TERRIFIER (2016) Ending Explained + ALL HALLOWS' EVE


  1. January Embers

    January EmbersHace 4 horas

    i bet even Pennywise gets grossed out at Art's actions. Pennywise just gets hungry, Art just does things just to fuck shit up


    AMAZINGHace un día

    Saw this on Hulu for a b movie or a hulu made movie its cool meaning it seemed low budget af

  3. Bahaleo Leosh

    Bahaleo LeoshHace un día

    what kinda movie is this..damn..

  4. Yo Swifty

    Yo SwiftyHace un día

    Freddy and Jason are CHILD'S PLAY while art is just plain fucking scary Edit : also by reading this comments about horror logic y'all act like it's easy fighting these monsters like y'all too dumb to fight jig saw and his games or to fight Jason I mean he is a zombie you can't kill him also I feel like the human body would be too shocked to react smart due to fear

  5. Cj Tracy

    Cj TracyHace 2 días

    As good as a character Art is, my stomach is way too fucking weak for these movies lol.

  6. Jacob Thompson

    Jacob ThompsonHace 2 días

    ACSHUALLY its a magazine not a clip

  7. DuucKSauce

    DuucKSauceHace 2 días

    Is this a different version of the Terrifier? I saw a different actress and actors in a abandoned building?? Am I missing something?

  8. Scott Wicks

    Scott WicksHace 3 días

    Does no one else think Sarah the baby sitter is the talk show host

  9. Ricardo Fermé

    Ricardo FerméHace 3 días

    in every one of these movies when they are fully capable of finishing the job and just slide his throat open or his whole fucking head... no, they need to run aimlessly... fuck sake

  10. Jdhd Sgsd

    Jdhd SgsdHace 3 días

    So scary I watched the whole movie eww he cutted the girl in half

  11. Robert Poole

    Robert PooleHace 4 días

    "Momo Junior" one of the best lines

  12. Xochitl Rodriguez

    Xochitl RodriguezHace 5 días

    That mixed movie blew chunks

  13. Hannah

    HannahHace 7 días

    So excited for number 2 this year!!!!!!!

  14. sakura hoor

    sakura hoorHace 9 días

    I actually got so scared i can't go out of the house now thinking about kidnapping makes my head hurt

  15. SirBlaze

    SirBlazeHace 9 días

    Extremely violent , extremely creepy, no survivors... true horror.

  16. Kilian Belahcene

    Kilian BelahceneHace 9 días

    I mean, Psycho did the same thing

  17. GenXReviews

    GenXReviewsHace 9 días

    Is that why it is terrifier? Cause of Terra? Also, if she kept the ring on, would he have killed her?

  18. Marsha Deleon

    Marsha DeleonHace 11 días

    I get so mad how dumb they make them when it comes to reflexes. There was multiple times they had the chance to kill him.

  19. Squidward tentacles

    Squidward tentaclesHace 14 días

    Possibly the most disturbing movie i have have ever watched

  20. ArchAngel

    ArchAngelHace 14 días

    Hm r rated movie or perhaps nc17?? That only one who is 17 can view with out parental guidance??? Dumba** that's literally me since November.

  21. Oh, That's Wild

    Oh, That's WildHace 14 días

    Somebody needs to call The Doom Slayer on this guy

  22. Wulff Girl

    Wulff GirlHace 14 días

    Is the host in terrorfier the babysitter in All Hallows Eve?

  23. The ZombieMan

    The ZombieManHace 15 días

    Also as unfair as it is that Art used a gun, seeing the film I can't help but feel he was the smartest character for having it. Dawn just acted stupid throughout, then Tara didn't finish Art off when she had the chance, the bald guy didn't stay in the office room with Vic, and Vic went to the very flimsy wooden door to peek out while running from an evil clown

  24. The ZombieMan

    The ZombieManHace 15 días

    I think the fact that in the first segment Art looks very human and then later appearance looking more monstrous means he made a deal with Satan, maybe delivering him those women as payment for his supernatural abilities

  25. Olly Roger

    Olly RogerHace 16 días

    I hate these sort of villains, with ambiguous and vaguely-defined powers where there's literally no point in fighting them because they can literally do anything because magic. Plus, these movies are trash. Just a series of nonsensical hyper gratuitous violence. Truly, the epitome of horror.

  26. Suga Wifeu

    Suga WifeuHace 17 días

    His voice makes the movie seem less scary, I say thank you very much

  27. кролика родзинка

    кролика родзинкаHace 17 días

    I want to see more about what happens to Victoria too. Does she become like a spin off character with her own killing sprees?

  28. the smiley

    the smileyHace 18 días

    the first smart killer thaat dont mess around and just uses a gun when hes failing

  29. Heather Atkins

    Heather AtkinsHace 18 días

    The movie itself, I'm not terribly fond of. I'm not big on torture porn and mindless slashers. That being said, the actor playing Art is absolutely incredible. His body acting and facial expressions were incredible. Everything to do with him, the way he moved, the way he watched and seemed fascinated by Tara until he just coldly shoots her with no passion at all, it deeply unsettled me. The whole scene in the restaurant got to me. I would laugh in discomfort and feel intense dread. The character Art (really his movements and expressions) scares me far more than most horror films or characters. Fuck, he's freaky! Even if the film itself wasn't up my alley, I really have to commend the actor with his top-notch portrayal. Mostly in Terrifier. I thought his performance was by far the strongest of the two.

