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Shawn Mendes - "Youth" ft. Khalid


  1. Jacob McCluskey

    Jacob McCluskeyHace 6 horas

    Beautiful song amazing song rock 😎 😎

  2. RED FIRE 10

    RED FIRE 10Hace 6 horas

    S : straight or sexy H : handsome or hot A : amazing or awesome W : winner or wonderful N : neat or nice like If you agree

  3. dominik pabian

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  4. Lizbeth Gaytan

    Lizbeth GaytanHace 8 horas

    This is my all time favorite song, and I am being genuine about it. ♥️♥️ Has so much meaning.

  5. Adara Acelin agela

    Adara Acelin agelaHace 10 horas

    Its amazing

  6. EmoPichu Princess

    EmoPichu PrincessHace 14 horas

    Shawn Mendes is the only cute one

  7. Miguel Angel

    Miguel AngelHace 16 horas

    Who's better: Shawn mendes: comment Or Khalid: like

  8. Izzy Sullivan

    Izzy SullivanHace 16 horas

    can you sing this song at your concert in september 2019

  9. Kallie Wehrmann

    Kallie WehrmannHace 18 horas


  10. Mars Shab

    Mars ShabHace 19 horas

    Best ESreporter video ever 👍

  11. NauticalBoy Khalil

    NauticalBoy KhalilHace 20 horas

    Khalid-You never disappointed me #ArtKilingMe #Bosskite..

  12. Locotrolloplays

    LocotrolloplaysHace 20 horas

    *pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate* *such an inspirational quote*

  13. emma etc

    emma etcHace 23 horas

    As a future Douglas student this put me in tears. And yes we as a community are strong and powerful. You can’t take our youth away

  14. Seokjin OMMA

    Seokjin OMMAHace un día


  15. Nikhil Rakeshi

    Nikhil RakeshiHace un día

    Oh and by the way am not trying to be mean u know that ur one of my inspirations I wish I could meet u

  16. Nikhil Rakeshi

    Nikhil RakeshiHace un día

    Hey Shawn mendes it is sharanya Analysis sister remember me could I get ur Gmail account please anay did not share with me because he was upset he really didn't listen to all ur songs but I did

  17. resti hayati

    resti hayatiHace un día

    I like you music is very nice

  18. Hatty Billa

    Hatty BillaHace un día


  19. andreea Oprea

    andreea OpreaHace un día


  20. Paula Pérez Montoro

    Paula Pérez MontoroHace un día

    Awesome! This video is ❤

  21. 8D TRACK

    8D TRACKHace un díaídeo-Z03wdmZcgoo.html for 8D audio version!!

  22. nandito.arsyad nandito

    nandito.arsyad nanditoHace un día

    world need music like this

  23. Juselle Vercelline

    Juselle VercellineHace un día

    This video got strong meanings behind it😌😌

  24. Ismiza Ibrahim

    Ismiza IbrahimHace un día

    to all the youth in Palestine and syrian

  25. Melanie Esmeralda Molina Encarnación

    Melanie Esmeralda Molina EncarnaciónHace un día

    Soy la única que no entiende que mierda dicen



    7:38 it's end this song ;(

  27. Osama/ Xxx

    Osama/ XxxHace un día

    this was very close to my heart

  28. Eliana Fernandes

    Eliana FernandesHace un día


  29. Lord Kruszwil

    Lord KruszwilHace un día


  30. Dutchie Girl

    Dutchie GirlHace un día

    love itttt

  31. ana elisa castro

    ana elisa castroHace un día

    Love you

  32. Vitek Straka

    Vitek StrakaHace 2 días

    Like .Like . Like .(345678) .(54356)

  33. nicol lizondo

    nicol lizondoHace 2 días

    I love you shawn, you are perfect

  34. Juan camacaro

    Juan camacaroHace 2 días

    the song is amazing and very beautiful

  35. Juan camacaro

    Juan camacaroHace 2 días

    very good the song of shawn with khalid

  36. IanTube

    IanTubeHace 2 días

    Ok liberals

  37. summer vibes

    summer vibesHace 2 días

    Only 13 million views This is worth more than 1 billion views!!!

  38. Bright Ekpe

    Bright EkpeHace 2 días

    I feel sorry for those 8k people that dislike this🙄 smh

  39. Andi Dara Atikha

    Andi Dara AtikhaHace 2 días

    I just wanna erasing that unlike option . This is totally beautiful.

  40. once abc

    once abcHace 2 días

    I have always loved Shawn and his music, but this video really deepened my respect for him. He gave a voice to people who otherwise remain unheard. Thank you so much for this. ❤

  41. Queenzy Melanie

    Queenzy MelanieHace 2 días

    Beautiful underrated song

  42. Fenerbahçe RvP

    Fenerbahçe RvPHace 2 días

    Ahmed Muhammed made us proud. Thank you for being respectful to Müslims ❤😢

  43. Fenerbahçe RvP

    Fenerbahçe RvPHace 2 días

    Allah sizleri hidayete erdirsin Müslümanlıkla şereflendirsin inşAllah 🌸❤

  44. Anusree Chakraborty

    Anusree ChakrabortyHace 2 días

    I am still watching this and I can't get enough of this! Better than Girls like you and shows empowerment to a next level. Altho each song deals with a different set of empowerment! But then this song + music vid deserves more views and likes than it has already!

  45. Chicken

    ChickenHace 2 días


  46. Heri kuskus

    Heri kuskusHace 2 días


  47. Angela N'SM

    Angela N'SMHace 2 días

    No dejaré de decir que amo tanto esta canción❤

  48. Allison Lemon

    Allison LemonHace 2 días

    I wish I had a loud enough voice to make people listen to who I really am 😔

  49. lisabelle manoban

    lisabelle manobanHace 2 días

    shawn mendes (like)❤❤ or shawn mendes (comment)🙏🙏❤❤


    ROWDYY WAYSHace 2 días

    for some reason im heartbroken after this