Slipknot - Nero Forte (Audio)


  1. hkbuas100

    hkbuas100Hace 6 horas

    Bring Joey back please

  2. David Hegarty

    David HegartyHace 10 horas

    What a fucking band!!!

  3. David Hegarty

    David HegartyHace 10 horas

    A 90s band is nO 1 in 2019,,,hold my beer :}

  4. King hunter

    King hunterHace 13 horas

    I fucking LOVE this album

  5. Wynand Lourens

    Wynand LourensHace 13 horas

    Stop being a picture person. Use your fucking imagination. 🤘

  6. Tyler Rawls

    Tyler RawlsHace 13 horas


  7. nick Betroski

    nick BetroskiHace 15 horas

    This sounds like a track from killing floor.

  8. An Awesome Kiwi

    An Awesome KiwiHace 21 un hora

    Put this song in background while you're playing video games. Everything you do will appear badass.

  9. Meaty Phalanges

    Meaty PhalangesHace 22 horas

    sounds like led zeppelin

  10. Ray Brown

    Ray BrownHace un día

    The Vocal superhero FLex's and maggots explode everywhere..

  11. Dr. Youtuber

    Dr. YoutuberHace un día

    This song is so UNDERRATED !!😭

  12. The Rainmaker

    The RainmakerHace un día

    intro riff sounds like something straight out from Doom

  13. Franko T

    Franko THace un día


  14. Scott Berube

    Scott BerubeHace un día

    badass tune

  15. johnyW. Red

    johnyW. RedHace un día

    mick is exactly like baghuul from sinister

  16. Rob W

    Rob WHace un día


  17. JoshC

    JoshCHace un día

    That’s what you....... 3 ads....... Do best!

  18. RAFO

    RAFOHace un día

    Cómo estas? como están? muy chido el video pueden visitar mi canal si quieren. me voy, saludos desde Aljojuca, Puebla

  19. Kyle Vertoch

    Kyle VertochHace un día

    I wish they could've performed this live. My god that would've brought the house down.

  20. Yagami Raïto

    Yagami RaïtoHace un día

    They can. They will. :)

  21. Daniel Arpin

    Daniel ArpinHace un día

    This chorus would be hard to pull off live

  22. E-Hero Stratos

    E-Hero StratosHace un día

    What's the legality behind making a cover band called slapknuts?

  23. Yagami Raïto

    Yagami RaïtoHace un día

    You can do it, unless you want to record an EP with those songs

  24. Syria

    SyriaHace un día

    who else loves this song but still thinks it could be better?

  25. overatetplayers gaming

    overatetplayers gamingHace 2 días


  26. Liam Campbell

    Liam CampbellHace 2 días

    3:08🤤🤯fuckkkkk yeahhh

  27. pain is life

    pain is lifeHace 2 días

    980 Justin Bieber Fans....

  28. CG_Justin _

    CG_Justin _Hace 2 días

    This song is sooooo fucking awesome!!

  29. ChordFamily

    ChordFamilyHace 2 días

    My favorite song of the album 🤘⚠️❤️

  30. K.I.Z Of A Down

    K.I.Z Of A DownHace 2 días

    3:40 Corey in IOWA-mode

  31. Luke Cowley

    Luke CowleyHace 2 días

    10 bucks says this gets a video by halloween

  32. vimalan velan

    vimalan velanHace 2 días

    who are feeling you born for this and dont wanna die after this and miss this f***ing creations!!!!

  33. Aaron Strange

    Aaron StrangeHace 3 días

    This song fucking rules

  34. DR. HORROR

    DR. HORRORHace 3 días

    fuck yeah tear it the fuck up

  35. Tim Hill

    Tim HillHace 3 días

    Best song on the album

  36. Henrique Osowski

    Henrique OsowskiHace 3 días

    very good until 37 seconds

  37. Shaggy at 69 Percent

    Shaggy at 69 PercentHace 3 días

    Oooh yeah, watch this phyco social intro

  38. Andreas Bochmann

    Andreas BochmannHace 3 días

    Epic drums

  39. Walid Nazih

    Walid NazihHace 3 días

    That's what youtube does

  40. No no

    No noHace 3 días

    You know, I never noticed Mic's lips under the mask until now and now I can't unsee it. They're

  41. No no

    No noHace 3 días

    Cryrosphere There are others?? Woah..

