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    Anything that caught my eye out 4:50was the $20 bills in her binder

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    BananaWolfHace 14 horas

    4:12 this actually works!

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  6. Meida Rimkte

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    You are coping some one

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    Butifool and clean

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    ***ken is shook***

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    Hy bloosm I m a great fan of you I like your videos very much these are also very creative I wright this in another video also that plz upload a new video of bloosm If anyone agree with me so like it 👎👎👎

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    I like 4:13

  13. Mukesh Kumar Manager IT Infra

    Mukesh Kumar Manager IT InfraHace 2 días

    at 3:32 i tryed but nothing was correct . The hack was not working . So please don't make video

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    amber hanifHace 2 días

    putting money in food isn't sanitary

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    i get the lemon one... you bring the book home and THEN use a lemon

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    ty jestes krulem jutuba lalalal

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  21. EAGAN 31

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    Megusto mucho 😍😍😍😍

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    The owl got sprayed with bleach because he keeps seeing cringe stuff.

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    2:28 is not a gift

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    Nie polecam tego z patyczkiem i z cytrynom.Próbowałam i nie podziałało.

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    Pum pum turram pum pum puoh

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    So borring🎧

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    Can't you simply use a compass to draw a circle

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    Кто из России или України

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    4: 10 I will try it

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    5:00 wow

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    Adorei e amei o vídeo

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    Aku suka totarial nya

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    I love your tips

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    i love this channel😊😊

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    3:25 Интересно кто будет брать лимон собой в школу !

  43. Александра Подойницина

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    1:28 Не советую брать яйцо в рот оно же из жопы курицы !

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    {\__/} ( ._. ) / >🥓 I love bacon!

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    Кто казакский ставте лайк

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    Yo quien ero el dinero 🤑🤑🤑😭😭😭

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    I love Blossom! Who’s with me?

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    +Scott Hoffert alright

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    Ps someone already said that

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    +spirit the Taco lady yeah

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    No one

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    Love you los amo

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