1. Alexis Bergeron

    Alexis BergeronHace 8 horas

    andy kapps are name brand tho

  2. Alexis Bergeron

    Alexis BergeronHace 8 horas

    how have they NEVER been to a dollar tree?

  3. Ryan Vercher

    Ryan VercherHace 10 horas

    Moon pies aren't just dollar store snack

  4. Jasmyn Farrell

    Jasmyn FarrellHace 12 horas

    Its so weird watching this because some of the things that they tried down south we have them on a normal basis. Like moon pies or the cheese balls or like the cheader fries. They sell them at y school on like our 'snack cart'

  5. Breanna Bisson

    Breanna BissonHace 15 horas

    Ma'am. How the eff have you not had cheese fries? Get the hot fries version.

  6. Penti

    PentiHace 15 horas

    Rayland dominant Morgan in very bad way! He try to get control over her life! He think he help her but he is a hater! He always criticize her with everything!

  7. Htm Boro

    Htm BoroHace 16 horas

    Imagine being too boujee and not know what hot fries are... ca't relate.

  8. Beatenwithspoons.

    Beatenwithspoons.Hace 16 horas

    Popcorners have bomb Kettlecorn flavored ones. The rice rollers are everything ~!

  9. Brittney

    BrittneyHace 20 horas

    There excess of things that didn't sell, the mystery box of stores 😲... AKA Jeffree Starr mystery boxes 🤫

  10. yesui b

    yesui bHace 21 un hora

    ew my friend cracks her toes too it’s so weird 😭😭

  11. Camille Lynn

    Camille LynnHace un día

    Dollar Store Citizen 😂

  12. AJ Cabrera

    AJ CabreraHace un día

    morgan, you're genuinely nice and i wanna be ur friend & we could be clumsy together. ❤️ xo, from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  13. Hannah Smith

    Hannah SmithHace un día

    Bruh they have me dead

  14. 2 Kitty girls

    2 Kitty girlsHace un día

    i loved the guy with the ice cream 🥺 i hope he’s doing good

  15. kasey juhl

    kasey juhlHace 2 días

    Listen. Morgan. Im a Chilis manager and a huge fan. Please make a video with me where you try everything on the Chilis menu. I get Chilis for FREE!!! Lol

  16. Leah Williamson

    Leah WilliamsonHace 2 días

    Wait.. is it not a thing in the States to unpack our basket at the checkout? I used to be a cashier and our supervisor's got very upset when customers didn't unpack their baskets lol

  17. Paige Good

    Paige GoodHace 2 días

    Morgan you are so beautiful, funny and light up the room. Watching your videos makes my day. Keep doing you bb!

  18. Kadie Carrell

    Kadie CarrellHace 3 días

    Whales are all I ate as a kid

  19. Lisa McCollum

    Lisa McCollumHace 3 días

    Flute player:"that's a recorder* I love them tho 😍

  20. xxLoveBittenxx

    xxLoveBittenxxHace 3 días

    That old guy was ADORABLE lol

  21. Chelsea Lopez

    Chelsea LopezHace 3 días

    I love a good holler store haul

  22. Evey Aspaas

    Evey AspaasHace 3 días

    The special reappearance of crunchy cheese curls from Shane’s spooky bois video

  23. Lorin Long

    Lorin LongHace 4 días

    I’m so broke that I’ve tried and lived off all of these items 😂💀

  24. aatsista

    aatsistaHace 4 días

    Fiddle Faddle 4 lyfe.

  25. Adri Marks

    Adri MarksHace 4 días

    I got a pig add

  26. Demixiti

    DemixitiHace 4 días

    “How come no one comes here to grocery shop” people do because not everyone is privileged. I wish when people did videos like this they recognized that some people can only afford this and to not make a mockery out of it.

  27. Quionew

    QuionewHace 2 días

    They're not mocking them, they are not privileged either, they worked for their money, and just happen to had gotten a bit luckier than the rest of us.

  28. Hannah Tassie

    Hannah TassieHace 4 días

    Ryland: ok I'm not a cream puff guy morgan: INHALES BREAD* Ryland: oh...ok

  29. LukeFront

    LukeFrontHace 4 días

    5:39 and OMG cholesterol

  30. Liam Burrows

    Liam BurrowsHace 4 días

    11:31 'If I was by myself I'd eat the whole thing, but right here, right now would I eat the whole thing?' haha so relatable omg!

