1. Vikkstar123

    Vikkstar123Hace 28 días

    Phil is BACK! 😂 Check out his previous appearance here:

  2. XxAlexPlayz

    XxAlexPlayzHace 21 un hora

    Deez nuts kiddos

  3. Nishat Sunjana

    Nishat SunjanaHace un día


  4. A N T

    A N THace un día

    Lol toby was ready to box Phil

  5. lxj delir_

    lxj delir_Hace 2 días

    So hes not a stranger then

  6. Sarah Slays

    Sarah SlaysHace 14 minutos

    Do these jokes makes any sense to people in the states?? Lmao.. their humor is so diff compared to ours. I don’t get most of it

  7. CGS Sir

    CGS SirHace un hora

    12:03 JJ has kissed his cousin before

  8. ghostfaceghillie

    ghostfaceghillieHace 6 horas

    God I love phil

  9. Shane Persaud

    Shane PersaudHace 6 horas

    I hope Ethan ends up with that girl 😊

  10. Lokex Gosling

    Lokex GoslingHace 6 horas

  11. Ghost Rider

    Ghost RiderHace 6 horas

    First girl couldn’t stop staring at the picture of his thing.

  12. Joshoan Martins

    Joshoan MartinsHace 7 horas

    jj joins chat phil:im about to ruin this mans whole career

  13. Xpert Mo

    Xpert MoHace 7 horas

    JJ and Phil have the same amount of aggression in them 😂 😂 😂

  14. Jackson 97 Gaming/Reactions

    Jackson 97 Gaming/ReactionsHace 7 horas

    JJ VS ButterBean

  15. ThyEpicFreak

    ThyEpicFreakHace 8 horas

    what do they mean by Tory at around 22:02

  16. XxMoonLightxX

    XxMoonLightxXHace 5 horas

    It said boring

  17. Hunter.H

    Hunter.HHace 9 horas

    See the important question is did Ethan get a girlfriend outta this

  18. TacoFT

    TacoFTHace 9 horas


  19. Logan Chesney

    Logan ChesneyHace 9 horas

    TF is a “Tory” for us Canadiens

  20. Collin MacKenzie

    Collin MacKenzieHace 10 horas

    Put Phill in more of your videos, he's hilarious

  21. Flinsy O

    Flinsy OHace 10 horas

    “I was in a Back of a car” fake taxi

  22. xilcapo_

    xilcapo_Hace 10 horas

    Why's JJ getting hated on maaaaan that boy is fine

  23. Princewill A

    Princewill AHace 11 horas

    Idk why the female English accents make me mad

  24. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah YeahHace 12 horas

    One of them reminded me of Gordon Ramsey

  25. Alejandro Paredes

    Alejandro ParedesHace 12 horas

    what is a Tory?

  26. Fin3line Fin3line

    Fin3line Fin3lineHace 13 horas

    Can someone please explain to me what a Tory is

  27. Ella May

    Ella MayHace 13 horas

    Gotta love a bit of Phil! 😂😂😂

  28. Mummed_YT

    Mummed_YTHace 15 horas


  29. Jayger Finke 0701

    Jayger Finke 0701Hace 15 horas

    Wut is a Tory

  30. Wintage

    WintageHace 15 horas

    Does malissa have a ESreporter channel ?

  31. Avtpec Avtpec

    Avtpec AvtpecHace 15 horas

    felt so bad for w2s 💀

  32. TSM- Hurricane

    TSM- HurricaneHace 16 horas


  33. Patrick Cheek

    Patrick CheekHace 17 horas

    Harry was a virgin until 17 😂


    KAJJEE KANALEN FANHace 17 horas

    I immediately knew that Deji had pissed on JJ

  35. Musoko

    MusokoHace 18 horas

    1:22 I needed a replay button

  36. Dean oW

    Dean oWHace 19 horas

    Question uhhhh what’s a “Tory”

  37. Jackie Tvi

    Jackie TviHace 20 horas


  38. Joseph Hoult

    Joseph HoultHace 20 horas

    Phil isn't funny

  39. Shae Yee

    Shae YeeHace 21 un hora

    What’s a Tory?

  40. Ron Iseni

    Ron IseniHace 21 un hora

    “I’d be honest if I was your mum I’d spit in your mouth” - Scott from Scotland

  41. Mohammed almehairbi

    Mohammed almehairbiHace 22 horas

    6:22 Close your eyes and listen to the sidemen laugh

  42. Don’t look at my name G

    Don’t look at my name GHace 22 horas

    Cut those dreads off them hoes ugly

  43. Literally A Melon

    Literally A MelonHace 22 horas

    Who is Phil

  44. geraldo hendriks

    geraldo hendriksHace 22 horas

    Long story short JJ is fat.

  45. Aidan Arenibar

    Aidan ArenibarHace 23 horas

    Who's phil

  46. Jet Maynes

    Jet MaynesHace un día

    This is literally a recycled video from 2016

  47. Manawa Davidson

    Manawa DavidsonHace un día

    y do people say ksi is out of shape? he looks buff af

  48. Manawa Davidson

    Manawa DavidsonHace un día

    phil is hilarious

  49. Seiichi

    SeiichiHace un día

    (American here) what is a Tory?

