1. Harrison Newdick

    Harrison NewdickHace 10 minutos

    15k calorie challenge including liquids

  2. Philip Bjerg

    Philip BjergHace 2 horas


  3. Philip Bjerg

    Philip BjergHace 2 horas


  4. Philip Bjerg

    Philip BjergHace 2 horas


  5. Philip Bjerg

    Philip BjergHace 2 horas


  6. Philip Bjerg

    Philip BjergHace 2 horas


  7. Tay Dono

    Tay DonoHace 16 horas

    22:09 that man that just spits in the background

  8. Harshith K Aananth

    Harshith K AananthHace 17 horas

    20:24 Ethan sounds like a race car😂

  9. Esshay Verma

    Esshay VermaHace 23 horas

    36:24 when that girl dabbed

  10. Safiyah Azam

    Safiyah AzamHace un día

    30:53 Eddie hearn meme “no no no no no I’m not having it” 😂

  11. Nikes

    NikesHace un día

    Ice cream is a liquid just sayin

  12. Tanes Varan

    Tanes VaranHace un día

    Who else saw a girl doing a dab at 36:24

  13. I'm a potato

    I'm a potatoHace un día

    36:25 that girl is me if i saw the sidemen filming😂

  14. Gaia Golashi

    Gaia GolashiHace 2 días

    Harry cheated so much I didn't think it was possible. He made up random amounts of calories for foods and filmed over several days😂😂😂😂

  15. Introverted Extrovert

    Introverted ExtrovertHace 2 días

    Anyone going to question why the title says 100,000 calories...?

  16. SomaliPirateLiib

    SomaliPirateLiibHace 2 días

    Bro, Harry faked this. just like his packs

  17. Freestyle K1ddos

    Freestyle K1ddosHace 2 días

    I'm doing this rn I'm 5 hours in and have 566 calories

  18. Dimension Gamer

    Dimension GamerHace 2 días

    Sub to mw

  19. Rosbelys Grullon

    Rosbelys GrullonHace 2 días

    Saw that it is in the USA, seems light

  20. Creed Is sick

    Creed Is sickHace 3 días

    Thought Toby was not a drinker 🤣😂🤣😯😂🤣🍾🥂🍷🍻🍺🥃🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻

  21. Matt Pharry

    Matt PharryHace 3 días

    Woah the ups and downs in this video much love. Loved the vid a lot! ESreporter know me too well I was just getting hungry watching Delta Parole Music Videos and now I am here and getting hungry even more hungry for this. Always time to eat after I watch these vids. lel

  22. timothy Kock

    timothy KockHace 3 días

    36:25 yuh

  23. Samir Berro

    Samir BerroHace 3 días


  24. Ghost Snipez

    Ghost SnipezHace 3 días

    VIK: bon appetite SIMON: bon appletite TOBI: bone appletite


    HELL YEAHHace 3 días

    Vik is so cute 🥺🥺

  26. Satvik Nanda

    Satvik NandaHace 3 días

    They could have gotten it in one meal if they went to cheesecake factory

  27. SAT MON

    SAT MONHace 8 horas

    yes, that's good

  28. Mohammed Ghaith

    Mohammed GhaithHace 3 días

    15:35 i saw Randolph

  29. Jackz Sta

    Jackz StaHace 3 días

    29:10 was tobi talking about masterbating?

  30. TeamgamerC

    TeamgamerCHace 4 días

    worst sequel to a sidemen video ever, probably the most disorganized video they've done

  31. Mr SPIKO

    Mr SPIKOHace 4 días

    Bro KSI has servants he doesn’t even pour the water himself

  32. RedditIsSuperiour

    RedditIsSuperiourHace un día


  33. BlueJ

    BlueJHace 4 días

    So hungry now.

  34. TheShakhan

    TheShakhanHace 4 días

    Vic is always such a little girl

  35. Archie Hurwitz

    Archie HurwitzHace 4 días

    Harry included the amount of calories burnt aswell as eaten 😂😂

  36. Ronaldo Guthrie

    Ronaldo GuthrieHace 4 días

    This made me hungry

  37. Danny Gonzalez

    Danny GonzalezHace 4 días

    vik atgely hit that scrat

  38. big boy thanos

    big boy thanosHace 4 días

    This is what KSI does every day

  39. Fierce Eagle

    Fierce EagleHace 5 días

    Can we all take a moment to thank JJs chef for helping him win His fight

  40. SAT MON

    SAT MONHace 8 horas

    that's right?

  41. Max Smethurst

    Max SmethurstHace 5 días

    On the title it says 100,000 calories

  42. Muneeb Almadani

    Muneeb AlmadaniHace 5 días

    vik starts before josh ad gets a free 1000 calories from bowling and josh still beast him

  43. IIKillerII Pro

    IIKillerII ProHace 5 días

    I don't believe harry about the 5k thing