The Aston Martin DBS Superleggera Is Aston's $350,000 Flagship Model


  1. Charlie Howard

    Charlie HowardHace 12 horas

    this car is so underrated!!!!

  2. WholeLotta GanggkkShit GoinggOnn

    WholeLotta GanggkkShit GoinggOnnHace 2 días

    He didn’t say Ferrari when he was comparing benz’ modern tech

  3. Bob Dillahunty

    Bob DillahuntyHace 2 días

    The way he talks is actually starting to get on my nerves.

  4. davide bortoli

    davide bortoliHace 2 días

    Aston Martin DBS Superleggera 2019 : :D Aston Martin Vantage 2018: D:

  5. Paneristi

    PaneristiHace 4 días

    Hate the interior, otherwise amazing car.

  6. voipher

    voipherHace un hora

    Bad colour scheme with the metallic blue.

  7. The savage Of Savages

    The savage Of SavagesHace 6 días

    Will we ever see a car that gets a 10 on everything. That would be interesting.

  8. Fish Kings

    Fish KingsHace 5 días

    The savage Of Savages Unfortunately that would be virtually impossible.

  9. Chris Mcintosh

    Chris McintoshHace 6 días

    For the love of David Brown, please stop continuously saying 'out of 10' we all know what the that you score cars out of 10. That paint, though, it's the most beautiful finish I've seen on a car.

  10. aeroaa2

    aeroaa2Hace 6 días

    14:08 idk why, but that note sounds like something from NFSU2

  11. Martin Westerberg

    Martin WesterbergHace 7 días

    Best looking car right now! Prefer it in grey though. Great video Doug.

  12. Sir Burn

    Sir BurnHace 9 días

    This guy is annoying. If your buying an Astin Martin. You should understand that it is about details and feeling one with the car. His voice is starting to sound whining. Cant even finish the video lol.

  13. MrPerfect170

    MrPerfect170Hace 9 días

    I'll take one in red with black accents

  14. James Postle

    James PostleHace 10 días

    Best looking modern supercar in my opinion.

  15. Jason Cruz

    Jason CruzHace 11 días

    Glove box opens automatically fool

  16. thebestmanever3

    thebestmanever3Hace 13 días

    8k for speker god damn

  17. H3rry118

    H3rry118Hace 13 días

    I love how these cars can have completely trivial optional extras that cost more than my entire car

  18. Armando Gonzalez

    Armando GonzalezHace 14 días

    this is fire.

  19. John Brocato

    John BrocatoHace 15 días

    I’ve over here at 17:44 did he talk about the lid yet?

  20. John Brocato

    John BrocatoHace 15 días

    Like when he’s driving the car is he thinking about the lid?

  21. M Odyssey

    M OdysseyHace 15 días

    This car has definitely fantastically gorgeous design and super car performance However, what about British car's typical quality issues? Is it OK? If it has quality level of German makers, it is definitely worth buying But its interior is still not luxurious enough for over 300K price tag

  22. Pip Pipster

    Pip PipsterHace 18 días

    Air vents look cheap

  23. Martin Smith

    Martin SmithHace 19 días

    Aston Martin: "Oh, sir you breathed in our vehicle that will be $5,380"

  24. Don't Touch Me

    Don't Touch MeHace 19 días

    lol i swear it's a joke, does not deserve 350k at all, such a fail when he tried to get into the back seats. Nothing impressing to be honest and the interior looks cheap. im sticking to my gorgeous Bentley continental gt 2019

  25. Yolo Cholo

    Yolo CholoHace 20 días

    10:57 bro that carpet looks cheap asf for the price. My Camry looks like that, year 2001.

  26. Declan McGinnis

    Declan McGinnisHace 20 días

    We just gonna ignore it has a $300 umbrella

  27. Britt

    BrittHace 22 días


  28. Ryan's Motorsports

    Ryan's MotorsportsHace 22 días

    She sounds like my pet Lamborghini 🙃

  29. Ryan's Motorsports

    Ryan's MotorsportsHace 22 días

    Cough cough, Cadillac Cue finagle alert!😂

  30. Muhammed Yunus

    Muhammed YunusHace 23 días

    this this this is this is a this this this change the intro pleaseeeeeeee

  31. Nicholas Cristella

    Nicholas CristellaHace 23 días

    Like a million $ dodge from brussels🤣

  32. Daniel Potts

    Daniel PottsHace 23 días

    10:59 reminder car companies still won't go the extra mile for $400,000

  33. Anthony Similton

    Anthony SimiltonHace 23 días

    Fuuuuk! 😫😫🤣🤣🤑🤑🤑🤑🤔🤔

  34. Tom Nowak

    Tom NowakHace 24 días

    As always it's utterly beautiful and appealing from the outside but what the Hell did Aston think when making those new interiors. The old ones where shit with way to small buttons and stuff but still it looked really special and elegant. New interiors just look like picked straight out of a Hyundai. Really not what one expects from a 330k car.

