Take An Inside Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Emotional Wedding (Full) | PeopleTV


  1. Courtney Carter

    Courtney CarterHace 13 horas

    I am happy for the both of them 😊 but I am rather surprised their families were accepting of their marriage do to their beliefs.

  2. Rukky Kol

    Rukky KolHace 16 horas

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  3. Qintz

    QintzHace 18 horas

    some of my indian friends are saying one of the most popular faces in india (priyanka) not marrying an indian man is not great for the culture

  4. Pandora Lavelle

    Pandora LavelleHace 20 horas

    My Wedding Was Absolutely Gorgeous back in 1983 Got Married In Los Angeles My Husband Took me to a perfect spot At the Golf Court It was the perfect day to get married and now I am blessed with a perfect life

  5. 50000 subscribers without Any content

    50000 subscribers without Any contentHace 22 horas

    Wait is it Pewdiepie vs T-Series????

  6. Anne Ace

    Anne AceHace un día

    Mr and Mrs Jonas wishing you a lifetime of bliss and a lifetime of success in your marriage congratulations 👏🏻

  7. Lubid

    LubidHace un día

    *realizes I’m forever alone*

  8. Encef

    EncefHace un día

    Why I'm smiling while watching this? ♥♥♥♥♥

  9. Nat Terrazas

    Nat TerrazasHace un día

    Wow it was a dream lets hope it prospers

  10. Mooka 80

    Mooka 80Hace un día


  11. Maci Yarbrough

    Maci YarbroughHace un día

    Dag...all this hate in the comments. Let them be happy.

  12. Mayra Aguiar

    Mayra AguiarHace un día

    Too cute together and wonderful for them i am happy for them too😄please don't listen any haters

  13. Mad Life

    Mad LifeHace 2 días

    when are they getting Divorce ??? very soonxD

  14. SleeplessinOC

    SleeplessinOCHace 2 días

    I do think they look mismatched physically but emotionally there must be a deep connection for both of them to have married someone ten years older/younger and fairly soon. I hope it lasts. She seems like a really nice person and him too .

  15. Deeksha Saxena

    Deeksha SaxenaHace 2 días

    God bless to the couple ..and RIP to all the jealous people here cursing them .. I don't understand it's their life so stop giving Ur damn ugly opinion..

  16. It's all ogre now This is my swamp

    It's all ogre now This is my swampHace 2 días


  17. Fariha Hyder

    Fariha HyderHace 2 días

    I still can’t believe they actually got married

  18. leslie clanton

    leslie clantonHace 2 días

    Next step ,Green Card,30 days after green card is in hand,go see judge Judy !!!!! LOL

  19. My Name

    My NameHace 2 días

    Pryanka must think she's Cleopatra reincarnated.

  20. Ice 77

    Ice 77Hace 2 días

    Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher 2.0???

  21. Hank Uleur

    Hank UleurHace 2 días

    They are two overhyped person that doesn't deserve attention because they are superficial and that girl attitude is what wrong with indian aka bollywood attitude

  22. 16tkd1

    16tkd1Hace 3 días

    It’s only going to last an year

  23. Edin Dervisevic

    Edin DervisevicHace 3 días

    She can finally legally molest him 👍🏻

  24. Mahnoor Asif

    Mahnoor AsifHace 3 días

    Hey guys ! What about the 1st night??

  25. Luna Sullivan

    Luna SullivanHace 3 días

    my future husband will be 3 years younger than me,sometimes I feel like scared to faced his family's because I'm older than him. but now I think I have a power to face them 😅 I think !

  26. Mark Ayala

    Mark AyalaHace 3 días

    Who the fuck are these people??

  27. Gianni Gionno

    Gianni GionnoHace 3 días

    He’s not preoccupied in the year 1985 anymore

  28. Tatiana Marissa R

    Tatiana Marissa RHace 3 días

    Sorry patheic jealous haters. Your last and you never will happen or ever marry Nick or ever marry a celebrity because you stupid haters are not good enough & They won’t be divorcing either and so back off of other people’s husbands & Boyfriends!!! It’s sick that people think it’s okay to just keep saying that they are interested in someone else’s husband 🤬!! They are both married people now! 💍 🙏🏻!! They both looked truly happy to be together & That means the way he looks at her it means he Is NOT interested in other women! He is happy!!