  50. Nicole Jade

    Nicole JadeHace un día

    if ethan and that midlands girl don't go on a date I'm suing

  51. Nicole Jade

    Nicole JadeHace un día


  52. Mixed Goddess

    Mixed GoddessHace un día

    Was I the only one that thought that Harry was going to show up in some overalls 😂😂😂

  53. Fantastic Star

    Fantastic StarHace un día

    I be like OOOO

  54. Oliver Helder Skaalum

    Oliver Helder SkaalumHace un día

    Love it 😂

  55. Kuellar

    KuellarHace un día

    Fucken Phill mate 😂

  56. my brain hurts

    my brain hurtsHace un día

    deji: ksi threw a controller at me ksi: deji pissed on me

  57. lps paws

    lps pawsHace un día

    Is it just me or it seems like Phil's favourite is Harry? 😂

  58. Daniel

    DanielHace un día


  59. CrazeyP

    CrazeyPHace un día

    Yo chill did Ethan’s fatass just get a girl tf

  60. FearNCK

    FearNCKHace un día

    251 thousandth like

  61. Penguin Dude

    Penguin DudeHace un día

    12:02 Sweeeeeeeet Homeeeeeee Alabamaaaaaaaaaaa

  62. Josh carrillo

    Josh carrilloHace un día

    Ksi hair looks like exspierd spaghetti with pepper

  63. Fag 101

    Fag 101Hace un día

    ksi isnt phat he THICK with 2 c's

  64. hium hamed-saeed

    hium hamed-saeedHace un día

    0:43 - 0:55 AWKWARD

  65. Shrek Donkey

    Shrek DonkeyHace un día


  66. Hunny High

    Hunny HighHace un día

    the guy with the water bottle tried to be quirky but ended up being just rude :/

  67. Argnox

    ArgnoxHace un día

    bath time with the boys

  68. Deidara IsMadara

    Deidara IsMadaraHace un día

    We all take momma spit from different ways, when I was an infant my mom chew banana 🍌 and put it in my mouth. I was like 2 years old.

  69. Nexhi

    NexhiHace un día

    behzinga still alot of belly fat, his arms are weak

  70. the aafc is the best also stream live in leipzig

    the aafc is the best also stream live in leipzigHace un día

    bruh i finna stan phil

  71. Critical Damage

    Critical DamageHace un día

    Phil ...hate how he thinks hes funny

  72. Bobbie💞

    Bobbie💞Hace un día


  73. Haris Jahangir

    Haris JahangirHace un día

    Go on Ethan

  74. Great Gamer

    Great GamerHace un día

    My brother pissed on me 😂

  75. Abigail Donohoe

    Abigail DonohoeHace un día

    plssss do another one this made me piss my pants

  76. DomaPlays

    DomaPlaysHace un día

    LOL those tags

  77. Eden Leigh

    Eden LeighHace un día

    Can we have more if Phil 😂😂

  78. Mic_ Roe

    Mic_ RoeHace un día

    FBI open up.........

  79. yumi

    yumiHace un día

    Whats a Tory?

  80. PlainCactus

    PlainCactusHace un día


  81. Unspirited

    UnspiritedHace un día

    JJ just completely gets violated through out this.

  82. Kokoryke

    KokorykeHace un día

    12:02 SWEET HOME ALABAMA!!!!

  83. All about the climbing monkey .-.

    All about the climbing monkey .-.Hace un día

    at 0:06 DONT DO THE WOAH

  84. All about the climbing monkey .-.

    All about the climbing monkey .-.Hace un día


  85. JustABoxer

    JustABoxerHace un día

    8:48 i knew the answer right away hahahahaha

  86. Rob Thomas

    Rob ThomasHace un día

    The person in the blue shirts an idiot

  87. Cacheshadow Junior

    Cacheshadow JuniorHace un día

    25:49 ah me and the bois

  88. Official_mehdi_10

    Official_mehdi_10Hace un día

    11:14 Omg I remember how deji and ksi were saying in one of there vids that they went on trips and they deji pissed on ksi xD

  89. Official_mehdi_10

    Official_mehdi_10Hace un día


  90. Official_mehdi_10

    Official_mehdi_10Hace un día


  91. Official_mehdi_10

    Official_mehdi_10Hace un día

    1:16 this girl looks like Ayesha Curry. xD

  92. Erica Parkinson

    Erica ParkinsonHace un día

    like for a part 2

  93. Harribo_1701

    Harribo_1701Hace un día

    Joe ma boy from ull

  94. Casual Guy

    Casual GuyHace un día

    Tune in next time for the next episode of "Sweet home Alabama"

  95. Coyote

    CoyoteHace un día

    Here's my ultimate roast: Don't eat garbage, cause that would be cannibalism.

  96. Anton Lukic

    Anton LukicHace un día

    What’s a Troy

  97. Aiden Puzio

    Aiden PuzioHace un día

    As a American I didn’t know what wanked meant I thought it meant physco 😂

  98. Hanu Siddhanth

    Hanu SiddhanthHace un día

    For all the non UK lads: *Tory* /ˈtɔːri/ noun (in the UK) a member or supporter of the Conservative Party.

  99. Jamez4018

    Jamez4018Hace un día

    Hang on didn’t JJ snog his brother

  100. Craig Smith

    Craig SmithHace un día

    Why do people keep spelling phil as phill

  101. Oliwia Potocki

    Oliwia PotockiHace un día

    Anyone else thought that Phil sounds like jack septic eye

  102. Tara

    TaraHace un día

    On behalf of Americans... wtf is a Tory? 😂😂

  103. Artic

    ArticHace un día

    I am from Scotland who else?

  104. K Ennis

    K EnnisHace un día

    Phil is just bare jarring

  105. Sunny Miko

    Sunny MikoHace un día

    True story: My aunt was fed up with my brother cuz he was acting like he was one drugs or something so she grapped him sat him on her lap and spat in his mouth BTW were black Africans

  106. Hannah _lolz_

    Hannah _lolz_Hace un día

    Who does KSI date??