Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - Teaser


  1. Persil

    PersilHace 10 minutos

    Disney broke down star wars. The plot does not agree with canons at all

  2. Danny Lim

    Danny LimHace 15 minutos

    Rey is the first Jedi that takes on a spaceship face to face!

  3. john mcdonald

    john mcdonaldHace 21 un minuto

    The sly force of hand to get you to doing something wrong and is not proof of true intent

  4. Big black Sexy Potato

    Big black Sexy PotatoHace 29 minutos

    time for disney to redeem themselves

  5. mohamed shaban vlogs 1

    mohamed shaban vlogs 1Hace 34 minutos

    The laugh at the end is either Palpatine or Mark Hammil forgetting that he was Luke in this, not Joker.

  6. mohamed shaban vlogs 1

    mohamed shaban vlogs 1Hace 34 minutos

    Like if you’re here before 1 million views 🔥

  7. Maximoose

    MaximooseHace 34 minutos

    Make a Star Wars theory about what will happen

  8. mohamed shaban vlogs 1

    mohamed shaban vlogs 1Hace 35 minutos

    Like if you’re here before 1 million views 🔥

  9. Jim's Adventures

    Jim's AdventuresHace 43 minutos


  10. IKA

    IKAHace 45 minutos

    Honestly feel like this is the least impactful saga of the three. Leaves a lot to be desired. Don't even remember how the first one progressed.

  11. prostiggerman gaming

    prostiggerman gamingHace un hora

    IS this The last Episodes of starwars

  12. Drunken Assassin

    Drunken AssassinHace un hora

    rise of the sky.......... NO NO NO YOU ARE NOT IMPLYING REY IS A SKYWALKER NO IF YOU ARE TRYING THAT I AT LEAST WANT A STARKILLER REFERENCE OR FOR HIS CLONE TO SHOW UP IN THE MOVIE otherwise i'm excited and obviously me and my dad will be going to the movies when this comes out

  13. Jacob Anderson

    Jacob AndersonHace 2 horas

    R2D2 gets snubbed again...

  14. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous OtakuHace un hora

    Prob has an important role

  15. Rotmax 007

    Rotmax 007Hace 2 horas

    Luke's Star Wars Galaxies Mod

  16. Rotmax 007

    Rotmax 007Hace 2 horas

    For Minecraft

  17. Rotmax 007

    Rotmax 007Hace 2 horas

    Nice Mod!!!

  18. LiamTehMemer

    LiamTehMemerHace 2 horas

    Luke: No one's ever really gone. *Ian has joined the chat*

  19. Scott Shields

    Scott ShieldsHace 2 horas

    This hopefully will be better than the last Jedi .

  20. Reem Alkaff

    Reem AlkaffHace 2 horas

    is this like real

  21. Robin Swede

    Robin SwedeHace 2 horas

    That callback to the phantom menace trailer

  22. D orouto

    D oroutoHace 2 horas

    Who hope to see some old friends

  23. Only Greatness

    Only GreatnessHace 2 horas

    Having darth jar jar as the evil mastermind of everything would be the biggest meme in history

  24. Mister Relaxation ASMR

    Mister Relaxation ASMRHace 2 horas

    "Do it!"

  25. Jacob Dominguez

    Jacob DominguezHace 3 horas


  26. enkidu

    enkiduHace 3 horas

    cant wait to download illegally this movie

  27. Jacob Dominguez

    Jacob DominguezHace 3 horas


  28. SavageXXIII Remnant

    SavageXXIII RemnantHace 3 horas

    Sith Ghosts 🤣

  29. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas BludisHace un hora

    That would actually be a sick idea

  30. Miss Inky

    Miss InkyHace 3 horas

    For some reason I didn’t like the last one, it kind of was a disappointment to me soon as it was building up to quite a bad ending. I mean Leia wasn’t even their half of the movie, (I know Carrie Fisher passed away before a lot of the scenes were filmed.) I kind of thought that Leia had the force in her so she could become the last jedi.

  31. 1buszybudy13

    1buszybudy13Hace 3 horas

    So i guess the Tie racing over the sand is supposed to be Pod Racer esque?

  32. desmation

    desmationHace 3 horas

    So polished.... perfect make up....

  33. Slyder

    SlyderHace 3 horas

    Had to skip the first minute of absolute nothingness

  34. David Ochoa

    David OchoaHace 3 horas

    25 Million Views? This trailer still sends chills.

  35. Janus Mapping

    Janus MappingHace 3 horas

    Coming Soon date: December 12, 2019 right now date is Star Wars 9? Star Wars The Force Awakens: December 18 Star Wars The Last Jedi: December 15 Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker: December 12 right now is date!

  36. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous OtakuHace un hora

    DEC 20

  37. Eternalme

    EternalmeHace 3 horas

    As a Star Wars fan I refuse to acknowledge these awful new films as part of the true story.

  38. Purple Pepe

    Purple PepeHace 3 horas


  39. Caustic Glitch

    Caustic GlitchHace 3 horas

    That Darth Sidious laugh in the end... Right?

