Stephen King's IT (1990) - Georgie


  1. Abby Ghost

    Abby GhostHace 6 horas

    Pennywise: do u want a balloon? Greta thunberg: is it made out of plastic? Pennywise *sweats furiously and goes back to the sewer*

  2. Jays Geronca

    Jays GeroncaHace 4 días

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  3. Seher Şahin

    Seher ŞahinHace 6 días


  4. Rafael Arcas

    Rafael ArcasHace 12 días

    I don't know why exactly but I think that I prefer the one play by Bill Skasgard .

  5. アップルパイ

    アップルパイHace 13 días


  6. Jason Bailey (student)

    Jason Bailey (student)Hace 14 días

    His eyes are so red

  7. Jason Bailey (student)

    Jason Bailey (student)Hace 14 días

    But i like the orig better

  8. Jason Bailey (student)

    Jason Bailey (student)Hace 14 días

    Hes wierder in this movie

  9. Nyancatlover40

    Nyancatlover40Hace 15 días

    I like the 1990 IT the best, because in the 2017 teen one he literally bites Georgies arm off.




  11. Justin Lusanta PH

    Justin Lusanta PHHace 20 días

    Georgie doesn't even stop for even one damn second to ask how Pennywise knows his name,damn

  12. Foster kid

    Foster kidHace 21 un día

    Pennywise: YOU FOOL Georgie: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  13. Bubba sawyer Is my husbando

    Bubba sawyer Is my husbandoHace 22 días

    The little kid playing Georgie is fricking adorable

  14. DMari  McKnight

    DMari McKnightHace 22 días

    Did he actually die from Pennywise what!!!!!!!????

  15. Jordan Waites

    Jordan WaitesHace 22 días

    This is why you don't talk to strangers.

  16. M. riswan

    M. riswanHace 24 días

    Wow it.

  17. kholiss kholiss

    kholiss kholissHace 25 días

    I.T 2017 is remake 1990

  18. Christian Allegria

    Christian AllegriaHace 25 días

    aaa per adesso sono libera, non c'è il Caporale siamo tedeschi sono di Berlino sono solo beta non ce ho The Sims

  19. Rafy and Nina

    Rafy and NinaHace 27 días

    Georgie doesn’t want it because he thinks pennywise is gonna bite him

  20. Rafy and Nina

    Rafy and NinaHace 27 días

    Hi mr pennywise

  21. Will Gold

    Will GoldHace 27 días

    “Be careful.” He went out. Bill never saw him again.

  22. Izzy Buzzy

    Izzy BuzzyHace 28 días

    Clown straight outta Brooklyn

  23. Mahamed Arab2011boy

    Mahamed Arab2011boyHace 29 días

    Why in it 2017 he listen to hem again hes don know hes face but in it 2017 pennywise say im pennywise the dancing clown He sould know hem in 1990 old one why he did

  24. Mahamed Arab2011boy

    Mahamed Arab2011boyHace 29 días

    That old pennywise sounds like the cat in hat movie right

  25. SarhanTheBest 2020

    SarhanTheBest 2020Hace 29 días

    2017 and 2019 one is better then this one

  26. Bruno barz

    Bruno barzHace 29 días

    Haha u can tell this was a sunny ass summers day and they just turned on the sprinklers lol

  27. Arnav Rawat

    Arnav RawatHace 29 días

    Pennywise : we got baloons down here Me : i have depression Pennywise : ..and French fries too, you'll love it. Me : Existence is pain

  28. Ryan T

    Ryan THace 29 días

    Me: One little hello can change your whole future. Pennywise: 1:57

  29. HardwareAddiction

    HardwareAddictionHace un mes

    Surprisingly, it doesn't have the gore of the new one, hehe.

  30. The Odd Girl

    The Odd GirlHace un mes

    😢 😭

  31. El

    ElHace un mes

    3:23 me: *WHEEZES*

  32. Super Kemek sliver Jr

    Super Kemek sliver JrHace un mes

    Screw pennywise

  33. Ugnnacit1

    Ugnnacit1Hace un mes

    How do i find this funny--

  34. •Ìtź Bròòklyñ•

    •Ìtź Bròòklyñ•Hace un mes

    BRO are they trying to copy the real one?



    Não inténdi nada Estou aqui assim mesmo.😂😂😂😂

  36. sky Day

    sky DayHace un mes

    Georgie 1990 mets Georgie from nowdays Georgie now: what tha Frisbee? Georgie 1990: must say your the better movie *Georgie dances with Eddie richie and Bill and Stan* *Bill plays music* Music: its all around me Nana na na na~ *Eddie dabs*

  37. scotiansen

    scotiansenHace un mes

    The reboot is great but the one thing I feel they messed up on was the clown ironically enough. I think the original Pennywise is creepier. Its his realism that actually makes him creepier than the over-the-top special effects of the new one. Plus just a better actor.

