TERRIFIER (2016) Ending Explained + ALL HALLOWS' EVE


  1. David C

    David CHace 3 horas

    Art the clown is the horror Villain that we deserve

  2. Gacha Leafy

    Gacha LeafyHace 19 horas

    I just threw up... seriously my dad is mad never watching this specific video again. EVER

  3. Mark Lane271

    Mark Lane271Hace 2 días

    15:50 Not even the Firefly Family?

  4. kill me

    kill meHace 3 días


  5. Britany Turner

    Britany TurnerHace 4 días

    Anyone else see a connection between this and the Creepypasta "Channel 42" ? Not the same, of course, but I definitely see inspiration one way or another depending which one was first.

  6. Svetlana Rodriguez

    Svetlana RodriguezHace 5 días

    This movie is gross and tasteless. Even for my taste.

  7. Mickie

    MickieHace 5 días


  8. AshVsTheDeadite

    AshVsTheDeaditeHace 6 días

    Before i play the video, you better not show that womans fucked up face i saw this movie months ago and im still recovering from the imagery!... God damnit you showed it!!!

  9. Average Joe

    Average JoeHace 7 días

    There was something unsettling about Terrifier. It seems all pointless gore which was no fun. I didn’t care for it though I usually like horror movies.

  10. ResolvedRage

    ResolvedRageHace 8 días

    So the girls are just unlucky enough to meet art?

  11. Iam An egg

    Iam An eggHace 10 días

    9:35 so what if I watched the movie is he gonna go here

  12. Morris Meeuwissen

    Morris MeeuwissenHace 10 días

    Some graphic awesome shit man

  13. Andrewgyny

    AndrewgynyHace 10 días

    Plot was garbage, there was none. And the one time someone has a phone to call the police, she chooses to investigate first. Like wtf!?! Every decision in the movie was awful.

  14. Enigma Popstar

    Enigma PopstarHace 11 días

    Who's the funko on his shelf with the long white dress and blonde hair ?

  15. oHzdes

    oHzdesHace 13 días

    My question is how did Art know TerrA was In that building? Magic?

  16. Big Beerus

    Big BeerusHace 13 días

    What's the 3rd one gonna be called I wanna know what art is

  17. caffeineandmemes

    caffeineandmemesHace 13 días

    I'm so glad you explained this movie, I don't know if I could sit through this full movie for one reason. This movie had no rules for it's villian. In every other horror movie, the villain has rules. For example, in the Ring, you can stop being attacked by Samara by passing on the video. In Nightmare on Elm Street, Freddy can be destroyed in dreams. Even the all powerful Jason seems to die at the end of his movie before coming back. Art can literally do whatever the fuck he wants, he has no consequences. A gunshot to the head, getting the shit kicked out of him by his eventual victims, it did nothing, he still got the kill. I get the point, that there's no stopping him, but it kind of loses it's fun for me when you know that there's no actual hope for the protagonists and knowing that Art's just gonna keep respawning like it's a video game

  18. Samu Lalimo

    Samu LalimoHace 13 días

    Is it me or have i seen art get his eye stabbed more than once.. the same fckn eye.

  19. Itsya Boifuze

    Itsya BoifuzeHace 13 días

    i'd say that the movie isn't about the two girls we've followed but about art him self

  20. chanelle moreno

    chanelle morenoHace 13 días

    I Saw it it's freaking scarry he took. A girls bobos he cut them then he glue them to him eww!😒😡😫😖

  21. Nugget Of Nougat

    Nugget Of NougatHace 13 días

    i fucking love art he has such a grand old time sawing that girl in half

  22. Joseph C.

    Joseph C.Hace 14 días

    Uh fuck this shit I'm out

  23. tyronic

    tyronicHace 15 días

    This budget pennywise is actually a good horror character

  24. Young Macaash

    Young MacaashHace 15 días

    Me watching the movie at day:im not scared of this shit At night:Mom can I sleep in your bed

  25. IcePrincess751

    IcePrincess751Hace 16 días

    I've been a huge horror movie fan since I was a very young kid,(I'm 44 now,)and these kinds of films don't interest me in the slightest bit.😒To me,they're pretty much just a gore fest with a lackluster,quickly slapped together pointless storyline.Gore is obviously a huge part of a lot of horror movies I actually enjoy,but these just seem like more of an attempt at shock value to cover up the fact that there isn't anything else of any substance.

  26. Nathan StopMotioner

    Nathan StopMotionerHace 17 días

    ur my favourite youtuber but im disliking because of the disturbing images and shit hope u understand

  27. Nathan StopMotioner

    Nathan StopMotionerHace 17 días

    art is one of those killers that only playes smash ultimate mods instead of actualy playing with people

  28. Professor_Tickles 92

    Professor_Tickles 92Hace 17 días

    Stop saying movies don’t have a plot! Anything that happens is a plot. If two characters are talking then the plot is them talking. By Scorsese’s own admission most of his films don’t have a plot.

