1. Stefania Owzarek

    Stefania OwzarekHace un día

    I cry every time watching this.

  2. Sean Castillo

    Sean CastilloHace un día

    The broship in this 🤞

  3. Sehwan Jeong

    Sehwan JeongHace 2 días

    Such an amazing group of people 😭

  4. mxgallxn

    mxgallxnHace 2 días

    i will never not watch this video over and over again

  5. Dom_p_w _

    Dom_p_w _Hace 2 días

    Why haven’t you bought Alex a car

  6. andrew

    andrewHace 2 días

    The lambos probably just another tax right off for David 👌

  7. Louis Schürmann

    Louis SchürmannHace 2 días

    How can people dislike??

  8. Omkar Shah

    Omkar ShahHace 2 días

    Did you give that Lambo to Heath because it's sponsored by Heat(NFS). No, no, anyone, no, sorry my bad.

  9. Arnav Satish

    Arnav SatishHace 3 días

    Need for speed: Heath

  10. David Plata

    David PlataHace 3 días

    I am so confused why did i cry

  11. Dallasnisky 123

    Dallasnisky 123Hace 3 días

    Jeff’s reaction ahah

  12. Dallasnisky 123

    Dallasnisky 123Hace 3 días

    Why would someone even dislike this video?😳

  13. Nordico

    NordicoHace 3 días

    So anyway i start blast... i mean, crying

  14. Bobby Cook

    Bobby CookHace 3 días

    Heath: Battled smoking addiction Lost weight And is a great boyfriend to Maria No one deserves this more

  15. Mobile Player

    Mobile PlayerHace 3 días

    The scream at the end lol

  16. Hannathepig hhuynh

    Hannathepig hhuynhHace 4 días

    I want one

  17. Madison Ballard

    Madison BallardHace 4 días

    I love Davids genuine reaction to emotions. It’s so cute.

  18. Anabel Morales

    Anabel MoralesHace 4 días

    2020: I’m still crying

  19. jule s

    jule sHace 4 días

    ‘i hope he cries like this at our wedding’ 🥺🥺

  20. Shadow gaming614

    Shadow gaming614Hace 4 días


  21. shelby buckelew

    shelby buckelewHace 4 días

    😂happy tears

  22. Shawn L

    Shawn LHace 4 días

    This is literally the best!!

  23. Tania Derolus

    Tania DerolusHace 4 días

    That’s beautiful 🥺❤️

  24. aracelis alvey

    aracelis alveyHace 4 días

    Bro this video makes me smile everytime 🤣🤣🤣

  25. Austin

    AustinHace 5 días

    This world doesn't deserve David dobrik I'm convinced of it.

  26. Prisila ramirez

    Prisila ramirezHace 5 días

    ho cryed when they saw heath cry because we wore so happy for him

  27. Alamda Ali Balqhin

    Alamda Ali BalqhinHace 5 días

    3:45 I'm crying... that hits me so hard he is so purely happy... 😭

  28. Allie Grace Laine

    Allie Grace LaineHace 5 días

    everyone is happy for Heath and then there is Jeff...

  29. Light'em Up

    Light'em UpHace 5 días

    Aw I love Heath and Dobrik

  30. Light'em Up

    Light'em UpHace 5 días

    Who the fuck pays for the insurance tho?

  31. Kassandra Villasenor

    Kassandra VillasenorHace 5 días

    heaths reaction was priceless ☺😇

  32. Jason Tran

    Jason TranHace 5 días

    I cried like a baby! Now that’s a best friend.

  33. Peyton Brinkley

    Peyton BrinkleyHace 5 días

    I love them so much like heath Mariah and Zane will always be my fav but I’m truly happy for heath I have never seen him cry like this before❤️🥰

  34. Ethan Beaman

    Ethan BeamanHace 5 días

    I cried when I saw this video

  35. Teo Suarez

    Teo SuarezHace 6 días

    This song sounds like it says "Dave I'm wrong, I should have done better than this" and that hits hard on two levels...i miss my bm lmaoo

  36. Stephen Allison

    Stephen AllisonHace 6 días

    Heath earned that. Consistently one of the funniest guys on the show.

  37. zoobear aree

    zoobear areeHace 6 días

    Heaths reaction is better then Vardons when David got him a camera

  38. zoobear aree

    zoobear areeHace 6 días

    Lemme say this, there is no greater love, then to lay down ones Lambo for ones friend

  39. Cornelius Klassen

    Cornelius KlassenHace 6 días

    This guy could definitely teach the rich people of the world how to be thankful for what they have

  40. Tasheena Klyne

    Tasheena KlyneHace 6 días

    Why does this make me cry everytime. God damn

  41. Tyler Jacobson

    Tyler JacobsonHace 6 días

    David Heath and Zane and Jason best vlog squad members

  42. Tyler Jacobson

    Tyler JacobsonHace 6 días

    Fuck off to any of you haters David is a good dude heath is to and heath loves super cars so best person to get that car besides David obviously

  43. ahmed mahdi

    ahmed mahdiHace 6 días

    I wish you are my friend man ❤️

  44. Jaredlmao

    JaredlmaoHace 6 días

    This video was on my birthday last year

  45. Mariam Jan

    Mariam JanHace 6 días

    Jeff:sad that not mine Heath:OMG THATS FOR ME FFFfFfFfffffuuuuuccckk

  46. Jacob Moya

    Jacob MoyaHace 7 días

    Does Toddy always paint his nails?

  47. Top Trends

    Top TrendsHace 7 días

    Hello david👍

  48. Box Catt

    Box CattHace 7 días

    Awwww Heath was crying it makes me so happy 😁

  49. Anna Ross

    Anna RossHace 7 días

    Mariah is so obviously the man in the relationship.

  50. Jozie Desautels

    Jozie DesautelsHace 7 días

    heath - “no no no no can I sit in it no no no no”

  51. Whydontwe Just

    Whydontwe JustHace 7 días

    When Heath was screaming at the end I lost it😂

  52. adkata 12

    adkata 12Hace 7 días

    This warmed my heart

  53. Zayne manley

    Zayne manleyHace 7 días

    Imagine In the last clip of the vlog he crashes💀

  54. jarbaca 19

    jarbaca 19Hace 7 días

    Heath is such a pussy for crying

  55. Michael Rezak

    Michael RezakHace 8 días

    Everyone else: omg heath is going to be soo happy yaaaay!!! Jeff: This fucking sucks, dude, fuck Heath! 😂

  56. candaceenicole

    candaceenicoleHace 8 días

    This is the video that really launched David.

  57. Kd Xmas

    Kd XmasHace 8 días


  58. Shreya Bajpai

    Shreya BajpaiHace 8 días

    Why did I cry when heath cried

  59. Kd Xmas

    Kd XmasHace 8 días


  60. Barbora Breza

    Barbora BrezaHace 8 días

    Seeing heath cry made me cra

  61. DD Bears36

    DD Bears36Hace 9 días

    David if I had a good car I would but somebody out there I’m sure has a nice custom car.

  62. Kd Xmas

    Kd XmasHace 8 días


  63. James&MoVlogs

    James&MoVlogsHace 9 días

    I've only watched this about 598 times... never gets old.