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  1. Taesty Kookie

    Taesty KookieHace 8 días

    Those of you saying your parents dont speak english, translations are now open! If you're interested in helping me translate this into other languages for more people to enjoy, click the link below! And to those of you saying there is a lot of BTS, I made this as a personal video to show to my own parents, I only uploaded it so I could send it to them. I also made this when I didn't know many groups, so I put in what I knew best. I didn't really expect others to see it, if I did, I would have tried harder.

  2. DHF of BTS

    DHF of BTSHace 59 minutos

    Hey thanks for making this video

  3. Anduena

    AnduenaHace 18 horas

    Hi! I translated to Albanian💜 Now I'm waiting for the subtitles to be viewed 💜

  4. g4meboy13

    g4meboy13Hace 18 horas

    They all sound the same

  5. I Whepow I

    I Whepow IHace un día

    Kill these things with fire

  6. btsXarmy ikonXikonic

    btsXarmy ikonXikonicHace un día

    you should put exo.there are dope trust me.just sayin no hate:) but please watch their far lotto is my fav

  7. Michelle Williams

    Michelle WilliamsHace 38 minutos

    thank you my family hates kpop

  8. Kookies and Cream

    Kookies and CreamHace 47 minutos

    Thankyou for this😝

  9. DHF of BTS

    DHF of BTSHace 57 minutos

    This video is very helpful

  10. Videogamer lao

    Videogamer laoHace un hora

    So true i am a blink dont judge me

  11. yo waddup rain

    yo waddup rainHace un hora


  12. AHM Moyeen Uddin

    AHM Moyeen UddinHace un hora

    My mother thinks BTS are half -girl and half-boy. But my dad thinks BTS is cool that's why he's an army. #ARMYFOREVER ARMIES WHERE YOU AT?

  13. Yoruu_Hana

    Yoruu_HanaHace 2 horas

    Still no. Why do people make these?

  14. Sherry Wang

    Sherry WangHace 2 horas

    what will they say when they see the hip thrusts 😷

  15. Ulyana Kallander

    Ulyana KallanderHace 3 horas


  16. Kawaii Me

    Kawaii MeHace 3 horas

    My mom never talked to me after I send her this 😭😭

  17. Angelic Emman

    Angelic EmmanHace 3 horas

    People are complaining for including bts into the video. Seriously??