Shannon Sharpe gives Tom Brady an 'F' for his performance against the Giants | NFL | UNDISPUTED


  1. Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED

    Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTEDHace un mes

    What grade would you give for Tom Brady last night's performance?

  2. Herio

    HerioHace 23 días


  3. Ryan McMeans

    Ryan McMeansHace 27 días

    Byrd IsDaWord Shannon is as well. He said Brady’s QBR was a 43. It was 88.9. Every time Brady performs well he says it’s because of Belichick. When they lose or if Brady doesn’t have a Brady like game then he trashes Brady.

  4. Dylan Schofield

    Dylan SchofieldHace 27 días


  5. Freddie Hildebrandt

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  6. justin garza

    justin garzaHace 23 días

    What did Tom Brady do to Shannon that made him hate Brady. Shannon makes it Obvious that he hates brady

  7. bedfordnhdonkey

    bedfordnhdonkeyHace 23 días

    He threw for over 300 yards, he scored 2 touchdowns and was 31/41. Not his best game but an F???? Get the F outta here Shannon!

  8. Boo Radley

    Boo RadleyHace 24 días

    Shannon Sharpe: Numbers don't lie. 25 NFL Execs pick overwhelmingly pick TB12 from the entire league as the QB to win one game. Brady garnered 14 votes doubling the 7 votes cast for 2nd place Mahomes BEFORE HE DISLOCATED HIS KNEECAP. There's a reason why Brady doesn't often run the ball and if Mahomes expects in a decade or two to even come close to the GOAT, he had better learn quickly to become a great pocket passer. Mahomes' stock just plummeted and I hope that he recovers quickly. How well he moves and throws for the remaining 6 or 7 games after he comes back is questionable. What's certain is that the injury won't IMPROVE his game. Gotta run and check the new LV SB odds.

  9. Keith Sparling

    Keith SparlingHace 25 días

    Shannon is right about Brady. Maybe Tommie boy is getting old, running scared. The old gray mule ain't what he used to be...

  10. PhillyCheesesteak

    PhillyCheesesteakHace 26 días

    Skip and Shannon are just like us, they have there favorite players and they will defend them just like we do ours

  11. T C

    T CHace 26 días

    Shannon is a hypocrite

  12. jo will

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  13. Kyle Desai

    Kyle DesaiHace 27 días

    I don’t get why there saying the patriots are better than the 49ers because the patriots schedule is so easy, if the 49ers had that schedule they would go 16-0

  14. Gilbert Gonzales

    Gilbert GonzalesHace 27 días

    Why does sharp feel the need to yell when he speaks so annoying

  15. Doug Demagistris

    Doug DemagistrisHace 27 días

    Dorchester 😆😆

  16. Sandz Gardner

    Sandz GardnerHace 27 días

    His play is team players working and seeing the defense or opponents. No you don't watch tv with sound so you can F ake.comments. The others players must defend and offensive to the thrower or the catcher. I am writing to an amateurs. An F hogwash clean your glasses or did you wear We can break down an SUPERBOWL CHAMPION having not attentive Players. And Skip its is Baywatch not Bypass do you even know who really calling the Plays. Boo boo.Tom Brady rest your arm and practice throwing and catching with your team.and Coach focus on the other team that intercepted and heated off an non play. Hello.

  17. Nate breezy

    Nate breezyHace 28 días

    Stat wise he played good

  18. Nate breezy

    Nate breezyHace 28 días

    I give Brady a A+ legend over 300 yards

  19. Maureen Campbell

    Maureen CampbellHace 28 días

    I agree with Shannon. Over rated Brady. They always get an easy schedule.

  20. The Watcher On the Public Sidewalk

    The Watcher On the Public SidewalkHace 28 días

    Shannon is acting like Brady put up a Winston performance, give me a break, the wind was unreal and he still went for 300+ and bothered of the rushing touchdowns could’ve just as easily been passing tds. They just happened to fall on the one yard line

  21. Love and Peace

    Love and PeaceHace 28 días

    Last time I checked all that mattered in the football field is if you get the win, grades are irrelevant

  22. The Watcher On the Public Sidewalk

    The Watcher On the Public SidewalkHace 28 días

    Let’s be real, Aaron Jones Did carry the packers in that game, and the patriots defense has been carrying the patriots all season. Brady is just doing his job, that’s all that is being asked of him and he is doing it goat like.

  23. Mike Austin

    Mike AustinHace 28 días

    F? 31-41, yeah okay....

  24. CPI_ Beast

    CPI_ BeastHace 28 días

    Lol skip looks like an old lost grandpa

  25. Daniel Peer

    Daniel PeerHace 28 días

    Apparently, Shannon thinks Ds are an average grade, so Tom gets an F for a below average performance.

  26. Thomas Washington

    Thomas WashingtonHace 28 días

    Shannon is now going to have to eat more corn flakes, hope he don’t chocked.

  27. Cleon

    CleonHace 29 días

    Shannon speaks truth. Brady gets so much credit for barely making it through. That’s why the Patriots only signed him for a year

  28. MagicKirin1

    MagicKirin1Hace 29 días

    Mahomeboy had his second straight loss at home

  29. KGOODE804

    KGOODE804Hace 26 días

    @MagicKirin1 He tells it how it is. I wouldn't say he making excuses per say.