  35. Texas Owl

    Texas OwlHace 24 días

    Tesla goes 0-60 faster lol

  36. sean c

    sean cHace 24 días

    1st a Audi a6. And then a Aston Martin. My two dream cars

  37. Danaliism

    DanaliismHace 25 días

    I heart Doug DeMuro

  38. iveco shop

    iveco shopHace 25 días

    Doug... The kind of guy that calls girls in the morning

  39. u666sa

    u666saHace 26 días

    Two brake calipers in the back?

  40. iveco shop

    iveco shopHace 25 días

    Small one is hand brakes

  41. Disarray 09

    Disarray 09Hace 26 días

    Oh c'mon Doug!!.... You could've squuezed into that back seat 😂

  42. TheRPGentleman

    TheRPGentlemanHace 22 días

    More fake bullshit for humor's sake. Too bad it all falls so flat. Doug Demuro ain't funny.

  43. Dylan J.

    Dylan J.Hace 26 días



    MEGOLITOHace 26 días

    this car looks very very very good. personally ide take this over many many super cars if it had the exact performance as them. like say no matter what the car it runs a 6:50 on nurburgring so your only choosing cosmetics. this would be a considerable choice for me.

  45. Kevin Mc Cusker

    Kevin Mc CuskerHace 27 días

    Who is paying five grand for white paint...I also love how Doug explains stupid, pointless federal regulations for cars. You dont find that in other car reviews.

  46. Stevie Lowe

    Stevie LoweHace 27 días

    Oh my god that look stunning 😍

  47. Auto Energy

    Auto EnergyHace 27 días

    I’m in love 😍

  48. 50 Pence

    50 PenceHace 27 días

    Some Luddites will be pressing that stop/start button during gearbox selections.🙂

  49. Apoptosis.Pending

    Apoptosis.PendingHace 29 días

    Doug is the type of guy to be the guy that is the type

  50. Lokesh Danu

    Lokesh DanuHace un mes

    The one who dislikes these reviews he/she has no taste of cars or of car reviewing.....

  51. Chris OB

    Chris OBHace un mes

    Half a million in Australian dollars

  52. Motion HD

    Motion HDHace un mes

    At 19:00 his tongue looks way to big for his mouth and sounds like it too

  53. Mike Llerena

    Mike LlerenaHace un mes

    Reviewing a 350k for a car, $3.50 for a t-shirt. You don't need to flex when your biggest assets are from the waist down.

  54. DeltaDog94

    DeltaDog94Hace un mes

    Ruffles have Riges 4:30 and thats only $1.69..

  55. Drag Addicts

    Drag AddictsHace un mes


  56. Monsta Munch

    Monsta MunchHace un mes

    Love everything about it except the font on that superleggera logo on the hood, that would annoy the hell out of me.

  57. Sahil Sharma

    Sahil SharmaHace un mes

    14:05 Car Farts.

  58. LiuProduction

    LiuProductionHace un mes

    mine finally arrived yeay

  59. Jim Jones

    Jim JonesHace un mes

    6:00 ... an original styling line?? Check out the classic Mercedes Gulwing

  60. Geo C

    Geo CHace un mes

    Someone at Aston Martin needs to explain why the umbrella is 295 and the first aid kit is only 145. What’s in the umbrella is it carbon fiber, can it stop a bullet, so many questions

  61. Channel Terminated

    Channel TerminatedHace un mes

    bcz umbrella will be more used to showoff as a owner of superlegera than a first aid kit & will be a collector item after years. it will probably cost $5000 someday

  62. Craig Ellis

    Craig EllisHace un mes

    Looks kinda cheap.

  63. M. I

    M. IHace un mes


  64. Marios Kateroglou

    Marios KateroglouHace un mes

    you forgot the sunvisors

  65. P J

    P JHace un mes

    First stop if I ever win a lottery. Won’t happen but one can dream.

  66. MrJanni333

    MrJanni333Hace un mes


  67. Thomas Schlüter

    Thomas SchlüterHace un mes

    The carpet in the trunk is so poorly manufactured 🤔 .... Sorry but this is ridiculous for a car this expensive...

  68. Jett Rink

    Jett RinkHace un mes

    Doug is the type of guy who is for building the wall.

  69. Conrad Johansson

    Conrad JohanssonHace un mes

    Electric center console just something else to go wrong so the dealer can ding you for another 10k every year.

  70. John P.

    John P.Hace un mes

    These are seatbelts and they're a $5,324 option.

