1. Michelle Ruiz

    Michelle RuizHace 15 minutos

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who has phone anxiety!!!

  2. Teresa Fanzo

    Teresa FanzoHace 26 minutos

    So many of the chips they tried I see expensive in the grocery store 😂

  3. Jay _Arts

    Jay _ArtsHace 58 minutos

    Unpopular opinion, Whales are better than goldfish

  4. alpha panda

    alpha pandaHace un hora

    i am eating whales crackers from the dollar tree

  5. Mzs.Rodriguez

    Mzs.RodriguezHace 2 horas

    Who is the camera person?

  6. salome beridze

    salome beridzeHace 2 horas


  7. Kat Bellamy

    Kat BellamyHace 2 horas

    Ok why you low key look and sound like pennywise when you say “I like to be zen with my mistakes”?

  8. Hristiyan Savov

    Hristiyan SavovHace 2 horas

    17:23 thats how ladies eat flips hair

  9. nagito

    nagitoHace 3 horas

    morgan isnt alone i can do that foot cracking thing too

  10. Just Mandy

    Just MandyHace 3 horas

    Morgan is sooo gorgeous

  11. Gabriiel Chriistiian

    Gabriiel ChriistiianHace 4 horas

    The old man really hit my heart 😭♥️

  12. Hayley Deville

    Hayley DevilleHace 4 horas

    I almost puked hearing u guys chewing

  13. Sierra Reñee

    Sierra ReñeeHace 6 horas

    Morgan: so there’s something wrong with my foot Ryland: oo I’m not interested

  14. Izzy Green

    Izzy GreenHace 6 horas

    Who's the favorite child? Ryland *sweating nervously and blushing* idk it could be either one of us

  15. Izzy Green

    Izzy GreenHace 6 horas


  16. the mok

    the mokHace 6 horas

    morgan lowkey makes me horny

  17. Jeanette Malene Sørensen

    Jeanette Malene SørensenHace 7 horas

    Whats your hidden talent? Morgan: shows her body defect... (me...)

  18. Bubba's Meltys

    Bubba's MeltysHace 9 horas

    I say weird stuff all the time. You guys have some weird shit in USA 😆

  19. Veronika Alcoba

    Veronika AlcobaHace 10 horas

    Wait...is it Andrew filming?? Not used to not hearing his laugh behind the camera!

  20. Sandra Serrato

    Sandra SerratoHace 15 horas

    I can do that same thing with my toes! My husband hates it though because he broke his leg and messed up hid knee as well

  21. Celina Hartley

    Celina HartleyHace 16 horas

    Food Critict

  22. Comfy Cozy Are We

    Comfy Cozy Are WeHace 18 horas

    Post a video playing viva piñata!!!

  23. Erika Morrison

    Erika MorrisonHace 18 horas

    CORNCHIPS????? 10:14

  24. Janelle Storey

    Janelle StoreyHace 19 horas

    I relate to her the most in this video

  25. cosmin

    cosminHace 20 horas

    someone : whats crack a lacking? Morgan : my toes *cracking them *

  26. Ray Fernandez

    Ray FernandezHace 22 horas

    My everyday grocerie shopping store because I'm poor

  27. Justin Sea

    Justin SeaHace 23 horas

    When she sucked that cream puff on 😂😂😂I peed my pants

  28. Droopy McCool

    Droopy McCoolHace 23 horas

    Wait up whos morgans cameraman

  29. Droopy McCool

    Droopy McCoolHace un día

    I love how morgans editing makes everyone sound high

  30. The new Creator

    The new CreatorHace un día

    I wanna see you do a drinking video with some one and playing games like board games or telling scary stories

  31. bella g

    bella gHace un día

    who’s the camera man

  32. Melly Mel

    Melly MelHace un día

    Morgan: There is something wrong with my foot Ryland: EW I’m not interested

  33. Veronica Wilson

    Veronica WilsonHace un día

    i miss you 😕

  34. Robert Floyd

    Robert FloydHace un día

    Most of the fairs in MN that I’ve been to has deep fried pickles

  35. Lone_Sailor

    Lone_SailorHace un día


  36. Lexi Gorman

    Lexi GormanHace un día

    Whales are my life like I grew up on whales and their at Walmart and I love them

  37. When you can’t change your profile pic

    When you can’t change your profile picHace un día

    I’ve never had gold fishes coz I live in Australia so if someone has had both do they taste like jumpy’s?

  38. Cassie Stoner

    Cassie StonerHace un día

    Whales are superior

  39. Hanna Willis

    Hanna WillisHace un día

    i’m sorry but you are so incredibly beautiful i can’t hardly stand it

  40. Nancy Yvette

    Nancy YvetteHace un día


  41. SnapshotOfASoul

    SnapshotOfASoulHace un día

    The cracking is a lack of fluid or the presence of air bubbles in the joints, I've got both knees doing that since about age 19...

  42. Alexandra Statia

    Alexandra StatiaHace un día

    Whales are better then goldfish, fight me

  43. Lounge Drama

    Lounge DramaHace un día

    omgg the thing with your foot i have that too but your game is much stronger my friend😂

  44. Honey Garlic

    Honey GarlicHace un día

    (17:30) “ what’s going on, did your pants break “ - Ryland 😂 omfgg

  45. Natia Molina

    Natia MolinaHace 2 días

    Omg I can do the foot thing too!!!!

  46. Isabella v V

    Isabella v VHace 2 días

    I love dollar tree they have everything something they have brand stuff 👍🏻

  47. Antix _

    Antix _Hace 2 días

    I can do that thing with my hands and feet 😂

  48. Jeremy andrei Santiago

    Jeremy andrei SantiagoHace 2 días

    Fuck i love your personality hahahahhaa

  49. K

    KHace 2 días

    Where I am in Canada we call moon pies wagon wheels

  50. Meekestthings

    MeekestthingsHace 2 días

    What if Morgan did a (24 hours inside a square of salt) as in make a square with salt and she cannot go outside of it

  51. Sofia Kintanar

    Sofia KintanarHace 2 días

    SO PURE 1:15

  52. Anahi Garcia

    Anahi GarciaHace 2 días

    Me and morgan have the same opinion about summer.

  53. Alexis Auger

    Alexis AugerHace 2 días

    Please someone make Morgan’s cream puff moment a gif 😂

  54. Molly B

    Molly BHace 2 días

    Bring back Brad and Brock!!!!! It would make the remainder of my year.

  55. ZenaGomez

    ZenaGomezHace 2 días

    Did morgan forget she has a youtube channel

  56. msladygreen4

    msladygreen4Hace 2 días

    Not that Morgan doesn't always look fab but she looked extra fabulous in this video 😍

  57. Shanwow Potter

    Shanwow PotterHace 2 días

    Hi... wait... did y’all not buy the mans favourite ice cream? What the shit

  58. emma r

    emma rHace 2 días

    morgan i miss u hope u post soon im having withdrawals

  59. Sunnyside Gacha

    Sunnyside GachaHace 2 días

    My uncle owns a village-inn! I'll get you free pie ;)

  60. Morgan Oakley neonrainbow1987

    Morgan Oakley neonrainbow1987Hace 2 días

    Congratulations on three million subbies