'Somebody's lying!’ - Stephen A. reacts to Iguodala’s Warriors comments | First Take


  1. Liljamstar

    LiljamstarHace 6 horas

    Man Golden State just wanted to go Down in History with that 3-Peat that Desperately that’s as simple as that’!🤷🏽‍♂️ - I mean... I’m sure A lot of ppl knew on the Down Low KD was Definitely leaving & out! & IGGY Up there in Age so how much they had left in him?! So they played KD “Despite” ~ “TRULY” ~ “KNOWING” the Risk!!! If you Ask me & “MY” Opinion!!!

  2. Jermond Williams

    Jermond WilliamsHace un día

    The Preacher Stephen A. Smith💼💼💼💼💼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. mdna72

    mdna72Hace un día

    Marcus's next career will be as preacher

  4. gary smith

    gary smithHace un día

    Long as you playing on a championship team and then get traded now you wanna tell all

  5. tru2lyph

    tru2lyphHace 18 horas

    He spoke before the trade 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. gary smith

    gary smithHace un día

    Hell KD and Iggy didn't have a gun to their heads they played cause they wanted to be play

  7. NinaB0307 T

    NinaB0307 THace 3 días

    Somebody lyin! Warriors dynasty has fallen! 😩😩

  8. David Floyd

    David FloydHace 3 días

    Just listened to Inside Sports Medicine discuss this. Real interesting the completely different takes we get here.

  9. Bosh Comer

    Bosh ComerHace 5 días

    he grabbed to low for a calf that's for sure!

  10. Hung Nguyen

    Hung NguyenHace 6 días

    this is probably because of transitional plays set in long duraction, activated in

  11. Jordan M.

    Jordan M.Hace 6 días

    Molly just stfu lmfaooo

  12. Twitchy arms

    Twitchy armsHace 6 días

    Max- "The calf bone is connected to the Achilles bone". Im sorry but the calf is a muscle and the achilles is a tendon. Doesnt make anyyy sense

  13. Made bOy

    Made bOyHace 6 días

    🤣 somebody lyin!!!

  14. feelme later

    feelme laterHace 6 días

    Shut up woman we dont care about the money thing you keep talking about

  15. James Kirk

    James KirkHace 7 días

    Molly is not even listening. The Air-Head is reading off a teleprompter with a crooked fake smile. She is just being annoying again and trying to interrupt and get attention. She needs to get fired.

  16. jarris cason

    jarris casonHace 7 días

    I only have 1 thing to say about all this DAMN MOLLY YOU SHINING thank you for being our ESPN queen somebody put firm hands on ball sr and double her pay .. And MOLLY what's your snap chat girl we want 24 7 access 💜

  17. halenaw24

    halenaw24Hace 7 días

    Molly is definitely there to prevent feminists from rioting. However, has anyone noticed you never see any "unattractive" chicks on these shows??? Funny you never see/hear any of them protesting that.

  18. jdfodio

    jdfodioHace 7 días

    Most of them are unattractive. 1 Peter 3:3‭-5 - Don’t be concerned about the outward beauty of fancy hairstyles, expensive jewelry, or beautiful clothes. You should clothe yourselves instead with the beauty that comes from within, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is so precious to God. This is how the holy women of old made themselves beautiful. They put their trust in God and accepted the authority of their husbands.

  19. Dark Zone716

    Dark Zone716Hace 7 días

    The only thing molly can say is how much money igoudola has no other information smh get her outta here

  20. Gain Olavera

    Gain OlaveraHace 7 días

    A doctor said I was Bipolar then I punched him, I later learned he was a doctor of philosophy Ph.D. 😂

  21. David Floyd

    David FloydHace 3 días

    Well, yeah, but what was the PhD in?

  22. amonstersmusic

    amonstersmusicHace 7 días

    People hate that Iggy spoke the truth. GSW said "forget, trading the medical staff, let's trade Iguadala" smh

  23. amonstersmusic

    amonstersmusicHace 7 días

    @Robin Weber you obviously don't appreciate defense. He is the guy that locked up or at least made it difficult for all of the great scorers that they played against. From Lebron to Harden, etc

  24. Robin Weber

    Robin WeberHace 7 días

    i might buy that if iggy didn't suck all year and have a 18 million dollar contract. he was talking spicy cuz he knew it was over

  25. jdfodio

    jdfodioHace 7 días

    Blessing! When you tell the truth, you get released from serving Satan in Babylon.

  26. Shel

    ShelHace 7 días

    I can’t believe y’all thirsty fucks think molly is bad af. Take away all that make up and lighting and u got someone’s Auntie that never knows when to stfu

  27. Shel

    ShelHace 7 días

    Max thinks the calf and Achilles are bones. And then turns around and says he knows what’s up

  28. James Mcgrady

    James McgradyHace 7 días

    Yes send it to everyone cuz

  29. Dominator1

    Dominator1Hace 8 días

    Stephen Smith is a retard..

  30. evann payne

    evann payneHace 8 días

    Let her speak more..she stay getting cut off

  31. JayDontez

    JayDontezHace 8 días

    After how the warriors did Mark Jackson I can see them doing anything....

