Slipknot - Unsainted


  1. Sean M

    Sean MHace 5 horas

    I want the "beat the keg with a baseball bat in a clown suit job.." SO dm me bro... ill bring my own bat...

  2. aguinaldo

    aguinaldoHace 8 horas

    The Clown still crazy!

  3. JJ Mara

    JJ MaraHace 9 horas

    Thank you Kimmel 😩

  4. Joshua Hardy Lee

    Joshua Hardy LeeHace 13 horas

    Super genial

  5. singson marco

    singson marcoHace 14 horas

    what!,this band is still alive

  6. Jam Jamawama

    Jam JamawamaHace 15 horas

    Good yes goooood bring the pits back in this dead crowd era

  7. Matteoj

    MatteojHace 15 horas

    Where's Alan Keys when you need him?

  8. Mike Cosslett

    Mike CosslettHace 16 horas

    How awesome is this song slipknot back to there best 😎

  9. SheWolf94

    SheWolf94Hace 16 horas

    Thank u jimmy 🙏

  10. Jay Seha

    Jay SehaHace 16 horas

    Thank god there is still bands pounding your ears with real instruments. Mad love to the metal and rock that still lives

  11. Blake Carlson

    Blake CarlsonHace 17 horas

    I dig the masks, everyone of them.

  12. Ranaes Mendoza

    Ranaes MendozaHace 21 un hora

    Slip knot makes me feel a mixture of pitty and laughter

  13. dimazavr1988 petrov

    dimazavr1988 petrovHace un día

    Чё блядь с ними стало

  14. misscat

    misscatHace un día

    The moshpit is brutal.... I love it 🤘

  15. Captain Chong

    Captain ChongHace un día

    Sid looks like that dude from star wars. (I forgot his name because I only watched star wars once)

  16. luis martinez

    luis martinezHace un día

    por tu amor eh sufrido tanto ahora que lo estás aquí

  17. Cody Ormin

    Cody OrminHace un día

    Sounds almost the same I love slipknot for that

  18. Joseph Ortolani

    Joseph OrtolaniHace un día

    I miss #3 chrises original mask.

  19. Jungy Brungen

    Jungy BrungenHace un día

    This song gives me cancer

  20. Júlio Marin

    Júlio MarinHace un día

    Corey gordasso

  21. it's Daniel Wilson. OKAY!!!

    it's Daniel Wilson. OKAY!!!Hace un día

    Depressed guy : metal is dead Slipknot: no it's not we got our new song out Mumble rappers: uh oh that's not good

  22. :333

    :333Hace un día

    Это Просто Охуенно

  23. Gary Edwards

    Gary EdwardsHace un día

    Jimmy Kimmel blows, only here for Slipknot.

  24. Tired Tyler

    Tired TylerHace 2 días

    We are so lucky to have gotten this in 2019...

  25. IbeAwesome

    IbeAwesomeHace 2 días

    Amazing performance, however i think coreys mask looks really strange xD

  26. Isadore Willis

    Isadore WillisHace 2 días

    Shitty song. For real. Also Corey looks like old Corey... But if he drown and wasn’t found for a week. Hahaha

  27. Joe Lee

    Joe LeeHace 2 días

    I’ve seen soooo many bands in my time, Slipknot still remains the best show I’ve ever seen!

  28. Michael Davis

    Michael DavisHace 2 días

    Ever since Joey got fired and the old bass player died 😭 this band doesn't have it's fire anymore

  29. Pau Tangcalagan

    Pau TangcalaganHace 2 días

    wow its good to see this guys kicking again and the crowd is just awesome.

  30. Galuh Puspita

    Galuh PuspitaHace 2 días

    24 tahun bertahan gile... jarang loh berasa kayak balik ke tahun 90an dan penontonnya mosh pitt

  31. Angel ptos

    Angel ptosHace 2 días

    Que pinche miedo, yo solo vengo por el meme que anda en mexico jaja

  32. Camile Drew

    Camile DrewHace 2 días

    Eu tou gostando de uma prostituta ■●

  33. Geronimo

    GeronimoHace 2 días

    I' Love *COREY TAYLOR's Vocal Timbre _ Because : 'Clarity of Vocal Articulation is Accurate' .

  34. mike

    mikeHace 2 días

    If you look carefully you see a group of males with unhealthy hatred and anger. It’s looking like a ratio of 100 to 1 male/female. Slipknot and the crowd/followers need to be quarantined and sit down with a shrink.