  29. Ervin Victor

    Ervin VictorHace 3 días

    And then 2 months later, they divorce and has to pay millions of dollars

  30. أميرة يوسف

    أميرة يوسفHace 3 días

    She looks about 40 years old An old Bollywood Indian wedding. Let's see how long they last

  31. Mindasul Asid

    Mindasul AsidHace 3 días

    Best wedding ever!!! I love nick and priyanka. 😍 perfect couple even they have gap... Their love story really magical😍😍😍😍 god bless NP😍

  32. Anjali S

    Anjali SHace 3 días

    I admire PC, I like some of her work. Haven't really known much about Nick Jonas. I really want them to be a happy couple and have a happy long marriage. But something isn't adding up here... I mean what did Priyanka see in him ? Or what did he see in her ? I really don't get it.. may be like Dwight Shrute once said "I think they both could do better". I do wish them happiness!

  33. Ice 77

    Ice 77Hace 2 días

    Yeah. At least Ashton Kutcher is hot af. I Will puke if Nick leave Priyanka for young girl.

  34. Vikas Kamboj

    Vikas KambojHace 3 días

    Mark my words, Priyanka has done it for Green Card and huge PR, which is going to help her in Hollywood and International Audiences. They bye bye Niki

  35. thats not my name

    thats not my nameHace 4 días

    So he proposed to her after her birthday lmao he knows the law if he ever wants that ring back

  36. nur indah ayu Lestari

    nur indah ayu LestariHace 4 días

    Its remain me of jason mamoa.. 😍

  37. Chris Casalan

    Chris CasalanHace 4 días

    Wonderin if demi lovato attended.

  38. Crispy Muffins

    Crispy MuffinsHace 4 días

    I am disappointed in Jonas for getting married at 26 years of old the man Is barely in his prime, Ill be dead honest I feel like choppers standards drops every time her biological time clock notifies her that her time is near. And yes I have no life and, all I do is critique people that I am extremely jealous of, but that does not change the fact that I still find it wrong!

  39. Eren Cagexoxo

    Eren CagexoxoHace 4 días

    Most people talking about their ages and how it’s super soon, I’m over here saying “HES MARRIED, when df did this happen!?!?!”

  40. TheBluearmy33

    TheBluearmy33Hace 4 días

    Didn't she have an affair with a married guy? I think more than once from what I was told. And any couple that moves this fast, just know it won't last. It's better to take your time. But that's how these people in Hollywood work. It's all for attention anyway. And no never been a fan of either. Just don't understand why people care about people who are just greedy and waste so much money in rings and weddings when she comes from a country that is well known to be impoverished. I just hope this guy got a pre-nup.

  41. Rei Kay

    Rei KayHace 4 días

    I’m not trying to be mean but let’s all be real, this is a Hollywood and everyone knows that majority of the relationship and marriages don’t last especially if there’s an age gap

  42. Sunny

    SunnyHace 4 días

    Their kids will be beautiful!!!!

  43. Paul Onwubuya

    Paul OnwubuyaHace 4 días

    Wishing the new couple good luck in their marriage. Hope it lasts.

  44. Dance Love2004

    Dance Love2004Hace 4 días

    Who else remembers him in Camp rock?!??? Omgggggg him and that girl from camp star ooooooooo some drama was goin down 😂😂

  45. Melissa Cool Girl

    Melissa Cool GirlHace 4 días

    Its nice i guess.... MY FUTURE HUSBAND IS ALREADY MARRIED😒😒😭

  46. Olivia Michael

    Olivia MichaelHace 4 días

    Am trying to hold my breath,,, this absolutely beautiful.. The weddings were awesome

  47. Olivia Michael

    Olivia MichaelHace 4 días

    The veil!!!!