  40. Ghostie

    GhostieHace 3 horas

    This will be the best Christmas present ever

  41. ZeoNeXuS

    ZeoNeXuSHace 3 horas

    Uhm, uh, so the Avengers were able to retrieve half of the Universe's population that Thanos wiped out?

  42. Carl Reynolds

    Carl ReynoldsHace 3 horas

    Lando wearing the same cape 30 odd years later...came on now

  43. richard ray archuleta

    richard ray archuletaHace 4 horas

    Darth Vader's Tie Fighter

  44. DumbThumbsFPV

    DumbThumbsFPVHace 4 horas

    OMG I honestly can't wait to miss this one.. an absolute must not see..

  45. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas BludisHace un hora

    Suit yourself

  46. biguglyalex

    biguglyalexHace 4 horas


  47. Ugly Nigga

    Ugly NiggaHace 4 horas

    I wish Vader made a comeback

  48. Jeremy Raglin

    Jeremy RaglinHace 4 horas

    The saga comes to an end, until the remake the Star Wars movies.

  49. Trần Thị Kiều MG Trung Thạnh

    Trần Thị Kiều MG Trung ThạnhHace 4 horas


  50. Captain Rex CT— 7567

    Captain Rex CT— 7567Hace 4 horas

    Emperor palpatine! ?!?!?!?!?!?! Ohhh yeah!!! Now I won't be able to resist this movie!!!

  51. TheChraysterr

    TheChraysterrHace 4 horas

    “No one is ever really gone” - PAPA FRANKU: Hold my beer.

  52. Saint Michael

    Saint MichaelHace 4 horas

    Disney trash movie

  53. Stefan S1984

    Stefan S1984Hace 4 horas

    I think I would really enjoy this, if I remove TLJ from my memory. Guess I'll have to try. Please JJ you cannot fix this trilogy but atleast make us want Episode X.

  54. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordHace 4 horas

    Star Wars: Cashgrab

  55. Joris Buis

    Joris BuisHace 5 horas

    If that is Vader’s castle they did everything right!

  56. cruel scientist

    cruel scientistHace 5 horas

    Rey is to me as Anakin is to Mace.

  57. A K

    A KHace 5 horas

    Hol' up didn't Luke's lightsaber break in half

  58. The Ridiculous Otaku

    The Ridiculous OtakuHace un hora

    Take a seat?

  59. Iball nonya

    Iball nonyaHace 5 horas

    Star Wars: The Mary Sue No thanks. I just don't feel like seeing this one.

  60. SaltyBastionMain

    SaltyBastionMainHace 5 horas

    The saga is ending? Good riddance. Been sick of these movies since the first one. Thanks for ruining Star Wars Disney. Money hungry dicks.

  61. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas BludisHace un hora

    What a baby

  62. Shalawn Smith

    Shalawn SmithHace 5 horas

    She jumped...but she didn't have the high ground...

  63. Cryptonymicus

    CryptonymicusHace 5 horas

    Right off hand, I can't think of a reason why I'd pay to see it.

  64. QuentinLars

    QuentinLarsHace 5 horas

    wow.... really? lol

  65. Mady G

    Mady GHace 5 horas

    Why is literally everything ending? Avengers and star wars. What do I watch now?

  66. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas BludisHace un hora


  67. 邓波

    邓波Hace 6 horas

    不要翻译 我是在骂你们 艹你妈的外国佬

  68. iiCxpcake

    iiCxpcakeHace 6 horas

    Emporer protecc Emporer attacc But most importantly Emporer is bacc

  69. CelestialBeing

    CelestialBeingHace 6 horas

    Oh shut professor he’s back!

  70. GlitchOut Gaming

    GlitchOut GamingHace 6 horas

    *REY: [Heavy Breathing]* Ahem #subtitles

  71. dinitroacetylen

    dinitroacetylenHace 6 horas

    When you try to make up for the clusterf-k which was "The Last Jedi" by throwing in everything that fans used to like, there is just not enough glue in the world to assemble it all into something cohesive.

  72. Jonas Greslund

    Jonas GreslundHace 6 horas

    So I end the Final Age War.

  73. J V

    J VHace 6 horas

    Surprisingly I don't even care about this movie & that's a 1st for me when it comes to starwars. Disney's take on starwars is depressing & to me, they just can't get it right at all!

  74. sojiro856

    sojiro856Hace 6 horas

    The bore fest of the Mary Sue saga is ending! Hooray!

  75. x FiAzc0

    x FiAzc0Hace 6 horas

    Loving the amount of Down votes on this....JaJa Abrams/DisneyObama.

  76. Daniel Padilla

    Daniel PadillaHace 6 horas

    This time Rey is going fly in space like Leia and unlock her mega ultra Mary Sue hyperspace force travel ability.

  77. just deal !!

    just deal !!Hace 6 horas


  78. Nnoitra Jiruga

    Nnoitra JirugaHace 6 horas

    "Wipe them out, all of them ..." What?! really, boi!

  79. Pomchopdoo

    PomchopdooHace 6 horas

    Rise, rise and rise in every movie title. Please change the title.