  30. MagicKirin1

    MagicKirin1Hace 26 días

    @KGOODE804 Shannon keeps making excuses for him, while Brady's team keeps winning

  31. KGOODE804

    KGOODE804Hace 26 días

    Your point is......?

  32. Prince Jones

    Prince JonesHace 29 días

    Skip shining

  33. DdiVine1

    DdiVine1Hace 29 días

    Skip makes a good point ‘ wind was a BIG factor in that game

  34. Mike Mckenzie

    Mike MckenzieHace 29 días

    Also if Brady gets an F. What does the giants QB get also an F. Makes no sense.

  35. oliver shaw

    oliver shawHace 29 días

    Whata idiot

  36. New England Patriots Fan

    New England Patriots FanHace 29 días

    Brady gets a C+ for that performance. Defense won that game.

  37. Devilfish303

    Devilfish303Hace 29 días

    Skip is so annoying. He keeps getting hurt for being interrupted. Maybe talk a lil less?

  38. Linkin R Maharjan

    Linkin R MaharjanHace 29 días

    Tom Brady is the GOAT no doubt but man admit it he aint playing like he was before

  39. Gravivector

    GravivectorHace 29 días

    Patriots 1960-2000 : 7 playoff wins Brady: 30 playoff wins

  40. Frank White

    Frank WhiteHace 29 días

    Skip wearing the fit wifey picked out for him

  41. Demetrius Gibson

    Demetrius GibsonHace 29 días

    What does that tell you Jen um yeah nevermind thank ya lol that dam Shannon

  42. James Horn

    James HornHace 29 días

    Question: Who is Shannon Sharpe? Seriously.

  43. LeoMDK

    LeoMDKHace 27 días

    Hall of Fame tight end ... played for Broncos and Ravens.

  44. I'am a legend

    I'am a legendHace 29 días

    Shannon is a hater

  45. Henry Zuniga

    Henry ZunigaHace 29 días

    Shanon! Who is your homeboy now?

  46. jlotta anderson

    jlotta andersonHace 29 días

    I'm a die hard Patriot fan but the way Brady has been playing I would've gave him an "F" as well.

  47. SiriusBlack88

    SiriusBlack88Hace 29 días

    Uncle Shay always has the best quotes! Sounds very wise and funny as well hahaha!!!

  48. Adubizon

    AdubizonHace 29 días

    They're both wrong. As a Pats fan I give Brady a B- for the game.

  49. shenique medina

    shenique medinaHace 29 días

    How am i gunna Sit here and argue with the 1million patriot fan in this comment section..999,999 of yall never even been to New England. #repyourcity

  50. arthur yip

    arthur yipHace 29 días

    Shannon is a hater.

  51. Kelly Fontes

    Kelly FontesHace 29 días

    Brady about to up the PETomToms

  52. Chicken Mcnuggets

    Chicken McnuggetsHace 29 días

    Tom Brady got an F because he didn't score that much points against the GIANTS defense

  53. killer centelle

    killer centelleHace 29 días

    I give tom a b-/this man just hates brady

  54. william batista

    william batistaHace 29 días

    DRIP ftw!

  55. Tee Mafk

    Tee MafkHace 29 días

    IDIOTS at it AGAIN... You morons said the same thing last yr about this guy and the team...Stick to your fake news IDIOTS....TRUMP 2020!

  56. Herro Stfu

    Herro StfuHace un mes

    Lol he mad the best player in nfl history is white and not black

  57. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinHace un mes

    Hate the patriots but Brady plays good enough to win, as always. I’m cool with A- 😂 he plays to the level of the opponent these days.

  58. Franklin Ervin

    Franklin ErvinHace un mes

    To bad Shannon isn't on a shown that doesn't have skp

  59. Chiggins

    ChigginsHace un mes

    Funniest thing about this is skips face when Shannon is talking lol

  60. opzz xsin

    opzz xsinHace un mes

    Pats always start the year Rough and still manage to be in the playoffs and or Win the SB. Shannon is scared of what could be when Tom Brady gets it together in sync with h

  61. John G

    John GHace un mes

    hard being Tom sometimes......he carried that offense on his back,they will get better ,we all know that

  62. Salvadore Andretti

    Salvadore AndrettiHace un mes

    Lol wtf

  63. Put in Work Ahmad

    Put in Work AhmadHace un mes

    I give him a c+ bc usually the mf is flawless 🤣

  64. Samuel Birkeland

    Samuel BirkelandHace un mes

    "I think I'm speaking but go ahead" lol 6:21

  65. Kevin Cercie

    Kevin CercieHace un mes

    Giants Defense is rated?

  66. Pedro Terra

    Pedro TerraHace un mes

    Anyone: A The Patriots just cut a good wr that is well known that they just signed last week

  67. sikosis999

    sikosis999Hace un mes

    this was tired years ago

  68. dylan yates

    dylan yatesHace un mes

    Skip was so right and killed Shannon with “was it Aaron Jones or Aaron Rodgers with the great performance last week” yeah... who won the game? Jones. Wrong Aaron getting praised. Shannon unqualified. Biased opinions don’t make you right.

  69. dylan yates

    dylan yatesHace un mes

    I would have asked Shannon, “who is he throwing to?” Shannon is unqualified. He’s just an absolute uneducated, biased hater. Who won? Who lost? Shannon, go get checked for CTE