Teen Caught Destroying Sand Sculpture at Iconic Hawaii Hotel


  1. Kaycee-Ann Tamayo

    Kaycee-Ann TamayoHace 2 días

    her name is morgan and the girl recording is nataliataylorr on ig lmao

  2. W1CK3D WAYS

    W1CK3D WAYSHace 2 días

    She’s just desperate for attention

  3. Reeky Debbarma

    Reeky DebbarmaHace 3 días

    Fat pigs

  4. Doug Merriman

    Doug MerrimanHace 4 días

    The sand sculpture was racist... it had to be destroyed.. per triggered racist lib.

  5. Meme Padawan

    Meme PadawanHace 5 días

    Oh my god with her sheer size the entire island would have went down 😒


    NWK JERZHace 6 días

    Caucasian's showing their destructive nature as always!!!!

  7. Kojima Kid

    Kojima KidHace 8 días

    Humpty dumpty had enough

  8. Stay Frosty

    Stay FrostyHace 8 días

    That cow needs a bell to worn people its moving

  9. christopher bannister

    christopher bannisterHace 8 días

    Legend says that after this they went to a food display section and destroyed that too

  10. Killed by Bigfoot

    Killed by BigfootHace 9 días

    I do this to snowmen. I consider snowmen to be litter. But this lady is clearly a miserable whale and needs to be released back to the sea✨

  11. Ratchett

    RatchettHace 9 días

    Fat girl is poison, poison, popopopopo poison 😱😱😱🤗😱😱😱

  12. Guardian of Justice

    Guardian of JusticeHace 10 días

    let's throw these two idiots in a volcano! 🌋! What losers👎

  13. Birry Sund

    Birry SundHace 10 días

    Young teens should be banned from using mobile phones they're going crazy, with the radiation that's comes from them...

  14. rain caller

    rain callerHace 10 días

    The beached whale doesn't like sand.

  15. Ricky Ramirez

    Ricky RamirezHace 11 días

    All i wanna know is why? What was the point in destroying it? What would it accomplish?

  16. FeiFeiKara

    FeiFeiKaraHace 11 días

    Why tho

  17. K Bates

    K BatesHace 11 días

    What they'll do for clout who raised these idiots

  18. Venus Love

    Venus LoveHace 11 días

    Punishment should be, to make her exercise. She would be miserable taking care of herself. Slob!

  19. ?

    ?Hace 11 días

    Don't worry people she's just young so one day karma will turn up in her sad little life

  20. Yb

    YbHace 11 días

    That’s why she obese

  21. aviegirl

    aviegirlHace 12 días

    That rail is probably the only thing that has been going in between her legs

  22. fireball39279

    fireball39279Hace 12 días

    Fat Americunts. Good job!!

  23. Mike

    MikeHace 12 días

    Yeah but they didn’t make it

  24. Richard Saunders

    Richard SaundersHace 12 días

    Cows in Hawaii?

  25. Agcaoiliproductions

    AgcaoiliproductionsHace 12 días

    Yo, he said that “she wabbled.”

  26. Evan Anderson

    Evan AndersonHace 12 días

    Isn’t she precious

  27. Brandon Gorrie

    Brandon GorrieHace 12 días

    Must have thought it was ice cream

  28. D J

    D JHace 12 días

    That is one mad cow disease

  29. Bobby Boca

    Bobby BocaHace 13 días

    This what this country is coming to no more respect or morals typical millennial thank god I’m Generation X ! 🇺🇸☝🏻

  30. Ang y

    Ang yHace 13 días

    She should be locked up in a cage together with the rest of her family at the pig farm.

  31. Fortunatesaurav yadav

    Fortunatesaurav yadavHace 13 días

    When a hippo hits puberty this happens!

  32. Allenluvable

    AllenluvableHace 13 días

    I can only imagine how bitter you have to be on the inside to see beautiful art and want to destroy it just for the sake of it.

  33. jkeener1988

    jkeener1988Hace 13 días

    Probably another stupid Liberal and/or SJW

  34. Tate Johns

    Tate JohnsHace 13 días

    She gone have to pay for that.....if people don’t get her god will😔

  35. Savonnah

    SavonnahHace 13 días

    She probably put it on tik tok *they do anything for clout*

  36. Jupiter Valentine

    Jupiter ValentineHace 13 días

    Her generation needs prayer


    AARM-USRAHace 13 días

    She deserves 5 years in prison and should have to pay for the artist's time and money to create it and make the repairs, and she should be banned from every McDonalds and every other fast foods place in the USA.

  38. David Brown

    David BrownHace 13 días

    This brings back memories from when I was a child. I was leaving the beach after building a large sand castle and turned my head and saw two fat girls destroying it. I say this all stems from bad parenting, both mother and father.

  39. Benjamin Allen

    Benjamin AllenHace 13 días

    What the heck. This is the first time a piece in a while it’s not Chinese tourists destroying art. I feel bad for the natives of Hawaii.

  40. JinxGoCrazy-

    JinxGoCrazy-Hace 13 días

    She mad cuz the statue can loose sand more than she can loose weight

  41. Josh isherenow

    Josh isherenowHace 13 días

    Too bad sum.local girls didn't see her do that would beat her face in

  42. Emulate Me, The Universe.

    Emulate Me, The Universe.Hace 13 días

    Wow... White people have no class! No respect! Such thugs! Im surprised she didnt shoot up the place.

  43. kneelz s

    kneelz sHace 13 días

    Sometimes they're old enough to vote

  44. Steven Perez

    Steven PerezHace 13 días

    Probably some trailer trash that wow a free vacation some how

  45. G gurl Brown

    G gurl BrownHace 13 días

    This doesn’t make any sense at all what a loser!!

  46. anonymous kiddo

    anonymous kiddoHace 13 días

    This teen maybe doesn't like history subject.

  47. Sara J Connors

    Sara J ConnorsHace 14 días

    Clout piggy

  48. Quoia

    QuoiaHace 14 días

    White people always doing something

  49. Rya Plays

    Rya PlaysHace 14 días

    I feel bad for her clothes

  50. m b

    m bHace 14 días


  51. A

    AHace 14 días

    Must be an antifa member.

  52. Viridi

    ViridiHace 14 días

    What was the point of her doing that????

  53. Hasselhoff 2001

    Hasselhoff 2001Hace 14 días

    For some reason whales occasionally go completely out of the way to beach themselves.

  54. johanna cannata

    johanna cannataHace 14 días

    This is the kind of person who keys your car in the parking lot ....Make her pay .

  55. Victor Cazares

    Victor CazaresHace 14 días


  56. Evee Murcia

    Evee MurciaHace 14 días

    Where in the hell did she get a pillow?! Does she carry it around for many other purposes?

  57. Don Lah

    Don LahHace 14 días

    She white and a wen. She will get away with it..

  58. Matthew Mckinney

    Matthew MckinneyHace 14 días

    How stupid

  59. Rafael Maldonado

    Rafael MaldonadoHace 14 días

    Taylor swift

  60. phcnh

    phcnhHace 14 días

    every time i visit the east coast. i always book a room here.