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    Do you know Preston, Leah?

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    i love your vids leahs and sanna

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    Haha spoiled brat! You have PURPLE earrings! (Royales wore purple because it was hard to find. Why? Because it was made out of snail butt snot. Now you regret it. ;))

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    sana is a spoild girl

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    Sanna said that 4x5 is 25 when it's 20!!!LOL

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    this one made me laugh so freaking much

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    3:38 IM DYING🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Hi Leah I love u so much

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    Leah 10000000 Subscriber

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    how did you got there?

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    Stop being so rude both of you!

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    Leah ash I just saw you on the server and I am freaking out right now I wish we could have talked more were you making a video did you see another layer ash that have a weird pretty had warned that was me


    TORRES MORALESHace 17 días


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    L:Loved E:Elegant A:appealing H:happy Leah!

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    I love these kinds of vids sm

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    Who you fart on your first daye

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    Actually sanna 4 plus 4 plus 4 plus 4 plus equals 8 so that's two 8 and eight plus eight is sixteen so you ate sixteen pancakes that's a lot sanna bad girl

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    Amy and mia I commented i hope ur happy

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    Who else thought that Leah was happy at 6:46?

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    video ON FLEEK makeup ON FLEEK hair ON FLEEK leah ON FLEEK

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    How do u have that many diamonds???💎

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    Lol saman is so funny

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    on kids u do not have to change their diaper

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    TOOD tak apaut poop I M, eten :-o

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    Best youtuber in the world😍🌸

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    OMG is Sanna drunk??? LOL XD

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    Leah Ashe I love your videos so much they are really funny and cute thanks for making videos:)))

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    I have two ear piercings I did one when I was born and the other one when I was nine

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    I love sannas kid voice! I’m laughing so hard!😂😂😂

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    Who likes her press the like bitten

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    Is that sanna

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    Leah and sanna are the prettiest girls in the whole world 🌎

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    Your vids are so Good girl your a very good and sweet I love your videos and pics of you

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    Leah this is one of the most funniest videos ever, that little spoiled brat was gross and I want to know how she fit it in her tiny tummy

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    Leah your outfit

  38. amber barrett

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    Is beautiful

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    That’s Sanna

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    Love ur vids

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    Thats really funny haha 🤣😂😁

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    I am Snna is in this video!!!!

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    The SPOILT girl

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    I love you so much I watch you and sanna everyday your the best you tuber ever💕💕💕💕💕💕

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    Leah=pink kitty Sanna=blue unicorn

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    I am crying right now because one of my sisters roowened my birthday

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    Is anyone watching this in 2019

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    How do you have all the stuff even the most expensive dresses in the most expensive shoes in my games that are the most expensive shoes are available

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    At 1454lol

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    Leah Ashe How Do You Get Those Boots

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    Omg so spoiled girl!

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    So I had subtitles on and when you said “ThERE GONNa EAt YOU UP FoR DINNEr” it heard it as “ THERe GONNa PEE YOU UP FOR DINNeR”

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    Spell kid backwards kid=dick lol

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    ok evry like i will add a 80000000000,0000000000000000000000000000,00000000000000000000 800000000000000,00000000000000000000,0000000000000000

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    I'm not a hater Leah but you are a bossy babysitter 😂😂😂😅

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    i thought you were nice

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    How did you get the purse

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    You are the best YT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)

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    Leah ur the best I wish I could play royale high with u :D

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    Leah: Hello are you.. Kid? Unknown Child (Sanna): Yeah, I'm *Kid*.

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    I love pink

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    Leah how did u get the kitty designer bag?

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    You:Wow spoiled kid huh imma watch dis! (AFTER WATCHING)You:OMG SOOOO SPOILED XD I loved this Leah good job plz like meh I only like myself cause I'm so lonely😭😭😭😭😭

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    Leah u know the royale high that u are in there's a hidden royale high

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    Leah how do u get to babysit somebody I know she is sanna btw i gave you a request so please accept it

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    OMG Sanna was so funny

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    omg leah ashe i love you and your videos you are so amazing. i love the way you make things better and even if pink isn't my favorite color i still love you

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    Can i get robux pls!

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    I love your videos You are the best I love you 💖

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    ( Like if u agree )

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    I know that's Sanna she is the spoiled kid and Leah I feel ur pain

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    The doo doo part was hallarius

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    Sanna is sooo funny 😂 like When she said Leah ash e

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    Lol the poop coming out

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    It is Sanna I did not know you guys where friends

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  87. Blue hair Is brut if Beautiful

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    That’s so funny Leah and I would like your how you was reacting for the kids you never have kids with

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    Sanna is the kid

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    Is that sanna

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    This is my little sister 😂

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    What why a spoiled brat

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    You NEEd to check out gatcha studio U fell in love with my sister's boyfriend. There are 6 parts please give me a shoutout!!!! Also please react to it in a vid!!!! I'm a HUGE fan bye the way! Bhe!!!

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    i m eatyng pizza wiw wocyng is that ok