  42. Cryrosphere

    CryrosphereHace 3 días

    No no i thought i was the only one with this curse

  43. Jameson Dykes

    Jameson DykesHace 3 días

    Can somebody please make a vocals only version

  44. LuciferHookZ

    LuciferHookZHace 3 días

    Fuck you can't do this like them dope af

  45. Frank Jaeger

    Frank JaegerHace 4 días

    This song deserved an official video.

  46. The Gaint Lobster

    The Gaint LobsterHace 9 horas

    @Фa К i know it is

  47. Фa К

    Фa КHace 10 horas

    Dorian Gray same thing

  48. Фa К

    Фa КHace 10 horas

    The Gaint Lobster same thing

  49. The Gaint Lobster

    The Gaint LobsterHace 12 horas

    @Dorian Gray lesbian

  50. Dorian Gray

    Dorian GrayHace 16 horas

    @The Gaint Lobster gay

  51. Foto Rafa

    Foto RafaHace 4 días


  52. Vigil.Wiggle

    Vigil.WiggleHace 4 días

    Just realized full album dropped

  53. rafaelsbtt

    rafaelsbttHace 4 días

    Todo dia eu passo aqui ouvir isso HAHA. 🤘

  54. Fathan Robbiansyah

    Fathan RobbiansyahHace 4 días

    My top 5 song from we are not your kind : 0. All out life (number 1 if its in the album) 1. Solway firth 2. Nero Forte 3. Unsainted 4. Birth of cruel 5. Spider

  55. BigDan 44

    BigDan 44Hace 4 días

    3:38 What I tell my girl when she swallows.

  56. Sybren Kruijf

    Sybren KruijfHace 4 días

    i want to see the clip for this number

  57. Nightstalker

    NightstalkerHace 4 días

    The chorus gets me every time.

  58. BeastEJ

    BeastEJHace 4 días

    One or two more albums anybody?

  59. Glyn Brock

    Glyn BrockHace 4 días

    Is it only me that thinks his lips through the mask look like a cat butthole?

  60. UnifiedCake

    UnifiedCakeHace 4 días

    the corey corey chops up the flow during the chorus makes me want to rob a salvation army. in a good way.

  61. Queen Meteor

    Queen MeteorHace 5 días

    Idk but this has a huge Vol. 3 vibe. Melodic chorus and constant screaming

  62. ThomasO

    ThomasOHace 5 días

    We need a Nero Forte music video

  63. onemanband joesavage

    onemanband joesavageHace 5 días

    This is one of the genres that doesn’t disappoint me this and lyrical rap underground keep doing you metal rock on 🤟🤙👌

  64. Gengar Gaming 1

    Gengar Gaming 1Hace un día

    @Yagami Raïto I know but Kiss isn't Metal

  65. Yagami Raïto

    Yagami RaïtoHace un día

    @Gengar Gaming 1 Gene Simmons do use that

  66. Gengar Gaming 1

    Gengar Gaming 1Hace un día

    We use 🤘 not 🤟

  67. Das Borke

    Das BorkeHace 5 días

    This is the one song on the album that I just can't get behind, I am not sure why. But I find it to be the weakest track of the album.

  68. Ouija Bored

    Ouija BoredHace 5 días

    *TOO MUCH ANIMOSITY* *Doing poopy on the potty and I'm only three* 💪

  69. Avinash Ajwani

    Avinash AjwaniHace 5 días

    My Top 5 1 Solway Firth 2 Orphan 3 Critical Darling 4 Nero Forte 5 Birth of the cruel

  70. Mudskipper 007

    Mudskipper 007Hace 5 días

    Album of the year by a mile ,slow burning for some but it's gonna be a classic.....Solway firth fave track....🤘👏

  71. Marcos F

    Marcos FHace 5 días

    Esse álbum ficou realmente bom

  72. razor911

    razor911Hace 5 días