  32. Neil Martinez

    Neil MartinezHace 5 días

    Mark Jackson was a players coach but bad at coaching basketball. Mike Malone led that offense and defense

  33. B R

    B RHace 8 días

    Stop worrying about Molly and just focus on what stephen A and max say. Fuckin kids lol.

  34. Deathnote2539

    Deathnote2539Hace 8 días

    Omfg if I see one more stupid basketball video show up on my reccomendations imma fucking losing I press not intrested SO FUCK OFF.

  35. Gregory Richardson

    Gregory RichardsonHace 8 días

    Is there a petition to get rid of Molly that I can sign?

  36. Chris_AllUpInYa5

    Chris_AllUpInYa5Hace 8 días

    I ruptured my Achilles back in 2015 and I can tell you I felt his Achilles had already micro tears from the first injury. Throwing him out there just finished him off.

  37. Chris_AllUpInYa5

    Chris_AllUpInYa5Hace 5 días

    @Neil Martinez you're totally right

  38. Neil Martinez

    Neil MartinezHace 5 días

    @Chris_AllUpInYa5 They could have but being cleared by the team and other independent doctors as well as him making the choice. They never held a gun to his head and made him.. just sayin. Kawhi sat out because he feared a bigger injury could transpire. Couldn't KD have taking the same self care approach?

  39. Chris_AllUpInYa5

    Chris_AllUpInYa5Hace 5 días

    @Neil Martinez the team could have sat him out.

  40. Neil Martinez

    Neil MartinezHace 5 días

    They didn't throw him out there

  41. seinundzeiten

    seinundzeitenHace 8 días

    Maybe the GSW medical staff should hire Max Kellerman as their Dr.

  42. Anthony Drake

    Anthony DrakeHace 8 días

    FEWER and fewer people talking to Steven A. When a guy who makes money from getting people to talk to him starts talking about people lying... he already knows they are no longer gonna talk to him; that bridge is already burnt.

  43. Brandon Johnson

    Brandon JohnsonHace 8 días

    75 after taxes steph a

  44. Micah Harrell

    Micah HarrellHace 8 días

    Iggy coming out and speaking perhaps too much...allows him to be traded.

  45. jdfodio

    jdfodioHace 7 días

    That's why he spoke up!

  46. Eric S Fisher

    Eric S FisherHace 8 días

    What's wrong with him

  47. Ricksonkimura

    RicksonkimuraHace 8 días

    Molly gets ignored more than Jeremy Lin playing for the Raptors.

  48. Terry Jackson

    Terry JacksonHace 6 días

    Wow shit because she is out of her league.

  49. matrixab435

    matrixab435Hace 7 días

    Dayum !!

  50. clearyourthirdeye

    clearyourthirdeyeHace 8 días

    1:41 don’t do it Molly...don’t do it-

  51. Ernest Owens Jr

    Ernest Owens JrHace 9 días

    Didn't ole boy from the warriors say that he takes responsibility for what Happened to KD during the press conference after he went down in the finals?

  52. Ramiro Lopez

    Ramiro LopezHace 9 días

    Looks like the ship ia going down in g.s.

  53. Ricardo Gallegos

    Ricardo GallegosHace 9 días

    Max and SAS agreeing with each other respectfully. molly: wHy iS hE sELling bOoKs?

  54. Chris Spencer

    Chris SpencerHace 9 días

    Steve sound like a preacher

  55. jdfodio

    jdfodioHace 7 días

    Not the good ones.

  56. Chris Spencer

    Chris SpencerHace 9 días

    that was fucked up what they did to mark Jackson. they should have never forced kd to play .

  57. eli Alvarez

    eli AlvarezHace 9 días

    Molly sthu please

  58. DOUBLE C

    DOUBLE CHace 9 días

    Molly stop it

  59. MTG Enhancer

    MTG EnhancerHace 9 días

    Steven A “shill for NBA authenticity and stars” Smith talks so much bullshit

  60. T.E. V.

    T.E. V.Hace 9 días

    Molly with another dumbass comment 🙄

  61. ryanomaniac

    ryanomaniacHace 9 días

    Is Kevin Durant not a grown man? Maybe the team has some responsibility but Durant isn’t forced to go out there and play.

  62. Media Moves

    Media MovesHace 9 días

    Molly cuts off/yells over the real “analysts” too much . SMDH

  63. Robert Bird

    Robert BirdHace 9 días

    is an Achilles bone like a brain bone? If KD tore his Achilles in the Houston series, there is noo way he would have been able to practice and play the 12 minutes in the finals. It's like Clay, he messes up his hamstring and a few games later he tears his ACL. His weak hamstring contributed to him messing up his knee. Was the Hamstring really an ACL? that's how stupid their argument is

  64. substitute life

    substitute lifeHace 9 días

    Or Andre Iguodala is just trying to cause a little Drama a little Hype and promote his Book 🤔🤔🤔

  65. lazerlazer

    lazerlazerHace 9 días

    Achilles bone ha, ha. Yes, you’re NOT a doctor! It’s a tendon attached to the calcaneus bone.