THE ANGRY BIRDS MOVIE 2 - First 10 Minutes From The Movie (2019)


  1. Arvind Kushwaha

    Arvind KushwahaHace 11 horas


  2. Anselmo Dinero

    Anselmo DineroHace 17 horas

    The eagles nuked the pigs.

  3. C kyul

    C kyulHace 19 horas

    I need a hero was playing

  4. Ramon Martínez Aranda

    Ramon Martínez ArandaHace un día

    5:01 It's The Third Island

  5. Lonewolf 1

    Lonewolf 1Hace un día

    Nice to see my boy Terrance has a family but he doesn’t seem to be enjoying it to much😂😂😂😂😂

  6. Ibrahim Alalii

    Ibrahim AlaliiHace 2 días


  7. Ibrahim Alalii

    Ibrahim AlaliiHace 2 días

    ظناناناخااك اخاخ

  8. Ibrahim Alalii

    Ibrahim AlaliiHace 2 días


  9. DedeTv Productions

    DedeTv ProductionsHace 2 días

    3:49 why wont  you  just  take  a  bath

  10. Su Tart Channel

    Su Tart ChannelHace 2 días

    What everybody think FBI looks like: *a serious organitation with high rank agent bla bla bla* What FBI actually look like: 10:02

  11. Jeanpierre Roque

    Jeanpierre RoqueHace 2 días

    En el minuto 1:30 se ve un personaje De ANGRY BIRS BLUES

  12. Binyamim Saeed

    Binyamim SaeedHace 3 días

    Angry birds 2 unlock mighty Eagle

  13. Louie hope Cabusi

    Louie hope CabusiHace 3 días

    9:25 me when my crush comes to the party

  14. Andy& Daniel

    Andy& DanielHace 4 días

    5:33 *P I G S!*

  15. Jack Szefler

    Jack SzeflerHace 4 días


  16. carlo lee

    carlo leeHace 5 días


  17. Slash 64

    Slash 64Hace 5 días

    Me in real life 7:14

  18. Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah

    Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar ShahHace 7 días

    Dear Birds, We humbly request A truce.Can we Talk? ❤️Leonard xoxo

  19. Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah

    Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar ShahHace 7 días


  20. Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar Shah

    Megat Danial Ahmad Megat Iskandar ShahHace 7 días

    Dear Birds You are idiots But... We are serious About the Truce! 🐷

  21. Baldi

    BaldiHace 7 días

    Is the intro theme basically the same from the first movie but a little bit sped up

  22. Maricel Agnes

    Maricel AgnesHace 8 días

    Make the hole movie without skiping.Or else😅

  23. JxstinXSh4Dxw

    JxstinXSh4DxwHace 8 días

    Uhm someone report him to the anger management thing for dabbing please we need backup

  24. GVTheRedStar

    GVTheRedStarHace 8 días

    What the hell happened to the blue’s mother from the first movie?

  25. Ryan Cochbain

    Ryan CochbainHace 9 días

    We 💙 Avengers

  26. Francis Dagami

    Francis DagamiHace 9 días

    7:15 cute little red :3

  27. Francis Dagami

    Francis DagamiHace 9 días

    3:04 youhoo, hot sauce please. *HoT sAuCe HaS eNtErEd ThE cHaT* Movie: it was that this moment he knew, he pigged up *Hot Sauce Bashes The Pig And The Taco* Hot Sauce: THERE’S UR HOT SAUCE!!!

  28. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav SharmaHace 9 días Hi guys in this link you will get hindi version of this movie..

  29. ร ย

    ร ยHace 9 días

    n n n8 n i 8 n 4 i88 น

  30. that user

    that userHace 9 días

    panetkayo at ang ganda ng pinapano odko

  31. Igor Roblox666

    Igor Roblox666Hace 9 días

    I was watching this and suddenly got an angry birds movie 2 ad

  32. Padma Arun

    Padma ArunHace 10 días

    3:48 is so funny because they are jumping into the sea and big waves formed😂🤣🤣😂

  33. Francis Dagami

    Francis DagamiHace 9 días


  34. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav SharmaHace 9 días

    In hindi

  35. Kyreece Rose

    Kyreece RoseHace 10 días

    Hal: My hero😃 Red: Don't..... stop😏☺🤭 *chuckles* I said don't stop 😠

  36. 7 steps

    7 stepsHace 11 días

    "I'm not blushing, I'm just RED"

  37. Saurav Sharma

    Saurav SharmaHace 9 días In Hindi dubbed

  38. Jeremy Schafer

    Jeremy SchaferHace 11 días

    9:16 What is literally one of the worst things in the universe? When a child has a potty mouth. It's actually tragic.

