"Spider-Man: Far From Home" Cast Reacts to Meeting WatchMojo - FULL Interview


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    Enjoyed your time with Rebecca? Well then, you gotta check out "The WatchMojo Lady" playing some challenging stages in Mario Maker 2!: esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-0C_Pr5gPOI4.html

  2. Edgar Carrazco

    Edgar CarrazcoHace 27 días

    "The WatchMojo Lady" 🤣🤣

  3. Xeno Bardock⚡

    Xeno Bardock⚡Hace 3 meses

    ...I'm good

  4. 乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚

    乇乂ㄒ尺卂 ㄒ卄丨匚匚Hace 3 meses

    Hi watch mojo love the channel

  5. Raido

    RaidoHace 3 meses

    WatchMojo.com hi

  6. DUB

    DUBHace 4 horas

    Sooo they know what Watchmojo is but not Jacksepticeye?

  7. JFCGamingUK

    JFCGamingUKHace 4 días

    I’ve never seen so loyal and excited fanboys in my life 😂. And considering they are probably celebrity millionaires makes it even better

  8. Just a Kai

    Just a KaiHace 5 días

    I feel like that would be my reaction for peter Cullen doing Optimus prime

  9. ilhadi

    ilhadiHace 6 días

    The first 30 seconds of this video will brighten my crappy day. Everytime.

  10. Carm Carm

    Carm CarmHace 10 días

    now it makes sense why I always find a resemblance of marty mcfly/michael j fox to tom's peter parker


    The NOTORIOUS P.I.GHace 23 días

    just kept repeating the first few seconds of the video

  12. chrisarbour

    chrisarbourHace 24 días

    It's so adorable seeing them react like that at the start because it's like you'd never think they'd act like fanboys over stuff.

  13. thassa lot of sodium

    thassa lot of sodiumHace 25 días

    so well researched!

  14. Nicholas Sanchez-Reyes

    Nicholas Sanchez-ReyesHace 25 días

    I love how Tom and Jacob just completely geeked out at the beginning

  15. Nara Iem

    Nara IemHace 27 días

    Zendeya just doesn’t give a shit

  16. thismightbeyou

    thismightbeyouHace 29 días

    It was so nice of the watchmojo lady to do an interview with her fans.

  17. Joongshim

    JoongshimHace 27 días

    thismightbeyou she’s a generous queen

  18. Shounak Mitra

    Shounak MitraHace 29 días

    Absolute fan boy moment for holland and batalon at the start

  19. Tiger Delirious

    Tiger DeliriousHace 29 días

    Your like a celebrity to celebrity

  20. T Marchesi

    T MarchesiHace un mes

    they're so cute❤️

  21. girlfromthecenteroftheuniverse

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    ohmygod this is great

  22. akasarahsmom

    akasarahsmomHace un mes

    I've watched this entire video a couple of times, but I've watched the first 30 seconds of it about 200 times. I get such a kick out of Rebecca's incredulous expression... like.. "That's me!" and her hesitation to do the intro but of course anyone would when Tom Holland turns on his "Please" face. :)

  23. Neno Crafts

    Neno CraftsHace un mes

    He's fanboying over watch mojo more than bucky metal arm..that's so spiderman..

  24. Mine Craft

    Mine CraftHace un mes

    Lol, Zendaya doesn't even know what WatchMojo is.

  25. mike ahmad

    mike ahmadHace un mes

    I'm in love with Rebecca's iconic voice 😭😭😭 I know that I said it so many times 😅

  26. Pirate Tuber

    Pirate TuberHace un mes

    i'm keep watching first 30 seconds lol

  27. Comics Nerd2099

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    “Can you do the into for us . . . Please”

  28. Doodle Bob

    Doodle BobHace un mes

    Tom should date Rebecca.

  29. Alejandro Palacio

    Alejandro PalacioHace un mes

    I did not know Samuel L Jackson was part of the cast. I thought it was a shape shifter who did his role

  30. J A

    J AHace un mes

    Man i just love the beginning 😁

  31. neiljuice

    neiljuiceHace un mes

    lol they freak out so much *no wayyy! oh shittt!*

  32. Raditzcal

    RaditzcalHace un mes

    It's nice to know that Zendaya at one point stalked my twitter

  33. prshnth.surya surya

    prshnth.surya suryaHace un mes

    @0:23 #Zedaya is like wtf ? 😂😂

  34. marc man

    marc manHace un mes

    "Can you do the intro for us... ...please"

