Survive the Slippery Stairs!!


  1. PDS_Ginger

    PDS_GingerHace 2 días

    Hello homoeroticism.

  2. Ne He

    Ne HeHace 2 días

    With Joe's accuracy if I were a watermelon I wouldn't be worried

  3. Kimberly Schroeder

    Kimberly SchroederHace 3 días

    Do a slippy maze PLEASE

  4. James Westwater

    James WestwaterHace 5 días

    It's November it's not agisut

  5. SkyOnCloud

    SkyOnCloudHace 6 días

    What if we just started electing presidents via rock paper scissors?

  6. Channel kim

    Channel kimHace 7 días


  7. BRAIDENTHEAWESOME Guywithnofriends

    BRAIDENTHEAWESOME GuywithnofriendsHace 8 días


  8. Kade_Laub22

    Kade_Laub22Hace 9 días

    Can u guys please make a rugby slip and slide

  9. A&S Jewer

    A&S JewerHace 9 días

    The video title really should be “The Three Bryan’s and the one outsider Joey” lol

  10. A&S Jewer

    A&S JewerHace 9 días

    Kevin: Stop it Marvin that was so 2019 Me: It still is 2019 Kevin

  11. Alexatheofficial !

    Alexatheofficial !Hace 22 horas

    He said 2018

  12. Dragøn Łady

    Dragøn ŁadyHace 9 días

    Can you do a slippery floor

  13. Roonie Mouse

    Roonie MouseHace 10 días

    Pad up the stairs

  14. Roonie Mouse

    Roonie MouseHace 10 días

    Hey that’s dangerous

  15. Saima Rashid

    Saima RashidHace 13 días

    It's Nov. 1, 2019 rn.. :(



    Bobby's b stand for bad commentator

  17. THE BLUE GUY blue

    THE BLUE GUY blueHace 16 días

    What's your guys instagram?

  18. guturi prasad

    guturi prasadHace 17 días

    i dont know what they are paying the editors but they need to pay more

  19. Cheryl Ac

    Cheryl AcHace 17 días

    Like or comment if your watching this in 2019

  20. Jeremiah Vaha'i

    Jeremiah Vaha'iHace 20 días

    Umm... Bobby said " Kevin, Marvin, Joey and Brian" when actually Brian's name and joeys name were suppose to be swaped:(

  21. YeEt YeEt

    YeEt YeEtHace 23 días

    i just relized this.... they r just a bunch of grown men making a fool out of them selves for a living..... and we all love them lol no hate..

  22. AeroLeo

    AeroLeoHace 23 días

    1:27 mkay bobbay

  23. Jay Longwood

    Jay LongwoodHace 25 días

    That's crazy

  24. Dr. Fruit

    Dr. FruitHace 27 días

    Remember when they shipped bobby and Bryan for kissing each other

  25. grant jackson

    grant jacksonHace 27 días

    Is that vaseline?

  26. Rosanna Imuan

    Rosanna ImuanHace un mes


  27. Aaron Belchez

    Aaron BelchezHace un mes

    I laugh hard and my tummy Hurts Lol 🤪🤪🤪

  28. Peter Knopf

    Peter KnopfHace un mes

    Did anyone else notice they introduced Bryan as Joey and vice versa?

  29. Nazmal Cruise

    Nazmal CruiseHace 26 días

    Dude I was focused on the Marvin and Kevin introduction they were also introduced wrong

  30. Lilly Lavender

    Lilly LavenderHace un mes

    The way Bobby deflected that...I'm not even sure what that was actually but the way he deflected it was just such a mad lad move

  31. mUm gAe

    mUm gAeHace un mes

    Can we all just appreciate the editor

  32. Allan Young

    Allan YoungHace un mes

    i love you guys

  33. Lily the Banana

    Lily the BananaHace un mes

    Meeee have more mattihas

  34. TheRedStar95 Roblox/FNAF

    TheRedStar95 Roblox/FNAFHace un mes

    Wait at 7:04 looks like Five Nights At Freddy's 3 song by Roomie but in a other version of it

  35. Aparup Chakraborty

    Aparup ChakrabortyHace un mes

    Those who realised that bobby messed up Kevin and Marvin's names like 👇Right here

  36. Tyrita Warren

    Tyrita WarrenHace un mes

    This not safe lel

  37. Mr.Baseball Animations

    Mr.Baseball AnimationsHace un mes

    Lol I’ve seen every video I think

  38. Matt Owens

    Matt OwensHace un mes

    The troffe is fake

  39. Logan Messerschmidt

    Logan MesserschmidtHace un mes

    I have

  40. Logan Messerschmidt

    Logan MesserschmidtHace un mes

    this isn't safe

  41. bob brown

    bob brownHace un mes

    No duh its not safe.. they are on soap civered stairs in barefeet..

  42. Daria V

    Daria VHace un mes

    it showed me a video I all ready saw... :-()

  43. Lelonnie Beathia

    Lelonnie BeathiaHace un mes

    4:08 Like if you see what I see 👀👀👀💦

  44. DaWeird1BambyG

    DaWeird1BambyGHace un mes

    Bobby your voice is so epic

  45. Puleao A

    Puleao AHace un mes

    1:27 I thought he said whoever has less time gay wins


    JULIEN SOON BO ENHace un mes

    It looks unsafe

  47. Ben Turner

    Ben TurnerHace un mes

    JULIEN SOON BO EN who cares

  48. Pizza Guy

    Pizza GuyHace un mes

    The editors are the best!

  49. HyperSpark26119

    HyperSpark26119Hace un mes

    When Bryan chasing Marvin joey said he had the high ground when Bryan on top of the pyramid so is Bryan obi-wan kenobi only true stars wars fan will get it lol and Marvin anakin lol am laughing

  50. Angelis Vicente

    Angelis VicenteHace un mes

    Is it just me or have team edge just got a lot more “boring” and just like less energy than the old videos

  51. Fr0z3n

    Fr0z3nHace un mes

    He said who has the longest time not being gay 1:26

  52. Ka Fe

    Ka FeHace un mes

    the merch can you send it over seas im just asking

  53. Ka Fe

    Ka FeHace un mes

    wait can you send it over seas

  54. Maria Vargas

    Maria VargasHace un mes

    you can"t run bobby LLLLLL

  55. Fun squad Vlogs

    Fun squad VlogsHace un mes

    6:37 what

  56. Hi Me

    Hi MeHace un mes

    I misss Connor 😭

  57. Unicorn girl

    Unicorn girlHace un mes

    I miss Matt

  58. ghoul killer

    ghoul killerHace un mes

    and joeys funny

  59. ghoul killer

    ghoul killerHace un mes

    hey team egde can you do shout outs and im in it

  60. CoCo Steward

    CoCo StewardHace un mes

    Remember when they used to sit in a circle play board games. And everyone thought it was freaking amazing

  61. Irrelevant Person

    Irrelevant PersonHace un mes

    Now are Marvin, Kevin and Bryan all related? I think so but I want to be sure.

  62. Raven Harmon

    Raven HarmonHace un mes

    Yes they are actually! All of them are brothers by blood. :)

  63. Queen Gamer

    Queen GamerHace 2 meses

    Wait I hear whoever has the longest time not being GAY wins in 1:27 I the only one who heard that??


    XxPURPLE_PORTAL_FOXxXHace 2 meses

    1:13 OML IM DYEING

  65. Well.Known. Drew

    Well.Known. DrewHace 2 meses

    You guys are awesome 😎