Seth Rollins counters Brock Lesnar and unleashes on The Beast: SummerSlam 2019


  1. LDBrock 729

    LDBrock 729Hace 3 días

    Just call it a damn curb stomp. A STOMP A STOMP A STOMP


    KAL EL HASHIMHace 5 días

    Brock Lesnar destroyed cena 4 time

  3. Danilo Veljkovic

    Danilo VeljkovicHace 7 días

    R.I.P. Suplex City. 2014 - 2019 We will never miss you.

  4. khadim hussain

    khadim hussainHace 18 horas

    But he is wwe champion now 😂😂 suplex city born again

  5. Tous Le

    Tous LeHace 8 días

    You are you T'choupi

  6. Alejandro Mejia

    Alejandro MejiaHace 18 días


  7. Soumdeep Gain

    Soumdeep GainHace 18 días

    0.09 Looks like paul heyman enjoyed that stomp😀😂. Who's side was he

  8. AEW PS4 Wrestling Channel

    AEW PS4 Wrestling ChannelHace 21 un día

    Damn. Seth did so much better than Cena in 2014

  9. No Name

    No NameHace 22 días

    Who cares Bc it’s fake

  10. Göktuğ K

    Göktuğ KHace 22 días

    Seth not deserve that wwe be unrealistic

  11. Kenan Von Kaiser

    Kenan Von KaiserHace 25 días


  12. Junaidi Hutagalung

    Junaidi HutagalungHace 29 días


  13. Rohit c akki.

    Rohit c akki.Hace un mes

    Finally Rollins beats the Brock Lesnar 👊👊👊💥🙏🙏,,

  14. Roblox is better Than fortnite bullshit royale

    Roblox is better Than fortnite bullshit royaleHace un mes

    Seth beat brock lesnar at summerslam Roman reigns : i am a joke to you

  15. Mobile Legend iOS - Asia

    Mobile Legend iOS - AsiaHace un mes

    0:05 Who Remember When Brock German Seth Rollins: 🤪

  16. Jejejjdjsjdkd Djkskw

    Jejejjdjsjdkd DjkskwHace un mes

    WWE SummerSlam Universal champion Seth rollins my friend India

  17. hiếu trần

    hiếu trầnHace un mes

    And new

  18. Young Gaming1011

    Young Gaming1011Hace un mes

    Injured seth beats lesnar Goldberg and Undertaker: Are we jokes to you?

  19. Madan Life

    Madan LifeHace un mes

    Paulheyman you are Chettle

  20. Mr Pro Noob Kassab

    Mr Pro Noob KassabHace un mes

    Why you do not put all the match ??

  21. BaKu wiTSaUcE

    BaKu wiTSaUcEHace un mes

    So I guess brock can lose to anyone now

  22. Ajay Kumar

    Ajay KumarHace un mes

    Pen chodo make lodo full fight diya kro

  23. fighting force

    fighting forceHace un mes

    Only Seth rolling knew how to counter that suplex. Smart ✌️😎

  24. Subha Rout

    Subha RoutHace un mes


  25. Subha Rout

    Subha RoutHace un mes


  26. Misselanda Romelus

    Misselanda RomelusHace un mes

    Seth عندما تحصل على فرصة للتغلب على تلك الرصاصات التي لا تفلت من الحب بالنسبة لك

  27. No Name

    No NameHace un mes

    This is what lesner gets for being cocky

  28. Shakya Ariyaratne

    Shakya AriyaratneHace un mes

    Shut up Cole !

  29. Sakthivel P

    Sakthivel PHace un mes

    I love rollins

  30. Erick Varrios

    Erick VarriosHace un mes

    Es la peor estupides de la wwe hacer que brock pierda con este devilucho flaco

  31. GordonFreeman24

    GordonFreeman24Hace un mes

    The stomp is one of the worst finishers of this generation.

  32. Ajay Bagh

    Ajay BaghHace 2 meses

    Seth Rollins=cm punk

  33. محمد طیبی

    محمد طیبیHace 2 meses

    Seth is the best 👍

  34. Ruben Laguardia

    Ruben LaguardiaHace 2 meses

    If this was for real Brock lesnar would have beat rollins with ease

  35. Kaustubh Revasia

    Kaustubh RevasiaHace 2 meses

    If brock use kimora lock seth will lose

  36. Jesus Is Lord

    Jesus Is LordHace 2 meses

    the stomp is soooo damn fake.. the person will down on the ground... and then comes middle of the ring and keep himself prepared for the stomp... lol

  37. vinith jr

    vinith jrHace 2 meses

    A stomp A stomp A stomp

  38. Rouf Rko

    Rouf RkoHace 2 meses


  39. Harold Conroy

    Harold ConroyHace 2 meses

    this is ridiculous, anyway I want superstars the size of brock lesnar and batista against each other

  40. Yallappa Vibhuti

    Yallappa VibhutiHace 2 meses

    No use body.. But Seth Rollins Technical super quick..keep tup Seth Rollins sir God bless you..I like it sir..

  41. Yallappa Vibhuti

    Yallappa VibhutiHace 2 meses

    WWE I like it.. Super