 días

    Is the price going to drop like it’s big brothers?

  30. Garth Leckey

    Garth LeckeyHace 29 días

    Love the shirt, Doug

  31. jamal Biscette

    jamal BiscetteHace 29 días

    my dream car

  32. Sovan Sonarann

    Sovan SonarannHace 29 días

    Pls do dbs 2009

  33. Snaffle

    SnaffleHace un mes

    Not for Human adults ... Wut

  34. D-Dog

    D-DogHace un mes

    I love doug😂😂😂 3:18

  35. Zatharos

    ZatharosHace un mes

    The DBS is definitely NOT in the league of the 812. Maybe the old F12, but with 780 horsepower its definitely a step above the DBS

  36. Zatharos

    ZatharosHace 25 días

    George Bridgeman-Sutton well tell that to Aston’s marketing team who kept saying the 812 was used as a benchmark for this car. Its clear the DBS isnt even a competitor to the old F12, let alone its generational leap successor

  37. George Bridgeman-Sutton

    George Bridgeman-SuttonHace 25 días

    It's not meant to be in direct competition. More so a similar car with enough differences that it won't be sharing the exact same spot on the market

  38. deathtoamerica69

    deathtoamerica69Hace un mes

    The roof panel costs more than my car

  39. munene mathenge

    munene mathengeHace un mes

    Wish Doug reviewed the metallic grey version. It is stunning.

  40. William Hewitt

    William HewittHace 12 días

    Ik he always gets ugly white cars

  41. dan596

    dan596Hace un mes

    Oh Doug...I think you are getting too accustomed to all these exotic cars you are reviewing. All that time on the trunk, and the most 'noteworthy' detail us 'normal' car drivers never see are the large vents that apparently pipe into the deck lid. If that is not Doug worthy unusual, I don't know what is.

  42. BuckyBoi

    BuckyBoiHace un mes

    The Gallardo will forever be the original superleggera

  43. William Hewitt

    William HewittHace 12 días

    The Alfa Romeo 8C 2900 was the first

  44. William Hewitt

    William HewittHace 12 días

    That’s just not true is it?

  45. Shimon

    ShimonHace un mes

    The vents on the side are shaped like that to look like wings.

  46. Enayet Hussain

    Enayet HussainHace un mes

    please review the lamborghini huracan rwd

  47. 4Gnet Mail

    4Gnet MailHace un mes

    A Kiwi flys again, this time in an Aston.

  48. Mr.t Joe

    Mr.t JoeHace un mes

    Beautiful car.luv that T-Shirt Bro. Kia Ora!

  49. Oğuz Kaan Yılmaz

    Oğuz Kaan YılmazHace un mes

    Allegedly nice rear seats :D

  50. CaptainWafflez

    CaptainWafflezHace un mes

    *Costs 350k* Doug: "Just a hare over 300k"

  51. Ubiratan Pessoa

    Ubiratan PessoaHace un mes

    Aston Martin DBS Superleggera👍👏👏👏

  52. Markers

    MarkersHace un mes

    One day I'll be able to afford an Aston Martin. Speaking it into existence

  53. Mar Moti

    Mar MotiHace un mes

    I' d like to see the dash and cockpit features "by night" possible?!

  54. Thomas Stalder

    Thomas StalderHace un mes

    Silly design of the front fenders (openings). Ugly and a nightmare when roads are dirty and wet.

  55. Raw Dog

    Raw DogHace un mes

    16:21 nice edit job