Stone Cold Steve Austin Puts the Stunner on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones


  1. First We Feast

    First We FeastHace un mes


  2. Jerrid Roulette

    Jerrid RouletteHace 15 horas

    ANOTHER POST MALONE !!!!!!!!!!

  3. Leo Peridot

    Leo PeridotHace 6 días

    Come on Sean Evans, why you got to wife beaters on your show? Don't you think that sends mixed messages to people that it doesn't matter if you beat your wife, as long as you're a celebrity you are fine with it?

  4. Luigi Saltos

    Luigi SaltosHace 10 días

    Hey there. Unfortunately I have to use this mean to try to get a reply from somebody, but I bought the dragon in the clouds like 2 weeks ago and I still havent gotten any update on my purchase, so I am really worried now that I got ripped off or robbed or something, THanks

  5. adam parsons

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  6. Jeezy Mane

    Jeezy ManeHace 11 días

    First We Feast invite tyga to the show

  7. Vk Deen

    Vk DeenHace 3 horas

    stone cold stone cold stone cold!!

  8. Wonder777 Warrior

    Wonder777 WarriorHace 5 horas

    I want wings now...

  9. catmomdani 21

    catmomdani 21Hace 6 horas

    *You sorry sumbitch* Stone Cold-- my ultimate favorite

  10. Isaac McCardle

    Isaac McCardleHace 7 horas

    What a seriously awesome man. Love his general attitude.

  11. Anson Loo

    Anson LooHace 8 horas

    Can't wait to see The Rock frowning his eye with the Last Dab!!

  12. Ix TheChosenone90 xI

    Ix TheChosenone90 xIHace 8 horas

    Fire vid!! 🔥🔥

  13. H0ss Delgad0

    H0ss Delgad0Hace 9 horas

    Steve Austin is the fuking Man. Definitely gonna try his broken skull ipa.

  14. Israel McKenzie

    Israel McKenzieHace 10 horas

    Sinn u1, perfect match

  15. Madd Knadd

    Madd KnaddHace 10 horas

    WOW, this guy is very genuine and badass, Love him, I think I'll go SUB to his chanel and tell my friends about him

  16. Walter J Najarro

    Walter J NajarroHace 10 horas

    typed in Porsche Lap around Nurburgring, and got this... wtf youtube.

  17. Andrew Martin

    Andrew MartinHace 10 horas

    Best wifebeater that Hot Ones has ever interviewed.

  18. Dinner 4You

    Dinner 4YouHace 11 horas

    Stone Cold is literally one of the finest men alive

  19. Jeffery Lebowski

    Jeffery LebowskiHace 11 horas

    Great episode with an American Icon! Loved it!

  20. Idkblah

    IdkblahHace 11 horas

    "Let's go home." LOL

  21. Caileigh Long

    Caileigh LongHace 11 horas

    My brother worked with him on broken skull as a camera guy and said he’s super nice in person and takes really good care of the people who he works with. Stand up guy for sure!

  22. kaxilectro

    kaxilectroHace 12 horas

    What a teddy bear 🧸 and he got manners

  23. Toastie

    ToastieHace 12 horas

    Great episode! Please get Elon Musk on

  24. W T

    W THace 12 horas

    Sean Evans, legend among mere mortals. Even Stone Cold defers.

  25. Danny sotelo

    Danny soteloHace 12 horas

    You should interview the undertaker

  26. Danny Montoya

    Danny MontoyaHace 12 horas


  27. Cpt. James K Morgan

    Cpt. James K MorganHace 12 horas

    *That* man, is a boss.

  28. W T

    W THace 13 horas

    Wait, Stone Cold, Sean, which is which?


    THUNDERBOLT ACRESHace 13 horas

    i thought he spilt sauce on his shirt haha

  30. Cammy Mc

    Cammy McHace 13 horas

    Now The Rock needs to come up here and do this.

  31. David Smith

    David SmithHace 14 horas

    A man with a strong body but a weak mind isn’t really that strong. Stone cold is a very interesting man in his retirement years. It’s like he never left the WWF.

  32. VirlomiEntreri

    VirlomiEntreriHace 14 horas

    One of the best interviews ever. Awesome show!