  31. Matilda Sharpe

    Matilda SharpeHace 5 días


  32. Meredith Hollis

    Meredith HollisHace 5 días

    my foot dose the same this

  33. Pxstelparix

    PxstelparixHace 5 días

    Some of those actually look good no 🧢.....

  34. Bangtan SonyeonDONE

    Bangtan SonyeonDONEHace 5 días

    When I and Morgan can crack toes and all the people we know ask to stop immediately. i relat ok

  35. Babygirl_2010_

    Babygirl_2010_Hace 6 días

    Morgan: I had that exact one and started playing it through my nostrils and they took it away from me :( Ryland: oMg JoJo tatoos.... I feel like this part sums up "the Adams" perfectly 🤣

  36. Leo Lilo

    Leo LiloHace 6 días

    I grew up on that Shit

  37. Dr. strange

    Dr. strangeHace 6 días

    *Dollar store citizen*

  38. Lillian Ferguson

    Lillian FergusonHace 6 días


  39. Aubrey

    AubreyHace 6 días

    Ok so my toes do that too!!! I thought it was normal until my fiancé said it’s not haha

  40. Gracie Leigh

    Gracie LeighHace 6 días

    Okay Shane must know yes they have rootbeer flot pops

  41. • Bitxh •

    • Bitxh •Hace 6 días

    i LOVED whales as a kid lol. i fed them to my cat before my mom started feeding her tuna when she was still a stray

  42. Kacie Campbell

    Kacie CampbellHace 7 días

    How is it that no one is talking about the fact that on one side of that Dollar Tree there was a BevMo, and on the other there was a PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL?!?! WHAT FRESH HELLSCAPE IS THIS?!?!?!

  43. Clotiels A•S•M•R

    Clotiels A•S•M•RHace 7 días

    Morgan: laughing about veggie meatballs Ryland: ehh eww *gag* Morgan: it looks neon green and smells bad Morgan *still eats it* 😂

  44. Shelby Scrivnor

    Shelby ScrivnorHace 7 días

    When Morgan missed her mouth 😂

  45. yxoung_ jay

    yxoung_ jayHace 7 días

    they didnt listen to the sweet old man and get the ice cream🥺😔where ever you are now sweet old man, we love you and we appreciate your recommendation🦋✨💙.

  46. Aubrey Oates

    Aubrey OatesHace 7 días

    morgan is literally so pretty like what the heck... QUEEN

  47. coolgirldarbi

    coolgirldarbiHace 7 días

    GUYS, GALS, EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN. you’ve GOT to try the pop chips at the dollar tree! i literally grew up on those bitches and they SMACK. they have a red bag that’s kettle corn flavored too. :0 alright that’s it. bye bye

  48. Jessica The Grouch

    Jessica The GrouchHace 7 días

    12:07 - me too ryland.

  49. ¿GuessWho? ¿GuessWho?

    ¿GuessWho? ¿GuessWho?Hace 7 días

    Did ryland just say !! You’re NOT gonna put that in MY freezer ? Ummm yours ? I think not

  50. Ren Neill

    Ren NeillHace 7 días

    Def a hedgehog.

  51. pekkapassport

    pekkapassportHace 7 días

    shanes robe 446

  52. Kathryn

    KathrynHace 8 días

    those pancake sasages they literly serve them for my school lunches and they taste like trash

  53. Sara Gibbs

    Sara GibbsHace 8 días

    Cameraman made me nauseous

  54. Hannah Gracy

    Hannah GracyHace 8 días

    i’ve recognized so many of these lol but cheddar fries omg those are the best &&& if you like ranch the same brand has ‘ranch fries’ & they’re amazing!

  55. Trinity Bruns

    Trinity BrunsHace 8 días

    You should have microwaved that moon pie on a plate for 15 seconds. Then eat with a fork

  56. Christian Tod

    Christian TodHace 8 días

    OMG I can do that too with my foot

  57. Jessica Brent

    Jessica BrentHace 8 días

    2:16 every basic girl ever

  58. Cheetah Vogue

    Cheetah VogueHace 8 días

    My foot does that too 😂

  59. Rainbow Ralph

    Rainbow RalphHace 8 días

    When ryland said he was good at yoyoing, I thought he said yodeling

  60. Ashtynn 78

    Ashtynn 78Hace 8 días

    We want a new APARTMENT TOUR 😜

  61. diana shimoun

    diana shimounHace 8 días

    I went to dollar tree a few days ago and I found takis, Hershey’s, chezits, Oreos for one dollar instead of other places where they would be 2 or 3