Spider-Man Missing Easter Egg! Howard the Duck FOUND! (Homecoming Rewatch)


  1. Dylan Maxwell

    Dylan MaxwellHace 12 horas

    Ok so I'm starting a theory, I'm starting to think that they are making more Howard the duck cameos in future MCU movies. Like if you agree

  2. Fortnite Tournaments

    Fortnite TournamentsHace 4 días

    but how are you going to forget alantutorials

  3. Javier Raudel

    Javier RaudelHace 5 días

    I find his nerdiness so cute!

  4. Oof Kermy

    Oof KermyHace 9 días

    You probably came for 4:10

  5. zahirul ashraf zailani

    zahirul ashraf zailaniHace 9 días


  6. Contexual Harassment

    Contexual HarassmentHace 13 días

    Rocket and Howard will team up... you heard it here first

  7. K.Daveed

    K.DaveedHace 13 días

    I believe I seen a Venom paining in Far From Home... it was a black abstract painting in the background but it looked to have Venoms face in it

  8. StarrOrbitzAgent

    StarrOrbitzAgentHace 15 días

    Wow, by Jove I think you’ve got it!

  9. HeyitsmeNumber3

    HeyitsmeNumber3Hace 18 días

    If Howard the Duck takes on the cameo slot of Stan Lee in a lesser capacity, i will be ecstatic and disappointed all at once

  10. Miguel Chay

    Miguel ChayHace 18 días

    Me,🦆Daffe dukc

  11. Donnie Darko

    Donnie DarkoHace 18 días

    I rewatched it, i forgot the Easter egg hunt thing..

  12. Timothy Dark

    Timothy DarkHace 18 días

    I think you nailed it with the license plate Easter Egg. Also, bringing Howard the Duck in might be necessary if they lose Bradley Cooper as Rocket. They’ll need another big mouth animal character.

  13. AshDenisRB

    AshDenisRBHace 19 días

    You just called out my dad having drugs. HOW DARE YOU!

  14. Thomas Jackson

    Thomas JacksonHace 19 días

    Howard and Rocket are going to end up being “related” (or at least made at the same place by the same person) in As-Guardians 3!

  15. Rae’Quan Morgan

    Rae’Quan MorganHace 19 días

    So basically, license plates give a lot away in MCU movies

  16. circlez yt

    circlez ytHace 20 días

    Howard id donald duck but in comics

  17. spider mans channel

    spider mans channelHace 20 días

    I saw this easter egg

  18. Xavier Gomez

    Xavier GomezHace 20 días


  19. Leopard Bra Brado

    Leopard Bra BradoHace 20 días

    Duck hunt????!? Not that horror game! NOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOOO

  20. Ask to seduce Miss

    Ask to seduce MissHace 20 días

    It really doesn’t matter

  21. Zodiac 10813

    Zodiac 10813Hace 20 días

    Howard the duck is my favorite Easter eggs and all of MCU movies 😎😃😎

  22. ChomperCreeper II

    ChomperCreeper IIHace 20 días

    WTD? (What the duck?)

  23. Deep hug

    Deep hugHace 20 días

    Very nice video...Great :)?



    MCU Howard the Duck is Donald Duck confirmed!

  25. Rock girl

    Rock girlHace 20 días

    Very nice video...Great :)?

  26. Mochi's Game Hut

    Mochi's Game HutHace 20 días

    They said REFERENCE, not Cameo.

  27. Puppet lover

    Puppet loverHace 20 días


  28. Legit Bros

    Legit BrosHace 21 un día

    Homecoming will never get old......

  29. Supreme Yang

    Supreme YangHace 21 un día

    I've been knowing this because my cousin reads the news

  30. Joanna

    JoannaHace 21 un día

    Any bagley would be good as long as it’s not marvin the third cause he’s super shit. he got baby bars.

  31. Phoenix 707

    Phoenix 707Hace 21 un día

    There is Howard the duck is in endgame as well

  32. Samuel Davidson

    Samuel DavidsonHace 21 un día

    You're still babyfaced!

  33. Fortnite4life1

    Fortnite4life1Hace 21 un día

    It is on the train he is on a women's lap

  34. M.V.H. PZ 32767

    M.V.H. PZ 32767Hace 21 un día

    I figured this out the second time i watched the movie and i have seen it over 10 times

  35. Hace 21 un día

    Remember he said in the tall grass

  36. Gerrit Fyver

    Gerrit FyverHace 21 un día

    Well Done @eavoss

  37. Need you now

    Need you nowHace 21 un día

    Legend said that Howard the duck is more powerful than galactus

  38. Mady _vocals

    Mady _vocalsHace 21 un día

    I watched almost every Mcu movie and never realized what Howard the duck was except for I think it was guardians? The SL cameo? And even then I was confused lol I guess it was a nod to the comic fans which I am not haha

  39. Undertalemastergaming 503

    Undertalemastergaming 503Hace 21 un día

    Duck hunt????!? Not that horror game! NOOOOoOoOoOOoOoOooOOoOoOoOOO

  40. tobco lol

    tobco lolHace 21 un día

    It really doesn’t matter

  41. Joshua Crowder

    Joshua CrowderHace 21 un día


  42. OFFWHITE Skechers

    OFFWHITE SkechersHace 21 un día

    I want a movie for howard

  43. OFFWHITE Skechers

    OFFWHITE SkechersHace 21 un día

    Wait I thought that Easter egg was already found... so I found it first?

  44. Eggs Benedict Cumberbuns

    Eggs Benedict CumberbunsHace 21 un día

    What the actual duck

  45. Cassie

    CassieHace 21 un día

    Very nice video...Great :)?

  46. Chris.presto 16

    Chris.presto 16Hace 21 un día

    He’s in endgame when all the women group up together he is behind them

  47. Gibby

    GibbyHace 21 un día


  48. Savage Panda

    Savage PandaHace 21 un día

    I miss Stan Lee

  49. MaVuss

    MaVussHace 21 un día

    RIP etika

  50. Vince De Leon

    Vince De LeonHace 21 un día

    Any bagley would be good as long as it’s not marvin the third cause he’s super shit. he got baby bars.