  29. bosgotnojams

    bosgotnojamsHace 18 días

    i can't finish video this bye guys

  30. n b

    n bHace 18 días

    Honestly these movies were interesting but scary asf 👀👀👀

  31. JONNY_Z__ 370z NA

    JONNY_Z__ 370z NAHace 19 días

    You blur her tits but show her puss get sawd in half.....

  32. Cermet The Nasty

    Cermet The NastyHace 19 días

    I frigging hate this movie

  33. VelvetKate

    VelvetKateHace 19 días

    Totally great decision to watch this home alone on a cold, stormy night, no regrets whatsoever

  34. Jourdan Lemons

    Jourdan LemonsHace 20 días

    Art riding around busting caps in Nerds for shits and giggles. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  35. KillaSweepz ZT

    KillaSweepz ZTHace 20 días

    Censors breasts, shows someone getting sawed in half from the crotch. Whet

  36. Rikki Shepherd

    Rikki ShepherdHace 20 días

    This is the most disgusting movie ever. Just unnecessary gore. 🤢

  37. Ken Grand

    Ken GrandHace 21 un día

    the fact that he has a gun is kinda overkill...but the ppl in the show are insanely stupid...I don't even feel sorry for them

  38. iduz duhsmotpoke

    iduz duhsmotpokeHace 21 un día

    The scene (in terrifier) where the chick is screaming: Leave me alone! And art the clown just starts honking his horn at her; *BEST MOVIE SCENE EVER.*

  39. Brian

    BrianHace 21 un día

    So we can show a hacksaw cutting a pussy in half...but have to blur out tittes?

  40. necromorph31

    necromorph31Hace 21 un día

    I remember watching this on Netflix and was like Wtf?

  41. WhyEXE

    WhyEXEHace 22 días

    "Makes Pennywise look crusty" Debatable

  42. vince gredo

    vince gredoHace 23 días

    I personally dislike horror films with invincible villains, a vulnerable antagonist keeps me invested. Anything else just gives me the impression that everybody is going to die anyway and I shouldn't care

  43. ffejpsycho

    ffejpsychoHace 23 días

    Wow.... these are awful "movies" and Art is a terrible terrible character... How meta and perfectly descriptive of him and these movies with him writing his own name in shit... Art is literally shit.

  44. StreyX

    StreyXHace 24 días

    What a literal crappy world that movie is in. He craps all over the restroom you have to clean and then brutally murders you. Also, it seems that more you fight back the more merciful your death circumstance(comparatively anyway since not doing anything leads to torture tables).

  45. John King

    John KingHace 25 días

    We have seen freddy vs Jason now we need to see pennywise vs Terrifier

  46. ugh gag me with a hunting knife

    ugh gag me with a hunting knifeHace 27 días

    Who wants to see him do The Den (2013) and the V/H/S movies?

  47. DarkReaper Gaming

    DarkReaper GamingHace 28 días

    His like the NUN but a man and a clown

  48. Lavender Sevilla

    Lavender SevillaHace 28 días

    this movie in'st even good, its just gory and stupid.

  49. _whateverittakes_

    _whateverittakes_Hace 28 días

    So art is basically like a cenobite meet IT

  50. Alice Cloud

    Alice CloudHace un mes

    The movie was good and all but there were so many times the sisters could have killed him in terrifier

  51. Newwaytoofeelthepain

    NewwaytoofeelthepainHace un mes

    I don’t have any social media rn however can you do perhaps an ending explained on ‘ORPHAN’ :))

  52. Karen O'Connor

    Karen O'ConnorHace un mes

    Love your Channel.. But your voice is so loud and up and down on my devices I think I need to change my volume settings


    SILENCEHace un mes

    “ at least art is enjoying himself “ 😭

  54. Julian Rodriguez

    Julian RodriguezHace un mes

    What’s the music playing during your explanation?

  55. One Fat Kitten

    One Fat KittenHace un mes

    This killer is so brutal and scary, he wont die. All victims were innocent

  56. Nigel Milan

    Nigel MilanHace un mes

    I found this movie through SpookyRice. I never have watched it for myself, and I never will. Spooky [and you] does it for us. You guys should have a collab on horror movies someday 😁

  57. The Bubonic J.

    The Bubonic J.Hace un mes

    One gun away from the perfect psycho.

  58. It’s Isa

    It’s IsaHace un mes

    The movie was wack

  59. DooM DooMerson

    DooM DooMersonHace un mes

    Spookyrice squad unite!!

  60. Zero001

    Zero001Hace un mes

    This movie is like Mortal Kombat's excessive gore... it just exists to please your need of gore... There's no need for story or any explanation, it just exists to test your gut and have a movie night where one of your friends will throw up... or find out which one of them is into the very few type of stuff that the internet will kink-shame all together... Anyway, i still hope that the second one will actually have more story and not be JUST Gore porn, and i am looking forward to know what type of horror scene needs a Kickstarter funding and a destructible building... PD: I like MK's lore pls don't hurt me