1. axjanae

    axjanaeHace 4 horas

    *Heaths reaction was the best & most genuine ive ever seen IM CRYING* 😂😭😭😭❤️ *I love them sm*

  2. Martine Lahaie

    Martine LahaieHace 5 horas

    Ouf i cried ! Beautiful moment !! ❤️

  3. Rachel Crowder

    Rachel CrowderHace 5 horas

    It's so great that Heath also got his stolen truck back after 3 years. He's living his best life and I'm so happy for him❤

  4. Shayla Mendez

    Shayla MendezHace 8 horas

    this is so cute

  5. jahkiya Sharper

    jahkiya SharperHace 9 horas

    this is the most cutest thing ive ever seen😭

  6. Oliver Leigh

    Oliver LeighHace 10 horas

    when i seen that health was going to cry,, i started crying like- i’m so happy for him-

  7. Isabel Rojas

    Isabel RojasHace 10 horas

    Am I the only one that cried because Heath never cries so like shit

  8. SL1997

    SL1997Hace 13 horas

    How can anyone thumbs down this video

  9. Lea Ducar

    Lea DucarHace 14 horas

    i was crying with him i needed to take some chocolate

  10. Aimee Lee

    Aimee LeeHace 19 horas

    This whole thing still makes me fucking cry like a baby shit

  11. -shxggy-

    -shxggy-Hace un día

    I don't know who these people are but I'm crying

  12. Samantha Arellano

    Samantha ArellanoHace un día

    His reaction was priceless 😭I cried because of his reaction

  13. Acid

    AcidHace un día

    ha ha it cost this guy 20k a year to own what a loser

  14. cass mandujano

    cass mandujanoHace un día

    Jason is so fucking weird

  15. Reem A

    Reem AHace un día

    All of us crying with Heath

  16. Mariana Harding

    Mariana HardingHace un día

    Still fuxking love this. I'm still crying haha lol

  17. Sherry Marie

    Sherry MarieHace un día

    That’s so beautiful. Fully teared up watching😭

  18. Matt101gamer

    Matt101gamerHace un día

    Too bad he probably can’t afford the taxes on the car...and also not to be a dick but you say at the end of the video that people said you wouldn’t amount to nothing but look at you now your best friend bought you a Lamborghini??? lol what, first off your friend gifted you his gift so he didn’t buy it and what does you having an expensive car you probably can’t afford have to do with you amounting to something big in your life lmao people think material things make them a big deal.

  19. AshleyAnn Blair

    AshleyAnn BlairHace un día

    You could surprise a single mom (like myself) with 10,000 😭😭😭

  20. Faithy Piie

    Faithy PiieHace un día

    "can I sit in it? no!"

  21. Michael Jenkins

    Michael JenkinsHace un día

    Bruh 4:17 😂

  22. AnnefleurB

    AnnefleurBHace un día

    This video never fails to make me cry

  23. Geddes444

    Geddes444Hace un día

    You can’t watch this until it’s 6:02

  24. Exeltez

    ExeltezHace un día

    I wanna be your best friend

  25. João Vitor

    João VitorHace 2 días

    seat geek felt that EA contract

  26. Morgan Elyza

    Morgan ElyzaHace 2 días

    Heath has always been one of my favorite but good god watching him cry gave me life I cried so hard 😭😭

  27. Samy Mora

    Samy MoraHace 2 días

    who wants support each others youtube channels!!

  28. Asher The minecrafter

    Asher The minecrafterHace 2 días

    Heaths reaction has been the most intense out of everyone it’s crazy

  29. K

    KHace 2 días

    Why would you get a car for somebody who hates gays. :/

  30. Flubbip

    FlubbipHace un día

    Ah oof... Well either way. Cool Kanye

  31. K

    KHace un día

    @Flubbip I was just joking about Heath hating gays.

  32. Flubbip

    FlubbipHace 2 días

    I mean liking/disliking is just an opinion. I personally don't mind gays, but I don't mind other people's opinions as well.

  33. Yerasimos Yiannousis

    Yerasimos YiannousisHace 2 días

    His reaction is priceless.