  35. Cristian zamudio

    Cristian zamudioHace 2 días

    Why does Cory remind me of the kid from Willy Wonka

  36. Lord Tachanka

    Lord TachankaHace 2 días

    4thousand people where headbanging so hard they hit the dislike

  37. super bro

    super broHace 2 días

    The new member needs a work on it it should be like son of the clown

  38. Javier Jacinto

    Javier JacintoHace 2 días

    Como que porque se empujan ? Es un ritual o acaso paso una rata y se espantaron ?

  39. kaapo kuokkanen

    kaapo kuokkanenHace 2 días

    2:40 R2?

  40. Fahrul A. Tamima

    Fahrul A. TamimaHace 3 días

    me : Metal is dead crowd : Hold my phone.. (then do moshpit)

  41. Overtaled - Realm Royale

    Overtaled - Realm RoyaleHace 3 días

    Shawn: Alright guys, new masks! Mick and Craig: Nah.

  42. Drew Jackson

    Drew JacksonHace 3 días

    Jim’s stage presence is coming back, I dig it lol

  43. Tony Orpiano

    Tony OrpianoHace 3 días


  44. Lucas Sebastián

    Lucas SebastiánHace 3 días

    I thought I wouldn't see them getting older because of the masks but Corey's losing hair :/

  45. Flu

    FluHace 3 días

    why the scary mask first time watcher ??

  46. Sad Cowboy

    Sad CowboyHace 2 días

    Its part of their show

  47. PlasmaStrider 7777

    PlasmaStrider 7777Hace 3 días

    2:41 what the heck was that noise

  48. Exposing The Truth

    Exposing The TruthHace 2 días

    @Christian That's Sids turntable.

  49. Christian

    ChristianHace 2 días

    PlasmaStrider 7777 craig doing his magic 😏

  50. Schenker Fox

    Schenker FoxHace 3 días

    Bu but the neck you can't see the neck

  51. kalvig123

    kalvig123Hace 3 días

    Jimmy Kimmel has some balls to have slipknot perform on his show, the man has good taste

  52. Matt Fields

    Matt FieldsHace 3 días

    I’m finally holding on to letting go

  53. NocriZle

    NocriZleHace 3 días

    honestly it sounded way better live than the recording

  54. Baz Irvine

    Baz IrvineHace 3 días

    Record at night next time.

  55. King Thatcher

    King ThatcherHace 3 días

    Corey needs a joker face paint under that mask

  56. hi oof

    hi oofHace 3 días

    Going to see these guys in August🤘🤘🤙

  57. HyPe Carrion

    HyPe CarrionHace 3 días

    I just don't like Corey's new mask But the son is awesome

  58. Wave

    WaveHace 2 días

    HyPe Carrion it’s awesome. Looks like he’s the joker. Heath Ledger kind of joker.

  59. Pillama de rayas

    Pillama de rayasHace 4 días

    Cuanto mugroso y que asco de genero

  60. танат мармар

    танат мармарHace 4 días

    Вы идёты

  61. танат мармар

    танат мармарHace 4 días

    Вы идёты

  62. Wicaksono Gitawan

    Wicaksono GitawanHace 4 días

    Bass sounds nice but looks terrible honestly

  63. Michael Payne

    Michael PayneHace 4 días

    I feel like 2001 all over again LOL

  64. Alexis Mol-Hdz

    Alexis Mol-HdzHace 4 días

    Coreys mask has got to be the ugliest mask any slipknot member has ever had

  65. Nek0maniac

    Nek0maniacHace 4 días

    Sure it is, but that's why I love it

  66. Cory Van Treuren

    Cory Van TreurenHace 4 días

    Looks like heath ledger's joker I love it

  67. Alexander

    AlexanderHace 4 días

    Why would anyone dislike this video, I mean COME ON

  68. Alexander

    AlexanderHace 3 días

    Eric Hernández Really? I pay attention to the music , plus the mask isn’t that bad

  69. Eric Hernández

    Eric HernándezHace 3 días

    Alexander For the mask of corey lol

  70. B Richards

    B RichardsHace 4 días

    Sometimes you just need to know when to throw in the towel, it's about that time boys..