  33. Fong Thao

    Fong ThaoHace 14 horas

    Get the rock

  34. ya mum

    ya mumHace 15 horas

    That's how the white man eats the chicken wing!

  35. UrbanX Home

    UrbanX HomeHace 15 horas

    Sean, how big is your hemorrhoid?

  36. nipatay89

    nipatay89Hace 15 horas

    Such a top bloke👍

  37. Emily

    EmilyHace 16 horas

    the wings look tiny in his hands

  38. AspLode

    AspLodeHace 17 horas

    As a person who's never watched wrestling in his life, Stone Cold Steve Austin reads like such a genuine human being it's crazy to see such an honest person. It's clear he has incredible mastery over his craft, too. What a showman

  39. Andrea Hope

    Andrea HopeHace 17 horas

    Stone Cold is even more awesome than I imagined.

  40. notafraid06

    notafraid06Hace 17 horas

    I prefer stone cold E.T.

  41. Thomas

    ThomasHace 17 horas

    Best episode ever

  42. Adrian Vargas

    Adrian VargasHace 17 horas

    I guess they let Sean interview his dad

  43. Adrian Vargas

    Adrian VargasHace 17 horas

    He’s just a genuine southern dad.

  44. Whatster87

    Whatster87Hace 17 horas

    6 time fake wrestling winner

  45. Makayla Green

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  46. Gino Folgore

    Gino FolgoreHace 18 horas

    Your my hero!

  47. Bored

    BoredHace 18 horas

    Field mice are a problem in the boonies

  48. Bored

    BoredHace 18 horas

    Everyday is a tailgate party in Texas and someone is bound to get famous on the news and obituary... u know why people drive on the wrong side of the road in Waco or mcgregor? I ask Bush that everyday... someone thinks we are the drug capital but it was Huston that sported the PCP sign off the highway in downtown.. it looks beautiful and then u see the sign and your thinking .... the guy who called us the drug capital is off his rocker because he went to see the astros....

  49. Bored

    BoredHace 18 horas

    People tail each other out here..

  50. bigfun82

    bigfun82Hace 18 horas

    What kinda chug was that? You embarass the beer and yourself Mr. Cold. Evans is in full sippy cup mode

  51. The Chiefferr

    The ChiefferrHace 19 horas

    And that’s the bottom line.

  52. Lucas Coutinho

    Lucas CoutinhoHace 20 horas

    Get Andy Samberg!!

  53. Distemper

    DistemperHace 20 horas

    Steve Austin is basically Dr. Phil on steroids

  54. Judi Gemini

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  55. Sean Jones

    Sean JonesHace 21 un hora

    Beer,more beer,whiskey,more beer,vodka, tequila,whiskey,more tequila, more tequila...... Damn this sauce is hot 🔥

  56. Nicholus Baker

    Nicholus BakerHace 21 un hora

    This guy is really cool

  57. Big Bear

    Big BearHace 21 un hora

    Watching this after watching shia labuf. Stone cold is so much beter to watch.

  58. Patrick Browne

    Patrick BrowneHace 21 un hora

    stone cold legend

  59. Sean Collins

    Sean CollinsHace 21 un hora

    Normally when I watch an episode of hot ones, I watch it to see celebrities suffer and have crash and burn moments. This time, I enjoyed every single second of learning about Steve Austin. This man has got come class despite his reputation in the ring. You stay healthy Steve! And thanks for another great episode Sean!

  60. TheSundevil88

    TheSundevil88Hace 21 un hora

    Man, what a great interview! Props to you both for being so well spoken and entertaining. Looking forward to Season 10!

  61. Siddharth Sarwate

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  62. Michael Davies

    Michael DaviesHace un día

    My man , yeah what a champion 🤙🤙

  63. Esoteric Fitness

    Esoteric FitnessHace un día

    I HAVE A SIMPLE REQUEST.., Try getting some UFC fighter's on! Think it would be of some interest for the some of the viewer's & sub's!! Good shiet👌👏

  64. jmr779

    jmr779Hace un día

    Steve is the human embodiment of southern hospitality

  65. Burt Macklin

    Burt MacklinHace un día

    One of the best episodes of all time for me. Right there with Gordon Ramsey

  66. Clippernation420

    Clippernation420Hace un día

    Stone Cold: I'm not good you will be good. Me: challenge accepted.