  34. Des Da Menace

    Des Da MenaceHace 2 días

    Thanks for making me cry like an idiot in the middle of class 😂🤦‍♂️

  35. Hazel Rolands

    Hazel RolandsHace 2 días

    More like Need For Speed Heath. :D

  36. Tori Sama

    Tori SamaHace 2 días

    Im not crying... just kidding im sobbing

  37. TRAVELOGS with Chelsea.

    TRAVELOGS with Chelsea.Hace 2 días

    What Song was Playing?

  38. kelemeno

    kelemenoHace 2 días

    EA has so much money stolen from microtransaction addictions that they can afford a 2 minute infomercial in a dobrik video

  39. Ellie Sarah

    Ellie SarahHace 2 días

    This is the cutest thing ever holy fuck

  40. Ellie Sarah

    Ellie SarahHace 2 días

    David come to Ireland and make me happy

  41. Hamid Mehnat

    Hamid MehnatHace 2 días

    Best vlog ever.

  42. Taamz Heart

    Taamz HeartHace 2 días

    imma cry

  43. Chiran Athulathmudali

    Chiran AthulathmudaliHace 2 días

    Jake paul has to pay for his lambo. David gets it for free🤑👏🛫🌌

  44. مستر لعوب

    مستر لعوبHace 2 días

    God, I want a friend like David😶😂

  45. Crystal Aurelia

    Crystal AureliaHace 2 días

    Watching Heath cry makes me cry😭

  46. Luke Bolton-Fruit

    Luke Bolton-FruitHace 3 días

    you make so make so many ppl happy. think ab when heaths older he will tell his kids that he had the greatest friend u could ever ask for

  47. mallika znajmiecka

    mallika znajmieckaHace 3 días

    1:24 “No u fOcking didn’t’’

  48. Katie Lynn

    Katie LynnHace 3 días

    I cried lol. This is amazing

  49. chenlegend

    chenlegendHace 3 días

    4:01 omg i just realized he said that exact line when david bought his tesla (?) and now he has a car for himself i'm not crying you are

  50. Aevique Comia

    Aevique ComiaHace 3 días

    HEATH’s soooo freaking adorable 😭😭😭😭💕

  51. Nasia’s Memories

    Nasia’s MemoriesHace 3 días

    FUCK!! this is too much emotion for me.

  52. StoryTimeWithJenn

    StoryTimeWithJennHace 3 días

    A month later and this still makes me cry! 💙

  53. Cristina Cam

    Cristina CamHace 3 días

    best one yet hands down

  54. IG LuckyFetus

    IG LuckyFetusHace 3 días

    *FCUK EA*

  55. Joselle Dominguez

    Joselle DominguezHace 3 días

    4:17 your welcome:)

  56. Kaitlin Carl

    Kaitlin CarlHace 3 días

    heath is so adorable

  57. Your Pet Rock

    Your Pet RockHace 3 días

    His friend Heath looks a lot like Josh Dun (The drummer from Twenty One Pilots)

  58. Isabella Paredes

    Isabella ParedesHace 3 días

    out of all people heath. i mean i love u all but heath?

  59. saria nicole

    saria nicoleHace 3 días

    i just watched this for the 3rd time bc it’s such a great and emotional video

  60. titlewave

    titlewaveHace 3 días

    hi david, will you be my friend? thanks. all i need is one thousand bucks to pay rent and then i'll be your personal slave for a week. cool. when do i start?

  61. Kaylynn Carrasquillo

    Kaylynn CarrasquilloHace 3 días

    they both cried.,.. such pure men omg

  62. Gabby Newcomer

    Gabby NewcomerHace 3 días

    FUCK I CRY EVERY FUCKING TIME!!! I’ve watched easily 10 times lol David is literally the best friend anyone could ask for 😭🖤🖤

  63. Milwaukee Brewers

    Milwaukee BrewersHace 3 días

    3:21 cmon, why women always make it about them and want attention when its someone elses moment.

  64. Kaira Nelle

    Kaira NelleHace 3 días

    That was a joke. And it looks like you have some pent up resentment