1. Trippy cx

    Trippy cxHace 5 horas

    I know it’s a old video but did anyone peep the The rolls Royce and the Audi rs6 avant in the beginning while The two were walking by the road

  2. HarrySayers

    HarrySayersHace 19 horas

    wing ang :p

  3. Aaron 997

    Aaron 997Hace 20 horas


  4. Tyler Drake

    Tyler DrakeHace 21 un hora

    vik looks like a young snoop dog

  5. Blaze

    BlazeHace un día

    39:00 song?

  6. Messy Frenzy

    Messy FrenzyHace un día

    Vikk’s and Simons outfit was absolute 🔥🔥🔥can’t lie

  7. Bacon Head

    Bacon HeadHace un día

    Ethan at 27:35

  8. ben _

    ben _Hace un día

    Don't give harry the money... We all know what he'll buy

  9. Kieran Dansey

    Kieran DanseyHace 2 días

    jj be looking like a skate 3 character

  10. FusionFuel Team

    FusionFuel TeamHace 3 días

    😂💀 Someone died in Josh’s outfit

  11. Donnisha

    DonnishaHace 3 días

    Ethan’s outfit is honestly so good he looks great he’s so cute 🥰🤤

  12. Motion _Thriller-x2000

    Motion _Thriller-x2000Hace 3 días

    Not gonna lie but if I got ksi I would buy him logan pauls merch just to piss him off 😂

  13. Gary Gaming

    Gary GamingHace 4 días

    Imagine how bad one of u will feel if someone was wearing that and u were taking the piss

  14. LKW_The_Witch

    LKW_The_WitchHace 4 días

    6:06 He's astonished that a pack of FOUR briefs cost 20 pounds yet a SINGULAR pair of women's panties cost about 30.

  15. ThatOneLegend

    ThatOneLegendHace 4 días

    26:50 is it just me or does Ethan remind me of a player in GTA V with a mask on?

  16. Zeapha

    ZeaphaHace 4 días

    Ethans laugh was bare annoying

  17. Abi Lorrance

    Abi LorranceHace 4 días

    No joke vick kinda looks like a pedophile I’m that outfit

  18. Sean Harper

    Sean HarperHace 4 días

    Josh has gray hair

  19. Suhaibb17

    Suhaibb17Hace 5 días

    @PAQ get the boys to make a dress up challenge with the sidemen

  20. Arsen Stoanovic

    Arsen StoanovicHace 5 días


  21. Dan Kryptonite

    Dan KryptoniteHace 5 días

    Vik looks good

  22. Drew Medeiros

    Drew MedeirosHace 5 días

    Vikk ruined this entire video. So cringe

  23. EugenioDeAlde Tech Decks

    EugenioDeAlde Tech DecksHace 5 días


  24. Chloe Bates

    Chloe BatesHace 5 días

    are we just going to ignore the coincidence that the boys managed to go to the exact same fancy dress shop

  25. Ozgur uzumaki

    Ozgur uzumakiHace 5 días

    What shop is that guys

  26. lewisplayzhd

    lewisplayzhdHace 5 días

    how is that shoe that Tobi bought £60

  27. KING

    KINGHace 5 días

    is it bad he is it bad that he 27 and size 12 but im 13 with 13 men size shoes sm1 help

  28. Krii Chan

    Krii ChanHace 5 días

    I love how Viks just pissing himself and Josh just isn't impressed

  29. Krii Chan

    Krii ChanHace 5 días

    Ethan always manages to get JJ it must be rigged

  30. Ian Pattie

    Ian PattieHace 5 días


  31. deadmouth 1.0

    deadmouth 1.0Hace 6 días


  32. Char

    CharHace 6 días

    2:14 ethan looks fricking smart

  33. DAW ADL

    DAW ADLHace 6 días

    Looks like your ex husband

  34. LaGunna YT

    LaGunna YTHace 6 días

    Who’s here before Logan Paul v KSi2

  35. Caley Mc

    Caley McHace 6 días

    Harry -> Simon Simon -> JJ Ethan -> Harry Vikk -> Josh JJ -> Ethan Josh -> Tobi Tobi -> Vikk

  36. Zach Falbe

    Zach FalbeHace 6 días

    My boy Harry looks like the 21st century Christopher Columbus 😂😂😂

  37. Zach Falbe

    Zach FalbeHace 6 días

    9:27 JJ is such a nice guy taking photos with fans :)

  38. Cry Ketchup

    Cry KetchupHace 6 días

    When vik tries to be cool its so cringe

  39. Jizzanator

    JizzanatorHace 6 días

    @7:36 cringe

  40. MOKI

    MOKIHace 7 días

    Ksi and harry is looking! 33:05

  41. Nathan Farnell

    Nathan FarnellHace 7 días

    KSI’s first video without a bandanna

  42. Grace Sturman

    Grace SturmanHace 7 días

    Man utd is the best

  43. Mythical Dragon

    Mythical DragonHace 7 días

    Ethan looks the best oh and wind gang bi

  44. Cryptxcz

    CryptxczHace 7 días

    Listen closely KSI’s laugh is spot on pennywise

  45. juliana Mattioli

    juliana MattioliHace 7 días

    i love how aries isn't spelt wrong on the shirt

  46. Anders _

    Anders _Hace 7 días


  47. Draven Conner

    Draven ConnerHace 7 días

    #win gang

  48. Samuel Kuffour

    Samuel KuffourHace 7 días

    Vic says dollar not pound

  49. IP Tracer

    IP TracerHace 7 días

    Zerka aint old hes 27

  50. KnightRyder 1507

    KnightRyder 1507Hace 7 días

    When u and ur squads custom characters are shown in a game cutscene

  51. adnane elaoutmany

    adnane elaoutmanyHace 7 días

    Ksi looking like Kick buttowski Harry looking like Aladdin Ethan looking like nemo Toby looking like a junk supporter Vik looking like Turkey from the intent 2 Josh looking like a uncle from the 90s Simon looking like cheap version of eminem and logic

  52. Rocket docket

    Rocket docketHace 7 días

    Ayyy big respect for Tobi a real Man Utd Fan

  53. Girly Girl

    Girly GirlHace 8 días

    33:45 like the amount of times Vik says NICEEEEEEE NICEEEEE

  54. Girly Girl

    Girly GirlHace 8 días

    7:37 fam im sorry but i cringed soo hard on viks dancing omfggg

  55. It’s Mexo

    It’s MexoHace 8 días

    5:28 love Ethans laugh XDDDDD

  56. Bailey Michael Wilson

    Bailey Michael WilsonHace 9 días

    Tobi, United all the way

  57. Liam Barnett

    Liam BarnettHace 9 días

    Nobody gonna question the sticker saying £44.99 mw2 on *XBOX 360*

  58. Tikkel Bikkel

    Tikkel BikkelHace 9 días

    Why does Vik start this video like he's Morgz?

  59. Jess. B

    Jess. BHace 9 días

    No matter how many times I watch this video, I will never get bored 😂

  60. Lyle Brown

    Lyle BrownHace 9 días

    Should redo this but actually nice each other