  38. xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexX

    xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexXHace un mes

    Ehhh I don't like this one cuz (i love the new IT movie) 1. I don't like the voice for the clown 2. Bruh it isn't really creepy cuz their voices sound so dumb 3. u should have added a scarier clown cuz tha new IT Movie is scarier right now 4. It isn't dark enough when it was raining xD

  39. Apple Blooms Tampon and butthole

    Apple Blooms Tampon and buttholeHace un mes

    @xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexX i wanted to watch

  40. xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexX

    xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexXHace un mes

    @Apple Blooms Tampon and butthole why are u asking meh this xD

  41. xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexX

    xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexXHace un mes

    @Luna • ASMR things • bruh no one told u shut up and aint a comment its how I feel about this old movie BRUH UR STUPID CAN U READ GURL (Sorry lol not sorry XD) Lmao

  42. Luna • ASMR things •

    Luna • ASMR things •Hace un mes

    xXLuna_ Sara_CookiexX Stupid comment

  43. Apple Blooms Tampon and butthole

    Apple Blooms Tampon and buttholeHace un mes

    Are you on your period yet?

  44. Igor Lj

    Igor LjHace un mes

    Saddest scene in any movie.

  45. x

    xHace un mes

    Isn’t Rachel Maddow in this film?

  46. cyberespace936

    cyberespace936Hace un mes

    The one and only Pennywise clown ! This one looks way more pervert and he don't need specials effect to be creepy !

  47. younimations

    younimationsHace un mes

    The new it is so much better lol

  48. The Rocker

    The RockerHace un mes

    But this method would not work on kids today🤣🤣. Imagine the reaction of kids to Pennywise nowadays.🤣

  49. King Carlos Studios

    King Carlos StudiosHace un mes

    Pennywise: *they float and when you’re down here with me* *YOU SLOTH CHONK*

  50. Michael Jagger

    Michael JaggerHace un mes

    The best and original pennywise aka tim curry ❤ Don't care what any cringey teen says ..the new IT movies both sucked.

  51. Christopher humble

    Christopher humbleHace un mes

    I feel bad for Georgia when he lost his bout 😥 💔

  52. Ayu! :3

    Ayu! :3Hace un mes

    Pennywise: HIYA AYU, WANNA PLAY? JUST COME DOWN HERE!! Me: Uh... No... Pennywise: We have The Joker down here....! Me: ight ima head in

  53. Brookygaming VR PS4/3 vlogs & more!

    Brookygaming VR PS4/3 vlogs & more!Hace un mes

    This pennywise is less creepy I guess

  54. Jai-M

    Jai-MHace un mes

    2:22 you can tell this man prolly looking at the script by how many times he has been looking to his right. Lmao

  55. Aiden inthepitch

    Aiden inthepitchHace un mes

    You are scarey

  56. Ghost GamingYT

    Ghost GamingYTHace un mes

    Anyone 2020?😝😢

  57. Gabriel Damian

    Gabriel DamianHace un mes

    Español porfa

  58. 登録者様100人を目指すリストラピエロ

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  59. Daniel Chroust

    Daniel ChroustHace un mes

    To s

  60. Gaara From The Sand

    Gaara From The SandHace un mes

    2017 Pennywise Has A Big Mouth But 1990 Pennywise Has A Small Mouth When He Is Trying To Kill Georgie In The Miniseries But I Dont Like 1990 It I Just Like 2017 It And 2019 It Cause Of Stan Eddie And Georgie R.I.P 1. Stan: Commited Suicide AKA Killed Himself 2: Eddie Stabbed By Pennywise In The Chest While Saving Richie Tozier 3:Just Got His Arm Eaten Off By Pennywise.

  61. Aaron Nantz

    Aaron NantzHace un mes

    Penneywise hi georgie Kid hi Penneywise you wanna balloon theres also rides and gifts and lots of surprises down here. Kid. Ok let me call my friends so they can come to. Penneywise ok. Kid. Hello 911 theres a crackhead guy dressed as a clown in the sewers trying to make me go with him. Cops come arrest penneywise Penneywise. Dam kids and their smartphones.

  62. Bill Field

    Bill FieldHace un mes

    Pennywise straight up had a orgasm when Georgie asked him if they float

  63. PPCRB S52017

    PPCRB S52017Hace un mes


  64. Superhero Nerd

    Superhero NerdHace un mes

    This honestly looks more like a play than a movie lol

  65. amirahusna rasinahandayani

    amirahusna rasinahandayaniHace un mes

    no no no kids

  66. First Last

    First LastHace un mes

    Pennywise: I got the iPhone 11XG V2 Ok......