  30. vicky valle

    vicky valleHace 18 días

    How is the clown not dead

  31. vicky valle

    vicky valleHace 18 días

    I did

  32. renz tinio

    renz tinioHace 20 días

    I dont think ART kills randomly i think he kills the people who dosent have a pure heart and kills them based on there sins

  33. Warren Ward

    Warren WardHace 20 días

    Im pretty eh on the terrifier. It was pretty gorey and kept my curiousity...but i generally didn't like the ending. Still better then the devils chair...also, review the devils chair. Its the only movie i actually hate.

  34. k5lta

    k5ltaHace 20 días

    I love how Art's face becomes more demonic looking at certain points during his killing sprees. Dat detail.

  35. Nilbog

    NilbogHace 20 días

    Art is such a cute name tho, shame he is a gross out clown.

  36. superpug666

    superpug666Hace 22 días

    Super interesting vid...but...dude its a mag not a clip

  37. MyAnomous

    MyAnomousHace 23 días

    momo junior lmao

  38. Kevin Pappas B.R.P

    Kevin Pappas B.R.PHace 24 días

    according to the writer. He wrote this with Art being the main character of the movie. Also he was trying to make the whole movie like the last 15 minutes of the old classic slashers, where its all just the killer doing his killing.

  39. Joey Ostroff

    Joey OstroffHace 24 días

    As I was watching this movie, my TV turned off as I had plugged my tv into a timed outlet by accident, and I was scared as hell when it happened

  40. Jake from Geico

    Jake from GeicoHace 26 días

    Honestly the most unsettling character I've seen

  41. Chili Women

    Chili WomenHace 26 días


  42. Ishank Chhibber

    Ishank ChhibberHace 27 días

    Never watching this movie. Too much gore and disgusting scenes to watch

  43. Goro Akechi

    Goro AkechiHace 21 un día

    Just watch the Kill Count by Dead Meat on YT

  44. Onlymadeto Watchadultcontent

    Onlymadeto WatchadultcontentHace 27 días

    What would happen if someone took art's garbage bag got the jump on art and kept killing him again and again and again. Art can't die 'cuz he ain't human but still what if there was a whole gang keeping a 24/7 watch on him getting killed and mutilated.

  45. GIN TOKI

    GIN TOKIHace 29 días

    We need to call DOOM GUY

  46. ponci-waifu

    ponci-waifuHace 29 días

    Bro I watched this movie with my friend at 2 am and I got jumpscared so many times I almost cried. 💀

  47. ponci-waifu

    ponci-waifuHace 20 días

    @Goro Akechi Ahaha we watched the joker and then everyone fell asleep so yeah we watched it cause we were bored

  48. Goro Akechi

    Goro AkechiHace 21 un día

    Why are you watching scary movies at 2 am?

  49. Fresh Out

    Fresh OutHace 29 días

    Ohhhh i thought ART was a the girl with messed up face 😂😑

  50. Tara Thelen

    Tara ThelenHace un mes

    Dwan and Tara? Well somebody loved Buffy the Vampier slayer

  51. Jacob Buckels

    Jacob BuckelsHace un mes

    Pulling a gun is totally a Joker move

  52. FCN_ Art

    FCN_ ArtHace un mes

    I hate villains like ART,like dude is invincible so basically everyone is screwed,what’s the point of even watching the movie then🙄

  53. A. Nite

    A. NiteHace un mes

    Lady, just drag his clown ass out of the car and drive away! Do not stop, floor it and keep driving! Why is there never one person, just a random bystander who does the smart thing and survives?

  54. Nathan Cassidy

    Nathan CassidyHace un mes

    She is the chick that got her face off and eyes out

  55. FCN_ Art

    FCN_ ArtHace un mes

    When you don’t have time to watch TV but founflix comes to the rescue😂🙌🏻

  56. RealJunde

    RealJundeHace un mes

    This was the first movie i was actually scared of

  57. Cesar Pozos

    Cesar PozosHace un mes


  58. Conster The Monster

    Conster The MonsterHace un mes

    Am i the only one who finds it funny that we need to sensor titties but not a bunch of cut of limbs?

  59. Jorge Cabrera

    Jorge CabreraHace un mes

    I love how the blood contrasts his white mangled face

  60. Cistem Shocke

    Cistem ShockeHace un mes

    This doesn't seem like my sort of thing. Not that it's too scary. Just that it isn't very good lmao.

  61. Julio Holder

    Julio HolderHace un mes

    Gerenic shit basically..

  62. XxBeezyxX

    XxBeezyxXHace un mes

    When he started honking the horn in the doorway me and my girl fkin died of laughter 😂😂😂

  63. Dreadbear

    DreadbearHace un mes

    Terrifier is on Netflix right now.