  35. Madeline McAdams

    Madeline McAdamsHace un mes

    "Can you do the intro for us? Please...?" That please is so sweet and genuine. 0:16 Here is just the "Please?" 0:18

  36. Jack Fokkens

    Jack FokkensHace un mes

    French horns of a feather fly together ( I play french horn)

  37. lar hjp

    lar hjpHace un mes

    To be honest: Rebecca's voice is one of the most beautiful voices I've ever heard. Her accent, pronunciation, enounciation... I would fangirl like them too if I ever get to know her. One of the most iconic ESreporter voices

  38. Rob Fab Videos

    Rob Fab VideosHace un mes

    100% true. She's so attractive too 😍😍😭😭

  39. Christine Donley

    Christine DonleyHace un mes

    literally cannot stop watching the first 30 seconds

  40. cornelius1241

    cornelius1241Hace un mes

    You know you have made it in this world when Spider-Man freaks out when you say your catch phrase.

  41. FunnyMadd Games

    FunnyMadd GamesHace un mes

    Imagine going to interview a movie star, and they’re fanboy/girling over you instead of the other way around

  42. Antonieta De la Torre

    Antonieta De la TorreHace un mes

    The intro is gold

  43. Pharaoh Atem

    Pharaoh AtemHace un mes

    Samuel L Jackson and his lightsaber lol so funny

  44. Anita Blunt

    Anita BluntHace un mes

    Watch Mojo's impact

  45. Edd25164605

    Edd25164605Hace un mes

    I love how the cast were starstruck meeting Rebecca. Great stuff !

  46. JD 07

    JD 07Hace un mes

    *Zendaya: sitting there *Tom*: No way!!!

  47. Gbc Forever

    Gbc ForeverHace un mes

    Who else rewatching this today . Right after it was announced marvel reach a deal to keep Spider-Man in mcu

  48. GMG News

    GMG NewsHace un mes

    I really enjoyed this interview, and it's nice to see the face to the voice :) please do more videos like this. Also the reaction from the cast at the start was brilliant, the interview felt very nature and fluid, anyways thankyou for uploading this video brighten up my day 👍🏿

  49. Alexei M S Cruz

    Alexei M S CruzHace un mes

    You Rebecca have your own trademark now: "welcome to Watchmojo"

  50. Deranged Crouton

    Deranged CroutonHace un mes

    No tom nooooooo their content is so effortless and shit

  51. sweiland75

    sweiland75Hace un mes

    Do they know WatchMojo is Canadian?

  52. Maeva Lahmar

    Maeva LahmarHace un mes

    Tom is so cute say "please" 😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍❤️

  53. Harmonizer

    HarmonizerHace un mes

    I want to meet this girl just so I can film myself going ‘Can you do the intro?’ **she does the intro** ‘OH NO WAAAAAAY!!!’ 😂

  54. Kami Sama

    Kami SamaHace un mes

    *Top 10 biggest anime character reveals*

  55. mechashadow

    mechashadowHace un mes

    Tom Holland wanted to be Alex rider I knew it..

  56. Chandler Bing

    Chandler BingHace un mes

    *Spiderman can be replaced but Rebecca can never be!!*

  57. Arlene Rivera

    Arlene RiveraHace un mes

    In the movie you sound like jacksepticeye I mean I still don't know if you're the real Spider-Man I mean you don't cross my town I mean I live in the Bronx or Brooklyn

  58. Arlene Rivera

    Arlene RiveraHace un mes

    Are you the real Spider-Man I likes man Spider-Man I don't think you're real I mean I don't even

  59. Evaquiel

    EvaquielHace 2 meses

    As much as i don't love WatchMojo lately (too many unnecessary top tens), you gotta love this girl. She's so class.

  60. Rashid Shahriar Fahim

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    Gosh I just love the thumbnail

  61. MEGA NZ

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    THIS MOVIE ABSOLUTELY SUX - DONT BUY THE BLU RAY / DVD when they put out crap like this

  62. EddieTheEdgy

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    So that's how that Hoe looks like. >:c

  63. Symbol Guy

    Symbol GuyHace 2 meses

    The beginning of this is the best part of the video. It really shows how popular Watchmojo is.

  64. brunopro977

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    español ?

  65. Rakuzen

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    So, I wasn't the only one crushing over that beautiful voice. *Forced Shocked Pikachu face*

  66. Vipin Santhosh

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    Finally some quality content