  71. Sounds of Australia

    Sounds of AustraliaHace un mes

    (Buckle sold separately)

  72. YeeSoest

    YeeSoestHace un mes

    Whenever I see gear select buttons on the dashboard I remember James May reviewing soviet cars with Clarkson and pushing one of these buttons INTO the dashboard where it disappeared and therefore immobilized the car. Not saying this could happen here but I thought I'd share anyways. You can watch it here on ESreporter;) No, not on my channel! ^^

  73. 300IQ Wizard

    300IQ WizardHace un mes

    I would only buy this if I was a billionaire. Oh yeah I am. Still not buying it

  74. TheAnarcshit

    TheAnarcshitHace un mes

    red is far better

  75. ART EFX

    ART EFXHace un mes

    there is something cheap about this car

  76. Mike E

    Mike EHace un mes

    Beautiful car but that Interior looks like it's made out of chinese bootlegged leather goods and the climate vents out of some commercial vehicle wtf

  77. james romero

    james romeroHace un mes

    I rather get a 2020 shelby gt 500 with similar specs . And worth the hair over the 300000 of that car . 😆

  78. yungbibba

    yungbibbaHace un mes

    the Shelby is a muscle car this is a proper gt lol... not comparable

  79. ImTz Aspire

    ImTz AspireHace un mes

    where is the gas tank quark

  80. PartiZAn18

    PartiZAn18Hace un mes

    Being in the logistics industry, the $3086 is really REALLY reasonable to transport for a car of this calibre. My man, don't sweat the small stuff about an industry you know nothing about. edit: that was entirely the price quoted by the freight forwarder and not Aston Martin. Regards.

  81. will i amnot

    will i amnotHace un mes

    Tesla is better

  82. Abdullah D12

    Abdullah D12Hace un mes

    James Bond has joined the chat.

  83. Brian Stout

    Brian StoutHace un mes

    I seriously thought that Doug was wearing an Antifa shirt.

  84. Young Bl00D

    Young Bl00DHace un mes

    Doug is the type of guy to talk with his hands too much

  85. Drew_Porter

    Drew_PorterHace un mes

    It's called body language, and it's more dynamic than standing with your hands to your side, literally everyone knows this

  86. Tom fung

    Tom fungHace un mes

    Doug the type of guy that judge without knowing why.

  87. Dain Barnes

    Dain BarnesHace un mes

    Not worth the money

  88. Blue Drive

    Blue DriveHace un mes

    Doug I think you tried to got in the backseat from a bad angle you should have tried putting in your head and angle sideways.

  89. Ryan Heard

    Ryan HeardHace un mes

    Its ugly. The design actually looks cheap compared to the earlier models. Looks like they stole the design off the Chevy Corvette to me.

  90. Tero Mou

    Tero MouHace un mes

    Doug is the type of guy who gets to drive cars, that 99.99% of his subscribers can only dream of.

  91. thegamercave

    thegamercaveHace un mes

    the interior looks like a fancy coffin..

  92. Jack Faulkner

    Jack FaulknerHace un mes

    3:59 if I’m paying $295 for an umbrella I expect that shit to fly me home

  93. Channel Terminated

    Channel TerminatedHace un mes


  94. kineticdeath

    kineticdeathHace un mes

    mary poppins or bust!

  95. Derrick Williams

    Derrick WilliamsHace un mes

    Everyone has easy access to the trunk. No thanks.

  96. talha habib

    talha habibHace un mes

    shitty interior,with stupid dumb placement of transmission buttons

  97. driftjz

    driftjzHace un mes

    6:03 Any S2000/SPOON fans here?

  98. Grant Carrick

    Grant CarrickHace un mes

    The trunk shape is the same as the grille 👀.

  99. Ashley grant

    Ashley grantHace un mes

    Well now we all know where secret trunk button is

  100. the other guy

    the other guyHace un mes

    Doug is the type of guy to feed and then scare the pigeons

  101. Cozy SZN

    Cozy SZNHace un mes

    Lol shit looks like a i8

  102. turnech

    turnechHace un mes

    So ugly. Aston's new models have really taken a terrible turn from a design perspective.

  103. jixuscrixus1967

    jixuscrixus1967Hace un mes

    No one is ever going to open the hood..... so who’s putting screen wash in the reservoir?

  104. RtDK

    RtDKHace un mes

    Y'know... if I'm wealthy enough to afford a $400,000 car, EVERY. FUCKING. PIECE. of that vehicle better be *BESPOKE* to it and it alone. I shouldn't find something in it that I could find in my DAILY DRIVER S-CLASS... Aston Martin really needs to get their shit together. This kind of interchangeability crap is what killed American luxury brands.

  105. Luke Plaisier

    Luke PlaisierHace un mes

    He filmed most of the video with the center console open!

  106. scruffs

    scruffsHace un mes

    That centre screen looks like it's from 2000!

  107. scruffs

    scruffsHace un mes

    That strange wheel arch line was on old TVRs, and Jensens I think

  108. scruffs

    scruffsHace un mes

    The Vantage is better looking

  109. scruffs

    scruffsHace un mes

    Not as good looking as the previous models

  110. Alex 10,000

    Alex 10,000Hace un mes

    Dougs the type of guy who lets the woman with a huge shopping cart go ahead of him.

  111. Playmobil DeMuro

    Playmobil DeMuroHace un mes

    5:03 Of course not, because my first aid kit comes from Mazda. Not Aston Martin.