  39. Jeremy Schafer

    Jeremy SchaferHace 7 días

    ​@Tisha Petrose Yeah, that's what everyone thinks. But the truth is that it's one of the more classless and pejorative alternatives to the normal terms for manure. It carries more low-brow, uncouth quality than the normal terms.

  40. Tisha Petrose

    Tisha PetroseHace 7 días

    It’s not a swear word

  41. Icy speedster

    Icy speedsterHace 11 días

    9:48 LOL!

  42. Justin Delos santos CHANNEL DELETED

    Justin Delos santos CHANNEL DELETEDHace 11 días

    The 1st time watching the movie I love so much.! much

  43. Jhandee Francisco

    Jhandee FranciscoHace 12 días

    Was Jojo Siwa rhe hatchling?

  44. Pia Cambronero

    Pia CambroneroHace 12 días


  45. Caloob Drennan

    Caloob DrennanHace 13 días

    7minutes 40 seconds to 7 minutes and 58 seconds are my favorite parts

  46. Kylie Ho

    Kylie HoHace 14 días

    I like jojo vocie

  47. S K

    S KHace 15 días

    2:34 look closely cuz I saw a bird that changed from green to grey

  48. None Sophie

    None SophieHace 14 días

    Which one

  49. /directioner/forever/12

    /directioner/forever/12Hace 15 días

    The blue one are JOJO SIWA❤️❤️❤️i am a big JOJO SIWA fan❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇

  50. Alica Jones

    Alica JonesHace 15 días

    Why would someone do that a 2🤐😨😱😧🤒😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁

  51. Hal

    HalHace 16 días

    Piggy: Yoohoo hot sauce pls 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  52. Monika Gaur

    Monika GaurHace 17 días

    👍 Visit my channel

  53. UkkoUP

    UkkoUPHace 17 días

    This was the most disgusting movie i never saw! 🤬

  54. Andrew Pena

    Andrew PenaHace 17 días

    Pig: yoo hoo hot sauce please *baab💥 Pigs:*what was that?*

  55. SNAComics

    SNAComicsHace 17 días

    I'm surprised fucking youtube fucking kids hasn't shat this video, too.

  56. Uni_Que Gaming

    Uni_Que GamingHace 17 días

    1:48 Jojo Siwa

  57. /directioner/forever/12

    /directioner/forever/12Hace 8 días

    Uni_Que Gaming yessssss iam siwanatorz❤️❤️❤️❤️🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀🎀

  58. Glenn Keating

    Glenn KeatingHace 17 días

    The little white hatching is sooooo cute!! ❤❤

  59. Sami Zami

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  60. Julia Wallace

    Julia WallaceHace 18 días

    Awesome Movie

  61. Shaun Dolencio

    Shaun DolencioHace 18 días

    Yay smosh

  62. مۣۗـۙآجۣۗـۙدُ آلَقۣۗـۙيۣۗہسۣۗـۙيۣۗ

    مۣۗـۙآجۣۗـۙدُ آلَقۣۗـۙيۣۗہسۣۗـۙيۣۗHace 18 días

    اكو عراقيين هنا 🙄🇮🇶

  63. suriya gazi

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  64. Zan Adam

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  65. Pr1ncess 1sabel (Rabbid Peach 4life)

    Pr1ncess 1sabel (Rabbid Peach 4life)Hace 21 un día

    Hatchling: *sees her sisters flowing away* Oh, cwap… 😧

  66. Gugan ragav

    Gugan ragavHace 22 días


  67. Aaron Leahy

    Aaron LeahyHace 22 días

    Lenard aka king pig: we're gonna need a bigger slingshot!

  68. Louise 05

    Louise 05Hace 20 días

    @Aaron Leahy your welcome bro

  69. Aaron Leahy

    Aaron LeahyHace 20 días

    Yo thanks

  70. Louise 05

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  71. Mitha Putri

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  72. E-29

    E-29Hace 22 días

    This movie was terrible.