Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019


  1. Shane Chan-piu

    Shane Chan-piuHace 38 minutos

    Why is Seth doing this his injured 🤔

  2. Jenneth Yoryor

    Jenneth YoryorHace 22 horas

    So scripted

  3. Scott Dawsie

    Scott DawsieHace un día

    Rollins win over Lesnar looks fake to be True , because of the weight class but this was a good match.

  4. Aamir AD

    Aamir ADHace un día

    Seth Rollins u r my favorite now ❤️🔥❤️ my heart is glow ❤️

  5. martha marleyzae

    martha marleyzaeHace un día

    Who cares if its fiction or not truth is I wanted Seth to get the damn belt sooooooooo I'm not mad

  6. قناة ابومحسن

    قناة ابومحسنHace un día

    I love the engineer

  7. قناة ابومحسن

    قناة ابومحسنHace un día

    I love the engineer

  8. قناة ابومحسن

    قناة ابومحسنHace un día

    Expel Lesnar from the company

  9. قناة ابومحسن

    قناة ابومحسنHace un día

    Lesnar is a bad wrestler

  10. قناة ابومحسن

    قناة ابومحسنHace un día

    The best wrestler is Eng

  11. Fatma Shanka

    Fatma ShankaHace 2 días

    Steth is a kingggggg

  12. Fatma Shanka

    Fatma ShankaHace 2 días

    Steth: hold my championship belt Brock Lesnar: we need a rematch

  13. Crown Prince

    Crown PrinceHace 2 días

    How the mouse defeated the beast 🤔

  14. Jay Tiviti

    Jay TivitiHace 2 días

    That was incredible move and stylish too.😁😁😁. Brook Leaner lose his power😁😁😁

  15. the gradient

    the gradientHace 2 días

    brock is so poor in faking the stomp 😂and letting seth hit him

  16. Rhas Pody

    Rhas PodyHace 3 días

    I almost enjoyed this. Then I realized it wasn't real

  17. D34D KN1GHT

    D34D KN1GHTHace 3 días

    When I try a backflip, I land on my neck.

  18. Hakim spartan

    Hakim spartanHace 3 días

    Brock lesnar will destroy seth if he want

  19. Hakim spartan

    Hakim spartanHace 3 días

    Why this fake scenario

  20. Millicent Njenga

    Millicent NjengaHace 3 días

    I😍 this match I can't believe that an injured man defeats a strong man

  21. Rowan Fortuin

    Rowan FortuinHace 45 minutos

    It's fake

  22. Wasili Kenya Safaris

    Wasili Kenya SafarisHace 3 días

    I 😍 this match I can't believe a strong man is defeated by an injured man but I wish good luck to Seth for him to heal

  23. Usman Malik

    Usman MalikHace 4 días

    Whata fight


    QA'DIR TOLDHace 4 días

    Fastest way to die: 1. Step in the ring with Brock Lesnar 2.Make him piss 3.choose between number 1 and 2

  25. makondelele khameli

    makondelele khameliHace 4 días

    Injured Seth Rollins is stronger than normal Seth Rollins 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. فتۓ خليفه

    فتۓ خليفهHace 4 días

    سيث رولينز ولا بلاش

  27. Laurenzo Overee

    Laurenzo OvereeHace 4 días

    Brock still has a rematch clause, if he decides to stay long enough.

  28. Keith David

    Keith DavidHace 4 días

    Nice scripted match

  29. caged lion

    caged lionHace 4 días

    Come on a stomp that is looks ao fake as my kids playing takes out lesnar learn how to promote a guy like lesnar

  30. daisi abidemi

    daisi abidemiHace 4 días

    Finally, someone defeated Brock clean, not cheap shots of any kind, no interference, no chair or any other weapons, just genius of Seth Rollins

  31. Umar Rafique

    Umar RafiqueHace 4 días

    I'm not a Seth hater or something but honestly this match was a disgrace to the legacy of great wrestlers like undertaker or HBK who never got a chance to get a clean win over Lesnar. WWE even made reigns fight Lesnar countless times and giants like strowman were also squashed by him. But then there is Seth Rollins who gets a win handed to him as if he is a total beast or something. Scripting level: over 9000

  32. Go4 Truth

    Go4 TruthHace 5 días

    i notice most commenter in thos video are from south Asia , NAMASTE from earth 🙏

  33. Go4 Truth

    Go4 TruthHace 5 días

    most commenters in the comment section are from india(south Asia) , nomaste from earth🙏

  34. Michael Adams

    Michael AdamsHace 5 días

    Lesnar for real jumped up when he counter the curve stomp

  35. Tety Koese

    Tety KoeseHace 5 días

    Superstar of the year, this is what we need

  36. Bhaskar Dasgupta

    Bhaskar DasguptaHace 5 días

    Wwe is just insulting lesnar.

  37. Manuela Kani

    Manuela KaniHace 5 días


  38. BenBot

    BenBotHace 5 días

    Make ricochet universal champion (or any champion) because I think he has only been in wwe for about a year (I apologise if I’m wrong) and he gets all this attention

  39. Prangon Bora

    Prangon BoraHace 5 días

    The funny part is everyone was booing Seth in the beginning. Amazing how he won everyone over purely by his skill. Kudos to both men.

  40. Matthew Van Niekerk

    Matthew Van NiekerkHace 5 días

    Can somebody please help me understand this sport.. Is there any competition? Many people say that wrestling is fake but there are so many supporters still.. Is everyone just supporting the culture and rng? Or are they supporting the real competition?