  48. rolivierispain

    rolivierispainHace 4 días

    A lot of very poor and hungry children in that country. But it was a nice wedding tho...

  49. sugaminヅ

    sugaminヅHace 4 días

    That train!! Wow!!!

  50. Tropical Orange

    Tropical OrangeHace 4 días

    I'm jealous.

  51. james bond3w

    james bond3wHace 4 días

    So many you the commenters are jerks. Talking about divorce and such? Indian women are super dedicated to their husbands. Its like tradition, Heck my parents met via letters (yeah paper letters) because my grandmother thought she was perfect and here we are, over 40 years of marriage still together with me in the middle of it

  52. April Prothero

    April ProtheroHace 4 días

    Ok. So does anyone find it weird that the same month Nick proposes his bestie Demi hoes into rehab? Sorry. But i will always hold out hope for those two. Chopra seems too mature for him right now. More like a mom figure to him. Im sure they are nice together for now. But i dont see this lasting.

  53. Neelu dadai

    Neelu dadaiHace 5 días

    wading mam chek unifom pagal unifom

  54. Neelu dadai

    Neelu dadaiHace 5 días

    pagal kochuyam

  55. Brandon Productions

    Brandon ProductionsHace 5 días

    Way to old for him

  56. aaron chand

    aaron chandHace 5 días

    Their relationship progress went faster than my bank account

  57. Ninwah Cheiko

    Ninwah CheikoHace 5 días

    Hi Read more

  58. tiger eyes

    tiger eyesHace 5 días

    Fancy weddings!!!... So many kids could be fed in India....

  59. Ice 77

    Ice 77Hace 5 días

    They remind me of Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds from The Proposal movie. Lady boss and Secretary.

  60. Bhet Ya'll

    Bhet Ya'llHace 5 días


  61. Aussie Oz

    Aussie OzHace 5 días

    I’m so happy for you baby nick. Happy for both of you!😘

  62. Shravan

    ShravanHace 5 días


  63. Odessa Hiraman

    Odessa HiramanHace 5 días

    Priyanka and Meghan Markle are friends. Both married younger men from different countries / backgrounds after relatively short courtships. No hate. Just an observation

  64. Shaza Macmod

    Shaza MacmodHace 5 días

    Omg such annoying and attention seeker people! Pls priyanka! Till when can you hide to this kids your true colors!

  65. Rylee Nobles

    Rylee NoblesHace 5 días

    Love is just a chemical in the brain that make your nerves receptors Spike people feel love all the time people also fall out of love remember that 💘

  66. kaitlyn wade

    kaitlyn wadeHace 5 días

    I’m so happy for them both :)

  67. Proton

    ProtonHace 5 días

    Too much women for him. She will leave him soon

  68. anum rajput

    anum rajputHace 5 días


  69. Jamesmwlong Mawlong

    Jamesmwlong MawlongHace 5 días

    Its doesn't matter on age...

  70. Marc Kamo

    Marc KamoHace 5 días

    Indian chicks, selfish, rude, narcissistic, hypocritical, greedy, two-faced, everything I despise in a person, hell, no, countdown to divorce.

  71. Nilana River

    Nilana RiverHace 5 días

    I live under such a rock. I didn't even know they were a couple😂

  72. Naz Ali

    Naz AliHace 6 días

    Indians needs to stop giving Nick attention cause he wants fame for marrying Priyanka when Nicks fame aint big in america.

  73. Ice 77

    Ice 77Hace 5 días

    Yeah. He ia a male version of Cinderela

  74. Diamond Murillo

    Diamond MurilloHace 6 días

    My brother and my sister-in-law also had an Indian ceremony and an American ceremony when they got married. I'm so happy to see that Nick and Priyanka did the same thing, it's so fun to watch happy stuff like this :)

  75. Kashvi Ravi

    Kashvi RaviHace 6 días

    Priyanka is my favorite actor

  76. emil tsvetanov

    emil tsvetanovHace 6 días

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  77. BasicBitch

    BasicBitchHace 6 días

    I didn’t even know he was engaged...