  71. Nuhus fake

    Nuhus fakeHace 4 días


  72. Joe Cool

    Joe CoolHace 5 días

    haha the moshpit is awsome

  73. Alejandro Caudillo

    Alejandro CaudilloHace 5 días

    Alguien más lo vio con música de banda?v:

  74. Itsya Booiii

    Itsya BooiiiHace 5 días

    Was that Cory singing???

  75. Dan Clarke

    Dan ClarkeHace 5 días

    I love the fact that Mick Thomson, Jim Root, and Craig Jones still haven't changed their masks, or barely have, over the years


    PSMTCHEFHace 5 días

    Why do they still make the bass player stand in the back? Paul would be up front

  77. San der

    San derHace 5 días

    Iets make metal popular again

  78. Liam Wilson

    Liam WilsonHace 5 días

    no phones lol

  79. Josy Souza

    Josy SouzaHace 5 días

    Eu piroooo nesse sooom , I love slipknot. 😍

  80. wolf argo 44

    wolf argo 44Hace 5 días

    Is anyone having a tough time understanding what Corey Taylor saying when he's growling

  81. Not Bill Gates

    Not Bill GatesHace 5 días

    Hell yeah, Sting is killing it on Guitar!

  82. panzer 1

    panzer 1Hace 5 días

    Its a very poor track. They are nothing like they were back on the first 2 albums. A bit of a gimick at this stage.

  83. Matheus da Silva Nunes

    Matheus da Silva NunesHace 5 días

    Long live Slipknot \m/

  84. Shirokuma Otaku

    Shirokuma OtakuHace 5 días

    I bet at least half the audience doesn't even listen to Slipknot

  85. NO LOVE

    NO LOVEHace 6 días

    No more crazy headbang. Because not young any more 🤣

  86. Big Up Liquid Chilli

    Big Up Liquid ChilliHace 3 días

    Really Dora?

  87. Oscar Solano

    Oscar SolanoHace 6 días

    Por tu amor he sufrido tanto ahora que no estás aquí ...

  88. Si Pandhu

    Si PandhuHace 6 días

    hell freeeeaaakinnn yeaaahhhhhh

  89. Pete Fanelli

    Pete FanelliHace 6 días

    Love Slipknot, great performance as usual! Even though Kimmel is an idiot.

  90. Richard Qashikow

    Richard QashikowHace 6 días

    I wish Chester Linkin Park, 😭

  91. Mateo Alejandro Ray

    Mateo Alejandro RayHace 6 días

    V Mans Bass Guitar sounds sick af!

  92. Michael B.

    Michael B.Hace 6 días

    Corey turned into Benedict Cumberbatch?

  93. Rick Sanchez c137

    Rick Sanchez c137Hace 6 días

    Ye circus is in the city?

  94. Gustavo Gonzalez

    Gustavo GonzalezHace 6 días

    3:00 les falto otro cover en el DJ😑

  95. Wendy Santos

    Wendy SantosHace 6 días


  96. Metalhead

    MetalheadHace 6 días


  97. archim3dis

    archim3disHace 6 días

    he should wear a joker mask with that hair :D

  98. paul babuik

    paul babuikHace 6 días

    One more thing i love about metal , consistency

  99. 赤ーMxAxTxU

    赤ーMxAxTxUHace 6 días

    I thought the crowd will be dead I was wrong🌚

  100. Isaak Erlandsen

    Isaak ErlandsenHace 6 días

    Mick Thompson my favorite and has never changed his mask which is badass, and just stands like a statue and that’s what makes him brutal

  101. EmoSMOSHBride

    EmoSMOSHBrideHace 6 días

    i see em live in 2 weeks, cant wait!

  102. Teuku Manis

    Teuku ManisHace 7 días

    Ohh no,this my favorit 😍

  103. Ronald Davila

    Ronald DavilaHace 7 días

    the sound is shitty as hell. and what´s with the mercedes backdrops??

  104. Mighty Boosh

    Mighty BooshHace 7 días

    i miss old slipknot

  105. Dark Slayer Gaming

    Dark Slayer GamingHace 7 días

    Might be the first Slipknot album I'll buy.

  106. FOXy6AMER 456

    FOXy6AMER 456Hace 7 días

    Tava tendo briga kkkkkkkk

  107. Fatima Taboada

    Fatima TaboadaHace 7 días

    Mick’s hair is nicer than mine .

  108. Emma Spadari

    Emma SpadariHace 7 días