  41. Whats trending with Kaysibo

    Whats trending with KaysiboHace 5 días

    This was the most amazing match... I enjoyed every second of it.... greetings from Zambia

  42. محمد الغامدي

    محمد الغامديHace 5 días

    bast match ever

  43. Azeem Rajpoot

    Azeem RajpootHace 5 días

    Lesner should say good bye to wwe 👊

  44. شايل جروحه بروحه

    شايل جروحه بروحهHace 5 días

    Brock Lesnar Legendary

  45. KalvinEllis

    KalvinEllisHace 5 días

    Interesting how they never had Roman beat Brock clean but they had Seth do it.

  46. некто никто

    некто никтоHace 6 días

    I was expecting to see something like that for Ziggler's match And i got... F U.


    RAVI DHYANIHace 6 días

    Wow awesome

  48. Gamer zone

    Gamer zoneHace 6 días

    Seth is not a good Champion. Wwe need another Universal Champion.👍😕

  49. Shanu Ms

    Shanu MsHace 6 días

    Wwe Now making comedy 😎.. Action Comedy 😂😂😂

  50. Minefan

    MinefanHace 6 días

    Illusion 100

  51. Retriever Boo

    Retriever BooHace 6 días

    This sucks cause wwe showing seth too strong.We know what he is actually a drumstick😂.Its quite funny to watch a light weight rollins beat a real mma fighter like lesnar in a clean fight😂

  52. Kashi khan Kashi khan

    Kashi khan Kashi khanHace 6 días

    All match was planned

  53. Lwazi Nzimande

    Lwazi NzimandeHace 6 días

    WWE commentators are the real entertainers here.

  54. Jair Play

    Jair PlayHace 6 días

    Brock :c

  55. Shah

    ShahHace 6 días

    Watching Brock lesnar lose to seth was like watching undertaker lose to Brock lesnar seriously

  56. shadrach juma

    shadrach jumaHace 6 días

    Anyone with a link to the full match. I'll appreciate watching how this went down

  57. Shiju Joy

    Shiju JoyHace 6 días

    WWE is a joke. You must be stupid to watch this show. Send Seth Rollins to UFC. He won't even last 10 seconds. In fact, Seth Rollins and Kofi Kingston are weak champions. An ordinary MMA athlete will destroy WWE Raw and Smackdown champions. Brock Lesnar should quit WWE just like he quit UFC.

  58. Yog Dikko

    Yog DikkoHace 6 días

    Super shot Rollins

  59. Yeukai Musa

    Yeukai MusaHace 6 días

    Woow seth u are a star

  60. kingforall 6

    kingforall 6Hace 7 días

    He won that match so 1 f5 is nothing

  61. chys101

    chys101Hace 7 días

    Brock lesnar is now a sellout this is what WWE has managed to turn him to a joke..Roman Reign was suppose to be the face of WWE now thats aint possible so WWE management had no options than to make Seth the next face of WWE all they care about is the money and not the fights.They take everyone for a ride in the name WWE.. entertainment. ? SUCKS....THEY SHOULD RETURN TO WWF instead..AEW and UFC etc should be what everyone is watching not this piece of scripted WWE matches

  62. Pankaj Agasti

    Pankaj AgastiHace 7 días

    Well done Seth. Keep it up.

  63. Webkingston

    WebkingstonHace 7 días

    Webkingston Company views = this is fun

  64. maki

    makiHace 7 días

    0:25 :D

  65. Nene Gatos

    Nene GatosHace 7 días


  66. mani Krishna

    mani KrishnaHace 7 días

    I think ever people forgetting something, it's fake remember match between brock and Seth for many years ago compare and see Brock is beast man

  67. UD Nayak

    UD NayakHace 7 días

    Seth rollins fans like

  68. meli ha

    meli haHace 7 días

    wow very good

  69. Anita Solanki

    Anita SolankiHace 7 días

    Seth can defeat any one

  70. Industrial Technique

    Industrial TechniqueHace 7 días

    I find it hilarious people rip on lesnar for not wrestling all the time. That’s the wwes fault. Not brocks. You think brock lesnar at his age and what he’s accomplished gets offered x amount of money for twelve dates or whatever and he says no you know what this can’t happen. I need to appear at twenty four dates. I can’t do what your asking me the universal title is too Important to fans I need to show up more.

  71. super king

    super kingHace 7 días

    this is a fake so for i unsubscribe wwe .

  72. super king

    super kingHace 7 días

    it is fake . sith rolance never beat Brock lesner.

  73. Mohd Sallehuddin

    Mohd SallehuddinHace 7 días

    So this is how wwe pushing seth? 😂😂😂

  74. Thiccctor

    ThiccctorHace 7 días

    Lesnar was beaten by an Injured Seth Rollins. And In my Opinion WWE should’ve waited until after Survivor Series for Rollins to win the Title. Just Picture the Survivor Series main event. Kingston Vs Lesnar

  75. Prithvi Vc

    Prithvi VcHace 7 días

    I wish WWE would use Brock more like they did tonight. Love him or hate him, he’s easily still one of the best performers on the roster right now. And can put on great matches with other ring generals like Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, Seth Rollins

  76. Mero Jojo

    Mero JojoHace 7 días

    Fu Ck seth Rollins brock lesnar is the best

  77. صالح حمد

    صالح حمدHace 7 días

    deal with it guys like rollins can beat guys like brock in real life and deal with it rollins is a better wrestler and performer than brock lesnar so screw haters who judge by the looks and size no problem injured bryan beat triple h and orton and make batista taps out but rollins beat brock no wtf

  78. Tahmid Chowdhury

    Tahmid ChowdhuryHace 7 días

    I have become a fan of Seth for life after this match.

  79. Legend Gamer

    Legend GamerHace 7 días

    Am the only one who wants Brock to win?

  80. Yo Tu

    Yo TuHace 7 días

    Sería ridículo que seth pueda vencer a lesnar

  81. Naga Naga

    Naga NagaHace 7 días

    Seth won the title🙌🙌🙌