  78. Tom He

    Tom HeHace 6 días

    goooo nickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk i love u guys

  79. Gilang Murti

    Gilang MurtiHace 6 días

    It's like my nightmare when my idol has married with someone Elle. It broke my heart 😫

  80. marissaguerra08

    marissaguerra08Hace 6 días

    I wish them all the happiness in the world!

  81. chef gusteau

    chef gusteauHace 6 días

    THEY'RE SO CUTE OMG :') so proud

  82. Gemma Aboagye

    Gemma AboagyeHace 6 días

    beautiful wedding congratulations 🎊 Nick

  83. Entoxicated Thoughts

    Entoxicated ThoughtsHace 6 días

    Their the cutest

  84. viata vy

    viata vyHace 6 días

    Seeing this comment section, i realize how ignorant and racist people are

  85. Taljeet Mudhar

    Taljeet MudharHace 6 días

    Veil is so ridiculous

  86. Taljeet Mudhar

    Taljeet MudharHace 6 días

    He looks so funny she looks like his mum

  87. Dainty Dexter

    Dainty DexterHace 6 días

    Who gives a fuckin' rats ass?!

  88. Rahe Salem

    Rahe SalemHace 6 días

    I have yet to see any dark skinned Indians , at the wedding or Bollywood ..

  89. Simar Parmar

    Simar ParmarHace 6 días

    The wedding gown is drop dead gorgeous 😘😘😘

  90. Simar Parmar

    Simar ParmarHace 6 días

    No offence but I guess pc bought her Indian outfits in 1990’s these are so outdated and would not expect such from PC regardless the fact that she is marrying the love of her life

  91. Pawan Kumar

    Pawan KumarHace 7 días

    priyanka💙💙💙♥️♥️♥️😍😍😍😍 God bless both of them

  92. Fun just fun

    Fun just funHace 7 días

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  93. Shahdat

    ShahdatHace 7 días

    Prianka just don’t speak English with that bud ding accent I’m Indian and I find it offensive and so cringe

  94. Rachel Permala

    Rachel PermalaHace 7 días

    God protect them from any evil and misunderstandings..

  95. Velasquez

    VelasquezHace 7 días

    Why did she marry an american? Shame on you Priyanka.


    NIKITA INGLEHace 7 días

    wow..awesome ....congratulations both of u

  97. khmer Boys

    khmer BoysHace 7 días

    She 37 years old 😳 Jonas 27 year old🙄 everybody what do you think that!🤔 But Jonas marry so handsome am your fan😁.

  98. The Big Butt Sucker

    The Big Butt SuckerHace 7 días


  99. nash hart

    nash hartHace 7 días

    How does this beautiful, rich Indian woman lower her standards to marry a Jonas?? I mean, seriously? If they really love each other...okay. But something tells me that she loves the fact that he's a white American than anything. Pryanka, why? Here in America, the Jonas brothers are C level celebrities at BEST! I'm African American, but this is ridiculous. PLEASE don't think this Jonas brother wasn't securing his future when he proposed to this girl!! He is NOT above gold digging, please believe me!!

  100. MaiWright

    MaiWrightHace 7 días

    nash hart plus what is there to dig?? He has his own successful career on top of the career he had very young with his brothers. I’m sure he has more money than he knows what to do with like the rest of the 1%

  101. MaiWright

    MaiWrightHace 7 días

    nash hart you’re kind of insulting her even when you’re saying she’s high class lol. I don’t think celebrity status is important at all here. Love is universal and there is no caste system in life. They chose each other and they seem happy. Who cares if one is more famous than the other?

  102. SquirtleMasterLee

    SquirtleMasterLeeHace 7 días

    You better sub to pewdiepie

  103. Louisa Sousa

    Louisa SousaHace 5 días

    Go away laugh out loud...

  104. Jazmyn Elric

    Jazmyn ElricHace 5 días

    Doing your part. Bless you.

  105. TheS

    TheSHace 7 días

    I want watch her whole wedding ceremony plz upload

  106. TheS

    TheSHace 7 días

    It’s beautiful wedding