  80. C. I. A.

    C. I. A.Hace 6 horas

    If you look closely there is a vodka bottle

  81. Cekku-W-9 GFO

    Cekku-W-9 GFOHace 7 horas

    ORDER 66 NOW!

  82. Baruch Spinosa

    Baruch SpinosaHace 7 horas

    Master Jedi with no training

  83. MyManCrushRyan

    MyManCrushRyanHace 7 horas

    Every generation has a legend, and every one of them is a Skywalker.

  84. Gaming Emerald

    Gaming EmeraldHace 7 horas

    Can't wait till this movie comes out I am so hyped like if you are exited!!

  85. Cesar Joel

    Cesar JoelHace 7 horas

    Mary Sue Chronicles: Episode III

  86. Hugo Watt Sjöström

    Hugo Watt SjöströmHace 7 horas

    Yes. The saga will end. So should all other canon content.

  87. Sandy Davis

    Sandy DavisHace 7 horas

    They are probably going to discover that they are sister and brother, kind of like Luke and Leia did. Then they will probably try to QUICKLY and BADLY explain how they got seperated since they can't use EU stuff. I mean Kylo's name is even wrong. Ben Solo....come on. And yes..its seems like they are just kind of rehashing stuff from the original eps and changing it to call it their own. But its a Hollywood given... Now anyone hear about that KoTOR film?

  88. James Davis

    James DavisHace 7 horas

    Darth Vader: You will star in an awful Disney sequel Star Wars film. Lando: This deal keeps getting worse all the time. Darth Vader: And, you have to watch TLJ for ten hours straight. Lando: Ah, screw you, man. I'm not doing that. Darth Vader: And, you get to watch as your character gets ruined, like Luke Skywalker.

  89. James Picasa

    James PicasaHace 7 horas

    This is golden.

  90. rocketsniper

    rocketsniperHace 7 horas

    No ones ever really gone. *MEESA BAAACK*

  91. boombapboom

    boombapboomHace 7 horas

    I am beyond tired of the “Skywalket” story. I really hoped they would’ve gone in a different direction with these movies.

  92. Victor Powerface

    Victor PowerfaceHace 7 horas

    Wait so after this movie Star Wars is gone?

  93. xxx doomsday 2552

    xxx doomsday 2552Hace 7 horas

    The dearth lord laugh he’s back

  94. Carlo Nassar

    Carlo NassarHace 7 horas

    Hey, guys, if this movie sucks, Lucasfilm should just come up with something new. BTW, speaking of brands, can people stop mentioning Disney? Disney may own Lucasfilm but Disney never made any of the Star Wars films at all so what's the point? It's all Lucasfilm.

  95. Carlo Nassar

    Carlo NassarHace 6 horas

    +Kingブランドン They still didn't make the Star Wars films.

  96. Kingブランドン

    KingブランドンHace 6 horas

    Disney has a huge say in what goes on in their movies...

  97. Dark Master Overlord

    Dark Master OverlordHace 7 horas

    "The saga comes to an end". Yeah, sure. I bet all the money it cost to make the entire series that they'll keep making Star Wars movies. Even if the next one is about a few hundred years in the future, they'll still find a way to continue the story. They always do. Heck, they'll probably just make some more awesome prequels or do a movie series version of the Star Wars cartoon: The Clone Wars.

  98. Jaime

    JaimeHace 7 horas

    Oh so now they care about the Skywalker name again?

  99. RJF YourKingMajestyFJR

    RJF YourKingMajestyFJRHace 8 horas


  100. Gacha ALD38624

    Gacha ALD38624Hace 8 horas

    Saga? Series well new series then or the whole star wars history no!!

  101. Zachary Rambarransingh

    Zachary RambarransinghHace 8 horas

    The legend of my generation is called Anakin Skywalker

  102. prince hendrix

    prince hendrixHace 8 horas

    awesome can't wait

  103. Nik P

    Nik PHace 8 horas

    Sorry but the last two star wars movie done in this franchise. all they are is the old movies redone over.

  104. James Davis

    James DavisHace 7 horas

    They are redone and they are so much worse.

  105. Marcos Coronado

    Marcos CoronadoHace 8 horas

    Can’t wait.

  106. Fo Sho

    Fo ShoHace 8 horas

    play it again play it again Who here hit the replay?

  107. Julian Martinez

    Julian MartinezHace 8 horas

    lol Lando man

  108. Correction Codes

    Correction CodesHace 8 horas

    this is gonna suk like the other disney fail vids...

  109. Thomas Bludis

    Thomas BludisHace 7 horas

    Get better at your grammar

  110. Johnny Mead

    Johnny MeadHace 8 horas

    Why couldn't have JJ Abrams directed all three movies of the new trilogy?? :/

  111. Lvl 69 Vegan

    Lvl 69 VeganHace 8 horas

    Luke: "No one is ever really gone." *Darth Jar Jar Binks has joined the chat*

  112. Lunar Man

    Lunar ManHace 8 horas

    Just getting ready for the fans to hate it

  113. gutspillage

    gutspillageHace 8 horas

    The only thing this sad money milking will be remembered for: heavy breathing.

  114. DorgeDungle

    DorgeDungleHace 8 horas

    Finally this hell will end