Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastHace 3 meses


  2. Momma.Specks

    Momma.SpecksHace 2 días


  3. Buzzkill 808 Raven

    Buzzkill 808 RavenHace 11 días

    Why didn't you ask Steve if he feels guilty about screwing over ECW?

  4. aaron howard

    aaron howardHace 20 días

    He was incorrect when he recalled the green frog market thing. It was in Bakersfield not Fresno.

  5. Bruce Wayne

    Bruce WayneHace 21 un día

    Bring on Lil Dicky, Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne The Rock Johnson

  6. stevan hillis

    stevan hillisHace 6 horas

    Have you guys ever used werewolf hot sauce on your show

  7. The 401K

    The 401KHace 10 horas

    13:03 margarita recipe

  8. April Rush

    April RushHace 10 horas

    I've always admired this man ! FUCKING EPIC !!

  9. UK Medic

    UK MedicHace 11 horas

    They look like father and son..wild

  10. Michael Feduccia

    Michael FeducciaHace 17 horas

    Please get Jocko Willink on here!

  11. Rodney Cook

    Rodney CookHace 18 horas

    Cant I get a Hell Yeah!

  12. MaxSmell210

    MaxSmell210Hace 21 un hora

    This was my idol as a young 35 now!

  13. Brian Ward

    Brian WardHace un día

    Anna Kendrick. 'Nuff said

  14. No Way

    No WayHace un día

    because he said so

  15. David Garcia

    David GarciaHace un día


  16. Jeremy Miller

    Jeremy MillerHace un día

    You got to love & respect the good ol' Stone Cold Steve Austin.

  17. Derek

    DerekHace un día

    Wow, what an incredible guy... Legend!

  18. moncorp1 Inc

    moncorp1 IncHace un día

    Dallas "Sportarium" Come one Sean, it was pronounced Sport-ah-Tore-ee-um

  19. Smuccy Tv

    Smuccy TvHace un día

    My favorite wrestler of all time

  20. The American Prepper

    The American PrepperHace un día

    The closing was an epic finishing move by Stone Cold


    ZUZAINFINITYHace un día

    I would love to see a video of Stone Cold meeting Gordon Ramsay. That would be so fun to watch.

  22. John Pun

    John PunHace un día

    I bring some snacks, lay down on my bed & watch this videos. Love you sean!👍

  23. the car master

    the car masterHace 2 días

    We need Alexa bliss, or the rock on this show


    Da SKAREKROW 757DAMUHace 2 días


  25. Anselmo Mercado Jr

    Anselmo Mercado JrHace 2 días

    I don't use blinkers because.. well...I sometimes don't use My seatbelt. F*ck it

  26. Anselmo Mercado Jr

    Anselmo Mercado JrHace 2 días

    Love that that Texan accent... Swift talk

  27. Lockjaw Emporium

    Lockjaw EmporiumHace 2 días

    when's Chuck Norris coming on?

  28. The Acoustic Christian

    The Acoustic ChristianHace 2 días

    I think I'm more of a man just by watching this..

  29. john ayacko

    john ayackoHace 2 días

    I won't be surprised if Austin is running for president. he can talk.

  30. Chuck

    ChuckHace 2 días

    the background music in these videos are always awesome :)

  31. Clement Curry

    Clement CurryHace 2 días

    Invite wim hof 😂

  32. Scott McColley

    Scott McColleyHace 3 días

    I just wish I could like this 20 times... Best series EVER!

  33. Josh97

    Josh97Hace 3 días

    And that’s the bottom line cause stone cold said so!!!


    NBP LIVE SHOWHace 3 días

    This was awesome to watch. WHAT!?

  35. MsPrimary

    MsPrimaryHace 3 días

    I now have the biggest crush on Stone Cold Steve Austin. He is so adorable! I love how he tells stories!

  36. Da-Le Gameplay

    Da-Le GameplayHace 3 días

    "Describe Death to me" xD

  37. HotMessMama

    HotMessMamaHace 3 días

    You know you’re really getting into the show when you second guess rubbing your eye while watching 🤣

  38. Jeffrey Clifton

    Jeffrey CliftonHace 3 días

    You know what I love about Steve? He's such a genuine person. You know that everything he says, he actually means it.

  39. Equilibrium1736

    Equilibrium1736Hace 3 días

    Stone Cold dominated the Hot Ones Dab!

  40. One Deep Savage

    One Deep SavageHace 3 días

    Prob my fav episode so far

  41. stone cold steve austin

    stone cold steve austinHace 3 días


  42. skins4thewin

    skins4thewinHace 4 días

    LOL these aren't laced with Amphetamines are they?

  43. Moses Lupai

    Moses LupaiHace 4 días

    Legendary man right here, always thought stone cold was badass.

  44. TaythaGrey98

    TaythaGrey98Hace 4 días

    3rd generation baby face 😂😂😂

  45. Ace's High

    Ace's HighHace 4 días

    I want to try the Broken Skull Ranch margarita. It looks really good

  46. James J.

    James J.Hace 5 días

    Do the cooks prepping the wings have to wear level 1 positive pressure HAZMAT gear?

  47. Sarah Rad

    Sarah RadHace 5 días

    Do you think he ever thought of putting on a flannel and going out and just not being Stone Cold

  48. moncorp1 Inc

    moncorp1 IncHace un día

    No. That's just who he is.

  49. Majestic910

    Majestic910Hace 5 días

    Feels good to see him in such good spirit

  50. LoGiCaLFeAr2000

    LoGiCaLFeAr2000Hace 5 días

    ok so jericho, austin, banks, now in my opinion, we just need rock, undertaker and bliss on the show.

  51. Rome O

    Rome OHace 5 días

    Get chief keef on here

  52. naked harvey kietel

    naked harvey kietelHace 5 días

    Sean should have rubbed some baby oil onto steves skull and started gently dry-humping the back of his head while saying "ooooooh... ooooh... oooh baby... mmm... ooooooh Yeh... mmm that's nice baby... oooh..."

  53. Dark Edge

    Dark EdgeHace 5 días

    Damn steve is such a cool dude.

  54. Vitamein

    VitameinHace 5 días

    This, all of this, it was just beautiful. Bless your souls.

  55. John Harvey

    John HarveyHace 5 días

    The goat

  56. Knick Knack

    Knick KnackHace 6 días

    Austin 3:16 says I just burned my mouth.

  57. Knick Knack

    Knick KnackHace 6 días


  58. Fredericka Bell

    Fredericka BellHace 6 días

    😂😂😂😂😂😂😂...ol me these funny azz videos ! To funny

  59. Perverted Podcast

    Perverted PodcastHace 6 días

    He didn't even wince or have a line on his face when he bit Da he just "willed" the pain away. A freakin pro for sure. What a great episode!

  60. justin bueno

    justin buenoHace 6 días

    130 im dying

  61. Xerion1

    Xerion1Hace 6 días

    He's a man 😳

  62. Philip Nix

    Philip NixHace 6 días

    I just went from the Kristen Bell episode to the Stone Cold Steve Austin episode and I feel like I'm in a The Good Place fever dream.

  63. Broken Arms

    Broken ArmsHace 6 días

    Stone cold, Stone gold to me, man is fking humble

  64. Blake Harris

    Blake HarrisHace 6 días

    25:14 "Alright Stone Cold"......(Stone Cold)..…"OH"...........

  65. pinkitcv

    pinkitcvHace 6 días

    This man is so amazing