Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts w/ Arnold Schwarzenegger


  1. uchihaitachi72

    uchihaitachi72Hace un hora

    I would love to have lunch with Arnold.

  2. ArtofZen Digital

    ArtofZen DigitalHace 3 horas

    Arnold has so much charisma it’s insane... Doooooooo Itttttttt! Doooo Iiiit Nooooow! Finish it!!!! Arnold, “You just ate a scorpion....” James Corden, “I’m well aware of what I just ate, thank you Arnold!” He has nothing to hide at this point, so he just tells the truth, and his expressions are priceless... except when it comes to ranking the acting ability of his close friends, so he took one for the team and ate turkey testicles. You could see the sorrow in his eyes.

  3. Brian Nolasco

    Brian NolascoHace 3 horas

    James cordon you have been selected for termination

  4. Niki Cap

    Niki CapHace 5 horas

    Idk why but I love Arnold’s voice and he seems like such a sweet gentleman .

  5. rootlo

    rootloHace 6 horas

    Arnold just shitposted a legislator

  6. Kristinarayart

    KristinarayartHace 7 horas

    He is such a kind person Amazing!

  7. Lisa and fam

    Lisa and famHace 9 horas

    Arnold is on fire! 🔥

  8. JPin

    JPinHace 11 horas

    "Finish it".

  9. Tyrique Throne

    Tyrique ThroneHace 11 horas

    Arnold answering all these questions with a happy heart

  10. Joe w

    Joe wHace 12 horas

    Great, another trash late night host just what the world needed


    VIPIN ANAND KHace 12 horas

    Arnie got away with every question , a politicians skill. He's got the innocent face most of the time , not just now all the time!

  12. oleg nemyrovskyy

    oleg nemyrovskyyHace 13 horas

    He will be back.... For some more testicles.

  13. Lynyrd Cruz

    Lynyrd CruzHace 15 horas

    Arnold took it LIKE A MAN. Dang, Bravo

  14. Lynyrd Cruz

    Lynyrd CruzHace 15 horas

    Arnold is so cool

  15. OwnedByGalatea

    OwnedByGalateaHace 16 horas

    Are you laughing at me? (stares to crowd member furiously) that got me cracking!!! :D

  16. warizoh

    warizohHace 17 horas

    OKay this is not what I thought it would be... I AM EATING WTF AND WHY AM I NOT SHUTTING THIS OFF

  17. Spanish Enigma

    Spanish EnigmaHace 17 horas

    I wish I was the person he looked at saying "Are you laughing at me?" I would die in happiness.

  18. Rona Medrano

    Rona MedranoHace 19 horas

    Do this with demi lovato

  19. thehocuspocus9

    thehocuspocus9Hace 20 horas

    My dear friends from the US, bird saliva is really nutritious and delicious and is a famous delicacy all around Asia. Eat it, don’t be like James. It’s expensive.

  20. Triyono Budi Santoso

    Triyono Budi SantosoHace un día

    Arnold ...whatever we eat ...and however we eat.....2 things will never leave us; Aging and Death. Preparation for the death is very crucial. Let alone, you have given a LOT EXAMPLES TO KILL PEOPLE IN YOUR FILMS.

  21. Tamlyn Ions

    Tamlyn IonsHace un día

    Get 69 on this he will leave as hungry as a African child

  22. Levi Ortiz

    Levi OrtizHace un día


  23. Trent Alexander

    Trent AlexanderHace un día

    Like watching a father and son bonding

  24. Ashton Harper

    Ashton HarperHace un día

    James is so fake the uk doesn’t want u back JC

  25. Rafiqi Haqimi

    Rafiqi HaqimiHace un día

    His voice is intimidating that if i was interrogated by him, the moment he say his first word i would confess everything already

  26. K.R GAMER YT

    K.R GAMER YTHace un día

    اكول برنامج الليلة وية دعدوش منين جابوا هاي الفكرة

  27. Mariel Bishop

    Mariel BishopHace un día

    Ahhh...Arnold is like a Poppa Arnold to us all

  28. Shaunus Maximus

    Shaunus MaximusHace un día

    1:49. Rob Schneider is going to sue you for plagiarism. He could use the money

  29. Zell Marie

    Zell MarieHace un día

    That serious stare he gave James I felt the intimidation through my celph screen wtf.. ***slow clap*** such a legend

  30. Cray Cray

    Cray CrayHace 2 días

    Damn, Arnie is a fucking sport, what an absolute legend.

  31. We Dispise You

    We Dispise YouHace 2 días

    Aye terminater

  32. Брэд Питт

    Брэд ПиттHace 2 días

    I need your boots,your clothes and your motorcycle

  33. Брэд Питт

    Брэд ПиттHace 2 días

    Uh Arnold is too old time come so fast

  34. jamhealing

    jamhealingHace 2 días

    I like arnold, he's funny

  35. Eugene Gitonga

    Eugene GitongaHace 2 días

    The worst mistake James Corden could ever do is bringing Bear Grylls to this show......he gon eat everything lol

  36. Rafaela Dinis

    Rafaela DinisHace 2 días

    The best one😂 He is very honest

  37. Kamaryn Blackmon

    Kamaryn BlackmonHace 2 días

    This made me love Mr. Arnold.❤

  38. Monroe Z.

    Monroe Z.Hace 2 días

    even with a huge smile Arnold was very intimidating 😂

  39. Thriem

    ThriemHace 2 días

    If any of these dishes would be actually what they were declared to be...

  40. Testa

    TestaHace 2 días

    Arnold is actually a fun and funny guy.